My Best Smoked Salmon And Cheese Salad

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Delicious and healthy smoked salmon and cheese salad

Delicious and healthy smoked salmon and cheese salad

I used to wonder how people can eat raw salmon like in sushi. I just don’t fancy that. That includes smoked salmon. But then salmon is very good for health because of its high omega-3 properties. I need to try but it has to be very nice so that I will not only eat once but often. What about smoked salmon salad? It is not only healthy but good for those who wish to lose weight.

Cranberry cheese

Cranberry cheese

The first thing I need is a very nice dressing. I made my favourite dressing which is a very healthy dressing. My salmon salad came out nice but then still not to the point where I would eat often. Then one day while strolling along the cheese aisle in the supermarket, something caught my eyes…..cranberry cheese! I was so excited. Adding that cheese would definitely add flavour and taste to my salad.

Scottish smoked salmon

Scottish smoked salmon

Sure enough, my salmon salad with the cheese tasted many times better. I have been eating this salmon salad with cheese very often these days. I know my husband will NOT even look at the salad if I am to serve him this salmon salad without the cheese. Just know him too well by now….haha. With the cheese he has been eating it without complaint whenever I serve him. In fact yesterday, he told me that the dressing and the cheese make the salad quite nice. Otherwise he would not eat. See, I was right!

My youngest daughter is even worse. I know she would not even look at it! And if I can’t make her eat the first time, I know it’s the end of the story. She is very picky on vegetables and fish. I decided to lightly pan fry the smoked salmon before adding it to the salad. That changes the soft texture of the salmon. To my joy, she ate it without complaint. She even said it was nice! I won!….*big smiles*.

Consolation prize for Tuscan Cooking Competition

Consolation prize for Tuscan Cooking Competition

Oh, forgot to mention. I joined a Tuscan Cooking competition recently. I didn’t win the competition but I got a consolation prize. It’s a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a Tuscan cookbook. I was really happy to receive that. That was my first ever cooking competition. Thanks very much if you had voted for me. Appreciate very, very much. The extra virgin olive oil is perfect for making this healthy salad.

Here’s my simple and easy Smoked Salmon And Cheese Salad recipe.

Ingredients A
Smoked salmon
green leafy salad
cranberry cheese

Put salad into a bowl/plate. Tear smoked salmon and lay them on the salad. Crumble the cheese over the salmon and salad vegetables. I do not specify the amount here because you can put the amount that you want. The dressing below is for 1 serving of the salad. Pour over the dressing just before serving.

I use ready washed salad leaves. They are very convenient to use.

Ingredients B (dressing)
1T apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg’s)
1T extra virgin olive oil
1T light soya sauce (I use Bragg’s liquid amino)
1T raw honey

Put all of Ingredients B in a small bowl. Stir until it’s all fully combined. I love Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and it’s liquid amino because of it’s superior quality. The taste is just superb.

Pour the salad dressing over the salad and serve immediately.

You can also use smoked rainbow trout. I bought a few packets the other day and they taste just as good as smoked salmon.

Hope you are eating healthy everyday. Don’t forget to keep up with your exercises.

Till then, see you in my next post.

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Ann@Anncoo Journal  on September 18th, 2012

I love salmon in anyway you cook it. I’ve never seen cranberry cheese before and this salmon salad looks simply delicious :)

lena  on September 18th, 2012

hi mary, i eat both salmon and smoked salmon and this is the first time i come across reading cranberry cheese. you are always a smart woman knowing how to make your dishes to their stomachs! i usually put those smoked salmon and salad leaves into my tortilla wraps and eat with a little bit of cream cheese or easy dressing so i think i will enjoy your salad too! yeah i remember that tuscan cooking competition, you are already a winner in our hearts! take care!

somewhere in singapore  on September 18th, 2012

I loves salmon…

Swathi  on September 18th, 2012

Delicious salad Mary.

Kristi Rimkus  on September 18th, 2012

This is such a healthy salad. I love dressing on my salad too!

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on September 18th, 2012

Adore salmon…the salad looks fabulous.
Congratulation on your first cooking competition!

faye  on September 19th, 2012

Hi Mary,
In Vancouver, we have this salmon nuggets, that is cured with maple syrup and smoked with alderwood, it is sweet and a little salty. It is completely cooked, and it is nice in salad or pasta. Add a lemon shallot cream sauce, with some broccolini, pepper juliennes, or asparagus, and it will be lovely.
Congratulations on your cooking competition. It is nice to win something, makes you feel appreciated.
Today, I make plum bread, i.e Italian plums, with cinnamon & crystal sugar, layer them over a sweet bread dough and bake until done. This is very common in Germany, very yummy. Try it.

Yummy bakes  on September 19th, 2012

yeah … I love the salmons and lots of greens there.

Mich - Piece of Cake  on September 19th, 2012

Wow, cranberry cheese and salmon. That is such a wonderful combination. I would love to have that salad.

Mary  on September 19th, 2012

@Ann@Anncoo Journal - This is the first time I noticed cranberry cheese. It’s a crumbly type and very tasty…so good with the salad :D

@lena - Awww….so sweet of you, Lena, to say that I’m already a winner in your heart! :D Now I can’t sleep tonight…haha. If you ever see cranberry cheese, give a try. It’s really tasty. I think I’m addicted to it already…haha. I need to try in wraps too. Thanks very much for suggesting!

@somewhere in singapore - you got to move here…lots of salmon. You can even catch live ones! :D

@Swathi - Thanks very much, Swathi! :D

@Kristi Rimkus - Thanks very much, Kristi! :D

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Thanks very much, Angie! :D

@faye - Sweet and salty? I would love that. Wonder if I can make it myself at home :P Thanks very much for sharing. And wow…plum bread! It’s new to me, too. You make me feel like wanting to eat now. I need to check that out :D

@Yummy bakes - Thanks very much! :D

@Mich - Piece of Cake - Indeed, it’s a lovely combination. I really like it. Hope you can get the cheese to try it out :D

suituapui  on September 19th, 2012

Oooo…salmon! My daughter would love this. Smoked some more - that must be extra fragrant. Yummmm!!!

Belinda @zomppa  on September 19th, 2012

All of this looks amazing!! LOVE salmon - in pretty much anything and in any way!

Blackswan  on September 20th, 2012

Wow, mixing with cranberry cheese? Something refreshing & love it!

Mary  on September 20th, 2012

@suituapui - Yes, it’s really good. But I have just found today that smoked mackerel is also very delicious in salad. I have more varieties now :D

Belinda @zomppa - Thanks very much, Belinda! :D

@Blackswan - Yes, the cranberry cheese is really good. Hope you can find over there on your side. I just bought another big piece today :D
Wow, mixing with cranberry cheese? Something refreshing & love it!

Mistletoe  on September 20th, 2012

Cranberry cheese? That DOES sound lovely with smoked salmon. I think smoked salmon, like sashimi, also requires some getting used to. I would not have sashimi w/o wasabi. The wasabi helps cut out that certain taste in sashimi that most people can’t stand. You’ve found the perfect “wasabi” for your smoked salmon salad. The cranberry cheese is the perfect accompaniment. I’m not a huge fan of smoked salmon, but that cranberry cheese is luring me in to try this salad. I wonder if they have durian cheese. Hahaha. :P

Saskia  on September 21st, 2012

I love Wensleydale cheese, but have never seen it studded with cranberries! How delicious, especially in a salad. Congratulations on your cooking win!

tigerfish  on September 21st, 2012

Cranberry cheese sounds interesting. I thought it was cranberry cheesecake when I was your photo.

mycookinghut  on September 23rd, 2012

Looks really good! I have never tried cranberry cheese before though.

Katerina  on September 23rd, 2012

Scotland has one of the best qualities of salmon! I love salmon and I eat it smoked and cooked. This salad just calls my name Mary! Beautiful!

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