My Memorable Trip Home (Blogger Meetup Again)

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Meetup with Arthur and Lucy

Meetup with Arthur and Lucy

This is another continuation of my memorable trip home recently. One of the special friends that I look forward to meeting again is Arthur, a food blogger that I came to know through blogging. I met him the previous trip I went back. He is a very friendly blogger. His blog is Still Crazy After All These Years. Wonder what is he still crazy about….*big grin*. I better don’t be too nosy and stay out of trouble by not asking, just in case his answer shocked me out of my life….haha. If you want to know, go and ask him yourself. Don’t forget to come back here and tell me, ok?….*big grin*. Arthur was an English teacher so I better don’t make a fool of myself here…..hehe. If he is to mark my English here, I bet there’ll be a lot of red circles or underlines and comments here and there…..haha.

If you ever visit Sibu and not sure where to find good food, check out with Arthur first. It seems like he knows every shop in town! Serious! I’m not kidding. Don’t believe me, just go and visit his blog and you know what I mean. It’s so choked full of mouth-watering food. And if you need me to remind you again, blogging is very fun! You get to meet some of the nicest people in the world, like Arthur!….*big smiles*. You don’t know what you are missing out if you haven’t started.

I told Arthur we prefer hawker food. Restaurant food is a little too heavy and I know we will be having quite a lot of that, especially with our families. Also, I think hawker food is still the best. After eating Kuching laksa, we were still craving for laksa. Arthur said Thompson’s Corner serves good laksa but it wasn’t opened yet when we arrived. So we decided to go to a different cafe. See, we were so craving for food that we went too early….haha.

It was wonderful meeting Arthur’s missus too. We talked like good old friends even though we had just met! She is very friendly too, like Arthur. Arthur recommended the best food from the shop. Just look what we had! You should be drooling looking at these. Make me miss home again!

Sibu laksa

Sibu laksa

This is laksa. It’s quite nice but a little too salty. I think the noodles were a little too much compared to the soup. The presentation is just not there. I think the bowl is too small. You know what I mean when you compare to the one I ate in Kuching which I blogged at My Memorable Trip Home (Arrival And Election). In fact we were combing the town for very good laksa throughout our stay there.

Sibu laksa at Aloha

Sibu laksa at Aloha

Well, we managed to find one quite nice but not as close to the Kuching laksa. It was at Aloha, somewhere in town. Probably that’s the best laksa that we had eaten in Sibu.

Sibu laksa

Sibu laksa

Sibu laksa

Sibu laksa

These were another 2 laksa that we tried. They were just average.

Native fried noodles

Native fried noodles

This is the fried noodles fried the native way. Local people call it ‘lark kia char’. I love it. It’s spicy and tasty. With a squeeze of the calamansi lime over it, it tastes heavenly….mmmm.

Fried kompia with meat

Fried kompia with meat

This is the Sibu kompia, deep fried and stuffed with meat. My hubby liked it very much. Kompia is just like the Western bagel but tasted much better. It is chewy and has it’s own unique aroma as you bite into it. It’s a little savoury. The sesame seeds on top give it added aroma. Of course you can also get the sweet kompia but I think the savoury one is still the best. They are actually small and you can easily eat 5-10 pieces in one go. Really no one should ever miss this when visiting Sibu. People from other towns always buy some to bring back when they visit Sibu. Reminding you that you need to go to the right shop to get the best ones.

Popiah or spring rolls

Popiah or spring rolls

The popiah, or spring rolls, were very delicious with welled roasted, crushed peanuts sprinkled generously over it. I think that was a special request by Arthur. See, you need to get the right person to go out with you if you want to enjoy better food…..*big grin*.

Singapore fried mee hoon

Singapore fried mee hoon

We also had Singapore fried meehoon (rice vermicelli). This one is just average. Nothing very special. Taste quite good though.



And of course, I must have my ‘teh-c’….*big smiles*. My meal is not complete with teh-c…..*big grin*. Not too bad but not the best. I still remember one of my readers, Ann from Vancouver, a fellow Malaysia, mentioned that her dad owns a kopitiam (cafe) in KK (Kota Kinabalu in Sabah) and he serves good teh-c and local kopi. That’s so exciting. If I ever visit Kota Kinabalu, I would love to drop by his kopitiam for my favourite teh-c and local kopi. Thanks, Anna, for letting me know!

Talking about Kota Kinabalu, that’s where Mount Kinabalu is, the highest mountain in South East Asia. Lots of people, young and old had climbed that mountain, even dogs! My friend, who is a geologist and loves adventure, had made it to the top some time ago. She wrote a guest post for me about her adventure. And if you are interested, you can check that out at Beautiful Mount Kinabalu - Malaysia.

Sibu boasts of it’s many delicacies that are my favourites. The exciting thing is that there are new discoveries each time we go back! Best of all, they are available almost throughout the whole day, until late into the night! Sibu people really enjoy food…haha. New food businesses are sprouting everywhere and you really need people to recommend the food and the place to go for it. We are really blessed by many food lover friends who were just too happy to do that, so much so we regretted the trip is not long enough. Having said that, if we had stayed longer and enjoyed all the food, I think both my hubby and I have to buy extra large seats in the aeroplane. And we will roll back like 2 round fat potatoes……haha.

Well, lots more to share about my trip home but guess I will leave it til next time. In the mean time, I do hope you are having fun and I’ll meet you in my next post soon.

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suituapui  on June 18th, 2013

You never got to try Thomson Corner’s laksa, did you? That one’s my favourite - I think it is better than Aloha’s…and where did you have that last one? It looked so pale…

Nice meeting you and Steven again. Looking forward to the next time… You did not even manage to go to Payung.

somewhere in singapore  on June 18th, 2013

Did u get to meet suituapui daughter?

somewhere in singapore  on June 18th, 2013

I must save my stomach, go look for suituapui, can try out many yummy yummy foods from Sibu, kakaka…

Mary  on June 18th, 2013

@suituapui - Sadly, didn’t have time….hmmm. Have to be next trip. can’t remember where’s the places that I ate the other 2 laksas. I think it’s either Rejang Park or Civic Centre area. The colour itself explains all….haha. Let’s go for more food adventure the next time we go back :D

@somewhere in singapore - Sad we didn’t get to meet Melissa. Wrong timing….hmmm. Time was very tight when we were back….as usual. Yes, you gotta to visit Sibu and try all the food there. You can’t get in Singapore :D

claire  on June 18th, 2013

The laksa looks like what we call “curry” over here in Penisular.. Yes, I tasted the Sibu one before, if not mistaken, just a spoonful only cos most of the time, I was on the kampua noodles! LOL…
Yes, Mary, you should make a trip to the Payung next time.. I love the food there… and the boss is Arthur’s friend now.. got special discount if you bring him along.. hahaha…

Bunny  on June 18th, 2013

:) loved reading this, you are very entertaining. Now I just want to hop a flight and come and eat :) lol :)

tigerfish  on June 18th, 2013

I thought the sibu laksa looks like mee siam (in some photos) :) just makes me drool

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on June 19th, 2013

I would love some spring rolls! Not sure I have ever had sibu laksa before…looks very flavourful and satisfying.

Blackswan  on June 19th, 2013

Cool! That must be fun, Mary! I just came to know that Reana Claire visited u during her recent vacation! What a surprise :)

Juliana  on June 19th, 2013

Everything looks so good Mary especially the spring rolls…yum!
Hope you are having a great week :D

kristy  on June 19th, 2013

Howdy Mary! I’m sure you enjoyed coming home so much. Your belly is definitely well prepared for all these spicy food around town. Just one word ~ ’satisfaction’ !!!! haha….
Enjoy your day dear.
Blessings, Kristy

Katerina  on June 20th, 2013

It is always so nice to be able to meet with other bloggers and share some really good food! I’ll check on Arthur! Thanks!

Mistletoe  on June 21st, 2013

Woah! Look at all that laksa you had. Lucky you! I love laksa and hawker food. I’d actually much prefer hawker food over restaurant food. If you know which shops to go to, hawker food can taste better than some restaurant food.
I like the name of your friend’s blog. Haha. Kind of curious too as to what he’s crazy about. Glad you’re enjoying your blogging experience and meeting friends all around the world. Blogging is definitely a great journey. When I go to Malaysia, I’m stuffing you in my carry-on with me. Teehee. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Cheah-No-Frills Recipes  on June 23rd, 2013

Yes, I’m drooling all over your laksa. So many types of laksa and the popiah is different from what we have here. Interesting!

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