Easy Curried Beef Steak With Vegetables

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Curried beef steak with green beans

Curried beef steak with green beans

Like lamb, I am not too good in cooking beef but I have found that this curried beef is not only very simple to make but very delicious and versatile, too. Maybe it’s because I like curry. I used it to cook with green beans and also use it in my salad. You can also slice it up to eat with rice or to make wrap.

Quick cook frying beef steak

Quick cook frying beef steak

I bought a packet of quick cook frying steak. There were 3 thin pieces in it. They have been pounded as you can see to make cooking quick.

I have some Schwartz seasonings which come in very handy. So far, I find Schwartz seasonings very good and easy to use. I had used it for chicken, potatoes and lamb and they are all very easy to use. Here’s my simple recipe for the Curried Beef Steak. You can use it for other meat if you don;t like beef. Add some chilli powder if you want it spicy but I did not add that.

500g quick cook frying steak
1T Schwartz tikka curry spices
1T Schwartz curry powder
1t sea salt
1t chilli powder (optional)

Curried beef seasoning

Curried beef seasoning

Marinated beef

Marinated beef

Mix the tikka curry spices, curry powder and salt well. Rub it over the beef pieces and let it rest for a short while.

Cooked curried beef steaks

Cooked curried beef steaks

Pan fry it until cooked on both side. You can slice it up and eat it with rice or noodles. Keep the left over in the fridge which is what I did. The next day, I fried sliced some and fried it with green beans.

Fry vegetables with curried beef

Fry vegetables with curried beef

Heat up some fried garlic oil in a frying pan or pot. Add the green beans and fry until cooked. I always love to fry green beans until a little charred as you can see in the picture above. When it’s done, add the beef slices and drizzle some light soya sauce over it to taste. You can use salt instead of soya sauce if you like. Dish up and serve hot. It goes very well with rice.

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Pandy Beat Superman  on July 22nd, 2011

Hiiiiiiiiii………..I’m here…………….

Supergirl was here (too late)  on July 22nd, 2011

LOL! Noooooo! KULEPS anyways, my dear :D

Supergirl was here (too late)  on July 22nd, 2011

A quick and simple recipe indeed, Mary. I love those kinds of spices and rubs, makes cooking meat so much simpler. Have you tried the Montreal Steak Spice from Costco? That’s my very lazy go to spice when I don’t have time or forget to marinade my steaks. Hubby likes it too.
I like that you turned the leftovers into a quick stir fry. Better than eating the same dish twice. Thanks again for sharing, Mary. Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful weekend!

Pandy Beat Superman  on July 22nd, 2011

Another nice n simple dish!! I love vegetables….Looking at tat last pic now makes me so hungry..Miss ur cooking a lot Aunty Mary…Hope u have a good day n enjoy cooking……..=)

kristy  on July 22nd, 2011

I’m not a beef person but thanks for sharing such a nice way to prepare steak. Well, I like your spices though! haha…. Have a nice weekend, dear.

somewhere in singapore  on July 22nd, 2011

Oh dear, i have to look at the pictures again, i wish, i wish, i wish, i could eat that plate…

Barbara  on July 22nd, 2011

I’d love this as a wrap, Mary! Easy to make and full of spicy flavors!

lena  on July 22nd, 2011

looks like now you’re very fond of the schwartz seasoning!looks great!

Janice  on July 22nd, 2011

Flash fry steak needs something spicy to give it a bit of flavour, this looks like fun.

rebecca  on July 22nd, 2011

lovely recipe I too struggle with beef enjoy the weekend

nammi  on July 22nd, 2011

yummm, looks delicious, like you my beef and lamb recipes are limited even though i love both kinds of meat

Corina  on July 23rd, 2011

The rub on the steak really makes this into a delicious but quick and easy meal. Looks lovely.

kitchen flavours  on July 23rd, 2011

Looks really good! I don’t eat beef, perhaps this would be great with some pork meat! Thanks for sharing, Mary, have a nice and yummy weekend!

Angie's Recipes  on July 23rd, 2011

This would be perfect to serve with some rice, or even with some flatbread. Delish!

Olive  on July 23rd, 2011

I’m not too good with cooking beef either,thanks for sharing this very simple recipe, I’ll keep this in mind :)

Blackswan  on July 23rd, 2011

Hey Mary, this looks tasty! Are u selling this at your stall too?? I’m sure it’ll be popular :)

Von  on July 23rd, 2011

I love how you marinated the beef with those seasonings- it must be so tasty!

Mary  on July 24th, 2011

@Pandy Beat Superman - You are super fast again! :D You can try this dish at home. It’s very easy. Hope you have a great weekend!

@Supergirl was here (too late) - Haha…just a little late :P I don’t think we have the Montreal Steak Spice here in Costco, just like we don’t have Cheetos here. Hope you have a great weekend!

@kristy - You can use this seasoning for other meat too. Hope you have a great weekend, too :D

@somewhere in singapore - Haha….wonder whether you dream about it after looking at it so many times! Have fun cooking :D

@Barbara - Yes, this would be lovely as a wrap. I have to try it one day. Would be nice for picnic. Hope you have lots of fun cooking :D

@lena - Yes, I find the Schwartz seasoning very easy to use. Great for busy or lazy days :D

@Janice - Give a try, janice. It’s just so simple and easy yet delicious. Yes, adding chilli powder would spice it up and make it even more delicious. Have fun cooking! :D

@rebecca - Thanks very much, Rebecca! Hope you have a great weekend, too :D

@nammi - Looks like we have to continue to eat other meat more while learning more ways to cook beef and lamb….haha :D

@Corina - Thanks very much, Corina! :D

@kitchen flavours - Yes, you can use this seasoning for other meat, too. Have fun cooking and hope you have a great weekend, too :D

@Angie’s Recipes - Thanks very much, Angie! I have yet to try with flatbread….mmm :D

@Olive - Thanks very much, Olive! Hope you have lots of fun cooking :D

@Blackswan - Oh no, I’m not selling this at my stall. Must not add too many items….can’t cope :P

@Von - Yes, it is very tasty. Give a try. Hope you like it :D

tigerfish  on July 25th, 2011

One such dish and it already makes a complete meal (has beef and vegetables)…with steamed rice, of course!

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