Savoury Chinese Five Spice Doughnut (Ham Chim Paeng)

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Delicious ham chim paeng

Delicious ham chim paeng

PHEW….finally I found it….. my Savoury Chinese 5-spice Doughnut (Ham Chim Paeng) recipe! I had been frantically looking for it yesterday but to no avail. I remembered I scribbled it on a piece of paper. Where on earth did I put it?? It really spoiled my day…..hmmm. I promised you in my recent post Memorable Trip Home (Cooking and Baking) that I will put up the recipe. And now I couldn’t find it! I would feel so bad if I break my promise. Told myself that I shouldn’t have promised!

Got up too early this morning to prepare breakfast. Since I have quite a lot of time, I just took a cookbook to browse. And there it was, right in the middle of it. How on earth did it get there? Just too weird! I must have done that in my sleep….haha. But anyway, SO GLAD I had found it. I would be so disappointed for the rest of my life if I had lost it. Lesson learned…NEVER scribble your recipe on a piece of paper. Jot it down in an exercise book. Best of all, blog about it as soon as possible….*big smiles*.

This Chinese 5-spice doughnut is one that I have always wanted to try. Finally I did it…..Yay! It’s very popular in Malaysia. There are a few more related to it, like the Horse Shoe Doughnut (interesting name huh…haha) and Yao Char Kwai (deep fried devil…..haha). I will have to try making them one day. These are popular street food which are again not available here in Aberdeen. So, if I want to eat, I have to learn to make them! Hard life huh. But then living here makes me improve a lot in my cooking and baking……*big smiles*.

Right, here is my Chinese 5-spice Doughnuts or Ham Chim Paeng recipe. You can make a lot of ham chim paeng from this recipe. I made it for my church fellowship. I think I made about 50 pieces, medium size. I also made this when I was back in Malaysia recently. You can cut down on the portion if you want less. These are good for any time……..breakfast, picnics, parties or tea time. It’s actually quite like deep fried savoury bread.

Ingredients A
1kg bread flour
1/2C sugar
1t salt
1t baking soda
2 & 1/2t baking powder
2 & 1/4C water
1/4C oil
2 sachets of instant yeast (or 2t)

Put everything into a cake mixer and knead with the dough hook. Make sure your machine is strong enough to knead this amount. I use Kenwood Major which is very robust. Otherwise just use your hand. It’s good exercise and very therapeutic, too….*big grin*.

After kneading, cover and leave it in a warm place to rise until double in size. Mine took about 2 hours to rise. I even went out to have some relaxing time with my hubby at a cafe nearby. When I came back, the dough was well risen.

Ingredients B (Filling)
2T Chinese 5-spice powder
2 & 1/2t salt

5 spice powder with salt

5 spice powder with salt

Mix Ingredients B in a bowl. The aroma of the 5-spice powder is just so beautiful, especially if you get a good quality one. Mine comes all the way from Malaysia. I can’t get a nice one here, not even from the Chinese supermarket.  My mother-in-law even made it herself!….wow. I need to learn that! So if you want to make this, try to get a good quality 5-spice powder.

Spread spice filling, roll up and cut

Spread spice filling, roll up and cut

When the dough had doubled in size, cut into 4 pieces. Take one piece and roll it out into a rectangular piece. Sprinkle some water over the dough. Take 1/4 of the spice filling and sprinkle over it. Gently rub it over the dough. Roll up the dough like a swiss roll. Cut the roll into 12 or more pieces. Do the same to the other 3 pieces of dough.

Roll out cut dough

Roll out cut dough

Turn the cut side up and roll it out flat. Leave aside for a little while to let it rise a little. In fact I didn’t really wait because I was in a rush to go out. It was still very good though.

Deep fry ham chim paeng

Deep fry ham chim paeng

Deep fry the dough pieces using medium fire until both sides are golden brown. Don’t use high fire otherwise they turn brown too quickly and the inside is not cooked.

Golden and delicious ham chim paeng

Golden and delicious ham chim paeng

Dish out and leave it to cool down first before enjoying them. It goes very well with coffee or tea.

Oh no, the mention of coffee! Sparks off my addiction again. I’m running off to make a cup now….*big grin*.

Right, I’m back with my coffee….*big smiles*. Oh…..that beautiful smell and taste of coffee…..mmmm. And wait, have you laughed today? Now, come on, don’t be too serious, ok? Laughter is the best medicine in life. Can save you some trips to the doctor….*big grin*. Laughter is a great stress buster.

And if you haven’t laughed today, why not join me watching and listening to one of my favourite youtube clips…..Leo Sayer and the Muppets - When I Need You. Oh, how I love those puppets. They are so sweet, heart warming and funny. And the wordings are so beautiful…perfect for those in love….*big smiles*. Ok, I need to be off now and I do need you to come back because I will be back soon.

Til then, see you in my next post. Have a fun day!

Quote of the day……

“Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.”

- Lord Byron

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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Belinda @zomppa  on June 26th, 2013

Chew-y gooey awesomeness!

suituapui  on June 26th, 2013

Wahhhhh!!!! You can make everything! Should go into business there - I’m sure you will make it rich in no time at all. Wait a minute! You’re already rich….so let’s say doubly or triply-rich! Hehehehehe!!!!

claire  on June 26th, 2013

Hey Mary… I forgot to ask you.. how is the Ipoh coffee packets? Hope they suit your taste.. they might go well with yau char kwai and ham chim piang.. :)

stella  on June 26th, 2013

This is something I have to try! Thanks for the recipe aunty Mary.

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on June 26th, 2013

I love HCP too. Wonder how many pieces you made with 1kg of bread flour :D

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes  on June 26th, 2013

That’s a lot of ham chim paeng there, friend. Don’t mind having a piece for supper now. I salute you, ‘Mary Boleh’…..’Apa pun boleh’!

Mary  on June 26th, 2013

@Belinda @zomppa - Haha…a little chewy but not gooey :D

@suituapui - Arthur, if you are here, I will go into business. At least I know I will have 1 customer….haha. But then not enough to make me rich :D

@claire - Ooooh….love the Ipoh coffee. It’s so good with the heong paeng and chicken biscuits….mmmm. And of course with my ham chim paeng too :D

@stella - Are you sure? I thought you can easily get them over at your side. Maybe you should move here and I move to your side :D

@Ann@Anncoo Journal - It’s a lot….about 50 pieces, maybe 60 pieces even. It was all gone :D

@Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes - Haha….yes, a lot….for friends. Will make for you when you come, if you miss Malaysian food :D

somewhere in singapore  on June 26th, 2013

I’m hiring a plane, should be there in no time, lol…

Jeannie  on June 26th, 2013

Nice take on ham chim paeng, but need to cut down the portion a lot! 50 pcs is way too much:P can use some and feel it with red bean paste too! yum!

Mich Piece of Cake  on June 26th, 2013

OH wow, now you are inspiring me to go downstairs and buy one for myself while I drool over your photos.

Joanne T Ferguson  on June 27th, 2013

G’day! These look delish, true!
I love 5 spice and now have these on my list to do!
Cheers! Joanne
What’s On The List

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on June 27th, 2013

What an interesting doughnut recipe!

tigerfish  on July 1st, 2013

Now I think about it, they look like cinnamon rolls! Have not have ham chim peng for a long time. For me, I would like to enjoy it with some black coffee.

Ilan  on July 3rd, 2013

Mary these doughnuts look fabulous! I love them. Yummy.

Mistletoe  on July 6th, 2013

Isn’t it odd how you can turn your house upside down trying to look for something, but when you least expect it, it just pops up somewhere? These are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Something I can eat as a meal, but feel guilty coz I know it’s not a proper meal. Can you blame me though? They’re so yummy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe with us.

lena  on July 6th, 2013

eh mary, that chinese doughnut really call horse shoe doughnut ar? haha..i’m already laughing reading the words horse shoe and deep fried devil! so scaring! LOL!

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