Homemade Salted Salmon And Vegetables Stir Fry

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Salted salmon and green beans

Salted salmon and green beans

Salted fish is one of the best food, one of my top favourites. I know, some of you would say this is bad for health. I’ll tell you why I think it is not. It’s all about quality, just how it is made and also how much you eat it. I would not buy salted fish because of the way it is made. I make it myself if I want to eat. It’s just so easy. And when I eat salted fish, I don’t eat a lot. If I use it for cooking, I don’t add in any more salt.

Salted fish sold outside are loaded with table salt because it’s cheap. I’m not too sure about preservatives. I believe preservatives are most likely added to keep it long on the shelf. Whatever it is, I once went to a small fishing village and saw a lot of salted fish drying out in the sun. It attracted a lot of flies. And I saw a man came out with a bottle of insect spray and started spraying on the fish! Oh my gosh….just can’t believe it. Some of the flies died on the fish of course. That’s it, I would not buy salted fish again!!

I had always wondered how to make salted fish ever since. But one day I found it by mistake. I took out some fish to defrost. But then I decided not to cook it because we were going out for dinner. I just added more salt to it and left in the fridge. However I completely forgot about it until 3 days later. I fried it and to my utter surprise, it turned out to be really delicious salted fish, better than those bought ones. Eversince I had been making my own salted fish….simple, clean and super easy.

Salted salmon

Salted salmon

I often make salted fish using cod. The other day, I decided to try with salmon. I bought the frozen wild Alaskan salmon which is the best quality salmon. For health, always use a good quality SEA SALT. Table salt is very bad for health. These days we are warned of so many sicknesses and diseases that I think we are just confused. Many are avoiding the very things that is good for health and eating the very thing that is bad for health. Keep reading the right information to help you make the right choices when comes to food. I would go for things that are as close to their natural form as possible. Anything processed or precooked will be cut down to a bare minimum or even cut out altogether.

To make salted salmon, just sprinkle salt all over the defrosted salmon, keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days and then pan fry it. You don’t need a lot of salt actually. Just try it out the first time and the second time when you make it, you will know how much to add. It is really good to eat with rice or congee or fry with vegetables. When I made the other day, we liked the vegetables fried with the salted salmon so much that for 2 days, I added salted salmon to my vegetables when frying it.

I made 3 types of vegetable stir fries with my salted salmon. The first day I fried green beans with it. Do not add any salt as the salmon is salty enough.

Frying green beans with salted salmon

Frying green beans with salted salmon

To cut down the grease in the kitchen, I always cook the vegetables in a little amount of water first. A thick, wide based stainless steel pot is my favourite as it prevents any splashing out on to the cooker, if there is. Once the vegetable is cooked, by which time the water would have all dried up, add some fried shallot oil together with the fried shallot and the salted salmon (break into smaller pieces). Fry a little while to mix up and then dish up. Serve hot.

Salted salmon with broccoli

Salted salmon with broccoli

You can cook the broccoli in the same way. It tastes equally good.

Salted salmon with bean sprouts

Salted salmon with bean sprouts

Yesterday evening, I fried bean sprouts with the salted salmon. But this time I cooked it differently. You need high heat to fry bean sprouts and you cannot cook it too long. I put the bean sprouts into a hot wok, add some fried shallot oil and fried shallots. Fry for a minute or so. Then I added some ready washed green salad and salted salmon. Fry another minute and dish up. This dish is VERY delicious. Remember not to add any salt. The bean sprouts remain crunchy but without the raw smell. I am just happy even just to have this dish with plain rice….*smiles*. You can add chilli to spice it up too. Add ginger strips will also enhance the flavour.

Well, if you don’t mind a greasy kitchen, you can of course heat up some oil in a frying pan first, add the salted fish and fry a little while until fragrant and then add the vegetables. Do not add water. Keep frying for a while until the vegetable is cooked. Dish up. Frying the fish first will intensify the flavour.

Always have some ready washed salad vegetables in your fridge. They come very handy. I always have them in my fridge because I eat salad almost everyday. I love it for lunch, satisfying and very healthy. It is not too heavy for the stomach too. If you don’t want to feel heavy and sleepy after lunch, especially those who work in office, salad is a good one to go for. If you are not too sure how to make salad, you can click on Easy To Make Salad - For Health And Weight Lose.

Salted salmon or other fish can be used in so many dishes. You can add to steamed eggs, add to soup or add to fried noodles. It is also a great addition when making fried rice. I am looking forward to making fried rice with it. I know it’s going to taste awesome…..mmmmm.

Salted fish is one food item that reminds me of my childhood when we had little to eat. It was cheap then and very tasty with rice and homegrown vegetables. We all liked it very much. We can a eat  a big plate of rice and that keeps us full for a long time.

Just a word of caution here. There is always a guideline to proper eating. NEVER overeat any food. Eat all things in moderation. The same with salted fish. For health, the best is still homemade and home cooked food as you are in full control over the quality and ingredients used. Look at the ingredients on the label when buying food. You will be very surprised at things added in, many of them I can’t even pronounce properly.

Hope you are having fun cooking and baking at home. Most important, I hope above all else you have a song in your heart, a spring in your steps and a smile on your face……*big smiles here*.

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Quote of the day……

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work.”

- Bertrand Russell

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somewhere in singapore  on October 10th, 2011

Today i am very fast… I’m first… Hurray!!!

somewhere in singapore  on October 10th, 2011

I loves Salmon Fish!!!

Ann@Anncoo Journal  on October 10th, 2011

I should have buy that whole salmon I saw at the supermarket the other day so I can make some salted salmon. Will go and check tomorrow :)

claire  on October 10th, 2011

I have a piece of salmon in my freezer, thanks for giving me the idea.. i thought of panfrying it tomorrow.. but since I have some greens, i might as well do it your way.. balanced meal…

vianney/sweet life  on October 10th, 2011

My hubby loves salted fish, who knew it could be so easy. Thank you for sharing…have a great week!!

Dmarie  on October 10th, 2011

mmnn…this post has me wanting some salmon. wish I had some. look forward to seeing more of your blog. thanks!

Lyndsey  on October 10th, 2011

I want to try this, of course it is easy to get good frozen wild salmon around here. Now I really want to make my own salted salmon. You gave us plenty of ways to use it too.

Dulee An  on October 10th, 2011

WOOT! Somebody beat Panada! Jeng-a jeng-a peet peet peet. Bu bu cha cha ZIRK ZIRK ZIRK! :P Be back.

Jeannie  on October 10th, 2011

Mmmm such healthy delicious food, who can resisit! I love the crunch of the french beans very much, I could finish that plate all by myself!

redkathy  on October 10th, 2011

Hi Mary, I too enjoy salted fish but haven’t tried salting my own. Thanks for the inspiration. The green beans look particularly delish!

Have a blessed and wonderful week :)

wok with ray  on October 10th, 2011

My favorite is the one with bean sprout, Mary. It looks delicious. Have good week!

Dulee An  on October 10th, 2011

Eeeeeew about the flies and bug spray on the salted fish! Funny thing, when I was younger I used to love salted fish, but now for some reason I cannot stand the fishiness. I’m a huge seafood lover but cannot eat things that are too fishy. Weird, I know. Kinda like “I’m not hungry but I’m not full”. Teehee…still remember that? :P

Ooh…all three of your dishes look deli shirts! I must try this salted salmon some time. So simple and easy to make. Love discovering recipes by accident. Although hubby calls a lot of my cooking “accidents”. Haha. I used to stir fry bean sprouts with green onions a lot. Next time I must try with your salted salmon. Btw, we just had turkey so I’m going to try to make your turkey soup soon. Miss that soup a lot - so yummy! Hope you had a most wonderful weekend, Mary! Biggest hugs!!!!!! Stalk ya soon ;)

Quay Po Cooks  on October 10th, 2011

I have never made any salted fish before but looking what they can yield in terms of being an ingredient to so many delicious dishes, I would love to try.

Cenwen  on October 11th, 2011

Mhummmm:) a salad full of vitamins and greed! I love it! Thank you for this lovely recipe:) Lots of kisses ♥

Priya  on October 11th, 2011

Lovely platter, interesting stirfry.

Catherine  on October 11th, 2011

You’re so wise, Mary :) I’ll never buy salted fish as long as I live after reading that story! I do, however, quite fancy making it myself now! I love the three dishes you used it in, especially the one with all the broccoli mmm!

I clicked on the link for your salad and it looks tremendous! I wouldn’t mind having THAT salad everyday :D

Angie's Recipes  on October 11th, 2011

Love beansprouts..the salmon veggie stir-fry looks delectable!

lena  on October 11th, 2011

mary, thanks for telling us how to make our own salted fish. i love salted fish, just plain fried and in curries. BOth your broccoli and bean sprouts dishes already making me hungry!!

Belinda @zomppa  on October 11th, 2011

Me too - I just LOVE salted fish - one of my favorite things….

Juliana  on October 11th, 2011

Mary, great way to prepare salmon…love the idea of salted…and together with all kind of veggies…great meal.
Hope you are having a wonderful week and thanks for this nice recipe :-)

TasteHongKong  on October 11th, 2011

Mary, wonderful ideas! I too add salt to cuts of fishes for reason mainly to preserve them longer in fridge. I like how their fleshes turn out to be firmer. For my so-called ’salted salmon’, I bake it with some black pepper and mash it after cooked. Then bottle it, and store in fridge to go with congee or for cooking with fried rice - perhaps the most creative way of mine : ). I can’t wait to try your various ideas here, thanks for sharing.

mycookinghut  on October 14th, 2011

I love this dish!

Faith  on October 16th, 2011

I really love the idea of making your own salted fish, Mary! That way you can guarantee the fish is fresh and you know the salt is good quality…really brilliant, Mary!

tigerfish  on October 16th, 2011

I agree with you on the preservatives used when it is store-bought. So, doing it at home is the best way to go. The idea of salted salmon is very interesting and I bet the stir-fries with veggies would taste very delicious.

noobcook  on October 18th, 2011

love all the salted salmon with vegetables stir-fry. yes I don’t think it’s unhealthy at all, especially when it is home-made.

tasteofbeirut  on October 23rd, 2011

This is a great idea Mary; I usually shy away from salted fish ready-made but the idea of making my own appeals to me a lot! Sounds delish and easy to make.

Sook  on October 24th, 2011

The stirfry looks delicious, mary.

Chris  on October 26th, 2011

That part of the bug spray is scarey! Sounds like what u have made is cured salmon. U actually don’t have to cook it, eat it like smoked salmon, very delsih with a squirt of lemon juice. The way I do mine is to liberally apply salt, some sugar, splash of sake ( or even cooking wine), cover with plastic, put a heavy weight on it ( a few cans,or a brick) to remove the water from the fish, leave in the fridge for 24 hours, drain the water, return to fridge for another 24 hours. Sometimes, I can’t wait and just go for 12 hours vs another 24! Remove plastic, rinse fish, dry with towles, slice and enjoy! Btw, the only difference with sea salt is taste as one would have to consume huge amts to benefit from the extra minerals, and that would defeat the purpose. I still do use sea salt as less is needed and taste is more intense. My fave is grey french sea salt, looks like something off the sidewalk, but tastes great!

Jon @ vodkitchen  on October 27th, 2011

Ah! I wonder if my wife would like this - she is the salmon eater in the house… thanks for another post :)

TasteHongKong  on November 24th, 2011

Borrowing your idea of salted salmon, I had it cooked in my Clay Pot Tofu (just published), and everything came together nicely.
Thanks Mary!

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