Double Chocolate Cookies

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Double chocolate cookies

Double chocolate cookies

These chocolate cookies must be the most chocolatey cookies I have ever made. My children love chocolate cookies so I thought I’ll give them a treat for being rather helpful lately. Flipping through my cookbook, my eyes sparkled at Double Chocolate Cookies by Donna Hay. I was amazed at the amount of chocolate used. I was so excited to try. I even doubled the portion thinking that this would be the best chocolate cookies.

When the cookies were baked, they were soft and very chocolatey but quite bitter because of the amount of dark chocolate used. My children didn’t like them….so sad. I also didn’t quite like them….more sad. I thought I was in trouble. What am I going to do with these cookies? Maybe I should turn them into some form of mess like Eton Mess. I was thinking that mixing them into ice cream may be a great idea. I can call it Mary Mess…haha

However, the next day, my children were munching away happily. They said the cookies were really delicious. I thought I heard it wrongly. I tried one and indeed it was delicious. But it was so rich and chocolatey I can only eat one or two at a time. Apparently after a day, they became delicious. Interesting! Phew…a big relief!

Here is the Double Chocolate Cookies recipe. It is rather simple to make.

Ingredients A
220g butter
1 & 1/2 C brown sugar
2 eggs
2t vanilla

Butter, sugar and egg mixture

Butter, sugar and egg mixture

Beat butter and sugar in a mixing bowl until light and creamy. Add in eggs and vanilla and continue to beat for a couple of minutes.

Ingredients B
2C plain flour
1/2C cocoa powder
2t soda

Ingredients C
250g dark chocolate, melted
560g dark chocolate, extra, roughly chopped

Chocolate mixture

Chocolate mixture

Sieve Ingredients B into the butter mixture above. Add the melted dark chocolate in Ingredients C and mix well.

Stir in chopped dark chocolate

Stir in chopped dark chocolate

Stir in the chopped dark chocolate and mix.

Cookies ready to be baked

Cookies ready to be baked

Scoop tablespoonfuls of dough onto a paper lined tin and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. Cool and enjoy. They are very good with a cup of coffee, tea or milk.

What is your favourite drink to go with chocolate cookies? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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anncoo  on August 9th, 2010

Hi Mary, I’m the first one here, so you can share some of your yummy chocolate cookies with me :)

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

@anncoo - Whah…you are an early bird today…big smiles here! :D Come….I still have 3 pieces in the box. Will reserve that for you :P Will make more when you get on the flight…haha

3hungrytummies  on August 9th, 2010

Haha love the Mary mess Mary!

zurin  on August 9th, 2010

sure looks chocolatey! i wld like that…maybe for raya :))

claire  on August 9th, 2010

Maybe these choc cookies are like certain chinese dishes, must leave overnight then only “yap mei” (better absorption) LOL…

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Jess @ Bakericious  on August 9th, 2010

Mary, the cookies look so chocolately, I love it!

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

@3hungrytummies - Haha….I love it too! :D

@zurin - Oh yes, raya is just round the corner. Bet you will be very busy cooking and baking. I really miss all the raya kuih and cakes. They are just soooooo delicious…mmmm :D

@claire - I guess so, but never heard of cookies that would only taste better the next day…haha :D

@Jess @ Bakericious - You must be one great chocolate lover! This would be perfect for you :D

sushma mallya  on August 9th, 2010

lovely cookies,looks amazing..

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Belinda @zomppa  on August 9th, 2010

Mind sending some over here??

shirley@køkken69  on August 9th, 2010

This is definitely one dark and chocolately cookie… perfect with milk!

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rebecca  on August 9th, 2010

they look great and so pleased they got better with age he he

busygran  on August 9th, 2010

WoW! What are those super-duper chocolatey cookies doing in your kitchen? They should be in my tummy! ;P

Swathi  on August 9th, 2010

A chocoholic delight. Looks delicious.

elra  on August 9th, 2010

Delicious cookies. Simply irresistible!

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

@sushma mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Come, I will make more for you than I send :D

@shirley@køkken69 - Perfect combination. I like it too :D

@rebecca - It’s interesting, right? :D I would love to make them again :D

@busygran - Haha….they are in my tummy first! You have to come here :D

@Swathi - Haha…very right to say it’s chocoholic delight :D They will really love me…haha

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Joy  on August 9th, 2010

That looks heavenly.

Kamalika  on August 9th, 2010

THe cookies surely looks very soft…and tempting too….

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

@Joy - Thanks very much, Joy! :D

@Kamalika - Thanks very much, Kamalika! :D

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Jeannie  on August 9th, 2010

Is this soft centred or crispy version Mary? So much chocolates in it all chocolate lovers will be in heaven with this cookie :D

lequan@luvtoeat  on August 9th, 2010

Haha Mary Mess, cute! You are such a great Mom to always make such deliciousness for your kids. I hope I will be like you when I “grow up” teehee. Right now I’m still learning so many things about parenting. You are such an inspiration! I know I’ve told you that many times but I really mean it. Glad those cookies turned out in the end!

Juliana  on August 9th, 2010

Mary, these chocolate cookies really look yummie, can I have some?

Faith  on August 9th, 2010

These cookies look like the perfect solution for a chocolate craving! Absolutely delicious, Mary!

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

@Jeannie - This is soft cookies…very delicious. Yes, all chocolate lovers will be in chocolate heaven eating these…haha :D

@lequan@luvtoeat - Awww…LeQuan, thanks very much for your compliments. I’m still learning and trying to be a better mom…not easy though. I thought sometimes my blood pressure goes very high…haha. I’m always inspired by your family…all those happy times together with your adorable kids. You are a wonderful mom! :D

@Juliana - Of course you can, with greatest pleasure! :D Come…will make lots for you :D

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! Haha….instant satisfaction :D

peggyclyde  on August 9th, 2010

They look so good. I think milk goes with any kind of cookie. Thanks.

Mimi  on August 9th, 2010

So glad that these improved with age!

Chef Dennis  on August 9th, 2010

those are some serious good cookies!! I know what you mean about the bitter sweet chocolate, I usually add milk or semi sweet in for part, but all I had was bittersweet…kind of a shock at first, but they do grow on you!! Great job!

suituapui  on August 9th, 2010

Look good. Chocolate’s good. Comfort food. But I’m not into chocolate stuff…even though a lot of people buy chocs for me when they come back from abroad. :( LOL!!!

Mary  on August 9th, 2010

Wow, these are gorgeous cookies. It is good to hear they age well. They look perfect. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

tigerfish  on August 9th, 2010

I am for anything chocolate - how about making it dark? ;p

Anna  on August 9th, 2010

Yummmm, double chocolate….delicious. Have a nice week Mary

Blackswan  on August 9th, 2010

Bought a new oven but still haven’t started my baking projects. lol! Will definitely be in my to-bake list :)

teresa  on August 9th, 2010

can’t beat double chocolate!

penny aka jeroxie  on August 9th, 2010

Alot of chocolate love lately. I just made some chocolate delight over the weekend too.

noobcook  on August 9th, 2010

so yummy looking ^^ the double dose of chocs make them doubly delicious :)

Mary  on August 10th, 2010

@peggyclyde - Thanks very much, Peggclyde! :D

@Mimi - It was such a relief to me! :D

@Chef Dennis - There’s still lots for me to learn about chocolate…haha! :D I would love to try with milk chocolate next time for a less bitter cookie……so that I can eat more :P

@suituapui - I don’t really eat chocolate as it is….not brought up that way. But along the way, I learned to use it in baking cos I used to get lots of chocolates from friends like you. I love it in cookies or cakes though :D

@Mary - Thanks very much, Mary. Hope you have a wonderful day, too :D

@tigerfish - You will be in chocolate heaven eating these cookies….haha :D I thought it’s already very dark. Won’t know how to make it darker and more bitter :P

@Anna - Thanks very much, Anna. Hope you have a nice week too :D

@Blackswan - Time to start baking :D Have fun!

@teresa - Thanks very much, Teresa! :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Aha…we must be in chocolate mood…haha :D

@noobcook - Thanks very much! Yes, very chocolatey and delicious.

yummy koh  on August 10th, 2010

yummy chocolate cookies.

Magic of Spice  on August 10th, 2010

Mary these are delightful, they look so moist and chocolaty…It is past my bed time, and a few of these and a cup of herb tea = sweet dreams;)

Elin  on August 10th, 2010

Mary…this chocolate cookies looks delish even though it is simple and easy to make. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

Cenwen  on August 10th, 2010

Olala! My free kingdom for one of your yummy cookies!

I’ll steal your recipe!

Thank you:)

Take care of you!


DG  on August 10th, 2010

Very rich chocolate cookies! Anything with chocolate - simply irresistible :)) So coincidence, I have chocolate cake this week too.

the lacquer spoon  on August 10th, 2010

Wow, that’s soo inviting as a choc lover!!!

Joanne  on August 10th, 2010

I’m not really a chocolate lover but I have been craving it like mad lately! Must have these.

Catherine  on August 10th, 2010

Oooooh these look great for a chocolate fix - and if I were to have these, I’d pair them with a nice hot chocolate! :)

shahana  on August 10th, 2010

Grt recipe! looks so perfect!

Roti n Rice  on August 10th, 2010

I guess these cookies need to sit a little for the taste to settle a little. Glad you all liked it. It does look very chocolatey. I will like it cause I love dark chocolate. Maybe you can send some my way ;)

skip to malou  on August 10th, 2010

Hi mary,
oops i might have arrived too late, are there some more for me hahah… looks like you guys were on chocolated heaven… looks so good, you don’t know how much i want it now and i just woke up… tsk tsk this will be a long day for me hahaha.. have a good day mary!

Angie  on August 10th, 2010

That’s just decadence, those are the best chocolaty cookies I’ve ever seen!

serena @bigapplenosh  on August 10th, 2010

These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

PS Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Cooking Gallery  on August 10th, 2010

These cookies look super delicious and chocolately, just my cup of tea!

Drick  on August 10th, 2010

that is a lot of chocolate - funny how they tasted better the next day….

Patty Price  on August 10th, 2010

These do look rich and chocolatey, nice treat for everybody, thanks for sharing the recipe.

Mary  on August 10th, 2010

@yummy koh - Thanks very much, Koh! :D

@Magic of Spice - You are in chocolate heaven in your dream…haha :D You must be all covered in chocolate…LOL

@Elin - It was a joy and real fun to make them. I would be making them again soon :D

@Cenwen - Absolutely a pleasure that you steal the recipe…haha….if it brings big smiles on your face :D Now I know you really like chocolate. Hugs and muuuuaaak!

@DG - We are both in chocolate heaven enjoying chocolates :D
I think high time I make chocolate cake too.

@the lacquer spoon - You must be drooling now :D

@Joanne - Now I wonder how did that happen…haha. Bet with all those work and running, you do need a high sugar fix! This would be perfect :D

@Catherine - That would be perfect combination…mmm Maybe I should sandwich some with chocolate cream for a more wickedly chocolatey taste! :D

@shahana - Thanks very much, Shahana! :D

@Roti n Rice - I’m surely learning to enjoy dark chocolate more after these cookies. Come….will make lots for you :D

@skip to malou - Oooops….all in our tummies already….haha :D Looks like you want chocolate cookies for breakfast….wow. I think that will make you happy and alive the whole day…haha :D Hope you have a good day too.

@Angie - Thanks very much, Angie! :D

@serena @bigapplenosh - You are most welcome. Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment :D

@Cooking Gallery - Thanks very much! bet you are drooling :D

@Drick - Any magic can happen in cooking I suppose, especially in Mary’s kitchen….hehe :D

@Patty Price - Thanks very much, Patty! :D

Lazaro  on August 10th, 2010

Wonderful cookie recipe. Double chocolate are one of my favorites. Good luck with the Mary Mess idea, sounds interesting.

jo  on August 10th, 2010

Wow double chocolate cookies .. what more could a chocoholic ask for! These look so good!

Cooking for Diabetics  on August 10th, 2010

Very decadent!

Ching  on August 10th, 2010

First time visiting your blog here, nice blog! The cookies look chocolaty and yummy.

Namitha  on August 10th, 2010

yummm..if my daughter sees this she would ask me to make it right away…

5 Star Foodie  on August 10th, 2010

These cookies look super chocolatey and delicious, yum!

Mary  on August 10th, 2010

@Lazaro - Thanks very much, Lazaro! Haha…Mary Mess…should create it one of these days :D

@jo - I think you are already in chocolate heaven just looking at these…haha :D

@Cooking for Diabetics - Thanks very much! :D

@Ching - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Ching! :D

@Namitha - I better show her so that you will make for her…haha :D

@5 Star Foodie - Thanks very much, Natasha! :D

Cajun Chef Ryan  on August 10th, 2010

It looks like a double chocolate cookie! Oh my, I might even see a triple chocolate cookie, just add white chocolate chunks, but no melting!

Bon appetit!

Simply Life  on August 10th, 2010

Oh my, those look dangerously good!

Cheah  on August 10th, 2010

So much chocolate, must be very, very yummy!

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Ellie (Almost Bourdain)  on August 11th, 2010

Chocolate heaven!! So delicious and rich!

Marisa  on August 11th, 2010

Wow, you weren’t kidding about the massive quantity of chocolate in these, were you? They sound (& look) absolutely divine!!!

Mary  on August 11th, 2010

@Cajun Chef Ryan - Aha….now I’m so thrilled to know I can make a more superior chocolate cookies….triple chocolate cookies! Will land myself in a bigger chocolate heaven..haha :D Need to try that soon. Thanks very much for suggesting, Ryan!

@Simply Life - Haha…thanks very much! :D

@Cheah - Utterly chocolatey every bite! :D

@Ellie (Almost Bourdain) - Absolutely…haha :D

@Marisa - I can’t believe the amount of chocolate I used when I made it. Really thankful it turned out well…delicious…mmm! :D

Ananda  on August 11th, 2010

Mary mess, ha ha I love that….they look super chocolaty!

shaz  on August 11th, 2010

Very chocolatey is right! Glad they tasted good the next day. I find that with cupcakes, needs an overnight sitting for the flavours to develop.

Suman Singh  on August 11th, 2010

Cookies looks delightful..

Jen Cheung  on August 11th, 2010

mmmmmmmmmm loooks really good! I want a piece of thattttttt!!!

have a lovely day

sweetlife  on August 11th, 2010

mary mess, love it…great cookies…


Mary  on August 11th, 2010

@Ananda - Haha…I like it too…sounds cute huh :D I have to create one!

@shaz - Isn’t it interesting that they need time for the flavours to develop? Well, I learned something new :D

@Suman Singh - Thanks very much, Suman! :D

@Jen Cheung - Come….will make lots for you! We will be in chocolate heaven together…haha :D

@sweetlife - Haha……I need to make my Mary Mess one day! :D

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Cristina @ TeenieCakes  on August 15th, 2010

Hi Mary! A chocolate lover’s delight, for sure. Cookies and chocolate - the perfect dessert for anytime. :)

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