Salmon Fish Cakes With Lemon Butter And Chive Sauce

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Salmon fish cakes with lemon butter and chives sauce

Salmon fish cakes with lemon butter and chives sauce

I must admit that I just love books, especially cookbooks that come with pictures for every recipe. I LOVE the pictures! A very visual person huh……*big smiles*. I’m sure you do, too. I wonder if you would buy a cookbook without pictures. To me you are not very normal if you do….haha. Now you know I am joking. Don’t try and run to the doctor to check out if you do own one. Having said that, I actually have a cookbook WITHOUT pictures! It was given by a very special friend. It’s actually a special collection written by a special author with only limited copies. So, it’s really priceless!

The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook

The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook

When I came back from my trip home to Malaysia, I was so thrilled to receive a cookbook from the Yeo Family Farm, written by Sarah Mayor. I flipped through and loved a lot of the recipes. Actually I went through the whole book several times. I love the Deep Trout Fish Cakes with Lemon Butter and Chive Sauce, Herby Scotch Eggs with Sage and Lemon which I have wanted to make for a long time, Lemon Curd and Raisin Bread and Butter Pudding, Floating Islands with Red Summer Berries, Cream of Asparagus Soup with Soft Poached Eggs, Beef and Barley Cottage Pie just to name a few. In the end, I went for the Deep Trout Fish Cakes with Lemon Butter and Chive Sauce. But I used salmon instead of trout.

Not only do I love this cookbook, I also fell in love with their website. Wow…there are lots of interesting stuff there. They make lots of things. I love the Yeo’s organic yoghurt with different flavours. Didn’t realise they have so much more on their website. There are also tasty tips and tricks and even yeokens to collect to increase your chances of winning lovely things. Oh wait, you can even click to play their Fruit Machine to stand a chance to win this lovely cookbook. Why not give a go? You may be the lucky one.

Right, back to my recipe. I used salmon instead of trout as there are a lot of bones in trout. I also changed the recipe very slightly to accommodate my taste and also to use up the ingredients, especially when making the sauce. This recipe is actually rather easy to make. Here it is.

Ingredients A
500g salmon
1T oil (or butter)
4 spring onions (thinly sliced)
450g floury potatoes (peel, boil til tender and mash)
10g curly leaved parsley (finely chopped)
flour for dusting (I used wholemeal spelt flour)
salt and pepper to season

Cooked and flaked salmon

Cooked and flaked salmon

Bake the salmon at 200 degrees Celsius for about 12-15 minutes. Remove the skin if there is and then flake it with a fork while still hot.

While the salmon is being baked, cut the potatoes and boil. I cut it into fairly big chunks to speed up cooking. When a fork can pierce through easily, it’s cooked. Drain and mash while it is still hot.

Heat up the oil or butter in a frying pan and add the chopped spring onions. Fry it for a little while.

Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl

Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl

Put the flaked salmon, chopped parsley, chopped chives, mashed potatoes, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.

Mix the ingredients well

Mix the ingredients well

Mix it all together. A spoon can do the job well.

Form the mixture into galls

Form the mixture into galls

Form into balls. The size depends on your preference. I actually had fun throwing the salmon balls up and down in my palm like catch balls….haha. Too bad I don’t know juggling otherwise I would have more fun in the kitchen…..*big grin*. Actually I just want to make it more compact as I didn’t want them to fall apart when I fry them.

The recipe said divide into 4 but I find that’s too huge. I made 7, about 1 inch thick each. Coat with the flour and flatten it slightly. When all is done, fry them using low to medium heat. When it’s slightly golden, turn over and fry til the other side is golden too. Dish up and bake in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 12 - 15 minutes.

While the salmon fish cakes are in the oven, make the sauce. I would like to have more sauce over my fishcakes so I tripled the amount in the recipe.

Ingredients B (sauce)
6T white wine
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 big onion (finely chopped
150ml double cream
80g butter
30g finely chopped chives
salt and pepper to season

Put the white wine, lemon juice and chopped onions in a small pot. Heat until reduced in half. Sieve to remove the onions. Then add the double cream and butter. Simmer til thick. Then add the chives and season to taste. I think I didn’t simmer the sauce long enough so it is not as thick as in the picture. However it tasted really good over the fish.

I cooked broccoli to go with the salmon fish cakes. NO rice. I liked it very much. My very Asian hubby only said it’s quite nice. The main reason is because there’s NO rice…..haha. I bet it will be a different story if I had served a scoop of rice on the plate, drizzled some Kikkoman soya sauce over the fish cake instead of the sauce. See I know him too well already…..haha. But it’s good for him to learn….*big grin*. Aha….now I know. If he ever annoys me, I will serve him this dish without rice…..and without the broccoli, too…….haha.

Delicious salmon fish cakes

Delicious salmon fish cakes

A good look at the texture of the fish cakes. I love the texture…..creamy from the potatoes with a bite from the salmon, yet full of lovely flavour from the herbs.

Salmon is abundant here in Scotland. It is very good for health as it’s high in omega-3. I hope it’s not too expensive in your place. I like it very much though some people find it a little fishy. Otherwise you can use other types of fish too. Give it a try. And if you like salmon like me, I have lots of other salmon recipes that you may be interested in. You can find them at:

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Ok, time for me to have some adventure outside the house. The weather has been quite gloomy this past 2 days. Hope it warms up again with bright sunshine. Til then, see you in my next post. Hope u have a fantastic week!

Quote of the day……

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

- William Feather

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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somewhere in singapore  on June 12th, 2013

The cover of the cookbook is so cute…

suituapui  on June 12th, 2013

That looks sooo good. Not a fan of salmon though. My daughter loves it a lot, not me.

Claire  on June 12th, 2013

Hey Mary..i think I will make a trip to Aberdeen again soon! Save the best for me! Hahaha… Seriously..Aaron told me that he might be going again in July..not finalized yet… :)

Juliana  on June 12th, 2013

Your salmon cakes look great…it is something that I know I will enjoy it, especially paired with the lemon sauce.
Thanks for sharing the recipe…hope you are having a wonderful week :D

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on June 12th, 2013

These salmon cakes look so delicious, Mary. I made some before, but only with canned salmon.

Mich Piece of Cake  on June 13th, 2013

I love these salmon fish cakes! And the I bet it goes great with that sauce.

Blackswan  on June 13th, 2013

Smelling good, dear! I normally add beef to my potato patties. Now you’ve given me another alternative :)

peteformation  on June 13th, 2013

wahhhh, nice fish with lemon….

faye  on June 13th, 2013

Love the salmon potato cakes. I should try it sometimes. I bet your hubby would love it with a big dollop of sambal blachan and the rice. That would make it a happy birthday present, haha.

Mistletoe  on June 15th, 2013

I cannot stand recipes that don’t have pictures to them. Most of the time I’d pass on the recipe if there’s no photo. That book you have would drive me insane. Lol. Love the recipe you shared here. My little boy loves salmon and trout, so this would be the perfect recipe for a diff way to prepare salmon. Your final product looks delicious! Lol about your husband and his love for rice. G likes to use Worcestershire if he eats salmon with rice. Sometimes I will too, but I like soy sauce with chili oil. You’re making me hungry now. Lol!

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