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Wonderful meetup over food

Wonderful meetup over food

I am so excited to write about this post. There’s so much to share with you. You already know from the title. I am truly very blessed this year because several friends from Malaysia came to visit, both blogger friends and non blogger friends. Just a few months ago Claire, from Caring Is Not Only Sharing, came to visit with her lovely sister-in-law. We had an awesome time. You can read about it at A Blogger From Malaysia Landed In Aberdeen

And just very recently another blogger friend, Cheah from No Frills Recipe, came with her family. Not only that, a lovely friend of mine, Irene, whom I have not met for 20 years or so came to visit at the same time. Wow…..what awesome meetup! How wonderful is that! New friendship developed….*big smiles*. This is the second time I met Cheah and her family. The first time was in London, 3 years ago. You can read about it at Blogging and Friend - 1st Meetup with a Food Blogger.

A dear fiend from Malaysia

A dear fiend from Malaysia

As for Irene, she was from my church back in home. She left to move to another place and we lost touch since. But one day, she met a mutual friend and we got connected again, through Facebook….wow! Got to thank Facebook!….*big smiles*. Irene was on a trip to Europe and came to stay for 4 days. We had a most wonderful time chatting from day to night EVERYDAY! Imagine 20+ years story! We can write a very thick book……*big grin*.

Of course it’s not all about chatting. I took her for badminton, had a good sweat out and rewarded her with a good coffee time at the Club restaurant! I’m glad she enjoyed it very much. And she must have felt the grass in my front and back garden was too long. She pestered me to let her mow the lawn. And there she went…..smiling as she mowed the lawn for me……..haha. And during food preparation and cooking time, we had Candy Crush game time…..*big grin*. She said she was so happy she gets candy crush tuition here! We are just such addicts at it together…..haha.

We had 2 dinners with Cheah but only one with Irene because Irene had already gone when we had another dinner together. It was like a big family gathering on Chinese New Year Eve Reunion dinner….*big smiles*. Everyone was very relaxed and the evening was full of interesting stories and laughter. Cheah’s family is a very friendly bunch of people, very easy to talk to. Her children are very polite, very well brought up you can tell. I think I don’t feel so easy when they call me ‘aunty’ and my hubby ‘uncle’ because no one of their age call us that….*big grin*. But they insist on calling us with such polite titles. Makes us a little too high up, or too old….haha. That’s real Asian culture…..respect to an older generation. My children also do that actually….hehe.

By the way, I received so much nice goodies from Cheah. You bet I have good food and tea time everyday after she left….*big smiles*. In fact I have not finished all that Claire had given me when she came. She gave me a lot too. I need to enjoy them slowly. I can truly live like a Malaysian here now…..haha. Look what Cheah got me!

Great Malaysian favourite from Ipoh

Great Malaysian favourite from Ipoh

Cheah gave me the best Ipoh coffee. It smells SO good. She also gave me ‘heong paeng’, freshly made and baked in tandoori ovens. They are REALLY good, highly recommended if you ever go to Ipoh. It goes very well with the coffee….hmmm. Irene liked it very much too. Cheah also gave me the bean paste pastries, ‘tao sar paeng’, which are also very popular in Penang. The Penang version are much smaller and round. These are very good too but I think the ‘heong paeng’ beats all.

The curry was very good too. I had already used up the chicken curry paste to cook chicken curry twice. That’s a very good curry paste…..very easy to use and VERY delicious. The brand is ‘A1′.

More food!

More food!

More food! You probably can’t believe it. Cheah brought a big mooncake all the way from Malaysia for me…made by her! It’s with pandan filling. My goodness…..that’s the best mooncake I have eaten so far after so many years. I made moon cakes too but I think hers is way more special and much prettier. I think I need to put in more patience…..*big grin*.

She also gave me roast pork, made by herself. Mmmmm….that was SO good. We had it with rice. I need to learn how to make that too. She gave me a bottle of lovely red wine and also nice cookies that she bought on her trip to Prague. That’s really a lot of food I received from her!….blushing. But thanks a lot, Cheah.

Moulds and cookbook

Moulds and cookbook

Oh, that’s not all. There’s cooking gadgets. Cheah bought some of the best angku moulds, the plastic one and the big one….yay….yay….yay! The big wooden mould can make 5 patterns of angku… My cooking toys are increasing!….*BIG smiles*. Actually she has just bought another nice mooncake mould for me and waiting to pass to me. I can’t be any happier…..*singing and dancing*. I’m just such a collector for moulds!…*big grin*. I think it’s a good weapon to knock my hubby’s head if he upsets me…..toink……haha.

I also received 2 wooden moulds, one for mooncake and another for tiny angku. There’s more……plastic moulds for making steamed cakes. Look how pretty they are in pink, green and blue! Besides that, I also received a plastic angku peach-shaped mould and a nice cookbook. I just love cookbooks! You probably can’t believe who gave me that. It’s from my dear friend, Ann from Anncoo Journal. She passed them to Cheah to bring here for me. Ann has been such a sweet, friendly and helpful friend all along. I’m looking much forward to meeting up with her one day, hopefully soon. She cooks and bakes very well. You really need to visit her blog. Be prepared to drool, and drool badly…*big grin*. Maybe eat a good meal first before you visit her blog….hehe.

I bet you are thinking what I cooked for the 2 dinners. We had one after she and her family arrived and another one before they left. In between they were touring Scotland. Of course I tried to cook some of my best dishes. Actually if they eat more often at my place, they will be eating the same thing all the time….haha. But then, food that you cook all the time just have to be the best, right?…..*blushing*. No, it’s just that I know it won’t go wrong…..hehe.

The first dinner with Cheah and her family

The first dinner with Cheah and her family

These food here above are the food that I cooked to welcome her to Aberdeen. We had seafood dish, roasted chicken wrap, mixed vegetables, pork belly stew and spicy sambal glutinous rice rolls.

Desserts after dinner

Desserts after dinner

After dinner, we had red bean mochi balls, brownies and fruits, and of course more chatting. In fact they did very well coping with the jet lag, definitely much better than me. They had just arrived for 2 days and they didn’t look as if they were sleepy except for her youngest daughter. I would have fallen asleep eating half way, maybe with food still in my mouth…..haha. It always takes me about a week to recover…..*big sigh*. Even coffee doesn’t work!

Second dinner

Second dinner

Finger food

Finger food

We had the second dinner together before Cheah and her family left. I think my dinner wasn’t as good cos I was rushing through with it. I went for badminton in the afternoon…*big grin*. I cooked tomato ketchup sauce salmon, sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables, salted vegetables with pork belly and my favourite hot and spicy chicken which I bought from the supermarket.

I also made the sweet potato angku using the moulds that Cheah and Ann gave. I made the vegetarian ‘chai kuih’, too, and water melon to end the meal. The angku, chai kuih, spicy sambal pulut rice rolls and mochi balls are very popular in Malaysian

I must say that it was a wonderful meet up! I can’t help to say again that some of the best friendships that I made was through blogging. Will you consider starting blogging if you haven’t? I have never regretted! That itself speaks volumes on the joy and fun of blogging. It’s my blog and a journal of my life’s adventures and achievements. I can blog whenever I want and where I want because it’s in my control. It gives such a wonderful feeling……*heaving a deep breath of satisfaction and achievement with a BIG smile*. The only regret that I have is not having enough time lately to visit all the lovely blogs and leaving comments.

Apart from Cheah and Claire, another blogger that came to visit me is LeQuan. You can read more about it at Superwoman Visited Scotland. While she was here, I think my ceiling almost came down….haha. I hope to meet up with her and her beautiful family in Canada in the near future. She is such a fun and sweet lady!

Another very friendly blogger that I had met up a couple of times is Arthur from Still Crazy After All These Years. He always took us around to some of the best places to eat in town. The most recent one was in May this year. You can read about it at My Memorable Trip Home (Blogger Meetup again).

Wow…what sweet memories of all the meetups with strangers who are now my friends! How wonderful it is!…..*BIG smiles*.

Til then see you in my next post. Hope you have a lovely week!

Quote of the day……

“We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”

- Charles Swindoll

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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claire  on October 15th, 2013

Oh Mary! You are such a wonderful hostess.. of course, that includes Stephen too! Both of you are very nice people, you made us feel so much at home and we feel so comfortable even that was our first time meeting each other up.. it is as if we have known each other for umpteen years already! hahahaa… Hope we have another opportunity to meet up again, I really would love to… when I retire.. hahaha…
Thank you once again for your hospitality and your thoughtfulness…

Somewhere in Singapore  on October 15th, 2013

I have meetup with Claire, but not meetup with you yet, haha…

Somewhere in Singapore  on October 15th, 2013

I have not meet with Suituapui yet, hehe…

Mary  on October 15th, 2013

@claire - Thanks for your lovely comment….blushing :D I miss all the times you were here! You are very right. Looks like we had known each other for a very long time. You really got to come again. We need to play more guitar and sing on top of food :D Looks like I must pray hard for your early retirement….haha

@Somewhere in Singapore - Of course I need to meet up with you too, Sharon! I want to go to all the places that you eat and the places that you enjoy all those interesting shows :D But I think you have to come here first….hehe

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on October 15th, 2013

Mary, You’re a great cook. I can tell you and Cheah had a wonderful time together. Hope I can join you one day :)

Sokehah Cheah  on October 15th, 2013

Mary…. you’re making me blush! We really had a wonderful time at your house with all the glorious food and all the chatting. We seem to have known each other for a long, long time. No one would believe that we met on the internet and through blogging! I’m waiting for your visit to Ipoh!

suituapui  on October 15th, 2013

Ahhhhhh!!!! Irene, an old friend of mine too! I do get in touch with members of her family here once in a while.

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on October 15th, 2013

It must have been a FUN meet up, Mary. Great food and friends…awesome!

Chris  on October 17th, 2013

Mary, you really cook well …. Can start a Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen! :)

lena  on October 27th, 2013

hi mary, i saw the pic in cheah’s blog too and goodness, you cooked sooooo are really a wonder lady….one day if i get to visit you, you must cook for me too..and in return , i help you to cut the grass! ..meanwhile, let me go practise on candy crush first ..haha.

Katerina  on October 31st, 2013

It is so great to meet with friends after many years! And the food looks delicious too!

claudia lamascolo  on November 18th, 2013

Everything looks awesome your a lucky woman with a beautiful family!

LeeQs  on December 5th, 2013

What lovely meet ups you’ve had over the years. My favourite part of blogging was definitely meeting dear, sweet people like you and your daughter. Btw, don’t tell her I called her sweet. It’s very rare we compliment each other. She has quickly become my frienemy in a very short time. Gotta thank FB for that. Lol! While she continues to insult my taste in music (you can ask her about that next time you see her, and while you’re at it, tell her to be nicer to dear LeeQs hahaha) I continue to insult her in everything else. As for you my dear, needless to say that your friendship has been one of the best ones I’ve met through the internet. It’s really a shame that we live so far away. Actually lucky for you though, coz if I lived closer, you might have to fix your roof everyday. ;) I don’t know how you’d survive my naughtiness. Teehee. One thing’s for sure, cheers to blogging and the beautiful friendships we’ve made. :D

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