Complete Rupture Of Achilles Tendon

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Complete rupture of Achilles tendon

Complete rupture of Achilles tendon

It has been more than 2 weeks since my last blog post. That’s because I suffered a complete rupture of my Achilles tendon during badminton. How awful is that!…sob sob. Had to go for surgery to fix it back. I am a lot better these few days. But it’s going to be a long healing journey before I can get back to badminton.

The doctor told me it would be at least 10 weeks on crutches!! 10 WEEKS?? That sounds like a death sentence to me! Not only that. I need lots of physiotherapies. That would probably be about 6 months altogether to work my tendon back to peak performance before attempting badminton again. That’s so sad! You know how challenging it is to keep an active person at home? But there’s 1 way….KEEP SMILING! At least I have a piece of very good, comforting news. My surgeon told me that my ruptured tendon will be stronger than before and little chance of rupturing again……phew….*BIG BIG smiles*.

My crutches!

My crutches!

When my girl saw the crutches, she was amused. She said they look like they are for kids…..haha. True enough when I went back to the hospital for follow-up check, I met other people on crutches and their crutches are so long….haha. I won’t go anywhere near them. I think I only come up to their shoulders…..haha

The Achilles tendon is fibrous tissue that connects the heel to the muscles of the lower leg: the calf muscles. It’s the biggest and strongest tendon in the body. Contraction of the calf muscles enable our feet to stand on our toes, walking, jumping and running. Please read up more at Everything About Achilles Tendon.

I hope my experience will raise awareness of Achilles tendon rupture, whether partial or complete. It can happen to anyone. But it does happen more often during higher impact type of exercises like running, badminton, squash, football and tennis because of the way the feet move.

I was told by medical staff that it can even happen when you walk up the stairs. Wow…that’s scary! A friend told me that her friend suffered a complete Achilles tendon rupture while skipping rope. It can happen during the activity itself or within 1 hour after that.

Just the other day at the hospital, I met a man in the Fracture Clinic. He suffered from a complete Achilles tendon rupture when he bent over to pick up a tennis ball! Another lady told me that her husband who is very fit also suffered from a complete Achilles tendon rupture when his leg went into a hole while playing casual football in a park. Achilles tendon rupture is a common injury. It can happen to anyone. So I really hope you read up more and learn how to take care of yourself before anything unfortunate happens, like me.

I took up badminton about 4 years ago, playing from once a week, gradually up to 3-4 times a week. Never turned back. I have been very disciplined and committed to it whether rain, wind, sun or snow. As I look back, I’m really happy to say that my stamina, skill and fitness level have risen to a significant, good level. I’m also more focus more mentally alert and also more efficient in the things that I need to do. But why did my Achilles tendon rupture? I don’t know. I think I didn’t do enough warming up before the game that day and also my badminton shoes should be changed more often for better cushion.

My cousin is a very good badminton player. He represented his university during his days there. And I remember he once told me that his Achilles tendon ruptured completely and he was on crutches for several months. I just couldn’t imagine how serious that was. And I never bothered to find out.

Then  last month, one of our badminton friends suffered a partial rupture of his Achilles tendon. He didn’t realise how serious it was and went home without going to see the doctor. The next day, it swelled and he was in severe pain. He went for surgery eventually. Yet, I didn’t bother to find out more.

Most unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, I became the latest casualty. I was enjoying my last game, last 5 minutes, playing doubles when suddenly I heard a loud ‘pop’ as I ran to my right to pick up the shuttlecock. I thought the floor beneath me gave way! I looked down but there was nothing wrong with the floor. I knew something had gone badly wrong. I limped to the side, felt like blacking out so I lied down. I felt the area behind my right ankle was every soft. OH NO!…my Achilles tendon has completely ruptured!!

The sports club first aiders came running with ice packs which helped to minimise the pain and also called the ambulance. At the A&E, the diagnosis confirmed my fear…complete rupture of my Achilles tendon! The doctor told me I need surgery to get it fixed. But unfortunately there was no place available as there were other more serious surgeries going on. But she will contact me as soon as possible. She said it would be 1-2 days time. As long as the operation is done within 2 weeks, it’s fine. My leg was put in cast to prevent movement, given 2 crutches, taught how to use them and was sent home.

Wonderful garden BBQ

Wonderful garden BBQ

Now, back home, I keep telling myself I need to stay strong and keep smiling. My family trusts me and confident that I will figure out how to keep myself occupied and happy. Nothing can be more right…..*wink*.
The next day, the weather was very good….sunny and warm. My family decided to do a BBQ in our backyard to cheer me up…..yay! I enjoyed it very much. The food was just SO good!….mmm. It sure helped me to forget about my suffering for a while….*smiles*.

BBQ gas

BBQ gas

I still love my BBQ set, bought since we came here. It uses gas and is perfect for a small family. You can easily put the grill on any small table top and the gas cylinder on a small stool next to it. The gas heats up the volcanic rocks beneath the cast iron grill which in turn cooks the meat. It is really easy to set up, to cook, to wash and to keep. You can cover the food as it cooks. In this way, it retains the heat and the food cooks well instead of getting burnt before it’s cooked through. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space in my store room too. I bought this from the gas supplier shop, Calor.

Delicious chicken kebabs

Delicious chicken kebabs

My daughter prepared some chicken and vegetable kebabs. I must say they were fantastic. Never tasted anything better! She really surprised me with her cooking skill.

Hot and spicy chicken wings

Hot and spicy chicken wings

I love the hot and spicy chicken wings too. These are just bought ready marinated from the supermarket. They are spicy, juicy and tasty. With all these good food, I think I must have forgotten about my leg injury, at least for a while….*grin*.

That evening itself, I received a phone call from my surgeon to get admitted early the next morning. I was operated on that very afternoon. The hospital staff was very helpful and friendly. I was warded into a single room…phew…so happy. It was very clean. After operation, my throat was dry and a little sore. The only food that I wanted was red grapes. It was so delicious and so soothing to my throat. Sad to say, I didn’t like the lunch served the next day.

Lentil soup

Lentil soup

This is lentil soup. It was delicious but a little too peppery which hurt my throat.

Chicken and rice

Chicken and rice

This dish of chicken and rice looks delicious but I didn’t have any appetite for it. I only ate a few spoons. The grapes tasted better!

The next day I was home. It was definitely not a pleasant hospital experience. I mean who wants to go through surgery! I  was just so happy to be back.

Back home, the days actually passed by quite slowly because I was in pain, bearable though. I had to sit or lie down most of the time as I had to prop up my leg to prevent swelling. My family was very strict with me. It was hard not to be able to do the things that I love to do. Friends called me or came to visit me to cheer me up. I feel so touched by their care and love. All the emails, messages, awesome food and flowers were more than enough to bring big smiles onto my faces. I have friends who asked me to stop playing badminton after I recover. OH NO! That’s quite like asking me to stop breathing…haha. I appreciate their good intention.

On top of that, my youngest daughter surprises me every now and then with her cooking. Actually she shocked me! She hardly cooks but she made some real nice food for me. The chicken kebabs for BBQ above was one of her creation.

Mashed potato with chicken in a creamy sauce

Mashed potato with chicken in a creamy sauce

As I mentioned before, my family loves the Scotty Brand potatoes, produced in Scotland. My girls say it’s the best potatoes. If you haven’t tried it, you really got to try. I think at the moment it’s only sold in Scotland. One evening my girl made mashed potato with chicken in a beautiful gravy. It was just delicious! You will see that there’s no vegetables. That’s because she doesn’t like vegetables…..*sigh*. However she made fresh juice…..mmmm…..refreshing and delicious. That’s her substitute for vegetables! Have to accept that, right? She barred me from the kitchen so I have no choice. Otherwise I may still find a way to cook a simple dish of vegetables….*wink*.

Gammon and mashed potato

Gammon and mashed potato

Another day, she told me she wanted to cook gammon for me to try. I think I have only tried gammon once which was cooked in a slow cooker by a friend. That must be about 8 years ago. It was very delicious. This gammon dish that my girl cooked is also very delicious. The only problem for me is that it’s a little (only a little) too salty for me. But with the mash it’s perfect. The sauce is just so good. Looks like I need cooking lessons from my girl…… *grin*

Scotty Brand strawberries

Scotty Brand strawberries

Oh, I was really surprised to receive a few packs of Scotty Brand strawberries when I got back from hospital. What a gift! They were so fresh. As I didn’t have appetite, I find fruits most welcoming. The bright colour and the ‘heart’ shape when you cut them into halves is enough to cheer me up. I must say the timing was just perfect. I will be sharing with you in my next post all the fun that I had with the strawberries. You won’t want to miss that. I tell you, I am just so proud of myself to do some simple cooking even on crutches……..*big smiles*.

Wait, one more thing that I’m really thankful. You may think I must have been really bored the past 2 weeks. NO, I was not. I fully enjoyed the French Open Tennis and also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The French Open comes to an end today, sadly, but then Wimbledon is just round the corner and then there’ll be the Olympics to watch. After watching so much tennis, I think I want to take up tennis when I recover. It looks so fun!

Wow…I am so happy to have finally come to the end of this post. It took me so long to write. I could only manage to write a short section a day. It’s hard to sit not being able to put my legs down…..*sigh*. My back feels tired. But I don’t want to miss blogging. Now I think bloggers can be quite crazy. But that’s just because we just love blogging. It’s so much fun. I also love visiting blogs. Had not been doing so lately. Hope to catch up soon. There’s so much fun things to read and learn from other bloggers!

Till then, see you in my next post.

Quote of the day……

One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”

- Henry Ford

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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somewhere in singapore  on June 11th, 2012

Have a good rest and speedy recovery…

busygran  on June 11th, 2012

Take care and do rest well to have a speedy recovery. This is the time for your family and friends to cook/bake for you! Take a break and enjoy the good food! God bless!

tigerfish  on June 11th, 2012

Oh no! Hope you have a speedy recovery. When my entire arm was in cast last year, I felt so frustrated esp when I could not cook.

Peggy Clyde  on June 11th, 2012

and tore tendons in my ankle once and was on crutches for six weeks. Please do what the doctor tells you to do and you’ll get better sooner.

catherine starrs  on June 11th, 2012

Rest and take care, and you soon will be dancing.

faye  on June 11th, 2012

Sorry to learn that you have hurt yourself. Every part of our body has its function. One never realize until one loses it. Like I cut my right thumb on a blade the other day, and I figure, it is just a small cut, and so what, then when I have to peel onions, and do washing up, it wasn’t handy. The next week I chopped my other thumb right on the bone, it hurt like hell although it is a small cut, but there is no meat there to cushion the cut and it is still swollen, although the pain is gone, and it was hard to slice anything, I had to put bandage on and then plastic wrap over the bandage and then tie it with string. It was one big sore thumb, very hard to work and I work in a restaurant, and there’s lots to cut and lots of washing to do, so it was no fun.
Take care Mary, and now you will see the seeds of rewards from your lovely family that you have taught so well. They will take care of you. There is still lots to do, reading, and watching movies perhaps.

Kristi Rimkus  on June 11th, 2012

Oh my gosh am I sorry! I have a football playing son who has had several injuries. While the healing process is difficult, as you say, the being inactive is worse for him. I sure hope you mend quickly, and with all that amazing food, I’m sure you will. :)

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on June 11th, 2012

I don’t think I have ever had gammon before…the sauce looks so good. Your gals cook so good, just like their mother.
Take good care of yourself, Mary.

Blackswan  on June 12th, 2012

Mary, u’re so brave! I can imagine the pain & thks so much for sharing. It’s really scary especially when I’m very accident prone. Clumsy, in another words. Hahaha!

U take care, dear! Stay strong & I know u will. Leave the housework to others & just pamper yourself during this period :)

Cookie  on June 12th, 2012

I am sorry to hear of the pain you had to go thru’. It is perhaps a good time to enjoy your daughter’s pamperingssss… Be good, be well!

skip to malou  on June 12th, 2012

oh no that first picture got me. i know how it pains because i had it two months ago too. aren’t we getting old hahah… i don’t mean to but hey girl you need to take care of yourself too. it’s great to have your family take care of you. wonderful to have them around… and it goes without saying that you’ve taught them well and that you deserve all the caring Mary! HUGS!

Juliana  on June 12th, 2012

Oh Mary, sorry to learn about your Achilles tendon…but maybe it is time for you to relax and enjoy be pampered by your family :)
I wish you a speedy recovery my dear…

Mistletoe  on June 12th, 2012

Mary, thanks for sharing and making us aware of how easy it is to rupture the Achilles tendon. Kind of reminds me of how fragile the human body really is and how important it is to try to expand our knowledge of how to take proper care of it.
For someone who can’t sit still like you, this must be so difficult. Good for you for staying positive and keeping a good attitude about this. Keep remembering that your Achilles tendon will be stronger than before and that proper rest and physio

Mistletoe  on June 12th, 2012

Mary, thanks for sharing and making us aware of how easy it is to rupture the Achilles tendon. Kind of reminds me of how fragile the human body really is and how important it is to try to expand our knowledge of how to take proper care of it.
For someone who can’t sit still like you, this must be so difficult. Good for you for staying positive and keeping a good attitude about this. Keep remembering that your Achilles tendon will be stronger than before and that proper rest and physio therapy will get you back on the court faster. Don’t be naughty. Listen to doctor’s orders. Now’s the time to rest and take care. You can make up for lost time when you’re all healed. Take good care of yourself. I’ll be checking in on you once in a while. Btw, the flowers part made me smile. Teehee. :P Big hugs!!

Little Island  on June 13th, 2012

I chance upon your blog while searching for recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Get well soon!

Mary  on June 13th, 2012

@somewhere in singapore - Thanks, Sharon! :D

@busygran - Thanks very much! I realise it’s so difficult to stay still and rest…haha :D

@tigerfish - Thanks very much! Now I can understand your frustration. Now I think my condition is better than yours. At least I can still manage to cook a little :D I would scream everyday if I can’t cook at all…haha

@Peggy Clyde - Oh no, it happened to you too? Can’t believe we have to be on crutches for so long! I’m so looking forward to be off my crutches! Hope the day come really soon. Yes, very obedient to doctor’s order :D

@catherine starrs - Thanks, Catherine! :D

@faye - You are very right. Now I am really treasuring my legs…haha. Oh no, you cut both your thumbs? That must be so painful. I think you need to wear leather gloves when you are cutting meat or vegetables :P Yes, very pampered now but frustrated that I can’t do a lot of things that I want to do…hmmm

@Kristi Rimkus - Thanks, Kristi! I sure hope I can be off my crutches soon. can’t wait to run again! :D Yes, it’s really hard to be inactive…..*sigh*

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Haha…my girls are being put to test for their cooking skill. They have no choice :P But glad they are learning well themselves.

@Blackswan - Oh no, I was scared! So glad the ordeal is over. Now, I’m just looking much forward to be off my crutches and lots of cooking. At the moment I am very clumsy on my crutches :P You are clumsy?…haha. Oh, be careful, ok?

@Cookie - Thanks, Cookie! Trying to be very well behaved and good :D Too many disciplinarians at home…haha

@skip to malou - Oh no, you suffered from it too? Haha…ya, age factor, can’t deny that :P How funny to think that now my girls have to take care of me. Better enjoy it, right?…hehe

@Juliana - Yes, this is really forced rest for me. Have to learn to smile :D Can’t await to be up and running about!

@Mistletoe - Yes, our bodies are too fragile huh. But then if it is not, I think I will abuse it…haha….crushing into this and that! Actually I think I have been very good and obedient but still get a lot of lectures from my girls….hmmm. Oh no, the flowers…again….LOL…sshhh :D

@Little Island - Thanks very much for dropping by! :D

Ivy  on June 16th, 2012

Sorry to hear this Mary. Hope you get well soon. Now it’s about time you rest and relax a little.

lena  on June 20th, 2012

thanks for bringing awareness and tell us about achilles tendon. That sounds pretty scary when you said that it could possibly happen even walking up the stairs. I can imagine how difficult it is not being to move around freely as you used to be, wishing you a speedy recovery and catch up soon!

claire  on June 21st, 2012

Terror la you, Mary!!! Another Lee Chong Wei in the making! gosh..hope it is not serious.. get bouncing back in no time…OK?

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