My Best Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Hearts

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Moist and delicious chocolate cake with chocolate hearts

Moist and delicious chocolate cake with chocolate hearts

Just when I thought I won’t be baking for a while, my husband asked me to make a cake! I asked him why. He said it’s for his birthday. He wants to share with friends. His birthday??? It’s not even here yet, still quite some time to go. Weird huh! Sounds like he likes to grow older faster…..haha. Still young at heart, on the positive note…..*big grin*.

Dr Oetker baking ingredients

Dr Oetker baking ingredients

Beautiful butterfly and flower waffles for cake decoration

Beautiful butterfly and flower waffles for cake decoration

By the way, I received some cake making and cake decorating stuff last week, Dr Oetker brand. How timely is that!! I was so thrilled, really thrilled! That’s it….will make cupcakes. I mean cupcakes are so popular everywhere. Some are as expensive as £2.50 each! That’s expensive for 1 cupcake. I always make a whole cake for birthdays because it’s easier and quicker. But because the butterfly waffles and the flower waffles are so beautiful that I think cupcakes would be a better choice.

Chocolate cupcakes with butterfly and flower waffles

Chocolate cupcakes with butterfly and flower waffles

Instead of using my usual chocolate cake, I tried to use a different recipe which looks easier. That was a mistake! I wasn’t too pleased with the texture of the cake. The shape didn’t come out well too…..*big sigh*. That wasn’t all. I hit rock bottom when my icing didn’t turn out well either, not soft enough. I felt like crying….*sob sob*. But it was too late to make everything again. I just had to finish it off, trying to console myself that people, especially friends, are nice and won’t criticise. I mean who would complain when there’s free food, right?….*big grin*. This must be my greatest baking catastrophe. The picture tells it all! Looks more like kid’s play time….haha. The icing was not easy to spread. I hope people look at the flowers and the butterflies….hehe.

Frustrated and disappointed, I tell myself I must make another cake just to to prove to myself that my cake making skill is not so crap. A friend called me that evening to say that she would be coming to visit me. Aha….good timing. I’m going to make my cake again, someone to share with…..*big smiles*.

Chocolate hearts

Chocolate hearts

I had used up all the butterfly and flower waffles but so thankful that I still have heart shaped chocolate for decoration. I need to try my chocolate cake again. This time, my cake turns out to be my BEST ever chocolate cake! I was SOOOOOO happy!!! Almost shot through the ceiling with sheer joy….haha. That heals me of all emotional downward spiral the previous day…….*BIG BIG smiles** Not only was the cake very good but the icing was very good too. And the heart shape chocolate decorations make the cake cooks gorgeous. My friend liked it very much. I gave her a box to bring home. You should see your big, sweet smile!

Friends, NEVER ever give up if your cooking or baking fails. Success is just a step away. Sometimes we give up too soon just to find we miss the best. I’m so glad I didn’t give up! So, here I’m just too happy to share with you my best chocolate cake recipe with port. Port is a type of wine with 20% alcohol. I like to use it in my cooking, whether soup or stew. Now I find that it’s even good in cakes…..mmmm. I just love the smell of port. If you don’t have port, you can use other wine.

Oh, I must tell you. My house smells SO good when the cake is baking. I have never enjoyed breathing so hard and so much…..haha.

Here’s my recipe for my best chocolate cake with port. It’s actually very simple and easy. Just melt and mix.

Ingredients A
250g butter
150g dark chocolate ( I used Dr Oetker’s dark chocolate)
1 & 1/4C sugar
1C hot water
1T instant coffee
1/3C port

double boil method

double boil method

Put all of Ingredients A into a bowl, place over a pot with some water in it. The water should not touch the bottom of the bowl. This is called double boil, to melt the ingredients in the bowl. Stir every now and then until the butter and chocolate are melted. Remove and let it cool to lukewarm.

Ingredients B
1 & 3/4C flour
1t baking powder
1/2t baking soda
1/4C cocoa
2 eggs (lightly beaten)

Cake batter ready to be baked

Cake batter ready to be baked

Add the beaten eggs into the lukewarm chocolate mixture. Mix well. Then add in the rest of Ingredients B. Use a whisk and whisk through gently until smooth. Pour the mixture into a paper lined cake tin and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes or until a skew inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Well baked cake

Well baked cake

I used a shallow tin. If you use a deep cake tin, it will take much longer. I prefer to use a shallow tin for baking as the cake bakes faster and more even. It’s important not to over bake the cake. There may be some cracks but it’s ok. No one will notice after you flip over and spread the icing…..* big smiles*

Chocolate Icing
100g dark chocolate
50g butter
2t instant coffee
2T water
1C icing sugar

Chocolate icing

Chocolate icing

Put all of Ingredients C (except icing sugar) into a small pot. Heat it gently using low fire. keep stirring until it’s melted and smooth. Remove from heart. Stir in the icing sugar.

Spread chocolate icing over the chocolate cake

Spread chocolate icing over the chocolate cake

When the cake is cool, flip it over onto a cake board or another tray/plate. You want to ice the bottom of the cake as it’s very flat. Pour the chocolate icing over the cake and spread it with a spatula. Let it cool and set.

Cut the chocolate cake

Cut the chocolate cake

Moist and delicious chocolate cake

Moist and delicious chocolate cake

Cut the cake into pieces and decorate it with the heart shaped chocolate. Enjoy………mmmmm. This is my best dessert of the day. It’s known that chocolate makes people happy. So, you can be sure that each bite gives me big smiles! I’m enjoying a piece now with a cup of coffee as I type away. And smiling away, too!

Now it’s your turn to make cakes. Cake making and cake decoration is made so much easier with Dr Oetker’s baking and decoration stuff. Nothing is better than homemade as I always say. It’s so much cheaper and you are in control of the ingredients. These Dr Oetker ingredients are available in supermarkets or you can order online at Have fun baking! Let me tell you, it’s very therapeutic….both baking and eating……*big grin*.

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Quote of the day…….

“Persevere…because on the road to success there is never a crowd on the extra mile!”

Charity Gibson

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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suituapui  on April 30th, 2013

So nice. Wish my missus would make a cake for me too on my birthday instead of going out to buy.

Priya  on April 30th, 2013

Wow, i want that slice of gorgeous cake rite now..Mindblowing.

Juliana  on April 30th, 2013

This cake looks so good Mary, very moist and rich, and I sure would love a slice of this cake.
Have a lovely week my dear :)

somewhere in singapore  on April 30th, 2013

how i wish that piece of cake goes into my stomach, kakakak….

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on April 30th, 2013

They look perfectly moist and light in texture. I love Dr. Oetkers’ products too.

claire  on May 1st, 2013

aiyah…should have fly back this week with you! Miss the cake by days! hahahaa… Happy Birthday to your Happy Hubby! :)

Mary  on May 1st, 2013

@suituapui - Arthur, your missus is smarter, know how to relax :D

@Priya - Thanks very much, Priya! :D

@Juliana - Thanks very much, Juliana! :D

@somewhere in singapore - You just need to come here :D

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - I’m really starting to like Dr Oetker’s products now. Will be a lot of baking fun on the way :D

@claire - Haha….you should have stayed longer :D

Belinda @zomppa  on May 1st, 2013

Now that’s a way to celebrate!

Mich Piece of Cake  on May 1st, 2013

I love all those pretty decorations. Your hubby is a lucky man!

Mary  on May 2nd, 2013

@Belinda @zomppa - Not the cupcakes though :D So glad I tried it again!

@Mich Piece of Cake - He is definitely luckier than me I think. I have to make my own birthday cake and he gets to eat :D

Katerina  on May 3rd, 2013

This looks so delicious Mary! I wish I had a piece right now!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen  on May 3rd, 2013

That chocolate cake looks really moist and delicious!

Caroline Taylor  on May 3rd, 2013

That looks so good, send me a slice?

Jeannie  on May 6th, 2013

Wow! I love the look of the first piece, looks so moist and soft! It’s nice when your cakes turned out looking delicious!:D

Blackswan  on May 7th, 2013

I love anything cute & these are so convenient, just like stickers! I’d love playing with them too. The chocs are delish!! Sorry for not coming by these days, but it’s good to be back blog-hopping after a month’s absence! I’ll be seeing u more from now!

DG  on May 8th, 2013

Oh my! Your slice of cakes make my saliva drooling :) Looking so delicious.

Janine  on May 8th, 2013

wow the cake looks very moist and the butterfly decorations elevates the cupcakes to another level! so elegant :D

Baby Sumo  on May 9th, 2013

Your chocolate cake looks so moist!

Ilan  on May 11th, 2013

I’m sure the first one wasn’t that bad! The second cake sounds so delicious though.

Malou | Skip to Malou  on May 12th, 2013

I came over to say Happy Mother’s Day amiga! I hope you get to indulge and enjoy… Cheers!

Yummy bakes  on May 14th, 2013

This cake looks so soft and chocolaty.

Mistletoe  on May 30th, 2013

Let’s keep this one short and straight to my point….wine makes everything better! Hahaha. :P

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