Braised Pork With Miso Paste

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Braised pork with miso paste

Braised pork with miso paste

I love meat cooked in Korean hot bean paste or Japanese miso paste. It gives a very lovely flavour to meat dishes. I remember a vegetarian friend of mine cooks miso soup everyday. It’s very delicious. I had a pack of belly pork in my fridge that needs to be used up.

I know many would avoid belly pork because of it’s high fat and quickly relate it to high cholesterol. But if we eat meat in moderation, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, exercise a lot, cut down on stress and smile more, we will have less to worry about cholesterol and other sicknesses. Try to eat food as close to nature (meaning in it’s original form) as possible for better health. For example, choose fresh meat to canned, processed meat, butter to margarine, fresh fruits to canned fruits, pure sea salt to table salt, olive oil to vegetable oil, pure cane sugar or honey to artificial sweetener……and the list goes on. If you really need to, don’t eat it too often.

I remember I saw a chicken dish cooked with miso at Ann’s blog, Anncoo. It looks very delicious. So there I went…everything in a pot to be braised….just what I like best…easy and simple!

Miso paste

Miso paste

Miso paste is fermented beans and is one of the healthiest food. It is widely used in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. It is high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Here’s my braised pork with miso paste recipe. It’s very simple and easy to cook. It’s very delicious with rice. Add more sugar if you like it sweeter.

600g belly pork (cut into bite size pieces)
2 medium potatoes (peel and diced)
2T miso paste
1T light soya sauce
2T dark soya sauce
a few slices of ginger
1T sugar
1C water

Pork with miso and seasoning

Pork with miso and seasoning

Cut belly pork into bit size pieces. Put into a pot with all the seasonings.

Add potatoes

Add potatoes

Add potato and water and cook using medium heat until the pork is soft. Stir one or 2 times in between cooking just to make sure it’s not burnt at the bottom. Add more water if needed. Adjust seasoning according to your taste. Dish it up and serve hot. This is a very delicious dish to go with rice. You can cook more and keep in the fridge. The flavour develops overnight and tastes better the next day.

I did not add any oil as the belly pork is oily enough. I also did not add any corn flour mixture to thicken as the potatoes are soft and give a thickening effect.

Do you use bean paste in your cooking? What is our favourite dish with bean paste? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Pepy @Indonesia Eats  on September 20th, 2010

The idea was very similar braised salmon belly in miso sauce that I posted before. Are we having telepathy now? Miso feeling LOL

kristy  on September 20th, 2010

The colour of your braised pork looks like curry and it’s so very tempting. I noticed that there’re actually 2 types of miso paste. One is darker and one is lighter in colour. But do they taste the same? I just bought one sample trial pack.. still in the fridge! haha… Thanks for saring & hope you’re enjoying your day, Mary.
p/s any news from Divina? I last heard from her was 2 months back. She’s extrememly busy. Will write to her again soon.

claire  on September 20th, 2010

This dish can be kept few days..more seasoned and tastier.. :)

Jess @ Bakericious  on September 20th, 2010

Mary, the color looks like curry leh :). I bet must be delicious, me and husband love miso, yum yum.

Dr.Sameena Prathap  on September 20th, 2010

Hi Mary,

Amazing looking pork…yummy…


Sidney  on September 20th, 2010

hmmm, this is something new that I had never hear before…what is the taste?

Nasi Lemak Lover  on September 20th, 2010

I like to cook this way too, but normally i use the Chinese soy paste, next time I would like to change it to miso paste, yours look so yummy.

penny aka jeroxie  on September 20th, 2010

Good idea! I have miso paste to use up too.

Priya  on September 20th, 2010

Interesting dish, never tried anything with miso paste..

Sushma Mallya  on September 20th, 2010

I dont eat pork so will def use something else instead with this dish, looks nice…hearing abt the miso paste for the first time

Mary  on September 20th, 2010

@Pepy @Indonesia Eats - Looks like we are in the same wavelength…LOL :D I love cooking with bean paste.

@kristy - Haha…didn’t think of that. Now when I look at it, it does look like curry! My curry always look red that’s why it didn’t cross my mind. The paler miso is more mild compared to the darker colour. I love this mild one as it’s great to make miso tofu soup, too. Have fun cooking with your miso paste :D Hope you have a lovely day, too. No have not heard from Divina for quite a while. Need to drop her a few lines again. She has been very busy.

@claire - You are very right….the taste develops over the days :D

@Jess @ Bakericious - Ya, just thought about it when Kristy mentioned about it above…haha :D It is delicious. Hope you and your husband like this dish.

@Dr.Sameena Prathap - Thanks very much, Dr! :D

@Sidney - It tastes like normal bean paste but more mild. Maybe you can ask your mom to cook. You can use other meat. Hope you like it. I like it…delicious with rice :D

@Nasi Lemak Lover - Thanks very much, Sonia. I also love to use the sweet soya bean paste back home. I used to cook meat and fish with that…very delicious. But I can’t get it here. Give this miso paste a try. I like it :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Have fun cooking with miso paste :D

@Priya - Give a try. Miso is a health food and also delicious used in dips, cooked with meat or make soup with it. I like it :D

@Sushma Mallya - Miso paste is delicious cooked with other meat or even tofu. Give a try. Hope you like it, too :D

Drick  on September 20th, 2010

now this is a nice comfort meal - must be wonderful flavors with the pork, paste and ginger… looks so delicious

Belinda @zomppa  on September 20th, 2010

Pork belly in anything is good! This could be fantastic.

Katerina  on September 20th, 2010

I’never made it. It looks very comforting.

rebecca  on September 20th, 2010

great recipe I need to find me some more miso pasta

rebecca  on September 20th, 2010

great recipe I need to get me some miso paste

Mary  on September 20th, 2010

I should be ashamed to admit how much I like pork belly. This sounds like a perfect dish to serve on a damp and chilly day. Today is a damp and chilly day :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

Angie's Recipes  on September 20th, 2010

I am not familiar cooking with Japanese miso. This looks like a hearty and delicious main dish.

lequan@luvtoeat  on September 20th, 2010

My parents would love this dish Mary. They are a big fan of belly pork meat and they like to braise their meat too, but I don’t think they’ve ever done it with miso. They usually have eggs and some kind of fish in theirs. I don’t pay much attention. I’ll definitely suggest this recipe to them though. It sounds great and I don’t even hardly eat pork :-D

Arnold  on September 20th, 2010

There is a lot of ingredients here that I have not heard of before. The Korean hot bean paste sounds like it is something that will suit my tastes. As always you have now given me a lot of stuff to go Google. Pork prepared in any way is always a hit with me. Thanks for showing some new stuff (for me anyway) that I can go and try.

elra  on September 20th, 2010

That pork look really luscious, it does making me hungry. Thanks for sharing the recipe Mary.

Namitha  on September 20th, 2010

That looks absolutely delicious..Have to get hold os Miso paste during my next visit to Asian stores

Karen  on September 20th, 2010

I always have miso paste in my fridge…this looks like a great use for it. The pork belly looks fantastic!

lisa ng  on September 20th, 2010

Hi Mary! oooooh all this umami loveliness cooked with the pork belly, what a treat!
I agree the next day it gets better… did it all just melted in your mouth :) yum!
Thank you for this simple and tasty recipe,
Oh yes i went coo coo when i saw the Chicken dish at Anncoo’s blog thx you too

Cooking Gallery  on September 20th, 2010

This is such a comforting dish! I love miso paste :)!

lisaiscooking  on September 20th, 2010

Great reminder to use miso more often! It adds such great flavor.

Faith  on September 20th, 2010

I love miso paste, it adds such a deep flavor! The meat looks very tender, what a great dish!

Kamalika  on September 20th, 2010

I have seen so many times the miso paste in the market..but never dare to buy it..only in thought how it be tasted….you curry looks very tempting…

I have bought plum sauce to make your plum chicken…

Juliana  on September 20th, 2010

I love miso and have tried to cook with chicken, beef, fish, but have yet to try with pork…looks delicious…please can I have it with a bowl of rice? :-)

Tanvi  on September 20th, 2010

This looks really yummy..tried miso with chicken once and liked it a lot…will try your way next.
your dish looks gorgeous!

Stella  on September 20th, 2010

Hey Mary! Yes, miso does impart excellent flavor to both meats and vegetables. And you just reminded me to put it on my grocery list;-) Thanks. Oh, and your pork sounds delicious too…!

Anh  on September 20th, 2010

I love anything miso, and this sounds fantastic!

Blackswan  on September 20th, 2010

Mary, I’d one of these just the other day at a restaurant & tried cooking them. I also added radish & carrots to it & it tasted great :)

5 Star Foodie  on September 20th, 2010

I love this idea of braising pork in the miso paste - a must try for sure!

Carolyn Jung  on September 20th, 2010

People who shy away from pork belly just do not know what they are missing. If given the choice, I’d pick a small cube of pork belly over a gigantic burger any day. ;)

Biren @ Roti n Rice  on September 20th, 2010

Yes, meat with miso is really delicious. This dish is so easy to prepare but it is big on flavor. I think a little belly pork once in a while is okay.

Elin  on September 20th, 2010

Mary..this is real comfort food. Love miso paste in braising pork. I will pick one tub the next visit to the supermart :) thanks for sharing this delicious dish :)

Cheah  on September 20th, 2010

I’ve yet to get some miso paste to try. Your dish looks great and I do remember that Anncoo has one post on that too!

TasteHongKong  on September 21st, 2010

I always cook with miso paste in soup, in sauce or even as the only ingredient in broth. As you said, it is healthy and delicious.

tigerfish  on September 21st, 2010

I need to buy some miso paste soon!

noobcook  on September 21st, 2010

I love braised meats, neat idea to use miso because it’s so salty and deliciously savoury :)

Mary  on September 21st, 2010

@Drick - Thanks very much, Drick! Yes, delicious meal :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Thanks very much, Belinda! :D

@Katerina - Give a try. It’s very delicious :D You can use other meat.

@rebecca - Yes, give a try. I’m sure you can find miso paste at your place. I was able to find it at Sainsbury here :D

@Mary - Aha….we are in the same boat. I don’t eat it often but if I eat, I just eat to my heart’s content…the fattier the better, especially on cold days :D Hope you have a great day, too.

@Angie’s Recipes - Give a try. It’s delicious. Hope you can get miso paste there. Great with rice….mmm :D

@lequan@luvtoeat - My family grew up on belly pork. I remember my mom always bought belly pork. I love her braised pork with a lot of sauce but I was too young to remember how she cooked it…sad :( I’m sure how your parents cook it is very delicious. LeQuan, learn from them while you can. I wish I had learned all my mom’s recipe! Have fun cooking and take care :D

@Arnold - Haha…sounds like I’m giving you homework to do! :D Hope you can get the Korean hot bean paste or miso paste there. Have fun cooking :D I’m learning lots from you, too.

@elra - Thanks very much, Elra! Have fun cooking :D

@Namitha - Thanks very much, Namitha! Have fun cooking :D

@Karen - Thanks very much, Karen! Would be easy for you as you have miso paste in your fridge. Have fun cooking :D

@lisa ng - I bet you…the feel in the mouth was just awesome and the flavour was so good…mmm :D So, this is the 2nd miso meat dish that you have seen. You must be drooling…haha. Time to cook :D

@Cooking Gallery - Thanks very much! Lovely to know you love miso paste too :D

@lisaiscooking - Indeed, it adds lovely flavour! Have fun cooking :D

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! Lovely to know that you love miso paste, too :D

@Kamalika - Give a try using miso paste. It’s delicious and healthy. Hope you like it. Wow….cooking plum sauce chicken! Can’t wait to see your dish and hear how you like it :D I have to cook again, too.

@Juliana - Come…I’ll cook a big pot and we can enjoy it all by ourselves :D Lovely to know you love miso paste, too.

@Tanvi - Thanks very much, Tanvi! Lovely to know you like miso with chicken. Have fun cooking :D

@Stella - Thanks very much, Stella! Lovely to know you like cooking with miso, too. Hope you have writing it down on your shopping list…reminder here :D

@Anh - Lovely to know you love miso, too! :D

@Blackswan - Oooh…that sounds delicious. I must add carrots and radish next time. I love carrots :D That will add some natural sweetness and make it even more nutritious…mmm. Thanks very much for sharing, Shirley!

@5 Star Foodie - Thanks very much, Natasha! Have fun cooking :D

@Carolyn Jung - Haha….you are so funny! :D If I am very hungry, I don’t mind to trade with you a small piece of belly pork over a gigantic burger…LOL. I sure know who to look for when I am very hungry :D

@Biren @ Roti n Rice - Both of us are active, so we can eat more belly pork…hehe :D

@Elin - Lovely to know you like miso paste too. we do eat healthy, right? Never mind about the fatty pork…hehe. Have fun cooking :D

@Cheah - Thanks very much, Cheah! Have fun cooking with miso :D

@TasteHongKong - sound like a miso queen…haha :D I have to catch up. I love miso tofu soup. Need to cook again soon.

@tigerfish - Yes, get it soon and have fun cooking :D

@noobcook - Thanks very much! Yes, it’s really delicious…mmm :D

anncoo  on September 21st, 2010

Mary, I am going to cook miso paste with pork belly. Looks so delicious!

Dongxing  on September 21st, 2010

Hi Mary. Never thought of miso with pork, although I have done grilled salmon with miso many times. We love belly pork. In fact, just cooked braised belly pork with soya sauce, cloves, star anise, garlic and chinese mushrooms for dinner last night. I like one-pot dish very much - it’s quick, no oil required and mess-free! Will definitely give this recipe a try the next time belly pork comes up in our menu. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah  on September 21st, 2010

Your dish is similar to pongteh (subst miso for taucheo)and your belly pork looks lean. Yum.

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on September 21st, 2010

Miso paste is very handy. I found it goes really well with pork and other meats. :)

Catherine  on September 21st, 2010

This looks wonderful and delicious Mary! Great recipe!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Aipi  on September 21st, 2010

Lovely looking dish..though I don’t eat pork..the miso paste sounds interesting..have never cooked with it yet..will give it a shot!

US Masala

Ivy @ My Simple Food  on September 21st, 2010

I was just thinking yesterday that I am so new and not adventurous in my cooking as I hardly go out from my Chinese zone of oyster sauce, soy sauce etc, I should start using some Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean paste…

mycookinghut  on September 21st, 2010

Looks very appetising! The pork looks really tender!

tasteofbeirut  on September 21st, 2010

This pork dish with miso paste sounds easy to make and delicious! I have never cooked with miso and it is high time I tried it! My brother loves it, he lived in Singapore and can’t get enough of it.

Jen Cheung  on September 21st, 2010

yumms. i love potatoes as you know. and I hafn’t been eating much potato lately. Which your picture makes me crave for them. Potato and pork is just a great combination. I would end up drinking all the sauce/miso soup too. hahaha Thanks for sharing :)

have a lovely tuesday love.
jen @

Joanne  on September 21st, 2010

I love the flavor of miso…it’s probably why I like Japanese food so much! this pork dish looks fantastic. Fall-off-the-bone good.

3hungrytummies  on September 21st, 2010

That must taste so good!

Krista  on September 21st, 2010

I’ve only ever had miso in soup - but I adore braised pork and this looks absolutely delicious. :-) Can’t wait to use miso more.

sophia  on September 22nd, 2010

I LOVE pork belly. My mom made it from time to time, with ginger. I’ve never tried a miso version but talk about upping the umami factor! Amazing.

Mimi  on September 22nd, 2010

What a delicious recipe for pork belly.

Mary  on September 23rd, 2010

@anncoo - Have fun cooking! I think the fattier the belly pork, the better :D

@Dongxing - Lovely to know you love belly pork, too :D I love your braised belly pork, too. Mushrooms and the spices gives it beautiful flavour. Just sooooo good with rice…yum :D I have to cook that, too. It’s quite long I have not cooked it.

@Sarah - Oh, new word that I learn…pongteh. I have to check that out. I need to go and buy taucheo. I’m drooling :D

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Indeed it is. I really like it :D

@Catherine - Thanks very much, Catherine! :D Hope you have a wonderful week, too.

@Aipi - You can use miso for other dishes, like tofu or even vegetables. It tastes very delicious, too. I love miso tofu soup. I need to cook it again :D

@Ivy @ My Simple Food - Ivy, you are not alone. I used to stick to my few sauces, too, in my cooking. But I think blogging has helped me to be more daring to venture out. It makes me want to learn new ingredients and new dishes. Together, we can learn from each other and become better cooks :D You actually cook very well. You have really nice recipes on your blog. I love them :D

@mycookinghut - Thanks very much! :D

@tasteofbeirut - Thanks very much, Joumana! Give a try at miso paste. I like it very much. Lovely to know that your brother likes sit very much, too :D

@Jen Cheung - Haha…add more water to make it more saucy, then you can enjoy more and really drink it :D Totally agree with you that potatoes and pork is a great combination. I love how the potatoes thicken the sauce. Hope you have a lovely day, too.

@Joanne - Thanks very much, Joanne! Lovely to know you love miso paste, too :D

@3hungrytummies - It sure does! :D

@Krista - Thanks very much, Krista! Have fun cooking :D

@sophia - Lovely to know you love pork belly, too. We grew up eating lots of pork belly. Thank goodness we have no cholesterol problem :D I love it cooked with ginger, too.

@Mimi - Thanks very much, Mimi! :D

Karolina  on September 24th, 2010

I could easily eat bowl or two now, as the weather is not very good, and I struggle with terrible cold. This pork looks delicious and comfroting, something that I really need. :) And bravo for using belly pork - a cheap and underestimated cut. :) Cheers from Dales!

Mary  on September 25th, 2010

@Karolina - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Karolina! Oh I really dislike the cold here, too :( Need to eat more warming food. Please take care. :D

Ananda Rajashekar  on September 25th, 2010

I love Japanese food with Miso base, i actually haven’t ate pork in my life, but am very mach intruded to taste seeing your recipe…oh ya agree mary, best way to keep a healthy life is with big smile and good quality food :D happy weeekend

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge  on September 26th, 2010

ohhh….I have some miso paste in the fridge. Might be a good idea to use it for something other than the normal miso soup. althought Miso covered eggplant sounds good too.

Mary  on September 28th, 2010

@Ananda Rajashekar - You can try with other meat. I usually cook with fish or chicken. Even good with tofu. Keep smiling for better health :D

@Maria@TheGourmetChallenge - Your miso covered eggplant sounds very delicious. I would love to try, Thanks very much for sharing, Maria! :D

Lisa~Korean American Mommy  on September 28th, 2010

This dish looks delicious Mary! I’ve never had miso pork. I bet it was amazing.

Mary  on October 8th, 2010

@Lisa~Korean American Mommy - Give a try. It’s very delicious :D

winifredrose  on October 19th, 2010

i hv been hearing ‘miso’n seeing ‘miso’ but was not adventerous to try….but seeing yr recipe will get some ‘miso’ n give it a try…tnks for sharing

Mary  on October 19th, 2010

@winifredrose -Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Winifredrose! Miso is very delicious cooked with meat or soup. Give a try. It’s very simple to use. Have fun cooking :D

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