12 Natural Ways to Fight Flu

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The flu flighter

A flu fighter

Ever feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Yes, I mean ANYTHING. Well that happens to me which is rather unusual and sounds really weird. Makes me sound not normal…..haha. Well, I was struck down with a very bad flu……sob sob. For quite a couple of weeks, even smiling was hard work! But I’m so glad I’ve almost fully recovered and can smile happily and easily again….”BIG smiles*!

It seems like a long time I have not blogged. Thousand apologies! The flu was one thing but I was also away back home with my daughter to visit my parents who are not doing too well, especially my dad. It was a short trip as my daughter doesn’t have much leave left. The long flight home plus the few hours road travel was gruelling! The road journey was a real pain as the road has always been in a bad condition with all the bumps and pot holes. If you are pregnant, you’d probably deliver your baby in the car! All my joints must have been knocked out of position…..hmmm. My body didn’t have enough time to rest before we had to head back. The very next day I arrived Aberdeen, my dad was hospitalised!! My heart was broken! He was discharged after a few days but was readmitted another 2 times!

While still recovering from the jet lag and terrible backache from the long flights, my daughter called inviting us to go to London. How wonderful to celebrate our wedding anniversary with her and her hubby! Off we flew again. Thankfully it’s a fairly short flight. Have I been too adventurous? I can see you nodding your head….haha. Sadly, the next day, I didn’t feel too good…..aaaaaarrrrhhhhchoo…….and heavy headed. Sign of a coming flu……..sob sob. But well, just meeting up with my children is enough to bring smiles and forget about the onset of suffering.

It was only a few days trip to London. We arrived back in Aberdeen to a freezing weather, below zero degrees Celcius! My flu got worse….sob sob. This must be the worse I had suffered! My head was feverish, painful and VERY heavy. Even my eyes were not spared. They felt tight, bloated and painful. And I thought all my teeth are painful, too. I thought my head weighed a tonne! My body muscles felt painful and rashes broke out. I hate medicine and hardly take any unless VERY necessary. I took one Paracetamol most unwillingly but it didn’t help. So I gave up. I must help my body to fight it out the natural way. That’s what we did when we were young…..natural methods come first. To see a private doctor is expensive. To see a government doctor and pay little, you need to go to the hospital very early in the morning to queue up to get a number. Then you have to wait for hours in the crowded waiting room for your turn. I think sometimes you went home more sick than before you went as everyone around you was sick. So my parents would opt for natural methods which often worked very well.

My parents will bring us to see doctors only if we suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, cuts that need stitches or very high fever. My mom performed her ‘martial art’ on us…..acupuncture! That’s the worse thing that you ever want. It brings a cold shiver down my spine even to mention it! Besides acupuncture, there’s hot bath and scrub (water boiled with guava and pomelo leaves), massages and also hard boiled eggs to roll the body. Oh, if there’s fever, my dad would cut banana leaves for us to lie on and some to put on our forehead. It’s very cooling and helps to bring down the temperature. Do all these work? Yes, it works most of the time.

Oh…and I must not forget. We were put on fasting. Yes, fasting at a very young age. If ever we were sick, all that was allowed was plain rice porridge  and some fruits.Actually it’s only the porridge water, not even the grains. A little light soya sauce was added for taste. So poor thing huh. Anything oily is absolutely prohibited because Chinese medicine believes that oil exacerbates fever. As our condition improved, more food was slowly allowed. After the whole ordeal was over, we looked really slim but well. What a way to lose weight!….haha.

Well, I’m not living in the village in Malaysia anymore and my mom is not here to do acupuncture on me….thank goodness!……*BIG phew….hehe. So, I can’t treat myself exactly like how my parents treated me when I am down with a flu. I follow what I can, read more, take my friend’s advice and put it all to practice. It’s natural method and there’s no harm trying, better than taking medicine which only suppresses the symptoms.

I prefer natural healing, so here are the 12 Natural Ways that I used to fight my flu. For your info, I am not a doctor and I do not claim that it’s a cure but it works for me, not overnight though. At least I don’t need to take medication. So please don’t come and bombard me rudely with your medical knowledge because I will regard that as a spam comment and it will go into the trash. However, if you have any natural cure that works, PLEASE add to the comment box. I will give you a BIG GIANT HUG for that……*big smiles*.

1. Hot bath and scrub
This is most refreshing if you haven’t tried. I really enjoy it. You don’t have to wait until you are sick to scrub     your body. Scrubbing removes the top dead skin cells and allow your skin to ‘breath’. It’s even better if you can sweat it out. Going into the steam room or sauna would be very helpful. Adding some peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil would add to its benefit. This hot bath and scrub help to detoxify your body.

2. Ginger soup
Ginger has long been used in Chinese medicine for many health benefits. It’s used widely to remove ‘dampness’ or ‘wind’ from the body. Ginger is also an anti inflammatory food which helps to reduce inflammation in the body. A lot of pain in the body is caused by inflammation. Taking ginger helps. I had rashes and muscle aches when I had flu. After drinking very gingery soup for 2 days, the pain and the rashes went off. I added a lot of ginger to the soup and even added ginger wine. The soup was hot but very warming. In fact I added ginger to almost every dish….rice, vegetable etc. I really like it and still doing that.

3. Lemon and honey
Lemon and honey are known to be very beneficial for for our health, not only for fighting flu. I would suggest drinking this regularly rather than when you are sick. A drink made from lemon with some honey added is very delicious and refreshing. You can make hot lemon tea too. Homemade one is much better than those sold in bottles or packets.

4. Red bean and barley soup
I used an equal amount of red bean and oriental barley to make this soup. I used a pressure cooker to cook it. It takes about 20 minutes and you’ll get very soft melt-in-the-mouth beans. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can use a slow cooker or an ordinary pot. Only that it will take much longer time. This soup is very nutritious and good when you are down with a flu. You can cook mung bean soup too which is equally nutritious and filling. Always soak the beans first before cooking. Usually I soak it for a few hours, throw away the water, rinse and then add water to cook it.

5. Massage
A good massage helps. If you can get someone to massage, it’s even better. But if you don’t, you can also massage yourself. It may not be as effective, enjoyable and relaxing but it works too. Always massage from the head downward and out to the fingers and toes. You can also massage your lymph fluid on your face and neck. You can learn how to do it on youtube. Sometimes you will find that your fingers and toes become very itchy after such massage. My mom said that when that happens, ‘wind’ in the body is removed.

6. Keep warm
Do not get chilled especially if you stay in a cold country like me. Wrap up well and warm. It’s a big mistake to dash out into the cold after a game of sports. This has been a constant warning to me by my loving badminton friends. They always warn me that the pain comes later in life as some of them are already suffering. Of course I listen even though I’m sweating under the thick layers. This is the time to look fat!…..haha

7. Water and Fruits
Drink a lot of water and eat more fruits to clean out the system. Sometimes when you have  a flu, you lose your appetite. I find that fruits help. I have been enjoy plums, red grapes and apples. Oranges and bananas tend to be mucus forming so you may want to avoid that.

8. Rest
Try to rest more. Resting allows the body to use the energy for detoxification. I have been resting a lot and going to bed early at night too.

9. Be happy
‘A merry heart does good like a medicine’ as the Bible says. Stress causes sickness. So, try to cheer yourself up everyday, more so when you are down with a flu. I watched or listen to comedy and laughed. Or if friends don’t mind your flu, meet up with them for some fun and laughter. That is provided your friends are not those miserable, negative and depressed ones otherwise your flu is only to get worse! Actually I was invited by a lovely friend over the weekend to her house for dinner. I turned down her invitation because I didn’t want to pass my flu to others there, especially kids. But all of them didn’t mind and persuaded me to go. Some said they had the flu jab while some said they had just got over with the flu. Oh…..how sweet! Feel so loved…….*BIG smiles*. After all the fun and laughter, I thought I felt lots better……yay.

10. Roll with hard boiled eggs
This method is used by many people. I used it on my children too and they actually like it. When they were young, they tried to open their mouth and bite the eggs when I roll over their face….haha. Remove the shells from hot hard boiled eggs and roll it all over the body, from the face downward. Make sure you can stand the heat. Don’t burn the skin…..CAUTION. If the eggs break, use another one. You may need 4-6 for the whole body. You will be surprised that the egg yolk often turns very dark and with dark dots all over it. Eggs somehow has a way to suck out toxins from the body.

Some people removed the hard egg yolk and put some Vicks in the ‘hole’, wrap the egg white with vicks using a handkerchief and then rub all over the body. You save a lot of eggs this way but I prefer to roll using the whole eggs as I like to see the change in colour of the egg yolks. You can do this once or twice a day until your flu improves. You will feel some marked relief after each session.

Some people also add a silver ring together with the Vicks. The ring will change colour. Different colour indicates different causes of the flu. It can be heatiness, fear, fright, cold etc etc.

11. Cucumber to cool down

Back home my dad used banana leaves to bring down our body temperature when we had fever. Over here, I used cucumber. I covered my face with sliced cucumber. Wow….it’s SO cooling and nice! Maybe it has even helped to make my skin complexion look better…..*big grin*.

12. Freshly made juices
Freshly made juices are still highly important. It’s packed with enzymes and nutrients to build up your body immune system. I always miss my juices when I travel. Glad I’m back to juicing. For more about juices and it’s many benefits, please check it out at my Health section.

At last, I have shared with you my 12 Natural Ways to Flight Flu. However, if you ever suffer from a flu or cold, please don’t hesitate to go and see a doctor even if you intend to try the natural way. In fact I was about to go and make an appointment to see a doctor to check out but then I felt my condition improving so I didn’t make the appointment. It’s just to rule out any possibility of a more serious problem.

Well, I can only say that too much travel and not enough rest has worn me out. Time to rebuild! I’m so glad I have almost fully recovered!….*BIG smiles*….and without the need for any medication, except for the one Paracetamol! So sorry for the long quietness. Hope to be back to more cooking and baking soon. And if you are staying in a cold place like me, do wrap up warm and eat more warming food. Trust me, ginger is really good. Getting chilled and sick is no fun. Above all else, I do hope you are and your family are well and having fun each day. Keep the smile rolling!…..*BIG smiles*

Till then see you in my next post!

Oh, PLEASE share with me if you have a natural way to flight flu. Greatly appreciated!

Quote of the day……

One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful. We let what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to His goodness it becomes a routine.”

- Joel Osteen

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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Claire  on December 4th, 2013

Hey Mary, this is one post i got to bookmark …the traditional remedies sound familiar…esp the ginger water, boiled egg roll in hankerchief and a few others. Recently I also caught flu and I quickly dissolve a big 1000mg vit C..after drinking two big ones and lots of water, it went off gradually…. Next time u feel slight body ache , quickly take precaution by taking a good rest and more carrot juice? :) take care… God bless…

suituapui  on December 4th, 2013

Take care, get well soon. Cold winter’s coming, keep warm.

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on December 4th, 2013

Hi Mary, Learned alot from this post. I’m not feeling in the past few days. Runny nose and body ache. After some medication is slightly better but now started to cough a little. Really makeing me no mood to blog :(
I think I’ll make the lemon and honey water. So much easier and good for throat too :D

muna  on December 4th, 2013

didn’t realised you went back to Malaysia to see you parents. I hope your father is doing fine.
take care

priya  on December 4th, 2013

Yes flu is one thing that makes us go down.But with all the remedies you gave can boost our body eventhough we are sick especially hot showers and eating fruits .WE too dont eat bananas and oranges when there is cold or flu .But heard that oranges has vitamin c which fights cols ?

somewhere in singapore  on December 4th, 2013

Mary, so miss you….

Thanks for sharing…

LeeQs  on December 5th, 2013

Hi Mary,

Really glad to hear that you are feeling better. Please do continue to rest and do what you’re doing to fight this flu until it’s completely over. Thanks for sharing all those great remedies with us. I really must try the boiled egg one next time my kids are ill. Lol that your daughters tried to open their mouths to eat the egg. Take good care and hope you fully recover soon. Night night for me. Hope you have a good day!

Mary  on December 5th, 2013

@Claire - Wow….high dose Vit C….haha. Glad that it worked for you. As age catches up, we can’t be too ambitious. We need good rest, good food and LOTS of fun :D After this round of flu, I need to take extra precautions to avoid another attack.

@suituapui - Thanks Arthur. I’m so glad I’ve almost fully recovered…..phew. Indeed, the cold winter is here. The weather is terribly bad today….brrrr. But the delicious ginger soup warms me up and brings back the smiles :D

@Ann@Anncoo Journal - Oh dear…..you are also not feeling well? I hope you recover quickly! Please take care. Rest more. Looks like we are overworked :P

@muna - Ya, I went back. Wish I had stayed longer! My dad is still not doing too well :( Hope to go back again sometime soon.

@priya - I think we can get the vitamin C from other fruits like apples, berries etc and avoid the oranges. I think too much mucus can be very annoying. I have been eating a lot of plums, apples and red grapes and so far did not give me more mucus or cause my cough to be worse.

@somewhere in singapore - Sharon, you are always so sweet and bring me smiles! :D

@LeeQs - I think I have been resting a lot, so much so that I enjoy sleeping these days….haha. I think you better don’t ask me to rest more…..haha. I need to play more badminton to sweat out :D It’s getting very cold on your side. Do wrap up warm.

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on December 10th, 2013

My mom loved to prepare the ginger soup for us in winter time and when we are in need of warmth and comfort.
Thank you for sharing all the home remedies!

Katerina  on December 11th, 2013

I am so sorry you had to pass this flu phase May! I hope you are feeling up and well now. Thank you for the wonderful tips also chicken soup helps recovery. Scientists do not know why but they do know that it helps! Have a beautiful night!

tigerfish  on December 12th, 2013

Hope you have fully recovered by the time you read this.

We are always looking for natural ways to fight the flu, so your tips are handy. Thanks.

Take care.

Ivy  on December 13th, 2013

Glad to hear that you are recovering. Thanks for all this useful information.

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