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Layered chocolate cheesecake

My first layered chocolate cheesecake

Here I am, back again to blogging! Maybe I enjoyed my wedding anniversary too much until I didn’t realise that the days just passed by so fast. The last time when I was not in action for quite a while, Lena of Frozen Wings commented that I disappear and then reappear….haha. Now I feel like I am a submarine…*laugh out loud*

By the way, Lena is a very sweet blogger. Her food blog is choked full of wonderful cooking and bakes. Visiting her blog always makes me want to take the next flight home to sweet Malaysia where some of the most delicious food of the world is available round the clock! I remember sitting in a cafe at about 2am (yes, 2am!) in the morning enjoying my favourite roti canai and a hot glass of teh tarik (special pulled tea of Malaysia) with a couple of special friends.

Yes, I had an awesome wedding anniversary. I thought I just want something different this year so I asked to watch Lion’s King in 3D at the cinema. My beloved hubby enjoyed it very much too. Animated cartoons are my all time favourite, especially Disney cartoons. Still young at heart huh….*grin*. Watching it in 3D on the big screen is just such an amazing experience. It is still fresh in my mind. If you haven’t watched this show, I really hope you do. It’s a great movie for ALL ages. There are so many things to learn from Lion King. I can name 4 here.

Firstly, we need to know who we are and the potential and talents within us. I believe each one of us was born with great potential to achieve and has many talents but sadly many are not being discovered and or developed to its fullest. I still remember when I first got married, my husband complained about my omelette! I didn’t really know how to cook. But I am so glad that I spent a lot of time learning how to cook and bake. My blog proves it all…..*big smiles*. Most of the food on my blog are new dishes that I had learned since I started blogging. I don’t need to be as good as other chefs. All I need to know is that I can cook like them if I am willing to learn. It’s hard work no doubt. But when you achieve something, no matter how small it is, you will be smiling all day…..*more big smiles*.

Secondly, we need to be able to let go of the past so that we can move on. Too many people are sadly tied down to their past which cripple them and prevent them from moving forward. Always let go, whether it be people, things or circumstances. Certain people can be toxic to your dreams. Let them go. Holding on to the past is like you being chained to a tree. You can only move a short distance but always being pulled back.

Thirdly, appreciate real good friends who are there for you, to support you and encourage you. Be very selective when comes to friends, especially when you go through problems. They will either make you or break you. Pay attention to friends who give good, wise advice. Sometimes the truth may hurt but it’s essential to know.

Fourthly, have fun but don’t be too naive. Young people, always listen to your parents. It’s not worth paying a high price for rebellion and disobedience. There are some mistakes in life that’s sadly irreversible. There are lots of daily examples. 3 important key words to learn in life….Other People’s Mistakes.

I love animal shows. They are not only fascinating, funny but there are also lots of life lessons to learn from. One day I may talk about the penguins. I love penguins. They are just SO cute. I love Mr Popper’s Penguins. If you have not seen that show, I really hope you do. I had a great laugh throughout. It teaches about love. One of these days, I am going to make a penguin cake! Yes, a penguin cake….*smiles*. Or at least little penguins made from sugar paste. It has been in my mind for the past few weeks. Oh, I think if I am snowed in, I am going to have fun making lots of little penguins…….*grin*. Maybe penguins skiing or snowboarding….haha. My girl would be thrilled because she loves snowboarding!

Cake decorating competition

Cake decorating competition

Now, talking about cake, I had an awesome time the previous weekend with my church lady friends in my house. Of course, there’s always food, games and lots of laughter. But this time is different. The highlight of the evening was a cake decoration competition. Most of the ladies don’t bake. That’s good news for me! I always love to get people out of their comfort zones. This cake competition will be a test of their creativity. Also on neatness and beauty of the cake. I prepared very simple decoration stuff and each one was given a small square piece of butter cake, about 5″x5″. They can cut into whatever shape they like. I only gave them 15 minutes. But later, added another extra 5 minutes. Everyone was surprised at what they did. I was so happy for them. Here are all the decorated cakes. I love all of them!

The winner with her favourite prize

The winner with her favourite prize

The winner takes it all! Sweet, pretty Jasmine was so happy to have won the competition. The prize was a bottle of my homemade chilli sauce, her favourite. We are all so happy for her. Her heart-shaped cake won the hearts of the 2 special judges.

Second place

Second place

3rd place

3rd place

Other beautiful cakes….

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

decorated cake

KiKi and her mom

KiKi and her mom

Then last weekend was graduation for Masters students. One of my friends, KiKi, graduated in Masters in Education. I am just so happy for her. Her mom came all the way to celebrate her graduation. What joy to meet her too.

Chewy and savoury 'kwang bing'

Chewy and savoury 'kwang bing'

KiKi’s mom loves to eat ‘kwang bing’, a special bread which she said she had not eaten for many years. It’s small round, chewy bread with a little hole in the centre and topped with sesame seeds. So, I decided to make for her. It wasn’t like what we get back home but still tasted very good. The best method to bake it is to use the tandoori oven but since I don’t have it, I just bake them. She was SO delighted that finally she gets to eat them……..*big smiles*.

Layered chocolate cheesecake

Layered chocolate cheesecake

I made a special cake to celebrate her happy day. I made a cheese cake covered with chocolate. That was my first soft cheesecake and in 3 layers! That was a challenge to myself. I couldn’t afford it to fail. I was so overjoyed that it came out well. I wasn’t too sure about the decoration so I decided to make it simple. I kept a few roses that I made for my friend’s wedding cake. It comes handy here. I used one. I still love those roses. I think the cake came out quite pretty, right?….. *wink*. She and all the rest of my friends liked it very much. I will post the recipe in another post.

It always wonderful to challenge myself to learn new things. There’s such a sense of achievement and joy when things turn out well. But even if it’s not, I am happy that I tried and I know one day I will get it right. I do hope you give yourself little challenges to learn new things every now and then. To achieve big dreams, we need small little dreams along the way. There’s just no short cut. Have fun and enjoy your journey toward your dream!

I hope you are learning new things every now and then. Cooking and baking is a good place to start. Spread the joy and fun around. You will surely find more smiles along the way, all around you. I do hope you have a great week.

Quote of the day……

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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claire  on November 30th, 2011

gosh..just look at those decors on the cakes!! Sweet of all Sweets! What am I talking about.. lol.. yes, Lena is a sweet young lady, this I can say.. she loves to smile a lot.. I think food bloggers like you, Lena, Elin.. you all love to smile.. that is why the food turns out so yummylicious! hahaha…

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on November 30th, 2011

Hi Mary, How are you? Looks like you and your friends had lots of fun decorating those cute cakes.Your chocolate cheesecake looks very yummy too. Can’t wait to see your next post :)

Belinda @zomppa  on November 30th, 2011

From not-so-pretty to omelettes to such works of art! This sounds like it was so much fun.

lena  on November 30th, 2011

now i’m kind of shy when you talked abt me. You’re too kind, mary and overrated me! correct, you are like one mysterious woman, appear and go missing again but i know you have so many activities going on reading thru your posts! you are such an active woman! yeah, when you come back to msia, dont forget to try making a trip down to Ipoh to meet me, elin, claire and cheah. What a fun thing to have those decorating competition in your house. I was also once been told by someone that i cant even make a simple meal, you see sometimes criticsm can be good too! YOur cake is absolutely gorgeous and i guess lots of work involved too! after reading now that you love cartoons and animated stuffs, do you have any angry birds stuffs at home?

Swathi  on November 30th, 2011


Cake decorating competition is nice idea. Love your cake for the friends graduations.

Jeannie  on November 30th, 2011

Mary, I would love to be able to frost my cakes like you, I can never get the frosting right! I love the chocolate balls that you guys used on your cakes!

somewhere in singapore  on November 30th, 2011

I always look forward to see your every post, kekeke…

Dulee An ;)  on December 1st, 2011

Looky looky, someone’s been busy busy. So happy that both you and your hubby enjoyed the movie. I can’t wait till my kiddies are old enough to sit through a whole movie.

I absolutely agree with you on the 4 things learned from Lion King. Great points to point out. Congrats to your friend on obtaining her masters in education! WOOT, go teachers! And that was so sweet of you to make those bread for her mom and that cake for her. You decorated the cake beautifully and perfectly. It wasn’t too clustered and wasn’t too simple, just perfect, looks delicious too.

Still waiting to read about your kitchen disaster ;). I’ve missed ya! Hope to FB chat with you soon! Hugs!

Angie's Recipes  on December 1st, 2011

kwang bing…hehe…that’s one of fujian’s specials.
What a fun cake decorating party!

Jobina  on December 1st, 2011

Its been a while since I’ve visited your blog,aunty Mary!I’ve missed all the delicious looking fooood.haha..oh dear it’s late at night and I’m feeling hungry after looking all those yummy yummy food. xD
By the way, A happy belated wedding anniversary to you and uncle Steven! May God bless both of you wonderfully!


Priya  on December 1st, 2011

Wow seems u guys had loads of fun with this cake decorating party,awesome.

vianney  on December 1st, 2011

glad to have you back!! what agreat idea a cake decorating contest!! love all the little cakes. thanks for sharing, can not wait ot see your next recipe!

redkathy  on December 2nd, 2011

Hi Mary, Another great and of course delicious post! A cake competition was a fabulous idea. I can only imagine how much fun everyone had. The cakes are lovely.

It is quite obvious that you are a generous and kind lady.

Have a wonderful weekend!

teresa  on December 4th, 2011

how colorful and fun! they look delicious!

tigerfish  on December 5th, 2011

I have not even watched a single 3D movie! :O and what a great competition with the interesting cake decorations :) ..good to see you back!

noobcook  on December 5th, 2011

what a cute contest for the party. love your layered cake too.

Katerina  on December 6th, 2011

All these cakes look fantastic and I am sure you had a lot of fun decorating them. The layered cake is yummy as well!

tasteofbeirut  on December 7th, 2011

I am not so crazy about cheesecake but this one got my attention! WOW!

Faith  on December 8th, 2011

Happy to see a post from you, my friend! Your cakes are always lovely and a cake decorating competition sounds like so much fun! I bet if I tell my niece about it, she’ll want to do it at her next birthday party!

Sarah  on December 12th, 2011

This looks delicious! Would love to try a slice :)

Yummy bakes  on December 14th, 2011

Looking at the cakes, you sure had a lot of fun decorating them.

Ivy  on December 19th, 2011

Welcome back Mary. Wow, look at all those beautiful cakes. That was really fun! Happy Holidays!

lena  on December 21st, 2011

hi mary, just coming back to wish you and your family merry christmas and happy new year! send my regards to sharon!

zerrin  on December 24th, 2011

All these look adorable! I love the ones decorated with Turkish delights!-Are they Turkish delights?
Happy New Year to you and your family!

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