Meringue With Lemon Cream

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Meringue with lemon cream

Meringue with lemon cream

I’m so thrilled I learned something new……MERINGUE!! I’m just over the moon….so happy! Topped with lemon cream and raspberry and mint leaves, I thought it’s the most beautiful dessert I have made so far. I made this for a party at home over the weekend. There was spring in my steps when I went round serving them to my guests. This is definitely going to be a popular item when I have parties. I had much fun making them. They were very delicious to eat, too. The combination of texture, taste and flavour was really beautiful.

Each time I go to the supermarket, I love to look at all the meringues, well packed in their boxes. They come in different sizes and different shapes. I read about it and I just felt it was too challenging. But last weekend I decided to make them.

I made them on Friday. They turned out well, though in different sizes. It was my first time so it’s excusable….hehe. I was so happy I left it outside to put topping the next day. But to my horror, they became soft! So I put into the warm oven again and really glad they firmed up….phew…huge relief! I only put the cream and garnishing just before serving. They were very delicious and well liked by my friends. I was so happy and so proud of myself. It’s again Keep Learning Keep Smiling!

The recipe is actually very simple.

Ingredients A (meringue)
2 egg whites
1/2C sugar
2t cornflour
1t lemon juice

Ingredients B (lemon cream)
1/2C cream
1T butter
1T lemon juice
1T icing sugar

Well-beat egg white

Well-beat egg white

Beat the egg whites in a bowl until soft peaks formed. Add sugar gradually beating until it’s thick and looks shiny like in the above. Add cornflour and lemon juice and continue to beat until combined.

Meringue ready to be baked

Meringue ready to be baked

Use a piping bag or icing set fitted with a fluted nozzle, pipe the egg white into little nests as shown. I don’t have an icing bag so I used my icing set to pipe them.

Baked meringue

Baked meringue

Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned.. Turn off the oven and let it cool, with the door slightly open. Remove when cool. I think mine were a little over baked. The ones that I saw at the supermarkets are very white. However, they tasted very good. Meringues are supposed to be chewy and not crispy. Mine had the right texture.

Do you like meringues? Do you have a favourite topping? Please share add and comment in the comment box below.

Quote of the day……

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, ‘press on’ has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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claire  on August 2nd, 2010

my goodness, Mary.. those Meringue are awesome! can i have a bite? :) wonder elin knows how to do this or not.. lol… must tell her about this..

anncoo  on August 2nd, 2010

WOW…Mary, Looks so yum..yum.. Did your guests polished all. I remember I made meringue once with chocolate sauce and chopped nuts.

Quinn  on August 2nd, 2010

They look gorgeous mary!!! You can crush some and make Eaton Mess too!

kristy  on August 2nd, 2010

Mary, I also like this kind of goodies. Really yummy especially with lemon cream. Sounds so tempting! Hope you’re enjoying your day.
Cheers, Kristy

Amy @  on August 2nd, 2010

wow. I love meringues, i love lemon cream, i love raspberries and i’m vietnamese so i eat lots of mints. guess whether i would like these or not?!

I think i’m the person you should keep the tray away from at a party because I’d eat it all and no one else would get an oppurtunity! LOL

Olive  on August 2nd, 2010

I love meringue cookies, so light and yummy.. I love your presentation, looks beautiful! :D

somewhere in singapore  on August 2nd, 2010

It’s looks yummy and cute…

Mary  on August 2nd, 2010

@claire - Thanks very much, Claire! Come…I will make lots for you :D Oh…Elin…..I think she knows every bakes under heaven :D She’s just so good in both cooking and baking. You are just so lucky to stay near her. I’m sure you get to eat lots, right? :P

@anncoo - I’m so glad there were a few pieces left…we polished all…haha :D I’m going to try more. Yours sounds very delicious with chocolate sauce and nuts….mmmm

@Quinn - I have to check out on Eaton Mess…new to me again…haha :D Must be fun t make and delicious to eat. Thanks very much for sharing, Quinn! :D

@kristy - Now we are in the same boat again…haha :D Sure, I’m going to enjoy my day with more bakes…hopefully :D Hope you have a fun day, too.

@Amy @ - You are loving everything on my meringue…awesome….haha :D Well, if you are here, I’ll make sure I make many trays :P I think we will end up sitting in a corner and finish off everything…LOL

@Olive - Thanks very much, Olive! We are sharing similar favourite :D

@somewhere in singapore - Thanks very much, Sharon! :D Quite cute like me…LOL

Lynne (PlumLeaf)  on August 2nd, 2010

Wow! Good Job MAry! Glad you remembered to take photos before they were all eaten!
Yes, the moisture in the air does make meringues go soft - guess you leanred hard way! Glad you recovered them!

Eaton Mess is broken meringues, whipped cream and strawberriess lightly folded together then piled into glass dishes. Looks messy but I guess delicious to eat!

Angie's Recipes  on August 2nd, 2010

Mary, this is my type of dessert! I bet these were gone very fast!

The Little Teochew  on August 2nd, 2010

They are beautiful!!! It’s a fantastic maiden attempt, Mary. In fact, they looks so professionally done!

yummy koh  on August 2nd, 2010

Wow … they look so pretty and yummy.

Cheah  on August 2nd, 2010

Gosh, they look awesome Mary! Don’t mind having some for tea!

Mary  on August 2nd, 2010

@Lynne (PlumLeaf) - Haha…I was so excited to take those photos to share with my readers….my joy in a new achievement :D But I forgot to take photos of the cream :( Sometimes learning new things can be quite scary…haha Thanks very much for explaining what is Eaton Mess. I have to try that soon. Sounds fun and easy :D

@Angie’s Recipes - If you are here, then I think my guests will have none left…LOL :D We will finish it all before they are here :P

@The Little Teochew - Thanks very much, Ju! That’s such a sweet encouragement! :D Now I want to go and make again…more this time…haha

@yummy koh - Thanks very much, Koh! :D

@Cheah - Thanks very much, Cheah! You can wait? I couldn’t…haha :D

Faith  on August 2nd, 2010

Your meringue looks absolutely perfect, Mary! I love the fruit you topped it with too — it’s so pretty!

Belinda @zomppa  on August 2nd, 2010

I bet your guests were totally wowed. Who cares if they’re not the same size? That’s what makes them awesome.

penny aka jeroxie  on August 2nd, 2010

So pretty!What did you do with the egg yolks?

Mary  on August 2nd, 2010

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Ye, there were lots of smiles and compliments :D I think we all come in different sizes, so I think it’s good to have different sized meringues…LOL :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Thanks very much, Penny! Egg yolks? I add to fried noodles :D

Von  on August 2nd, 2010

They look so cute! I’ve never made meringues before because I’m not sure I’d like them….
These actually look delicious though! I bet they taste a billion times better than the supermarket ones =P

busygran  on August 2nd, 2010

I have a weakness for such goodies. I’m being reminded of its existence! White or not, I’m sure they taste fantastic!

elra  on August 2nd, 2010

Lemon cream sounds delicious :)

DG  on August 2nd, 2010

Super cute and pretty meringue! I’m sure this will be the first dessert to be grabbed during the party. :)

Juliana  on August 2nd, 2010

Oh Mary, beautiful these little lemon meringues…love the lemon in it…

Joy  on August 2nd, 2010

They looks adorable. I love meringues and the lemon is such a nice touch.

Cenwen  on August 2nd, 2010

Oh ^_^! They are so yummy! :)

Bravo! They are so cute!

Hop! I’ll steal one to enjoy with my cup of tea!

Take care of you!:)


zerrin  on August 2nd, 2010

Oh my these look gorgeous! I love the raspberry and mint on their top. Wish I could join your parties.

pigpigscorner  on August 2nd, 2010

They look so pretty! I love making meringue but they are so sweet to eat!

Magic of Spice  on August 2nd, 2010

Mary I can’t believe you have just learned these…they are perfect, as if you have been practicing for years:) Wo!

krissy @  on August 2nd, 2010

that looks so fancy, mary! nice job on learning how to make meringue! it sounds complicated!

momgateway  on August 2nd, 2010

Congratulations! Love the lemon cream and rhe balance of color…they are so dainty!

Mary  on August 2nd, 2010

@Von - Thanks very much, on! :D They are sweet so the lemon cream and raspberries pair up well with them.

@busygran - Thanks very much! :D I think the meringues follow after my skin colour…LOL

@elra - Thanks very much, Elra! :D

@DG - Thanks very much, DG! I served it last though :P

@Juliana - Thanks very much, Juliana! :D

@Joy - Thanks very much, Joy! :D

@Cenwen - I wish I can make them for you! I’m sure they will bring lots of smiles on our face :D Please take care. Hugs.

@zerrin - Thanks very much, Zerrin! Wish you were here…would be so fun :D

@pigpigscorner - Thanks very much! Yes, they are sweet but the lemon cream and the raspberries cut down the sweetness…lovely combination :D

@Magic of Spice - Awww…thanks very much for your lovely compliments! :D I was trying so hard to make them the same size but I couldn’t manage. Still not too bad for first attempt, right? :P

@krissy @ -Thanks very much, Kessy! :D It does sound complicated but actually it wasn’t too bad. Really glad I tried.

@momgateway - Thanks very much! I am one happy lady after making these :D

Kamalika  on August 2nd, 2010

Every time i think of baking meringue i fail to try it….now after seeing your dish i am determined to give a try sonn…

Drick  on August 2nd, 2010

so glad they came back around for you Mary, are these just great to eat and the lemon cream is a wonderful summertime topping - the mint & raspberry is pretty dandy…

Jeannie  on August 2nd, 2010

Very lovely dessert Mary, love the raspberry and mint decoration, I would love to taste it too!

rebecca  on August 2nd, 2010

wow these are gorgeous heres a big pat on the back from me great job lol

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Light Delight with Tou Tou  on August 2nd, 2010

They are sooooo cute!!! I never try to bake the egg white because I always afraid that they gonna fall!
I love ‘em !

Ellie (Almost Bourdain)  on August 2nd, 2010

They are beautiful!! What a piece of art :)

the lacquer spoon  on August 2nd, 2010

Looks soooo sweet! Yes, definitely, definitely good for a party!!

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on August 3rd, 2010

Oh, Mary, your meringue with lemon cream is very beautiful.
Agree, meringue is the most beautiful dessert in the world. Congrats on your successful baking!

suituapui  on August 3rd, 2010

Ummmm….I think I’d pass. Not really a fan - sweet and not into the lemon taste. I must say they look fantastic though! You’re in the food business or what? Real pro…

Mary  on August 3rd, 2010

@Kamalika - Give a try. It’s fun to make :D

@Drick - Thanks very much, Drick! :D I would love to make again…fun and delicious.

@Jeannie - Thanks very much, Jeannie! :D

@rebecca - Thanks very much, Rebecca! I need to give myself many pats on my back…LOL

@Light Delight with Tou Tou - I actually didn’t know what would happen…always thought they would not stay in shape or broken to pieces or…..etc. All these didn’t happen except a little brown but still tasted very good :D

@Ellie (Almost Bourdain) - Thanks very much, Ellie! :D

@the lacquer spoon - Thanks very much! :D I have to make again for my next party :D

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Thanks very much, Christine! I really would love to make again…different sizes and different topping :D It just brightens up all the food on the table.

@suituapui - You must be one into savoury food like kampua…haha. No, not into food business. Wish I am :P Must continue to dream…haha

tigerfish  on August 3rd, 2010

I actually love the look of that….reminds me of Christmas with the green and red….and white (the snow). Awesome!

Sushma Mallya  on August 3rd, 2010

it looks so beautiful with that topping…

Anne  on August 3rd, 2010

They look so pretty! Might have to steal your idea for a party we have coming up, would be ideal for the dessert

sadaf  on August 3rd, 2010

wow looks yummy…… well done mary

Conor @ HoldtheBeef  on August 3rd, 2010

Well done! They’re so cute. Would be great as part of Christmas dessert with those colours :)

noobcook  on August 3rd, 2010

They look so dainty and pretty with the raspberry and mint leaf topping :)

Lazaro  on August 3rd, 2010

Lovely job with the meringue. Great presentation as well.

Mary  on August 3rd, 2010

@tigerfish - Haha…it sure has a Christmas look…didn’t think of that :D I have to make lots for this Christmas!

@Sushma Mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

@Anne - Would be wonderful to know you are making them, too, for your party. They just look so pretty on the table :D

@sadaf - Thanks very much, Sadaf! :D

@Conor @ HoldtheBeef - Thanks very much, Conor! I will have to make lots this Christmas :D

@noobcook - Thanks very much! :D

@Lazaro - Thanks very much, Lazaro! :D

Roti n Rice  on August 3rd, 2010

They look gorgeous! I am sure your guests must be very happy with them. I have never made meringue.

Anna  on August 3rd, 2010

Lemon meringues…that sounds awesome, because meringues are soooooo sweet adding lemon must make the perfect balance. Great recipe.

Mary  on August 3rd, 2010

@Roti n Rice - Thanks very much, Biren! They sure brought smiles :D

@Anna - I’m glad I used lemon and raspberry to balance off the sweetness otherwise it would be too sweet for me. I can’t wait for the next party to make them again :D

Devaki @weavethousandflavors  on August 3rd, 2010

Dear Mary - Hats off to you! Now that you have conquered the meringue - nothing in the culinary world will ever intimidate you. Yours look so lovely.

I for one am petrified of them :)

Ciao,Devaki @ weavethousandlfavors

teresa  on August 3rd, 2010

these are so pretty! what a lovely summer dessert!

hopeeternal  on August 3rd, 2010

I love lemon cream with meringue - I make a lemon meringue ice cream using lemon curd. These little bites look delightful.
‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

cookie  on August 3rd, 2010

I would give anything to be your guest!

Chef Dennis  on August 3rd, 2010

I have never made meringue….yours look like little clouds of joy! I bet everyone loved them!

swathi  on August 3rd, 2010

Beautiful dessert. I love it.

3hungrytummies  on August 4th, 2010

Oh they are so pretty! I bet they taste really good too!

Mary  on August 4th, 2010

These look wonderful, but they are a labor of love. Your guests are very fortunate. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

Jen Cheung  on August 4th, 2010

this looks really good for parties and easy to make eh? thanks for the great idea :)

have a lovely day
jen @

Mary  on August 4th, 2010

@Devaki @weavethousandflavors - Thanks lots for your lovely compliment….so encouraging! :D I must bake more…hehe…more confident now!

@teresa - Thanks very much, Teresa! :D

@hopeeternal - Wow…lemon meringue ice cream? That must be awesome. I would love to try :D

@cookie - Haha….just come and I will make lots for you! :D

@Chef Dennis - Haha…beautiful description, Dennis….clouds of joy! I’m smiling widely :D

@swathi - Thanks very much, Swathi! :D

@3hungrytummies - Thanks very much, Suresh! I really like them…both to look and to eat :D

@Mary - Haha…yes, labour of love :D But it was fun to make and what a satisfying sight! Hope you have a wonderful day too.

@Jen Cheung - Yes, a beautiful party item. I would love to make again for any upcoming party :D

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tasteofbeirut  on August 4th, 2010


These meringues are so pretty and light! One bite and they seem to disappear in a cloud of sweetness in one’s mouth! Love the idea of the lemon cream, will try this next time! Great job.

lequan@luvtoeat  on August 4th, 2010

Been so busy with the in-laws in town. Finally able to catch up on blogs now. Those look beautiful Mary! I’d have spring in my step if I was serving those babies too. And wow! You said this was your first time making these? You are such an inspiration!

Mary  on August 4th, 2010

@tasteofbeirut - Thanks very much, Joumana! You described it very well….beautiful taste and flavour in the mouth…just want to go mmmmmmmm :D

@lequan@luvtoeat - Thanks very much for catching up even though you are so busy and for lovely comment! Appreciate very much, LeQuan :D I hope you are having fun and taking good care of yourself.

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best  on August 4th, 2010

These meringues are such beautiful desserts!

Mary  on August 5th, 2010

@Christine @ Fresh Local and Best - Thanks very much, Christine! :D

Ananda Rajashekar  on August 5th, 2010

Congrats Mary for new achievement, those little darling look adorable! :)

sue  on August 5th, 2010

IT looks SO lovely .. Really good dessert take to the fellowship share with others.Mark it and will try as possible.
And miss u:)

Mary  on August 6th, 2010

@Ananda Rajashekar - Thanks very much, Ananda! I must give myself a pat on my back…haha :D

@sue - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Sue! :D Have fun making these! Miss you too. Hope you can make a trip here again :D

ingrid  on August 6th, 2010

They look gorgeous! Wish I was on the receiving end of them. You go girl!

Happy Friday!

Mary  on August 18th, 2010

@Ingrid - Thanks very much, Ingrid! Come…I’ll make lots for you :D

cindy  on August 19th, 2010

Ohhhh this looks yummy! I must try this!

Thank you for sharing the recipe, Mary. :D

Mary  on August 19th, 2010

@Cindy - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Cindy! Have fun making :D

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