Red Velvet Cupcakes For My Wedding Anniversary!

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Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

It’s my Wedding Anniversary today!! When I look back, I just feel such a lovely warmth flowing through me. The exciting marriage journey with my loving hubby and the joy of seeing my girls grew up will always remain to be the best part of my life. Life is not a bed of roses or a pot of honey all the time but it’s really about going through thick and thin together. After each year, we can happily say, “We made it AGAIN!”

I was over the moon when last night my girl came back with a box of beautiful cupcakes for us. There were 4 big red velvet cupcakes and 6 small cute cupcakes. She said, ‘It’s the best cupcakes in the world for your wedding anniversary!’ with a cheeky, sweet smile on her face. Awwww….she just warms my heart, as always. My other girl is away but she called. That makes my day, too….*big smiles*.

Now I wonder why she bought 4 and 6. I tried to make out the number but all was wrong. 46 years married? Of course too wrong…haha. I am not that old! Divide by 2? No, it’s not 23 years too. I give up. I think the box can only hold that many….4 big ones and 6 small ones…..haha.

Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcake

It’s the first time I have tasted red velvet cupcakes. It looks beautiful and tastes awesome. Apparently it’s one of the most popular cakes. The cheese frosting was just so rich and delicious. On top of the frosting was a cute tiny rose. It looks similar to the rose that I made for my 1st wedding cake for a friend, except that mine is giant size compared to this one. If you are interested to see the first wedding cake that I had ever made, click on First Wedding Cake.

Moist and delicious red velvet cupcake

Moist and delicious red velvet cupcake

Well, I will try and make this red velvet cake one day but without using the artificial red colouring. I hope to use the natural red colouring. Need to think how to go about with that. Maybe I can use the raspberry or red cherry juice or even beet root juice.

This is such a nice cake for any romantic events. Valentine’s Day is not too far away. I think I should make a nice one next February.

Today is my wedding anniversay. When it’s over, I am looking forward to the next one! I do hope that for all of you who are married, you are enjoying your married life together with your spouse. Marriage takes a lot of effort to make it work and make it exciting. As for us, I love to cook and my hubby loves to eat. Perfect combination huh!….*big smiles*. And with my girls always enjoying my food too, I can always smile while I cook or bake.

My hubby and I also love badminton very much. When we are happy, we play with each other. When we are not, we play against each other….haha. It’s ok if I lose but I am thrilled if I win……*grin*.

Exercise is important for good health apart from eating healthy food. It also helps us to de-stress from a hard day’s work. I once played badminton with a 65 year old man and he was just awesome. He looks fresh, alert and full of energy. He still plays tennis. He has always been my inspiration. I had also seen a 75 year old man played badminton. He was really good in it. Unbelievable to watch! I believe if we keep exercising, we are able to play sports until old age. The more we sit and laze around, the stiffer and slow we become as we grow older.

On top of badminton, we love to sit in cafes for a cup of coffee, something light to eat and just enjoy our time reading away or chatting. I find that totally relaxing and refreshing. In fact, I often go with my girls also, whoever is free, if hubby is not available. My girls like it too. We will just sit and chat and laugh. It’s good for mother-daughter bonding.

Now, if you are reading this and you are still single, do enjoy your single life now while preparing for a married life. Why not pick up some hobbies, one sport and one non-sport to start with if you haven’t. It’s good for the marriage when you get married one day. I have met quite a number of my friends who are still single who always tell me they have no time. No time? Then what would happen when you get married and have kids? Think about that.

Hope you are enjoying your day. Have fun cooking and baking! I am going to enjoy another of the cupcakes and a nice meal later.

Quote of the day……

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

- Dave Meurer

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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muna  on November 16th, 2011

Happy anniversary, dear friend!!!!

psst… I made a red velvet cake using boiled beetroot as I am not too crazy about using artificial colourings and it was great.


Mary  on November 16th, 2011

@Muna - Awwww…I got to try that! Thanks for the tip. Did you make that for your hubby? :D I think I am going to make the cheese frosting sky high, and eat it like ice cream….hehe

Priya  on November 16th, 2011

Omg, those cupcakes looks damn adorable and catchy.

claire  on November 16th, 2011

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND HUBBY, MARY! and Wishing you many more years of togetherness!

I think I wrote very awkwardly in FB.. I need Mr. Brown in Mind Your Language to teach me.. hahaha…
So.. have you found out why the 4 big 6 small? :P
You and I have something in common, Mary.. no, no, it is not cooking nor baking but badminton-ing! but I have hung up my racket already, maybe can still play…but slow pace.. no jumping and smashing anymore.. :p

Lyndsey @The Tiny Skillet  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary! What a lovely post…so nice to hear about happy marriages will all their ups and downs along the way.

I would love to try to make red velvet cakes with natural coloring too. My daughter’s favorite…we do a lot of the mother daughter bonding too. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Cindy  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary to you!!^^
Not only the red velvet cake look fantastic, the small cupcakes looks gorgeous too.
I made the red velvet once, and it turn out bitter,now still looking for the right recipe.

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary! Wish you many many more of happiness ahead.
Those are lovely red-velvet cupcakes, look sweet and romantic :)

Blackswan  on November 16th, 2011

Haven’t heard from u for a long time, dear! Really happy for u. I’ve just finished my anniversary celebration & now it’s yours. Our dates are so close :)

Lovely cupcakes! May u have many more loving years to come :)

With love from S’pore,

Biren @ Roti n Rice  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary! Those cupcakes look very romantic. Hope you and hubby had a glass of champagne to go with it ;)

Jeannie  on November 16th, 2011

Happy anniversary to you and your hubby Mary, just reading your post, I could tell you have a very happy family life:) the cupcakes really looks delicious and apt for such a happy occasion:)

Belinda @zomppa  on November 16th, 2011

Happy anniversary!!! So awesome that you eat and play together. =)

lena  on November 16th, 2011

Happy wedding anniversary!! wishing you and your husband abundance of love and happiness together always!! i always think the red velvet cakes are so beautiful..but i dont know how to go abt the natural coloring too..

LeQuan  on November 16th, 2011

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your hubby, Mary!!!!!! How sweet of your little dynamite to get you those cupcakes. I know why she got you 4 and 6. Want to know why? Four for your family and 6 for me. Hahaha! No wonder you sent Stripy away, you wanted some peace and quiet on your anniversary. Teehee. Now I’m going to get toinked if she ever reads this. Shhh…another secret for you to keep for me. Haha.

On a more serious note though, I really hope you and the hubby have a most wonderful, loving, and ROMANTIC anniversary. Don’t worry, I’ll tell little dynamite to close her eyes. Heeheehee. Ok enough bothering you. You two are seriously one of the sweetest couples I have met. Having kids can either make or break a marriage, and I know you two have made a beautiful, loving, sweet family out of this marriage. I wish you both many more happy and loving years to come. May each anniversary be happier than the one before. Biggest hugSSSSSS!!!!!!

divya  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary…Wow.. that looks delicious.!! Amazing clicks

Drick  on November 16th, 2011

Mary, Happy, Happy Anniversary!
When I saw the photo of the cupcake (before the cut) I immediately thought of a flower, a most beautiful bloom picked from a garden - strange I know but you know I have enjoyed sharing your companionship, wit and wisdom and knowledge too and, well, back to the flower… I could not help but imagine the most beautiful bloom plucked from the garden and what a wonderful, happy joy you have brought to your husband, your family and your long-distance friends such as I… I know we will never meet, but I hope we can grow closer through our mutual love of cooking and our love of family … you are such a special person, I adore reading your thoughts and you know where I am coming from - to others, I hope it doesn’t sound like a stalker, heck, not on your anniversary!!! anyway… bless you and your family and may you live forever in happiness, may God grant you and your family eternal good health…

wok with ray  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Mary! May you have many more anniversary to come and many more badminton matches to come. :)

DG  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary to you & your husband! The cupcakes look awesome.

somewhere in singapore  on November 16th, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mary  on November 17th, 2011

@Priya - Thanks very much, Priya! :D

@claire - Thanks very much, Claire! Haha….you are so funny. You sure don’t need Mr Brown :D I can understand you very well. Oh no, I think I should be right about the cupcakes…the box can only hold that many…..hehe. I forgot to ask my girl. I know what she will do….give me the most cheeky smile!! Hey, Claire, you should pick up your badminton again. One day when we meet, we can play badminton together!…hehe. One good reason to visit you one day :D

@Lyndsey @The Tiny Skillet - Thanks very much, Lyndsey! Just so heart warming to know you and your daughter have a lot of bonding time together. Come, let’s try to make the red velvet cake! :D

@Cindy - Thanks very much, Cindy! I think it’s the colouring that makes it taste bitter. I can taste some bitterness in the cake too. I hope I can get the right recipe and I will post it. Hope you try again too. Have fun baking! :D

@Ann@Anncoo Journal - Thanks very much, Ann! Yes, the cake are just so beautiful! Now I wish I can bake and decorate very well. My goal for next year :D

@Blackswan - Thanks very much, Shirley, for dropping by and greetings! I just wonder where my time has gone these days. Busy with lots of stuff. I just can’t believe that the year is coming to an end! Oh wow…our wedding anniversaries are sure close to each other. Wishing you a belated wedding anniversary! Let’s look forward to the next one while enjoying our marriage each day :D

@Biren @ Roti n Rice - Thanks very much, Biren! Yes, I sure love the cupcakes. We had a lovely lunch and also dinner :D

@Jeannie - Thanks very much, Jeannie! I am always very thankful for my family, even though sometimes we get on each other :P And when there’s good food, we are instantly good friends again…haha :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Thanks very much, Belinda! Yes, it’s fun to eat and play together, even to annoy each other…haha :D

@lena - Thanks very much, Lena! You are so good in baking, actually I am waiting for you to make this beautiful red velvet cake :D I think if I make, I am going to use beetroot juice cos it’s so dark red.

@LeQuan - Thanks very much, LeeQs! You are always SO sweet with your words….just warms my heart to the brim! Haha…my little dynamite! She is just SO sweet! :D I better check with her whether the 6 are for you…hehe. But too bad, they are already in my tummy :D I must try to lure my other girl to read this…still keeping your secret though…haha. Hey, u must also wish us that may each anniversary we are stronger so that we can keep playing badminton!….haha :D

@divya - Thanks very much, Divya! :D

@Drick - Thanks very much, Drick! Your words always bring warmth and encouragement! :D You are just so creative to see the cake like a flower! My mind didn’t work at that moment. All I want was to eat it up…haha. You a stalker? Oh no, of course I know you are not! I almost fell off from my chair laughing? Whoever that thinks that way are just too serious. It’s great to have met you in the blogosphere. Always enjoy your cooking (so simple and easy) and also all your special events and interesting stories. I think my Geography and History also improve because of you…haha :D They are my worst subjects in school!

@wok with ray - Thanks very much, Ray! Oh yes, lots more of badminton matches to come! I should have celebrated my anniversary on the badminton court, right?…haha :D

@DG - Thanks very much, Doris! D

@somewhere in singapore - Thanks very much, Sharon! :D

kristy  on November 17th, 2011

Mary, congratulations….you made it again! ha… Happy anniversary to you. Yeap, it’s never been easy. Sometimes life is suck but still love the joy of each other company. Well, I’m glad I’m still alive after 18 years of marriage. hahaha….. Gosh, I can’t believe it myself either. And you’re even longer than me. Just imagine how time flies huh.
Blessings, Kristy ((hugs))

kitchen flavours  on November 17th, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

Sushma Mallya  on November 17th, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary!….what a way to celebrate with those beautifully baked Red velvet cakes:)

Angie's Recipes  on November 17th, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Mary!
Those red velvet cupcakes are perfect for the special occasions.

Kristi Rimkus  on November 17th, 2011

How wonderful! Happy belated anniversary. What a blessing to have such a happy marriage. I wish you many more happy years together. :)

faye  on November 17th, 2011

Hi Mary, although we have never met, I could tell that you are a really nice and happy person. Happiness will always surround you because you want to, and that is a good virtue. Happy people make happy couple, make happy children and happy family and friends. You are blessed and I wish you the best for every day and every wedding anniversary.
On another note, I just made chocolate cupcakes, then I made a hole in the middle and fill it with raspberry jam. I haven’t learn to make the frosting yet, next time. Today it is sunny and I have to go dig out the flower bulbs off the ground. I love plants & flowers, I always plant a certain plant in memory of someone special. Have a great day with your hubby.

rebecca  on November 17th, 2011

happy anniversary sweet Mary :-) your a great wife and mum

teresa  on November 17th, 2011

happy anniversary! the cupcakes are lovely!

momgateway  on November 17th, 2011

Hi Mary, Wishing you a happy , happy anniversary!

vianney  on November 18th, 2011

Happy Anniversary!! May you have many more sweet anniversaries filled with these little delights!!

Trix  on November 18th, 2011

My wedding cake was red velvet!! So I am all for this! Happy anniversary!! xoxo

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best  on November 19th, 2011

Happy anniversary! I never thought of marriage as being something that would take a lot of work, but it is true and as long as I keep that in mind the tough times will never seem so bad. Marriage certainty makes life a lot more fun. Happy anniversary again.

cookie  on November 20th, 2011

Hi Mary,

Happy Anniversary!
I have never made red velvet before becos, like you, i am not too thrilled with all the coloring. I will be looking forward to your bake!

Catherine  on November 21st, 2011

Dear Mary, A very happy anniversary to you. I am very happy for you. It is a true blessing. The cupcakes look like a real delicious treat to celebrate with.
Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Catherine xo

Katerina  on November 22nd, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary! May you live together for many more happy years! Perfect cupcakes for the occasion!

Faith  on November 23rd, 2011

Absolutely stunning cupcakes, Mary! They are the perfect way to celebrate such a wonderful occasion! Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary!

vianney  on November 23rd, 2011

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!

noobcook  on November 23rd, 2011

congrats! your red velvet cupcakes are stunning!

5 Star Foodie  on November 25th, 2011

Happy belated anniversary and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! These red velvet cupcakes are stunning!

Ivy  on November 26th, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mary. Wish you many more happy decades together:)

Cheah  on November 26th, 2011

I’m late to wish you Happy Anniversary, Mary! Wish you many,many more to come. Will wait for your velvet cupcakes recipe …

Wendy  on November 28th, 2011

Happy Anniversary! There’s nothing lovelier than being married to the best person in the world :-) (our anniversary is a week before yours!) congratulations….Oh and I had my first red velvet cake last week and loved it!

Joy  on December 6th, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

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