Baileys Coffee Ice Cream Float

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Baileys coffee ice cream melts

Baileys coffee ice cream melts

I love coffee. Coffee makes my world go round. My favourite is the roasted coffee. I am not very particular about the brand. It just needs to have a very good, captivating aroma. I love to try different brands. I love Arabica and just bought a packet of organic one. It smells really good. I don’t drink a lot but every now and then I would run and make one. It helps me to relax and feel good! I have been very busy this past week and coffee helps to calm my nerves and keeps me smiling. Oh, here’s what I believe……’When the going gets tough, the tough drinks coffee and keeps smiling’….haha

Arabica organic coffee

Arabica organic coffee

I bought this packet of Arabica coffee also because of the hornbill! Look at that beautiful bird on the packaging. That’s a hornbill, the national bird of Sarawak (also called East Malaysia)…the place where I came from. It is a curious looking, beautiful bird. As the names suggests, it has a horn shaped bill. It is a protected bird and is a national symbol of Sarawak, Borneo, viewed as a symbol of purity. There are about 10 species of hornbills in Malaysia. Sarawak is also known as, ‘Land of the Hornbills’.  I remember feeling so proud to be a Sarawakian ever since I was young, all because of the beautiful hornbill.

My daughter has eaten Irish food a few times and she really likes it. Her friend’s mom is a pure irish and cooks fabulous Irish food. Now I’m interested to learn Irish cooking, too, which is totally new to me. Well, I have heard of Irish coffee which is served in special Irish coffee glasses. Know what? I ended up buying 2 of these Irish coffee glasses the other day….all because I think of Irish coffee…hehe.

I had a big bottle of Bailey’s given by a friend. I know Irish coffee add cream to the top and uses whisky but I didn’t have cream so I used vanilla ice cream. I called it Baileys Coffee Ice Cream Float. Ooooh….it was soooo goood. I really loved it. It’s now my favourite drink. My coffee looks especially tempting in the Irish coffee glasses.



Baileys is a mix of fresh Irish cream, Irish whiskey and the finest of spirits. It’s creamy in look and tastes really great. It’s one of my favourite liqueurs. It contains 17% alcohol. It comes with a few flavours. So far my favourite is the caramel and coffee flavour. I also use Baileys to make brownies and chocolate sauce. It’s fabulous…beautiful aroma and taste……mmmm

It’s very easy to prepare this coffee. Here is my Baileys Coffee Ice Cream Float recipe. This is for 1 person.

2t roasted ground coffee
1/2C boiling water (or a little more)
2t sugar
1-2T Baileys
vanilla ice cream



In a coffee pot, add boiling water to the coffee. Wait for a while. Filter into the glass. Add sugar and Baileys. Stir till sugar dissolves.

Ice cream with coffee

Ice cream with coffee

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the coffee. The ice cream will slowly melt. Enjoy.

Are you a coffee drinker? What is your favourite coffee? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

I am submitting this special drink of mine to Quickies : Morning, Noon and Night Cooking Challenge which is jointly hosted by Lazaro Cooks! and Denise from Quickies on the Dinner Table.

Quote of the day……

“Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.”

Benjamin Franklin

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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claire  on September 22nd, 2010

I have a bottle of bailey at home.. but im not coffee drinker.. can use them for biscuits instead :)

3hungrytummies  on September 22nd, 2010

Haha that is very sinful Mary :)

Nasi Lemak Lover  on September 22nd, 2010

can I have a glass? sound good. 中秋节快乐!

Lauren @CoffeeMuffins  on September 22nd, 2010

Oh wow, and I thought my Iced Coffee was bad, this has alcohol and ice cream in it! There is no way I am going to break my caffeine habit now! I am going to make this tonight. Although I might go for the whisky, since I don’t have any Baileys.

tigerfish  on September 22nd, 2010

I like Arabica coffee as well and lean towards a light-medium roast.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table  on September 22nd, 2010

Mary - you’re a woman after my own heart! I cannot live without coffee and contrary to the common belief that coffee makes you nervous, it calms me down and helps me sleep LOL

A beautiful entry for the challenge - thanks for participating :)

Sushma Mallya  on September 22nd, 2010

looks creamy…

Olive  on September 22nd, 2010

I love coffee too, Mary..keeps me awake and alert :) coffee and Bailey’s sound good, too bad I can’t tolerate alcohol..sigh

Priya  on September 22nd, 2010

Very tempting coffee..

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[...] Keep Learning Keep Smiling » Baileys Coffee Ice Cream Float [...]

Sidney  on September 22nd, 2010

erm, this is something like coffee liquor…wondering how it taste ??

Mary  on September 22nd, 2010

@claire - I have tried with Biscuit. Sounds good. Have fun baking, Claire :D

@3hungrytummies - Haha….need it every now and then! :D

@Nasi Lemak Lover - Oh yes…come and I can make bottomless for you and me. We will be in coffee heaven…haha :D Happy moon cake festival to you too.

@Lauren @CoffeeMuffins - I definitely can’t break my coffee habit. I just tell myself coffee is good for the soul…haha. I’m sure it makes me a better blogger :D

@tigerfish - Lovely to know that we share similar favourite coffee :D

@denise @ quickies on the dinner table - Haha…I sound like the coffee cupid! :D I think we have too much caffeine in our bodies that’s why we can still sleep well after drinking coffee…haha. Yes, good luck to me for joining the challenge :D

@Sushma Mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

@Olive - I can’t tolerate alcohol too but my body can take some…thank goodness…haha :D

@Priya - Thanks very much, Priya! :D

@Sidney - Oh…it’s really delicious. I like it. I love Baileys :D It’s very different from normal liqueur. It’s an expensive liqueur. Give a try if you have a chance. I only have it in coffee or cakes.

somewhere in singapore  on September 22nd, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u and your family!!!

Angie's Recipes  on September 22nd, 2010

I love baileys! This looks sensational with ice cream!

Jeannie  on September 22nd, 2010

You’ve just made my favourite drink Mary:D I must have a cup of coffee every morning and during lunch to keep me going. SOmetimes I even make another cup at night!

Mary  on September 22nd, 2010

@somewhere in singapore - Same to you, Sharon! I’m sure there’s lots of celebrations going on over there in Singapore. It’s very quiet here as usual :( My house is very quite also…haha…except for a few moon cakes given by a good friend :D

@Angie’s Recipes - Thanks very much, Angie! Lovely to know you love Baileys, too :D

@Jeannie - Wow…you are sure a big coffee drinker! I usually keep to 1 cup a day. So, I’ll make sure I have really good cup of coffee :D

choohk  on September 22nd, 2010

That’s a very inviting cup of coffee with a matching cup! I’m not very good with coffee but will just down the cuppa that my hubby churn out each night :)

suituapui  on September 22nd, 2010

I wouldn’t mind ice cream with 7Up or Sprite float… With Coke, the froth has some kind of dirty appearance because of the colour… Never had that with coffee - should try sometime - with a dash of rum or something. LOL!!!

Barbara  on September 22nd, 2010

Super submission to Lazaro’s “Quickies”, Mary! It sounds like a delicious concoction….I’ll have to try it.
I’ve made ice cream with coffee and Bailey’s and it was delish.

Faith  on September 22nd, 2010

What a lovely float Mary! Good luck in the competition!

anncoo  on September 22nd, 2010

I would definitely love to try this, looks so tempting :)

Shirley@kokken69  on September 22nd, 2010

I am only a social coffee drinker but love coffee flavors in pastries and desserts…

Rachana  on September 22nd, 2010

Happy mid-autumn festival to you and yr family. I would definitely try this delicious coffee :-)

Patty Price  on September 22nd, 2010

Congratulations on your entry in the drink challenge, you’ve really created a wonderful dessert made with coffee. I am a regular morning coffee drinker, my drink of choice right now is two shots of espresso with steamed soy milk, in fact I just finished one;)

Simply Life  on September 22nd, 2010

oh wow, that looks so tasty!

Lavanya  on September 22nd, 2010

Awesome….so yumm…. !!


Aipi  on September 22nd, 2010

Sinful..I have to try it out !

US Masala

Belinda @zomppa  on September 22nd, 2010

Oooooooooooooo delectable and wonderfully sinful.

busygran  on September 22nd, 2010

Whoooo….I love Baileys, but unfortunately cannot drink anymore because of the alcohol content! :(
But maybe a little bit can, with ice-cream like yours!

Drick  on September 22nd, 2010

what a way to start or settle a day - think I like your version much better … only drink coffee in the morning, can’t do caffeine after noonish…

Mary  on September 22nd, 2010

This looks delicious, but how could anything made with Bailey’s be anything other than great :-). I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

Katerina  on September 22nd, 2010

What a coincidence. Just the other day my husband asked for Irish coffee. I wish I had this recipe handy at the time.

Mary  on September 22nd, 2010

@choohk - Thanks very much! Whah…your hubby is so sweet to make coffee for you! :D My hubby will only sit and wait….but I don’t trust him to make also. I need coffee my way…hehe :D

@suituapui - I’m not sure how it would be like with rum. Sounds nice, too. Hope you ‘a dash’ doesn’t end up with many dashes….an excuse to drink…haha :D I love root beer float, too. It’s a must if I go to A&W.

@Barbara - Thanks very much, Barbara! Wish me luck :D Have fu making this coffee float!

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! :D Yes, wish me luck..hehe :D

@anncoo - I haven’t have my coffee yet today. Time to run to the kitchen to make one :D Need caffeine fix…haha

@Shirley@kokken69 - That’s good to drink occasionally. I find it difficult not to drink. I love it in desserts, too :D

@Rachana - Thanks very much, Rachana! Same to you, too. Oh, do you celebrate? have fun making this coffee :D

@Patty Price -Thanks very much, Patty! Wish that luck comes my way :D Your coffee sounds very delicious. It’s definitely healthier with the soy milk. Thanks very much for sharing :D Would love to try.

@Simply Life - Thanks very much! :D

@Lavanya - Thanks very much, Lavanya! :D

@Aipi - Yes, give a try. Have fun making your coffee :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Hehe..thanks very much, Belinda! :D

@busygran - Yes, add a little bit. It makes a lot of difference to your coffee. You won’t get drunk….haha :D

@Drick - I’m sure we can cook better after a caffeine kick…haha :D

@Mary - Thanks very much, Mary! Yes, Baileys is just best :D Hope you have a great day, too!

@Katerina - Looks like we need to give a shout of our cravings on our blog…haha! :D I’m sure your husband loves your coffee…seasoned with love :D

Skyler  on September 22nd, 2010

On the hornbills, I lived in Malaysia for 5 years working for UNDP, and I remember the beating of the wings of the giant hornbills in Taman Negara, very, very magical. Thank you for reminding me of that amazing journey.

Tanvi  on September 22nd, 2010

very beautiful & creamy cuppa coffee!

lequan  on September 22nd, 2010

Mary, Baileys is my all time favorite creamy alcoholic drink. The first time I had a sip of it, it was love at first sip. Did you know they sell Baileys chocolate at Costco? It’s chocolate with Baileys inside. A nice surprise I’d say. I have to make sure I keep those away from the kiddies though…teehee.

Your drink is such a wonderful concoction. I can see coffee addicts everywhere going crazy over this. What a great entry for the challenge Mary!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef  on September 22nd, 2010

I love coffee, Baileys and ice cream, so it’s safe to say I like this drink! I’m loving the coffee that I’m drinking right now - a blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sumatran Lintong Lake Toba, Guatemalan Antigua Los Volcanes and Papua New Guinean Nambayufa. It’s so heady and rich and perfect to get me going in the morning.

Good luck in the contest too Mary!

Arnold  on September 22nd, 2010

This looks super. I love coffee, I like Baileys and I am nuts for ice cream. Now why didn’t I think of this combination. Thanks for this, I just need the Baileys and then I am going to give this a try.

Annie Q  on September 22nd, 2010

Wow!! I love coffee, now you make me want to have a cup of coffee at this hour!!

This baileys coffee ice cream look very good!

Mary  on September 22nd, 2010

@Skyler - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Skyler! Wow…you lived in Malaysia for 5 years! Must be a great experience for you :D Yes, I really love the hornbills…beautiful birds!

@Tanvi - Thanks very much, Tanvi! :D

@lequan - Me, too…love at first sip! :D In fact I had never seen a creamy liqueur before that. I first tasted it at a whisky distillery. Oh, I didn’t know they sell Baileys chocolate at Cosco. I have to find that out. Maybe I should learn to make :D Indeed you have to keep them away from your kids otherwise you may be surprised to find them all drunk…haha. I think all of us food bloggers need to pamper ourselves with a good cup of coffee everyday. I’m sure we will cook and blog better after that :D

@Conor @ HoldtheBeef - Oh my gosh…..what a blend of coffee!! I can’t even pronounce the names properly…haha. That must be high dose caffeine in your concoction :D Yes, hope luck comes my way in the contest :D

@Arnold - I’m sure you need a good cup of coffee after a hard day’s work! :D

@Annie Q - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Annie! I am having one right now otherwise I would be suffering looking at that cup of coffee float…haha :D

elra  on September 22nd, 2010

delicious float for the grown up!

bPotash  on September 22nd, 2010

That sounds amazing. I’m gonna try it with intelligentsia coffee.

Wendy  on September 22nd, 2010

That looks lovely! I adore Baileys… I bet that is delicious.

Nithu  on September 22nd, 2010

Oh! I just love it. Love it have a sip right away.

Karen  on September 22nd, 2010

What a great idea! I love that you used ice cream instead. Looks tasty!

Erica  on September 22nd, 2010

I adore coffee!!!!This looks delicious!

Evan @swEEts  on September 22nd, 2010

I could totally go for a big glass of this right now! I love coffee.. I usually go with just a little cream, but if I’m feeling sweet I love a good mocha! oooh chocolate and coffee!

Jess @ Bakericious  on September 22nd, 2010

I can’t drink coffee but I love the fragrant of color, this must be tasted nice :)

Mimi  on September 22nd, 2010

I want to drink coffe with you!

Reeni  on September 22nd, 2010

I’m more of a tea drinker, Mary! But I would never turn down one of these delicious looking floats! What a treat.

Little Inbox  on September 22nd, 2010

I like coffee, but I’m not allow to drink more than half cup. :( My body can’t stand of it.

love2cook  on September 22nd, 2010

WOW Coffee Float looks so refreshing. I don’t take consume much coffee but like to have it once a while. ;)

Blackswan  on September 22nd, 2010

Baileys, one of my fave liquor. I’d definitely love to try your drink!

Hop over to give my easy-to-do Tiramisu a try since you’ve a bottle of Baileys now :)

If you do try, let me know your review. Cheers!

Monet  on September 23rd, 2010

Wow, Mary! You have me sold! This is my first time visiting your site, and I don’t know if you could have picked a more perfect or tempting recipe! I adore coffee…and baileys always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing!

Cristina - Teenie Cakes  on September 23rd, 2010

Mary this Bailey’s Coffee Ice Cream float is absolutely marketable! Gorgeous drink that sounds just plain delicious. :) Nicely done.

the lacquer spoon  on September 23rd, 2010

What a tempting treat with a hint of the irish liqour! I’d like to ask you to make one for me ;)

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@elra - Yes, sure this is only for adults :D

@bPotash - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment! :D

@Wendy - Thans very much, Wendy! Lovely to know you love Baileys, too :D

@Nithu - Thanks very much, Nithu! :D

@Karen - Thanks very much, Karen! :D

@Erica - Thanks very much, Erica! You must be a great coffee drinker :D

@Evan @swEEts - Ooooh…I love mocha…my favourite drink! If I have coffee outside, usually at Starbucks or Costa, I would go for mocha…..just love it! :D

@Jess @ Bakericious - So sorry to know that you can’t drink coffee. Maybe you can make other type of float. Oh yes….what about Milo float? Looks quite similar :D Or maybe chocolate float. I think I would love to try.

@Mimi - Please come! We will have bottomless coffee and have fun chatting and eating :D

@Reeni - Thanks very much, Reeni! I must make a special one for you :D

@Little Inbox - Oh wow…then you must really have a very good half cup! :D

@love2cook - Thanks very much! Try this one if you drink again :D

@Blackswan - Lovely to know you love Baileys, too. I love Tiramisu…..just delicious. Thanks very much for the link. Yours looks very delicious. I would love to make soon….mmmm…more Baileys! :D

@Monet - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Monet! Lovely to know you love coffee and Baileys, too :D

@Cristina - Teenie Cakes - Thanks very much for your lovely comment, Cristina! Now I wish to open a cafe :D

@the lacquer spoon - Thanks very much! Come, I’ll make bottomless Baileys coffee for you…drink as much as you want :D

Sidney  on September 23rd, 2010

i tried baileys before but not too like it…abit creammy..

Cenwen  on September 23rd, 2010

Olala! terrible! I’ve never tasted, but your pictures make me want!

I cross my fingers and I send lots of good vibes for you to win! But with a recipe so greedy, I do not make me worry for the result!

I wish you a good weekend!


penny aka jeroxie  on September 23rd, 2010

I love baileys on everything! You make me want to go out and get some bailey coz mine is almost gone!

deeba  on September 23rd, 2010

I ♥ coffee too and makes my world go round…. but this float takes it to a higher level altogether! YUM!! What a great idea!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake  on September 23rd, 2010

That’s sinful! I love Baileys and never saw it used like this!

Joanne  on September 23rd, 2010

It’s a good thing I have a bottle of Bailey’s sitting on my counter otherwise I’d have to run out and buy one (at 7AM). This sounds delicious!

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@Sidney - Yes, it’s a bit creamy. I only like it in coffee or cakes :D

@Cenwen - Thanks very much, Isabelle! I do hope luck comes my way :D Hope you have a lovely day, too! Muuuaaak.

@penny aka jeroxie - Wow…you sound like a Baileys queen…haha :D

@deeba - Thank God for coffee drinkers like us. We make the world go round and a better place to live in…haha…cos we are happier people :D

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - Haha…now you can try :D Add more Baileys if you like it. I don’t think I can…will be drunk…haha

@Joanne - Knowing you, I think you would dash out at 7am to buy a bottle of Baileys…haha. Not only that, you’ll probably end up buying other stuff, too :D I always end up buying more than what I want in the first place :P

Cathy at Wives with Knives  on September 23rd, 2010

I just happen to have a bottle of Baileys in the cupboard and would love this delicious drink. This is my idea of a perfect ice cream float.

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[...] Keep Learning Keep Smiling » Baileys Coffee Ice Cream Float [...]

Treat and Trick  on September 23rd, 2010

What a perfect drink! Great combo and looks great..

Devaki @weavethousandflavors  on September 23rd, 2010

Few things beat an awesome Irish coffee…I LOVE this for so many reason but mostly for the wodnerful memories it evokes of my years back home :)

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog  on September 23rd, 2010

You touched a sensible point - I could be almost addict to Baileys and more in a coffee, positively sinful :)



Biren @ Roti n Rice  on September 23rd, 2010

The aroma of Irish cofee is awesome and it really does go well with ice cream. A wonderful submission for the challenge. All the best!

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@Cathy at Wives with Knives - Have fun making and drinking your Baileys coffee ice cream float! I need to make one again, too :D

@Treat and Trick - Thanks very much! :D

@Devaki @weavethousandflavors - Thanks very much for sharing, Devaki! :D

@Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog - Haha…looks like you need many cups a day of this Baileys Coffee :D

@Biren @ Roti n Rice -Thanks very much Biren! Hope luck comes my way :D

Nadji  on September 23rd, 2010

J’adore le Bayleys. Ta crème glacée est pour moi.
See soon.

Jen Cheung  on September 23rd, 2010

yummms. this cup of baileys coffee is really good. for myself - im not a really big coffee drinker. but this summer - i have to have a cup of ice coffee from tim hortons to satisfy me. other than that - usually i dont drink coffee lah :)

have a wonderful day !!!
jen @

Stella  on September 23rd, 2010

Yum Mary! I love Bailey’s Irish Cream-your float looks delicious. Oh, and I love Irish food too. Your daughter has reliable taste buds in my book (smile)…

Velva  on September 23rd, 2010

I see you have discovered the pleasures of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Cheers to you! This is a fabulous drink. Good luck on the challenge.

Krista  on September 23rd, 2010

Oh Mary, this is beautiful and SO delicious!! :-) I can’t wait to try this very soon. :-)

rebecca  on September 23rd, 2010

wow this looks great and thats some good coffee you got there

sweetlife  on September 23rd, 2010

oh I could use about three of these today…perfect for my busy day..yummy, great entry

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@Nadji - Lovely to know you love Baileys, too! This drink would be prefect for you :D

@Jen Cheung - Must be a lovely experience to drink coffee at tim hortons. I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I do need good ones :D Hope you have a wonderful day, too.

@Stella - My daughter would love you lots! :D These days I have to catch up on her eating adventure….from Mexican to Irish! Wonder what’s next! I’m fast becoming an International cook…haha

@Velva - Thanks very much, Velva! Hope luck comes my way :D

@Krista - Thanks very much, Krista! Have fun making this drink :D

@rebecca - Thanks very much, Rebecca! A good coffee sure makes a difference…keeps me going back for more :D

@sweetlife - Wow…you must be a super coffee drinker :D I have much to catch up…hehe

Carolyn Jung  on September 23rd, 2010

Bailey’s is one of the first liqueurs I first fell in love with, even, uh, before I was of legal age. Hah. Should I admit that? But I mean, come on, who can resist that creamy, coffee goodness? ;)

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Kristi Rimkus  on September 23rd, 2010

I love that you buy fair trade and organic! My husband will love the drink. Bailey’s, coffee and ice cream. Can’t beat that!  on September 23rd, 2010

hello , love coffee, but am a regular nescafe’ drinker not the sophisticated type. No starbucks around here :). Have a nice day

Cheah  on September 23rd, 2010

Your coffee looks soooo inviting and the glass looks so cute too!

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@Carolyn Jung - Oh wow……you are sure very honest to confess that…haha :D

@Kristi Rimkus - Thanks very much, Kristi! :D - If you ever have a chance, give this a try….for a different kick :D

@Cheah - Thanks very much, Cheah! :D

5 Star Foodie  on September 24th, 2010

I want that tonight for dessert, yum!

Mary  on September 24th, 2010

@5 Star Foodie - That’s wonderful! I need to make one for myself, too :D

Spoon and Chopsticks  on September 25th, 2010

Great drink, Mary. This must be really good.

Mary  on September 25th, 2010

@Spoon and Chopsticks - It is very good. I really like it. Give a try :D

Ananda Rajashekar  on September 25th, 2010

wow Mary, though am not coffee fan am intruded to give it a try…and with vanilla icecream…am screaming :) but bailey Irish cream is something i like with few ice :)

Light Delight with TouTou  on September 25th, 2010

Whoa Mary! that was beautiful ! it is one of my favorite drink and I have never bold enough to made it myself! thank you for the recipe! That will surprise all my party guest tomorrow!

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tasteofbeirut  on September 26th, 2010

This is a wonderful drink! I love Bailey’s too and really would get soon addicted to this float!

Mary  on September 27th, 2010

@Ananda Rajashekar - I would love with ice if in Malaysia but not here, especially now….so cold…..brrrr. But Baileys bering smiles :D Hope you like it.

@Light Delight with TouTou - Whao…you will become popular in your party! :D Lovely to know you like it.

@tasteofbeirut - Haha…talk about addiction. I think I am! :D I keep on wanting to run to the kitchen to make one…haha

How do you make iced coffee in a mr. coffee iced tea maker? | Cappuccino espresso maker  on September 28th, 2010

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petite nyonya  on September 30th, 2010

love this drink!!

Emma @CakeMistress  on October 1st, 2010

Oh wow, I didn’t even know Bailey came in a caramel flavour. This Coffee float sounds so yummy. Thanks!

Mary  on October 2nd, 2010

@petite nyonya - Thanks very much! :D

@Emma @CakeMistress - Thanks very much, Emma! :D

Blogging Tips, Social Networking, Food Blogs: Best of the Week  on February 14th, 2011

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LeQuan  on May 2nd, 2011

I totally forgot you had this drink! I want one right now! I just posted a picture of Baileys on my FB and then I stumble on this in your recipes. I told you there was a weird connection here. Ok so you won’t Mary me (haha), how about adopting me? I promise to tone down my crazy. Teehee.

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