Superwoman Visited Aberdeen, Scotland

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Superwoman arrived Aberdeen airport

Superwoman arrived Aberdeen airport

Oh boy…this post is really way long overdue! Blame it on my busyness again…..*sigh*. But, really thanks LOTS for dropping by to read and also leaving your comments. I must say that it’s your comments that always leave me smiling and encouraged and make me want to continue blogging for the rest of my life. Blogging is fun. If you have not started blogging, I would like to encourage you to give a try. After all, it’s free to blog, so why wait. I have never regretted the day I started blogging. 

I had been working very hard everyday recently on my mooncakes. Yes, Mooncakes! The Mooncake festival was yesterday. My mooncake making adventure didn’t come out good initially…different colours and different sizes…*big sigh*. Worse, some cracked. My family has been my most faithful guinea pigs…haha. After LOTS and LOTS of attempts, I am quite happy with my mooncakes now, though still far from being perfect.

I can’t get all the ready paste like back home in Malaysia, so I had to cook all the mooncake fillings. The bean pastes are really tedious to cook. I think my arms are getting more muscular after all the stirring….non stop! Well, I am really happy that all my time and effort finally paid off. We have mooncakes to eat this year and I had quite a number of orders. That kept me very, very busy. I also make to give away to friends. It’s sure again….Keep Learning Keep Smiling!!

Different types of mooncakes

Different types of mooncakes

Making mooncakes must be the greatest baking challenge I had put myself into. It took me lots and lots of time to get my mooncakes right, both in look and taste. Basically I was in the kitchen most of the time. Just very happy that I learned something. Never in my entire life would I ever dream that I would one day know how to make mooncakes!

For many years since we came to Scotland, we hardly get to eat mooncakes. Not only are they expensive but I am more concerned about what goes in them. They are not only too sweet but come with added preservatives as they are imported from places like Hong Kong and Malaysia. With homemade, I am in control of the ingredients…..not too sweet and no added preservatives. So, we had lots of mooncakes to eat this year! ……*BIG smiles*. My greatest joy is when people like my mooncakes.

Just last week I gave some mooncakes to a dear friend. She was overjoyed. She thought she would have no mooncakes to eat this year. She told me yesterday that she never eat more than 1 mooncake in one seating when back home because they are too sweet. But she ate 4 of mine because they were so good! Wow….I am just over the moon…*BIG smiles*.

Ok, back to my overdue post. In early August, Superwoman from Canada flew here to visit me!!! She is none other than LeQuan, a lovely food blogger from Canada. Her interesting and down-to-earth blog is luvtoeat. It’s one blog that you should drop by. She will sometimes take you on a roller coaster ride and then ended up with some of the most mouth-watering food on earth! LeQuan is a wonderful friend that I have met through blogging. I hope to visit her one day in Canada!

LeQuan is an avid fan of Superman. I don’t think I have seen a greater fan. She has everything about superman! When she came, she brought one huge luggage and another smaller one. The small luggage is full of Cheetos, her favourite cheese snacks and the big one, you can guess right now. It has to be full of her personal Superman stuff. Everyday, she wore a different superman T-shirt! You can guess what other superman stuff she has….hehe. That’s why I call her Superwoman!

It has been a most crazy 1+ week when LeQuan was here. And to make it sound even crazier, we had NEVER met before…..only through blogging!! She knows my girl, Sharon, through her blog, Fun & Life. Of course we often exchanged info and fun through our blog comments, emails and facebook. You can imagine the real shock when she told me she is coming here to visit us. I mean, all the way from Canada to visit a small place like Aberdeen??? But of course we felt much delighted and honoured. I still couldn’t believe that she was coming until I saw her flight details. Oh my gosh…it is true…..rubbing my eyes a few times to make sure it’s true!

Next, will I pick up the wrong person at the airport? Should I carry a placard?….haha. Well, she told me just to look out for Superman at the airport! Huh???? That’s craziness at the very start! Being simple at heart, I believed her for her words. I expected her to fly through the arrival hall…..haha. But no, she walked through…in Superman T-shirt…!!!…*really amused*. See the top picture……Superwoman arrived at Aberdeen Airport!

LeQuan making dumplings. That's cheating!

LeQuan making dumplings. That was cheating!

Straight back home, it was about dinner time. No guest can leave my house without trying the dumplings. I had all the filling and dumpling skins ready. Time that LeQuan put her hands to try. She had never made dumplings before. Would be fun to watch…..*grin*. I just knew she would cheat. Of course she did! She showed me a nice one and said that it was made by her but actually it was made by my girl. Naughty LeQuan! Can you see the dumpling in her left hand behind her back? That was made by her! It looked like a dinosaur…haha.

Turkey dumplings in turkey soup

Turkey dumplings in turkey soup

This is what we had for Lequan’s first meal here in Aberdeen…..turkey dumplings in turkey soup. We all enjoyed it very much. Find out more at Beef Dumplings in Turkey Soup and Kimchi.

Her stay was short and we went out  a lot so there was not a lot of time to cook. But I still managed to serve some healthy home-cooked meals.

Prawn salad in Thai dressing

Prawn salad in Thai dressing

I love salad. Since LeQuan likes seafood, I made prawn salad. It was really good. Salad is very healthy and you don’t even need to cook. I love a big bowl of salad everyday…mmm…delicious. It is just so easy to make. For more about the different types of salad that I made, you can check it out at How To make Salad - For Health And Weight Loss.

Hot pot (steam boat)

Hot pot (steam boat)

We also had seafood steam boat. It was a cold day and this lovely cook-on-the-table meal is just the best. I just love the fun of adding the food into the boiling tasty soup and then ‘fishing’ for it a short while later. If you have never tried it, give a try. It’s very nutritious. You can put all types of food…meat, vegetables, noodles, seafood, tofu, eggs etc etc. After all the cooking is done, the soup is the best……so full of flavour and taste. And if you like it spicy, you can add tom yam paste to the soup. That will add a good punch to your hot pot meal. By the way, in Malaysia, we call it ’steam boat’. Interesting huh!…*smile*.

Stir fried cajun chicken with peppers

Stir fried cajun chicken with peppers

This is a very easy and simple chicken dish….stir fried cajun chicken. My daughter introduced me to this lovely dish…..very delicious. My girl cooked it to make fajita and I was hooked to it ever since. A common dish if I have guests over for a meal. Check it out at Mexican Chicken Fajitas By Daughter. The secret lies in the packet of seasoning.

Taboo - a very fun word game!

Taboo - a very fun word game!

One of the most fun things that we did was playing Taboo. LeQuan bought us a set from Canada. That game really cracked us up each time we played. This is the first time we heard about the game. Talk about belly laughter, we had LOTS. We laughed so hard until we were all holding our tummies from bursting…haha. If you have never played this game, I would really encourage you to go and get one as soon as possible. It’s a very fun family game.

The only problem with this game is that after playing a few times, you may know what the words are. But no problem, just invite different people to play because everyone describes it differently. My family and friends thought that I am totally hilarious in my description of words……haha. Now, invite me if you are short of players……*BIG SMILES*.

The box of Taboo that LeQuan bought for us is a Canada version so a lot of words are unfamiliar to us. She asked us to buy the UK version. It costs like about £10. But on a fine day out at a fair, I was so thrilled to see a box of Taboo on sales. I got it for £1!!!!….*screamed with joy*. Endless hours of fun again.

Taboo cards

Taboo cards

Now if you are not convinced how fun it is to play Taboo, let me show you a couple of examples. Right above here are 2 cards. LeQuan was my partner for the left card and in another game, Sharon was my partner for the right card. In this game, only you can see the card as your partner sits opposite you. She can’t see the card. You want her to be able to guess the word on the top in the blue section. You have to give all clues EXCEPT the words beneath it. One of your opposing team members will be sitting next to you to watch that you do not mention those words beneath otherwise you lose your point.

Right, here’s how it went. First, the word “Mistletoe’ with LeQuan. It went like this:
Mary: I am she. Steven is ……
LeQuan: He!
Mary: Right. What is at the end of your feet?
LeQuan: Toes!
Mary: Right! Now…come on…come on….
LeQuan: Mr Toe!
Mary: NO! Come…on…COME ON! (screaming)
LeQuan: (staring hard at me) Mr Toe….Mr Toe…..Mistletoe!
Mary: RIGHT!!…..phew
(all of us roared in laughter!!!…haha)

Next, the second card that I played with Sharon…..Dodgeball. My gosh…I don’t even know that word. I have to trust that my girl knows it. Here it went:
Mary: In soccer, you kick a …
Sharon: Ball!
Mary: Right! You keep this as a pet at home.
Sharon: Cat!
Mary: NO!
Sharon: Dog!
Mary: YES! Now…come on…come on….it’s a game!
Sharon: Dog ball…dog ball…..(thinking hard)
Mary: Come on..COME ON! (almost screaming)
Sharon: Dog ball……Dodgeball!
Mary: YES!!….phew
(total laughter …….. haha)

Now it’s more hilarious if you see all of us in action! Hope you are convinced now that this is a game worth playing with your family and friends. It really makes your mind think, builds up vocabulary too. If you really don’t know the word, you can pass the word. At the back of the cards are more words, easier ones. So, even school children who knows how to read can play. The other day we had 2 friends over for dinner and we played this Taboo. Only 2 words to describe…TOTALLY HILARIOUS!

Delicious Paris Brest

Delicious Paris Brest

Ok, next on the list just have to be food. We spent a lot of time eating…..*wink*. The first request on the list was Paris Brest. Now don’t ask me why LeQuan wanted to eat that so badly. I think the name explains it all….haha. This is very easy to make. Click on Paris Brest Puff Ring for the recipe.

LeQuan loves seafood like I do. I love simple cooking so she didn’t get to eat anything elaborate. She ended up cooking herself one day….*grin*…prawns and scallops….yippee…my favourite! Oh, they are just SO delicious! But you should see all the work and time put in. I don’t think I have that patience. Thank goodness I am not her sou chef. I would have been kicked out of the kitchen!…haha. She is very meticulous and organised in food preparation. I am far, far from it!

Steamed scallop

Steamed scallop

I had only eaten scallop once since I came here, at a restaurant. It was cooked in wine sauce. It was VERY delicious. Here LeQuan steamed the scallop and make some Asian sauce to pour over it. They were really good….mmmm. And of course I kept the shell. I was out one day shopping and found that these scallop shells were sold at 80p each…wow! These shells would be very pretty to serve starters or appetisers.

Delicious tiger prawns

Delicious tiger prawns

This tiger prawn dish was also cooked by LeQuan. The taste was just fantastic! We should have cooked double the portion! I know I can never reproduce this dish like LeQuan. I need to learn to cheat like her as in making the dumplings…haha. To eat this again, it’s either she comes again or I have to go to Canada….*grin* I just know what she is going to say here…..*grin*.

Instant Korean noodles

Instant Korean noodles

There was a day when I was just plain lazy to cook, so we had instant noodles. Huh, instant noodles for my guest?? Well, she said she doesn’t mind. What dummy I was! Of course she won’t say she mind…bang my head!!…*wink*. Not a very good hostess…hmmm. Sorry, LeQuan! We only had the Korean type. Like I mentioned before I tried to make it healthier by adding seaweed. But LeQuan wanted it original……naughty girl! She finished the whole bowl with smiles on her face. I guess she was secretly happy…hehe. But if you like your instant noodles healthier, check out how I always cook mine at Instant Noodles Made Healthier.

BIG meringue

BIG meringue!

LeQuan doesn’t eat very sweet food. One day, I took her to a garden cafe. To my big surprise, she ordered a BIG meringue, about the size of her face. I could only think that she didn’t know that it was meant to be VERY sweet. The rest is story. You should see how she ate it…hilarious…haha. No, she couldn’t finish it of course. I couldn’t either. I tried it but didn’t like it. It tasted chalky and wickedly sweet. No, not for me too. I think I prefer my version…..lemon meringue. Check it out at Meringue With Lemon Cream.

Vegetarian Scottish Breakfast

Vegetarian Scottish Breakfast

LeQuan insisted that she won’t try haggis. The day before she left, she wanted to do some shopping. We went out early. Took her for something Scottish. She had vegetarian Scottish breakfast. Looks quite good huh. She liked it.

Apart from the food, we went for badminton together. I learned that she loves all types of sports. We sure had a wonderful game. We actually paired up very well. Mind you, she is way more petite than me but she is a little power house… Of course she played the back while I played the front most of the time…*big smiles*. You probably can’t believe it. We even won over the men! A big pat on our backs. If I ever go to visit her in Canada, I think we must go for badminton EVERYDAY!

On top of food and badminton, my girl took her to Edinburgh for a day’s visit. Looks like they enjoyed themselves very much. They clicked very well. You can read more about the trip on LeQuan’s latest post, A Most Memorable Scotland Trip.

Always happy on Facebook

Always happy on Facebook

Now life is not complete without FaceBook! I must say both of us are crazy about FaceBook. But that doesn’t mean that we are hooked to it all the time. When we have time, we blast at each other out on FaceBook…haha….with other friends, too, of course. We can even be sitting at the same table and facebooking each other and laughing….haha. My sitting room constantly vibrated with LeQuan’s laughter! Must tell you, it’s infectious!….haha.

Piano lesson in progress!

Piano lesson in progress!

Now LeQuan’s trip will not be complete without meeting my little 4 year old friend, Ellie. You should see how they played, like as if they have known each other for a long time! They had a great time together. And most amazing of all, they had a piano lesson together. Will you believe it, Ellie was the teacher!! For your info, Ellie has already finished 1 piano book! That’s just amazing for a little 4 year old. She even learns piano theory as she can count and knows her alphabets very well.

Phew, this is surely a very long post from me! No wonder it takes so long to write….haha. Hope you enjoy reading it. Trust that you have a lovely week…Fun, Food and Friends. And of course, don’t forget that exercise is important too. What about badminton? Give a try if you haven’t. I just love it….*big smiles*. Above all else…Keep Smiling!

Quote of the day……

“Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen.”

- Phillip Adams

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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Belinda @zomppa  on September 13th, 2011

How fun!! What a visit (you certainly ate well!) Taboo is one of my favorite games. Um, is that a real meringue??

LeQuan  on September 13th, 2011

Mary, your mooncakes look really professional. You never cease to amaze me with all your baking and cooking (and Taboo playing…lol). Big pats on the back to you for not giving up and continuing your quest to make the perfect mooncakes. They turned out really pretty and best of all, no added preservatives. I’m sure they tasted delicious too. Tell you a secret…I’m not a huge fan of mooncakes. I’ve been scarred from childhood, but I’ll have to share that story with you another time. Teehee. Your mooncakes though I’d absolutely eat any day. I know they would be delicious like ALL the other food you’ve made me! Keep working wonders in the kitchen, Mary.

Yes my dear, of course you know what I will say, please come to Canda! :D My family and I would be so delighted to meet you and your family. I would jump over the moon if you ever visit, and you know I’d probably try to too. Haha. I had such a super duper wonderful time with you and your family and friends. Like I’ve said before, Scotland is a beautiful place, but it truly was all the people I met there who made this trip amazing. Thank you so so very much to you and Sharon for taking me around and showing me an absolutely delightful time. Not to mention all the amazing and delicious food you made for me! I miss your cooking so much! Partly why I’m asking you to visit Canada, so I can make you cook for me again. Teehee…just kidding :P.

We did have many great laughs didn’t we? I’ll bet you finally had some peace and quiet after I left. No worries, I’ll record my giggles and send them to you so when I chat with you on FB you can play them. Haha. You my dear, are the most hilarious, inventive, and cutest Taboo player I’ve ever played with!!!!!! I love your style though. Yes you have your own very unique style, but it works! Haha!

I had such a wonderful visit. Thank you for introducing me to your friends and dear sweet ADORABLE Ellie! Please tell her and her mom I said hi. I forgot the lesson she taught me already. Teehee. Tell her she’ll have to come to Canada and teach me again :P. I had such a memorable trip. Your food is amazing! I can’t get it out of my mind. Please come visit Canada soon. Lol. But seriously I’d love to return the favour to you and your family here in Canada one day. Thank you for everything you and Sharon did for me during my visit. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you and your wonderful family and friends. I know I have made friends for life and you guys will be forever in my thoughts. Until we meet again, my dear Mr. Toes. Hahaha! Biggest warmest hugs to you!

claire  on September 13th, 2011

wow.. how delightful, joyful, wonderful… and of course stomachs also full !!! Meeting up with a food blogger and staying in a food blogger’s house, imagine how the house will smell like!! Gosh, i wish i were there, to sit and wait for the wondrous food to be served.. hahahaa… I guess no one wants me to go to their houses.. i can only eat and eat.. OH, of course, i can be good in one thing.. I love washing up! so in case u need a human washer, count me in! hahahaa…
Mary, your post makes me happy.. sigh… hmmmm…

lena  on September 13th, 2011

i can already imagine how tedious it is to cook the mooncake filling! all your efforts and sweats are well rewarded now! Th folks there must be so glad and lucky that they can enjoy eating mooncakes from now on. I think previously in the past, there were alot of concerns on the sweetness of the mooncakes filling paste, now we can find the low sugar kind of paste in the market, they are not bad actually..but yeah, most will come with preservatives i guess unless you can get the homemade ones..yes, love your paris brest too!!

Mimi  on September 13th, 2011

What a fun time you had with LeQuan. Lot of delicious food. I wouldn’t be surprised if you opened moon cake bakery someday.

Lyndsey  on September 13th, 2011

Mary what beautiful mooncakes. The ones I made last year were my first, but not the pretty in a mold ones. Kristy sent me a mold so maybe I will try some other kinds.

I just loved reading this post it was such a delight! I was just noticing my Taboo game sitting on the shelf the other day…I have to dust it off before we play it again! It was nice meeting LeQuan, it looks like she is always smiling, what fun you all had. Wish I was there too! Thanks for sharing!

Blackswan  on September 13th, 2011

Mary, your post is finally out! I was just wondering when I get to see it. LOL! Looks like u gals had great fun, I’d no doubt about it looking at how u “attacked” each other in FB. Hahaha!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to u, dear! I love mooncakes but I like mine with macademia nuts & 4 yolks!!

Taboo?? I’ve not heard of the game. Mmm…. gonna start looking for it :)

I love seafood too. All the dishes look delicious, both yours & Lequan. Happy blogging to both of u & may your friendship lasts forever!

somewhere in singapore  on September 13th, 2011

I always come to your blog, but i am always very slow…

Mary  on September 14th, 2011

@Belinda - Yes, it was labelled meringue. But it’s not the usual meringue that I had eaten. Nice to know you like Taboo too. We should play together one day :D

@LeQuan - Oh wow…..this must be the longest comment ever on my blog!…haha. But enjoyed reading it. Had to pause a few times to reflect back on all the fun that we have :D

Hope one day I will be able to get you back into eating mooncakes again. Maybe I should make my mooncakes into the shape of a rat or a turkey….LOL Yes, would love to hear about your mooncake story one day.

Of course, our families will meet one day, hopefully in Canada. We will all play Taboo….ready to strangle each other….haha. Of course lots of food. Cheetos? :P What a great 1+ week we had! Will always cherish the time! Just too much laughter….haha. Yes, record your giggles and put on youtube, too……spread your giggles around…..hehe.

Taboo? My goodness….so funny…LOL. I think everyone who has a bad day should play this wonderful game. It’s such a gd game for any occasion.

What? You have forgotten your piano lesson?…haha. I have to tell Ellie that :P And Mr Toes again? Who are u thinking…haha. We sure had a most awesome time cos you are such a lovely friend that I have met! :D

@claire - Not only my house smells nice but my house rocks too, with all the laughters and silliness around….haha :D Yes, I wish too that you were here! With you here, the whole of Aberdeen will rock….haha No problem with eating and eating. We will bring you for lots of badminton :D Oh no, no human washer here…all into the dish washer….hehe. If ever you go for Europe tour, do try to drop by Aberdeen. We will have fun!

@lena - It’s good to know that you can get low sugar mooncake fillings these days. I hope they don’t use artificial sweetener. I am amazed at the increasing number of types of mooncakes these days. Some people are just so creative. I can only manage 4 types of fillings. That is already so much work. Hope to learn more types of fillings, one at a time :D

@Mimi - Yes, it was a real fun time we had :D Opening a cake bakery? How wonderful if I have one! Looks like I still have to keep dreaming…hehe

@Lyndsey - Thanks very much for your compliments, Lyndsey! It’s really sweet of Kristy to send you the mould. Yes, hope you will try again. It’s challenging to make mooncakes but total joy each time they come out better :D Yes, I wish too that you were here. We would have so much fun playing Taboo…..such a fun game. That game will just crack everyone up….haha. Drop by Aberdeen if you ever come to Europe. We will have fun! Would be wonderful if you can meet LeQuan too. Her craziness will put you through some adrenaline rush…haha.

@Blackswan - Oh wow…didn’t know you were waiting for my post on LeQuan’s trip…haha. See, I was so distracted by all the mooncakes :P We sure had so much fun. You should have joined us, Shirley! My roof will probably come down then….haha. Oh yes, and looks like we will only eat seafood everyday :D My house will smell like the sea/ocean…..haha

And yes, when we can’t lay our hands on each others neck, FB is where LeQuan & I & Sharon always ‘attack’ and ‘blast’ each other…hehe.

Oh dear, you love turning me green by telling me your favourite mooncakes….4 yolks!!!….how jealous I am…haha. And with macadamia nuts again? I love macadamia nuts. I think I have to try that. And yes, you have to go and get Taboo and play with your family. I’m sure your son and hubby would love it.

@somewhere in singapore - No, you are not slow, still within the first 10 :P But you are always very fast on FB…haha Thanks very much for always dropping by!

Angie's Recipes  on September 14th, 2011

Better late than never. LOL @ “Mistletoe”….
You and Lequan must have had some great time together.

penny aka jeroxie  on September 14th, 2011

you have such lovely friends! and all that food!

teresa  on September 14th, 2011

what a wonderful time, and delicious food!

LeQuan  on September 14th, 2011

@Blackswan: Oh yes, I love bugging Mary on FB. As for “attacking”, that’s more left for Sharon. Teehee. I always play nice with Mary…ok, well usually :P.

Oh you MUST try playing Taboo. It’s my all time favorite boardgame. You will have many laughs, I promise!

I really hope to meet you one day. I’m already drooling over all the seafood we’ll be eating. I know it will be another life long friendship. Oh why must you both live so far away? Happy blogging to you, my dear.

LeQuan  on September 14th, 2011

I’m baaaack! :D. That first picture looks so funny. I’m so small but I brought such big suitcases. Lol. Can you imagine if I was staying longer how big my suitcase would’ve been. Haha. Hey, a girl can never bring too many shoes ;).

I just came back to say that you were too kind about what you said about badminton. We know who the real powerhouse was :). And my dear, you DID feed me many elaborate and delicious dishes! I only cooked b/c I wanted to cook for you guys to repay you for all the many meals you made for me. And the noodles was b/c I was craving instant noodles. You’re just to kind and modest, my dear friend. Miss you lots and really hope to make new memories with you soon! Biggest LeeQs hugSSSSSS! XXXXXX!

tigerfish1101  on September 14th, 2011

Food, fun (taboo), friends, family - what more can be hope for? :D

Keep busy but rest well too.

Pandy Is Back  on September 16th, 2011

LOL!! I’m so so so late I know… This is the first post I read after my MIA. GREAT post Aunty Mary… I’m so happy LeeQs have so much fun there… n ohhh…Mooncakes… I wish I can eat some…I know is gonna be yummy…n I like it less sweet too.. I have mooncakes at home too..all buy one..all very sweet one with diff flavour..I’m gonna show mummy these mooncakes Aunty Mary made.. haha. Well Done again Aunty Mary!! Taboo Taboo..I MUST play that game with u all someday…reading the way how u guys played it I can imagine all the laughter!! LOL. Good game! Lucky Aunty Mary to buy it for 1 pound only..=D All the food I see in here really makes me so so hungry… I miss Paris Brest a lot.. I wanna try prawn salad…n the stir fried cajun chicken with peppers…scottish breakfast looks good too…. I just love food! The last pic really so cute of dem both…miss Ellie..So adorable n very smart girl! Thank you Aunty Mary for sharing…enjoyed reading it.. Hope u have a nice n wonderful day… HUGSSS!!!

LeeQs….Bloggie game is back…Jeng Jeng Jeng..haha

kristy  on September 18th, 2011

Lequan is very cute in person. As always she’s very talkactive, very sweet and friendly. I bet you enjoyed every single moment she was there. Sure you going to miss her. Her voice around the house. Next time maybe you’re playing with me. haha…. Errr…I’m not good at all in this kind of games. Probably, I’ll be sweating the whole night. And have nightmare as well. haha…..
Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the weekend.
Blessings, Kristy

Faith  on September 19th, 2011

I’m so happy you got to spend some time with such a wonderful blogger! LeQuan is such a sweetheart and it looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. Of course all the food looks incredible! Those dumplings in turkey soup are really calling my name…and so is that chicken stir fry!

Mary  on September 21st, 2011

@Angie’s Recipes - Haha…am still amused at the Taboo game…so funny :D It was such a fun time that with had.

@penny aka jeroxie - Thanks very much! Hope one day we can meet up too :D

@teresa - Thanks very much, Teresa! :D

@LeQuan - Haha…that’s why it has to be the first picture! If you stay longer, i think you need international movers…LOL. I’m too kind with my word? Oh no, it’s true. I want to play more badminton with you so that we can win all the time :D And the food, nothing compared to your 2 dishes…serious! I better start writing my list of food that I want to eat when I visit you :P

@tigerfish1101 - Thanks very much! :D

@Pandy Is Back - Oh dear, you are really very, very late this time…haha. Now waiting for your return next year!!! :D Will be something different….Taboo included of course. Hope more fun and more exciting. Oh, I will make mooncakes for you when you come. It’s fun to make though rather labour intensive. I’ll be very happy if you like them. I think you will like them as my friends like them very much :D

@kristy - Totally agree with you that LeQuan is very cute, talkative, sweet and friendly. She is just cute in ALL ways…haha. We sure had a great time. And if you are here, I just know my house will really vibrate and rock with all the laughters…haha. Just be in my team when you play the Taboo and you won’t sweat…LOL. Hope one day we will meet :D

@Faith - I am really lucky to meet LeQuan! Had lots of fun. Can’t believe the 1+ week passed so fast. Would be awesome if one day we meet :D Blogging just makes the world smaller…hehe

Shirley  on September 22nd, 2011

What fun! A Scottish veg breakfast??? I would never believe that the Scots serve veg breakfast. All those pics are making me hungry.

Pippa  on September 27th, 2011

How cool! I just came across your blog. I visit Aberdeen a lot to visit my bf who lives there. I adore Taboo and mooncakes (apart from the egg, oh I know I know, it is the main part). I also love to eat, so i shall stick around and see what delish things you have cooked. Bye for now!

Mary  on September 29th, 2011

@Shirley - Haha…I never thought so, too. But there is :D

@Pippa - Thanks very much for dropping by, Shirley! Oh, the Taboo…totally hilarious. My friends and I are still playing that even though we are in different countries!!! :D

Dmarie  on October 10th, 2011

ooh, just when one pic made me wish I had THAT for lunch, another crave-worthy pic came along! yum, thanks for sharing!

Sidney  on October 24th, 2011

Hi mary…the Taboo card games sound good…I should get one and try to play with my friends….

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