Most Appetising Pork Belly With Salted Fish

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Very appetising pork belly with salted fish

Very appetising pork belly with salted fish

Salted Fish! Yes, I love salted fish. It’s one food item that can make me eat more rice. In fact a lot of rice….*big smiles*. It’s SO appetising. I can survive just on salted fish and rice porridge. That’s just how good it is. You have missed out on this one special food of the ancient of days if you have never tried it. It’s just too good to miss.

Some of you may be already glaring at me with bull frog eyes as you hear the word ’salted’ and then the scream ‘high blood pressure!’. It’s ok, I can’t see you…*big grin*. And then more when you read ‘pork belly”…..screaming ‘cholesterol!’….haha. Let me tell you something. I think we are living in a society of fear, fear that have been instilled by certain groups of people until we are so confused. So confused are we that good, healthy food are called unhealthy and unhealthy food are called healthy. To help with our confusion, let’s read widely and in depth in order to make informed choices.

Of course we must eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle. However, it is highly important to eat food that’s as close to nature as possible and as much as possible try to avoid all the processed food and other food with added preservatives and additives including trans-fat which is also called industrial fat that’s widely used in commercial bakes. Not all salts are equal neither are all the oils. Go for good quality sea salt instead of table salt, butter instead of margarine, freshly made juices instead of boxed ones, pure olive oil instead of vegetable oil, unrefined sugar instead of white sugar, etc etc.

This dish is full of flavour and taste. It’s also quite salty so you won’t end up eating a lot of meat. And because it’s salty I don’t add salt to my vegetable stir fry. It tastes even better the next day so it’s worth cooking more so that you can enjoy it the next few days. That’s what I did. I must have cooked this dish at least 4 times.

However, if you are already suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, then I would advise you not to eat this dish too much and too often.

Expensive Malaysian salted fish

Expensive Malaysian salted fish

There are 2 people that I am really thankful for who make this dish possible. Firstly it is Claire from Caring Is Not Only Sharing. When she came in April, she bought for me 2 pieces of the famous salted fish. My gosh….it’s so expensive! A small piece of 61g for RM12.20! That’s about¬†¬£2.50. She told me I only need to use a little bit to add to a meat dish or tofu dish. I didn’t listen to her. I used half a piece for my first dish of this pork belly and salted fish….*big grin*. Claire is a very friendly lady, a blogger from Ipoh, Malaysia. We had a wonderful time when she came. You can read more at A Blogger From Malaysia Landed In Aberdeen.

Besides Claire, there is this very lovely, sweet and friendly bank officer that we met for the first time when we went home recently. While waiting for the bank transaction, we talked about food. She introduced us a shop which sells good food at a reasonable price, Delta Cafe. One of it’s most popular dishes is the pork belly with salted fish. She said it’s a must to try. Of course we did. My gosh…..that was SO good! I knew I had to try and cook it and sure I did when I got back here. Really so happy I got it right and can share with you here. Keep Learning Keep Smiling!…..*big smiles*.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. This salted fish is very different from other salted fish. The flesh is soft and a little mushy, not the usual flaky ones. I think it is fermented to get that texture. The hard and flaky ones are only salty without the nice flavour. This special salted fish is easily available back home. My mother-in-law always adds to tofu and steam. My gosh….that’s SO delicious! Over here in UK, I have seen it sold in Asian supermarkets. They are soaked in oil in bottles.

Right, here’s my recipe for my most appetising pork belly with salted fish.

Ingredients A
30g salted fish (break up into small pieces)
2 red chillies (sliced)

salted fish and chilli fried together

salted fish and chilli fried together

Heat up some oil in a frying pan. Add the salted fish and chillies and fry until fragrant. Dish up.

Ingredients B
50g ginger (sliced)
1 red onion (sliced)
1 big onion (sliced)
1/2 whole garlic

onions, garlic and ginger fried

onions, garlic and ginger fried

Heat up some oil in a frying pan. Add the ginger, garlic and onions. Fry until fragrant. Dish up.

Ingredients C
1T light soya sauce
1T sugar
1T oyster sauce
1T dark soya sauce
1T wine
1/2C water

Ingredients D
500g pork belly (sliced)

sliced pork belly

sliced pork belly

Heat up some oil in a frying pan. Add the sliced pork belly. Fry for a few minutes.

Add all the ingredients together

Add all the ingredients together

Then add the fried ingredients of Ingredients A, B and C.

Cooked in the frying pan

Cooked in the frying pan

Cook for a while until the pork is cooked. Add more water if it dries up. You want it with some sauce.

Delicious served with rice and vegetables

Delicious served with rice and vegetables

Dish up and serve with rice and vegetable stir fry. It’s simply the best and sure to bring smiles……..mmmmm.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. When my friends, Joyce and her mom, came early this month, they bought me some more of this salted fish. You can imagine how my eyes sparkled when I saw it…..*big smiles*. That would enable me to cook another few more times……yay. If I go back next time, I think I must try to bring in a few kilos…*big grin*.

Ok, now is your turn to cook. I’ll be back soon. Til then, see you in my next post.

Quote of the day……

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”

- Corrie Ten Boom

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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claire  on July 31st, 2013

Hey Mary… I am salivating!! I can imagine how tasty and appetizing this dish is! Tomorrow I must suggest this dish to my mom.. She sure can do it much much better than her daughter, me!!
Aaron is now in Newcastle.. I am sure he will drool over this if he knows… hahaha… so near and yet so far….

Belinda @zomppa  on July 31st, 2013

I am in love with this dish! I LOVE salted fish too - it’s been way too long since I’ve had some….

suituapui  on July 31st, 2013

Oooo…I love this!!! But yes, eating salted fish these days is like eating gold. You eat this dish outside - no sign, no taste of salted fish at all.

somewhere in singapore  on July 31st, 2013

Loves all the dishes that you cook…

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on July 31st, 2013

One more bowl of steamed rice, please. Your pork belly looks indeed very appetizing and moreish, Mary.

Mary  on August 1st, 2013

@claire - Oh wow….you lucky girl that your mom is still there to cook for you. I’m sure you learn a lot from her. I wish I had learned from my mom when I was young! Thanks so much for the salted fish. It’s just too good! If only Aaron is here. I’ll cook more rice for him….hehe. I’m sure he is enjoying himself at Newcastle. Really hope you can come again one day.

@Belinda @zomppa - Now I wonder how you can stand so long without salted fish….haha. Maybe you need to make your own salted fish :D

@suituapui - You are very right, Arthur….like eating gold. I thought it used to be cheap. I guess nothing is cheap back home these days. Looks like we need to rear our own fish etc etc. And yes, I find my dish is more flavourful than the one we ate in Sibu. That’s because I’m more generous with the salted fish when cooking this fish :D

@somewhere in singapore - I know…I know… want to eat everything that I cook or bake :D

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Haha….we will be like rice barrels if we eat this dish too often :D

Nami | Just One Cookbook  on August 6th, 2013

I love pork belly dish - so hard to resist! I only had Chinese salted fish in fried rice at Chinese restaurant, and I don’t think I tried other dishes like this. Looks good!

Cheah-No-Frills Recipes  on August 7th, 2013

The smell of the salted fish will certainly make one salivate and your dish goes sooooooooo good with just plain white rice!

tigerfish  on August 8th, 2013

I was just about to ask - how to get salted fish over there? :) thanks to those who brought it to you. This must be super appetizing with plain rice or plain congee.

noobcook  on August 10th, 2013

dishes cooked with salted fish is sure delicious. I just bought a bag for steaming chicken!

mistletoe  on August 11th, 2013

My grandma used to make a salted fish dish a lot. I don’t remember exactly what was in it. I remember the salted fish was very stinky though. Haha. She used to put some in my lunch for school and I was so embarrassed when I hear up my lunch b/c the fish stunk up the whole room. Hahaha. Never again did I bring salted fish for lunch. Your salted fish looks different though. The one my grandma used was very flat. Must’ve been the dried ones. My dad would drool over this dish. He loves pork belly and he loves salted fish. Is this salted fish stinky like the dried kind?

lena  on August 14th, 2013

yes mary, i love this appetising! i do cook once in a while and i put those dried chillies which can be easily found here. If i happen to visit you one day, i know what to get you…salted fish!!

Mary  on August 21st, 2013

@Nami | Just One Cookbook - Yes, right word!…….so hard to resist :D I have been eating salted fish almost everyday, even a little bit is just so satisfying! I am going to fry rice with it again soon…..mmmm. Yes, so hard to resist…..haha

@Cheah-No-Frills Recipes - You spotted it very right. I have been eating more rice lately. Blame it on the salted fish…..haha :D

@tigerfish - i know…’s the same here. I can’t get that soft type of salted fish. How frustrating! I wish I know how to make! I know I just have to keep wishing and dreaming…..haha. Maybe one day suddenly my brain will click and I would know how to make! :D

@noobcook - Steaming chicken? Oh…I need to try that. never tried before. Thanks for suggesting! :D

@mistletoe - Haha….I just love your life story! What a way to create enemies….haha :D Yes, this salted fish has a very unique smell of its own. Not too sure if you like it. I’m sure if you use other salted fish, the dish will still turn out very delicious.

@lena - Yes, it’s lots better with dried chillies. I think I should put more chillies next time to give it more kick :D Awww… are so sweet to bring me this salted fish if you visit! Thanks a zillion! I’ll be so excited to see you even if you don’t bring salted visit. Any plans to come?

stella  on September 4th, 2013

In HK, this is cooked in a claypot.. u can also use the salted fish to cook aubergine in spicy sauce. Totally yummy!!

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