Healthy And Moist Oatmeal Banana Cake

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Healthy and moist oatmeal banana cake

Healthy and moist oatmeal banana cake

I’m really excited to share my new creation with you. It’s a healthy Oatmeal Banana Cake that I made early this morning. I was a little anxious that it may not turn out well but I was wrong. It’s really moist and delicious. This is the first time I used oatmeal in my cakes. I will definitely be using it again for baking as oats is very good for health.

Mashed bananas

Mashed bananas

Banana cakes are always one of my top favourite. The lovely flavour and natural sweetness from bananas add such beauty and character to the cake. Over-ripe bananas are the best for making banana cakes. So, never ever throw away over ripe over bananas. You can turn them into great desserts. If you like a more dense cake, just add more bananas. To mash it, just use a fork to press down on the bananas. Don’t over do it though.

Organic brown rice flour and fine oatmeal

Organic brown rice flour and fine oatmeal

I’m glad I made good use of the organic fine oatmeal and organic brown rice flour that I bought last week. When I bought it I didn’t know how I’m going to use it. I bought it because it’s something healthy! That’s so unwise right? I would never teach my girls to do that…..*big grin*. Actually I was so excited to have found the organic brown rice flour. The price is cheaper than the rice flour that I always get from the Chinese supermarket which is not even organic. If you are from Aberdeen here in Scotland, you can get it from Newton Dee shop.

Right, here’s my very simple, quick and easy recipe. Mix all in a pyrex dish with a whisk. Little washing up to do, too. Use a low tin to bake to cut down on the baking time which means you can enjoy a freshly made cake in less than 30 minutes.

Ingredients A
4 eggs
1/2C unrefined sugar
1/2C olive oil

Egg mixture

Egg mixture

Put all of Ingredients A into a mixing bowl. Beat with a whisk until mixed well.

Ingredients B
4 bananas (mashed with a fork)
1/2C yoghurt

Add Ingredients B to the egg mixture. Mix well.

Ingredients C
1C organic fine oatmeal
1/2C organic brown rice flour
1/2C tapioca flour
1t baking powder
1/3t baking soda

Add flours to egg and banana mixture

Add flours to egg and banana mixture

Add all of Ingredients C into the above mixture. Mix well with the whisk.

Read to bake

Read to bake

Pour the batter into a shallow paper lined baking tray. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes or until a shower inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

Let it cool and then cut to serve. It’s so good with a cup of tea or coffee or as a dessert after a meal. What a happy day for me…..yay!!

By the way, it’s Chinese New Year this weekend! If you are celebrating it, you can even make this cake to serve your guests.┬áIt’s amazing how quickly time passes. We are into February now. It’s really quiet here unlike back home where everywhere is crowded with shoppers and all sorts of New Year decorations and songs. I miss that busy auspicious atmosphere. But well, we are going to have a big pot luck party in church followed by some interesting programme. That’s going to be fun too. I look much forward to enjoying other people’s specialty….*big smiles*.

Take care and I’ll see you in my next post.

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Quote of the day……

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”

- Corrie Ten Boom

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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Sophie  on February 4th, 2013

Yum Yum Yum! :) I must make tyour tasty creation here!

suituapui  on February 4th, 2013

Serve with chocolate ice cream - bet that would send you to 7th Heaven. Yum! Yum!

claire  on February 4th, 2013

This is real healthy banana cake! I think I better invest in a good oven.. I wanna start baking again! (my own oven is taken by my son to college… ) :)

Mich Piece of Cake  on February 4th, 2013

Your cake looks so moist and delicious. Thanks for sharing, we love banana cake.

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on February 5th, 2013

I adore healthy and delicious afternoon snacks. This will be one of them that I am happy to enjoy with a cup of tea!

somewhere in singapore  on February 5th, 2013

Guess i’m too late liao…

DongXing  on February 5th, 2013

Looks really enticing, Mary! Now I know what to do with black bananas. BTW, how much is 1C in weight? I know different flour has different density, and therefore, different weight for the same cup. As my baking skills is pretty neglible and I do find baking very fiddly, can I use the normal drinking cup which measures 250ml in volume?

Blackswan  on February 5th, 2013

Wow, u’re getting ready huh?? Bet u’ll be busy celebrating your friends & family. Nice bake with all the fillings! In case I’m too busy, here’s wishing a Happy CNY! xoxo

wok with ray  on February 5th, 2013

This is really a healthy version of banana cake. Looks very delicious too. Thank you, Mary!

wok with ray  on February 5th, 2013

This is really a healthy version of banana cake. Looks very delicious too. Thank you, Mary!

Lena  on February 6th, 2013

hi mary, sometimes i’m also like you, buying things on impulse not knowing what to do with them! the atmosphere here is not really that festive yet except that you go to shopping malls, you can hear them playing cny songs and selling all sort of cookies and cny decors. This weekend will be a lot of traffic everywhere. This banana cake is packed with good stuff, i shld bake more like these!

Mary  on February 7th, 2013

@Sophie - Have fun baking! :D

@suituapui - Haha….that will be chocolate heaven! :D

@claire - Now, what else have you given away, Claire? :P Wow…..your son bakes! That’s amazing. Girls will be flocking around him….hehe. Yes, please go and get one oven soon. Can’t wait to see your cakes :D

@Mich Piece of Cake - Thanks very much, Mich! :D

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Me, too. At least I eat without feeling guilty :D

@somewhere in singapore - Not too late. I’m making again. So, please come soon :D

@DongXing - If you use your 250ml drinking cup, that would be perfect. Otherwise you can get a whole set of cake measuring cups from normal supermarkets for a very cheap price. They come very handy with different sizes for different measurements. Have fun baking! :D

@Blackswan - Thanks very much for dropping by to send your Chinese New Year greetings, Shirley! I have been drooling over all your CNY dishes :D I think I’ll be having a very relaxing new year this year.

@wok with ray - Thanks very much, Ray! :D

@Lena - Glad to know I’m not alone buying things on impulse :D With the CNY just a few days away, I can imagine the traffic jam everywhere. Guess you must be very busy, too. Hope you have a great new year!

Juliana  on February 7th, 2013

Oh Mary, what a nice recipe…and I always have leftover bananas..and this is indeed a healthy recipe.
Hope you are having a great week!

Ilan  on February 11th, 2013

Oatmeal must go perfectly with bananas!

Mistletoe  on February 17th, 2013

Hi Mary,

Nice to see that you were able to use your brown rice. I do that too sometimes actually –> buy something b/c it’s healthy but have no idea how to cook it. Haha. In fact, I still have a bag of brown rice still sitting in my pantry. (Blush) I was thinking of switching to brown rice a while back but haven’t done so yet. (Double blush) Hope you ha a great Chinese New Year!

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