Western Sauce And Mexican Chicken Enchilada

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Mexican chicken enchilada

Mexican chicken enchilada

Yeah…here’s another Mexican dish from me…..my 3rd one! I have learned Mexican Chicken Fajita, Mexican Chicken Quesadilla and this one is Mexican Chicken Enchilada which is again very delicious. I have also learned to make tortillas at home. Nothing is as satisfying as homemade meals, especially one that you have no clue of and yet turned out successful and very delicious. Look at that picture above….gorgeous and delicious. I actually poured a lot of sauce over it…..just so good! My children like it very much and that makes it more fun cooking.

Again it was Drick from Drick’s Rambling Cafe who showed how to make this beautiful sauce. He has been having lots of patience trying to teach me some of the Mexican ingredients and telling me where to find them. I really appreciate all his help.

Drick’s blog is full of delicious recipes, most of which are simple and easy to cook. His cooking and dishes are very different from mine so it’s very refreshing for me when I visit his blog. Do drop by and say ‘Hi’ to him in the comment box. You will make his day. He has been very busy working on his house. We can cheer him up!

This sauce is from his blog post, 5 Mexican Sauces, which he dedicated specially to me to encourage me on in my Mexican cooking adventure. I want to try all the 5 sauces. One of them is the Mexican Seasoning Mix which I used here, with a little variation to it due to ingredients availability. I’m sure saving a lot of money making it myself…hehe.

Ingredients (Western Sauce)
4T oil
5T flour
1 piece of chicken stock
1 & 1/2t groud cumin
1/2t granulated garlic
2t Mexican seasoning
1T chili powder (optional)
3C water
1C butter milk

Western sauce for making enchiladas

Western sauce for making enchiladas

I did a short cut to Drick’s recipe. I put everything into a pot to boil, stirring every now until the sauce thickens. I also changed the recipe a little bit. I omit the salt and use a piece of chicken stock and water to make up for the 3 cups chicken stock. I also did not add chili powder as I added hot salsa when making the chicken fajita. The whole combination of taste was really delicious.

The Mexican seasoning was the same one that I used which was homemade. Click Mexican Mix To Make Chicken Quesadilla to see the recipe.

To make Mexican Chicken Enchilada

You need:

chicken fajita
Western sauce
grated cheddar cheese

Making chicken fajita

Making chicken fajita

Make a good chicken filling to make the fajita. It was actually very delicious as it is. I was busy and just bought the organic tortillas from the supermarket. But homemade tortillas taste better.

Pour sauce over chicken fajitas

Pour sauce over chicken fajitas

Arrange the chicken fajitas in a pyrex dish and pour the sauce over it. Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over it. Then put to bake at 200 degrees Celsius until the cheese melts and turns golden. You can use mozzarella cheese if you like. I will try that next time.

Baked chicken enchiladas

Baked chicken enchiladas

Remove from oven, cool down a while before diving into it as it’s piping hot and may burn your mouth.

Do you make your own enchilada? What sauce, filling and topping do you use? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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claire  on October 1st, 2010

gosh..Mary, I have never heard of it till now.. yummy!! Love to try new food…

Priya  on October 1st, 2010

Wowww mouthwatering here..

IH  on October 1st, 2010

This looks SO yummy, Mary. The only mexican “dish” I’ve attempted is the guacamole. I will definitely give this one a try. Love the gratin, which reminds me of our Belgian Endive (ham & cheese) au gratin :-D
Thanks for sharing!

Dimah  on October 1st, 2010

Yum! I love Mexican food and your enchiladas look delicious.

Belinda @zomppa  on October 1st, 2010

I’m liking this “kick” you’re on…ooey gooey cheese.

penny aka jeroxie  on October 1st, 2010

Looks like the real thing!

kitchen flavours  on October 1st, 2010

Looks delicious! I have never tried making Mexican dish before. Thank you for visiting and following. I joining as your follower too. You have a lovely site. Will be back again, for sure. Have a nice weekend!

Sushma Mallya  on October 1st, 2010

loved the sauce and the enchilada looks so tempting esp in the last pic….too good mary

Swathi  on October 1st, 2010

Enchilada looks delicious. Nice sauce Mary.

jen cheung  on October 1st, 2010

oh my goodness mary! I want a piece of this! this looks so yummy and delicious lah. it looks too perfect!

It’s FRIDAY! Enjoy the lovely weekend!
jen @ http://www.passion4food.ca

Evan @swEEts  on October 1st, 2010

Its official.. I have to have mexican food tonight!! Your sauce looks delicious.. I’m definitely going to have to give it a try!

anncoo  on October 1st, 2010

Mmmm..so cheesy and saucy…hahaa…just love it!

Katerina  on October 1st, 2010

I am drooling. I have nothing more to say. This is delicious!

Joy  on October 1st, 2010

that looks great.

lequan  on October 1st, 2010

Wow Mary, look at you go girl! I bet you sure are learning and having a big smile on your face. You my friend, have captured the beauty and fun of blogging right here in this post! That sauce looks delicious! Adding the cheese was the perfect finishing touch. What a beautiful dish. Keep that big smile on your face cause it was definitely well earned! Have a great weekend, dear!

Joanne  on October 1st, 2010

You are the Mexican master chica! This western sauce sounds fantastic. I’d like a plate full of these babies!

Faith  on October 1st, 2010

Western sauce is new to me so I’m really glad you shared this Mary! This looks like a really flavorful and delicious recipe!

pigpigscorner  on October 1st, 2010

yuum! Mexican dishes are so tasty!

Karen  on October 1st, 2010

Another yummy Mexican dish! Looks great. A very satisfying meal!

Jess @ Bakericious  on October 1st, 2010

so cheesy and I love it, yum.

redkathy  on October 1st, 2010

Mary I just love the sauce! I am accustom to a red sauce, tomato and chili pepper based. this sounds wonderful.

sweetlife  on October 1st, 2010

oh i read this blog post dedicated to you and loved the sauces…how perfect they came out, super yummy..i will need to try these, perfect for our mexican table

Jeannie  on October 2nd, 2010

Wow! That fajita sure looks good! I have not tried making any mexican food because I always assumed it is very difficult! You made it seems like so easy!

Mary  on October 2nd, 2010

@claire - Gve it try. It very delicious….easy and simple to make :D

@Priya - Thanks very much, Priya! :D

@IH - Thanks very much for sharing, IH! :D Give this one a try. It’s very delicious :D

@Dimah - Thanks very much, Dimah! :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Thanks very much, Belinda! :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Thanks very much, Penny! :D

@kitchen flavours - Thanks very much for visiting, following and lovely comment! Hope you have a nice weekend, too.

@Sushma Mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

@Swathi - Thanks very much, Swathi!

@jen cheung - Thanks very much, Jen! Give a try. It’s easy and simple, yet delicious :D

@Evan @swEEts - Haha……you sound desperate….am guilty of that many times, too! :D

@anncoo - Thanks very much, Ann! :D

@Katerina - Thanks very much, Katerina! Give a try. I’m sure you’ll like it, too :D

@Joy - Thanks very much, Joy! :D

@lequan - Yes, I’m learning quite well, I think….hehe :P Blogging just more fun to learning because sharing with people all around just brings so much fun and happiness….am still smiling :D Hope you have a lovely weekend, too.

@Joanne - Haha….looks like I’m turning Mexican on the inside! :D

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! :D

@pigpigscorner - Yes, Mexican dishes….I love them! :D

@Karen - Thanks very much, Karen! :D

@Jess @ Bakericious - Thanks very much, Jess! :D

@redkathy - Thanks very much for sharing, RedKathy! Drick has another red sauce which I will also try. I’m sure it’s very delicious, too :D

@sweetlife - Thanks very much! You have a lot of nice TexMex dishes, too, on your blog….love it :D

@Jeannie - Like you, I always thought Mexican food is very difficult until I started learning. I think it can be easier than our Chinese cooking :D

Cheah  on October 2nd, 2010

Mary, never heard of this before, must try one day!

Olive  on October 2nd, 2010

oh Mary,. that’s simply delicious! I love Mexican food, it’s hot and spicy! :)

Drick  on October 2nd, 2010

You are as always a sweetheart … thanks for the kind words. I enjoy so much your desire to try these recipes and the sauce you made looks excellent. I would say though, next time go ahead add the chili powder, it is not enough to overpower your enchilada or other Mexican foods you choose to use this on, but the little added spice will make a huge flavorful difference. As always, let me know if I can help you in any way….

Cooking Gallery  on October 2nd, 2010

This looks fabulous, Mary! Good job :)!

love2cook  on October 2nd, 2010

Simply tempting dish! Love the way it’s made..yummy! :D

Aipi  on October 2nd, 2010

That looks absolutely delicious..i love love mexican!!

US Masala

Angie's Recipes  on October 2nd, 2010

They look irresistible!
I am curious why the sauce is called “western sauce”….

Elin  on October 3rd, 2010

I was thinking the same as Angie. Why western sauce when it is suppose to be mexican ? This must be very delicious..I can imagine how nice it would taste…mmmmm I would like to try making this one of these day. I have a packet of mexican spices in the fridge …suppose to be for taco but till now it is still sitting in the fridge :p

Drick  on October 3rd, 2010

Mary, I am going to butt in here and comment on the question from Angie:
The sauce is somewhat similar to a red Enchilada Sauce but creamier, lighter in color using buttermilk which is an old western custom. This is a simple sauce to make for meats, beans and the likes of enchiladas, relleno stuffed peppers and tamales.

Conor @ HoldtheBeef  on October 3rd, 2010

Your children have good taste, Mary! Makes sense, with their genes ;)

Ananda Rajashekar  on October 3rd, 2010

Am drooling over here Mary, they are irresistibly delicious! wish was there to grab one :)

Lauren  on October 3rd, 2010

I am so happy that I found this recipes of western sauce. It is not only great with enchiladas but I also have heated it up and put it on tacos, burritos etc. I love Mexican Recipes and this one is great to have. I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes. I like finding good recipes and adapting them or even combining them with others like I have done with this one.

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[...] Keep Learning Keep Smiling » Western Sauce And Mexican Chicken Enchilada [...]

Mary  on October 5th, 2010

@Cheah - Yes, give a try. My family likes it :D It’s very filling though, because of the thick sauce and the cheese.

@Olive - Lovely to know that you love Mexican food, too :D

@Drick - You are most welcome, Drick! See…I’m learning hard to be a better cook like you…hehe :D I want to step out of my comfort zone and have fun :D I will surely find out that chipotle sauce to add to the sauce for the kick. I need that. Drick, you are a great teacher! Thanks!! :D

@Cooking Gallery - Thanks very much! :D

@love2cook - Thanks very much! :D

@Aipi - Lovely to know that you love Mexican food, too :D

@Angie’s Recipes - Thanks very much, Angie! You made me wonder, too….haha. Why didn’t I think of that? I have no answer to that. So glad Drick has kindly explained below….phew! :D

@Elin - Glad that Drick came to my rescue for your question! :D Angie also asked about that. I really like Mexican food. Give a try. I like it. But use Drick’s original recipe. I’m sure it will taste much better.

@Drick - Drick, thanks so much for that! That’s such a timely rescue…haha :D

@Conor @ HoldtheBeef - Haha….now I believe in genetic inheritance! :D

@Ananda Rajashekar - Come and I’ll cook lots for you :D

@Lauren - Wow…that’s a lot of Mexican food you have tried! I have lots to catch up :D Will learn one at a time. Wonderful to know what you do with recipes…that’s exciting!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake  on October 5th, 2010

This looks fantastic, I would really like to try making enchiladas at home.

jun  on October 22nd, 2010

hello there..hi mary! looking at this, i think i shud start making mexican dish..hehe

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