Herbal Chicken Soup Spices From Anncoo

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Herbal chicken soup

Herbal chicken soup

I was brought up drinking a lot of Chinese herbal soup, especially in my teen years when things back home were better off. My parents talked about it often, sharing with us the importance of all the Chinese herbs and spices. My mom knows a lot of Chinese cures but sadly none of us learned anything from her.

For centuries Chinese people use herbs for all sorts of medical cures and beauty treatments. Soups made from these Chinese herbs have long known to be powerful and effective tonics to our bodies to keep us healthy and young which is good news especially for ladies. There are different herbs and different combination for different cures and problems. Just visit a Chinese drug store and you will be surprised at the many drawers of herbs.

Just in case you missed it, Ann, popularly known as Anncoo, sent me a packet of goodies all the way from Singapore recently. I wrote about it, Special Blogger friend And Gift, and how she turned my bad day to a day of smiles. There were herbal soup mix, curry pastes, jelly powder and a lovely card in the box.

Ann's gift of goodies

Ann's gift of goodies

My children squealed with delight when they saw it but the first one they jumped on was the Herbal Chicken Soup Spices as they always like soup. I was just too happy to cook it. I got up early to go and buy chicken. I cooked it for dinner. With this mix, cooking soup is just a flash and a great meal follows. The soup is indeed very, very delicious as Ann told me.

Herbal chicken soup spices

Herbal chicken soup spices

The recipe is at the back of the packet and is very easy to follow. This is what I used. I didn’t have button mushrooms so I used baby corns which added a natural sweetness to the soup.

1 packet of Herbal Chicken Soup Spices
2 chicken legs (skinned, deboned and cut into bite size pieces)
160g baby corn
1500ml water

Put everything into a pot and let it boil under low to medium fire for about an hour. Turn off the fire and add garnishes and seasoning according to your taste. It is a clear soup and very delicious.

I actually cooked another dish of meat and vegetables to go with the rice but very little was eaten. My children were very happy just to have this soup poured over rice. They each had a big bowl. This is a nutritious soup so I’m very glad they liked it.

If you like soup and would like to try this one, you can buy from most Asian shops, especially Chinese shops. You may not be able to get the same brand like me, but you can try out other brands too.

Do you like soups? Have you tried herbal soups? What is your favourite soup? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Quote of the day……

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

Chinese proverb

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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Jeannie  on June 9th, 2010

Your soup looks so clear and delicious! My boys love to drink soup with their meals too. They love to drink the soup and dip the meat into soya sauce and eat with rice. Which is fine because I myself like to do that too:D

Must search for that packet of soup this weekend…been quite a while since I cooked herbal soup.

somewhere in singapore  on June 9th, 2010

Looks good, maybe will try it out one of the day, hehe…

Angie's Recipes  on June 9th, 2010

I used to drink lots of the chicken soup too..my mum enjoys making them for us.
yours with baby corns sounds marvellous.

kristy  on June 9th, 2010

How lovely to start the first packet from the gift! So, enjoy and thanks by the way, for the link you sent me the other day. Hope you’re having a great time!
Blessings, Kristy

peteformation  on June 9th, 2010

I love Chinese herbal soup but then it also taste good with chili padi in soya sauce, effect of herbs reduce if eaten with chilly…LOL!

The Benefits of Organic Herbs | Small Garden Ideas  on June 9th, 2010

[...] Keep Culture Keep Smiling » Herbal Chicken Soup Spices Fr&#959m Anncoo [...]

Priya  on June 9th, 2010

Feel like finishing that bowl of tempting herbal soup..

Nasi Lemak Lover  on June 9th, 2010

Today I cook chicken herb soup too..

sushma mallya  on June 9th, 2010

Healthy and delicious soup

Herbalife  on June 9th, 2010

It’s yummy. I love Chinese herbal soup………

SathyaSridhar  on June 9th, 2010

Mary,,soup looks super dear i like the baby corn n chicken in soup looks fresh n delicious..

Mary  on June 9th, 2010

@Jeannie - My girls would just leave out the meat and enjoy the soup. Poor mommy has to slowly eat the meat…with soya sauce, too :D

@somewhere in singapore - It is really good. They are in the shops right there for you….lucky you! :D

@Angie’s Recipes - I think that’s why we still look young :P

@kristy - You are most welcome! Hope you have a great time, too! :D

@peteformation - Oh, I didn’t know that chili will reduce the effect of the herbal soup! Thank goodness I didn’t….haha :D

@Priya - Haha….time to cook! :D

@Nasi Lemak Lover - I’m sure you enjoyed it very much, too :D This week I have been very busy and I’ve been cooking a lot of soups! Hope no one starts complaining…haha :D

@sushma mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

@Herbalife - Thanks very much! :D

@SathyaSridhar - Thanks very much, Sathya! :D

the lacquer spoon  on June 9th, 2010

Lovely! Quick, delicious and healthy… you had it all in one soup :)

Belinda @zomppa  on June 9th, 2010

Cool - I like how you incorporate the wonderful gifts! Never tried to make herbal chicken soup.

pigpigscorner  on June 9th, 2010

I always bring back many packets of soup mixes from Malaysia. Soup is just so comforting!

Joanne  on June 9th, 2010

It’s amazing how many herbal remedies there are out there and also how few we Americans use! This soup looks delicious.

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Carla  on June 9th, 2010

Your soup looks magnificent. Are the packets as simple as adding water to the powdered mixture?I’ve seen these in my local Asian markets but have been weary to try them.

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on June 9th, 2010

Chicken herbal soup is very good to health. My mum used to cook for us once in a while because she said it’s very expensive. Now, you’ve got very precious gifts from Anncoo, can cook the soup any time. Great.

3hungrytummies  on June 9th, 2010

This is nourish both the body and the soul!

penny aka jeroxie  on June 9th, 2010

How simple! LOoks delcious.

shahana  on June 9th, 2010

Looks so delicious n tempting!

divya  on June 9th, 2010

Lovely! Quick, delicious and healthy…

Lyndsey  on June 9th, 2010

What a nice post! Your soup looks lovely. It’s so nice when the kids eat up healthy food!

Drick  on June 9th, 2010

I know these must be good if you use them and I wonder what is the overall taste of the soup?

Amy @ cookbookmaniac  on June 9th, 2010

Ahhh. This is exactly what I need right now in this cold weather we are having in Sydney.

momgateway  on June 9th, 2010

This soup packs in a lot of nutrition…I wish I could find the herbal chicken soup spices here!

elra  on June 9th, 2010

Good for the soul! Sounds delicious Mary.

lisa ng  on June 9th, 2010

Hi Mary! Thank you for visiting our blog and yes the jujube definitely mellow the bitterness from the bitter melon…so good with rice.
I love cooking and drinking soup with chinese herbs, if i can i would have it everyday ( probably not a good idea, too much heat and coolness)
So sweet of Anncoo :) I’ve never seen these premixed herbs soup. what a great idea! Have to find these and send some to my sister.

petite nyonya  on June 9th, 2010

Herbal chicken soup always perks up my day (and energy level too!:). Anncoo is such a sweet person!

anncoo  on June 9th, 2010

Mmm…really looks good with baby corn. I want to add this in my soup too ;D

Cheah  on June 9th, 2010

This clear soup is a hot favourite amongst my family members too!

Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog  on June 9th, 2010

This “spiciness” soup suits wonderful for a cold day like today! My favorite soups area also the creamy - cheesy ones :)

All the best,


citronetvanille  on June 9th, 2010

Oh I love that golden color of your broth, it’s just gorgeous! Great selection of goodies! That would definitely put me in good mood in this SF muggy weather!

Roti n Rice  on June 9th, 2010

Herbal soups are really delicious. I try to cook it every now and then. I like to put in snow fungus, snow petals, goji berries, and pitted red dates…very healthy and delicious. This soup packets make it so much easier. Definitely very convenient and yummy too. I like how clear your soup looks.

5 Star Foodie  on June 9th, 2010

Such a delicious soup! Very flavorful with the spice mix and I love the baby corn here!

Faith  on June 9th, 2010

What a wonderful assortment of goodies Ann sent! This herbal chicken soup looks delicious!

DG  on June 9th, 2010

One of our home favourite soup :)

Julie M.  on June 9th, 2010

Oh how I love clear soups like this one. You have one special friend there to send a such a nice assortment of goodies. Yummy!

Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to meet you!

Mary  on June 9th, 2010

@the lacquer spoon - Thanks very much! :D

@Belinda @zomppa - Thanks very much, Belinda! If you can get the herbal soup, give a try. My family likes it very much :D

@pigpigscorner - When I go back, I’m going to bring many back here too. Thank goodness they are light. They are so much cheaper than here too. I’m now imagining my luggage bags full of goodies…haha :D

@Joanne - Indeed there are lots! I haven’t tried all but I have tried quite a lot. Give a try if you can get find it there. The instructions are always at the back of the packet s it’s really easy to cook. I like cooking it :D

@Carla - They are really easy to cook. For this one, I just put everything all into the pot and cook…that’s it! Give a try and see if you like it. My family loves it :D

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Yes, I really received very precious gifts from Ann! She’s just so kind and friendly :D I really like cooking soup using packet herbs and spices…so simple and easy :D

@3hungrytummies - You are very right to say that :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Thanks very much, Penny! :D

@shahana - Thanks very much, Shahana! :D

@divya - Thanks very much, Divya! :D

@Lyndsey - Thanks very much, Lyndsey! I’m sure one happy mom when my children likes this soup :D

@Drick - The soup taste very delicious but not spicy. It has a mild smell of herbs. Give a try if you can get them. I hope you like it. It’s good for health :D

@Amy @ cookbookmaniac - You do need lots of soup! We are having spring here but it’s still cold. Aberdeen is always cold. I can’t wait for summer to be here. I love the sun & the warmth :D

@momgateway - Check it out in Oriental shops. They always have…maybe a different brand. I hope you like it. Have fun cooking :D

@elra - Thanks very much, Elra! :D

@lisa ng - Bitter melon is not always available here and if there is, it’s very expensive. Hope to try one day. Thanks for sharing.
If your sister is overseas she will appreciate lots to receive them. I was overjoyed when I received them from Ann. I have to space out to cook them…to enjoy slowly :D

@petite nyonya - Makes you feel and look younger, too :D Indeed Ann is such a sweet and lovely friend! :D

@anncoo - It was my first time to add baby corn to herbal soup……delicious! :D

@Cheah - We are all great soup lovers! :D

@Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog - Aberdeen is almost always cold so soup is always very welcoming :D I haven’t tried cheesy soups…may be a bit too rich for me.

@citronetvanille - The weather here is getting better but still cold for me. This soup keeps me smiling :D You’ll need it, too :D

@Roti n Rice - I love to add dates and goji berries too. Sometimes I add dried longan too. But using packet ones is so simple, easy and quick…great for busy days. We better drink more if we want to stay young and beautiful :D

@5 Star Foodie - Thanks very much, Natasha! :D

@Faith - Ann is indeed so kind to send me all those packets! I’m really so thankful to her! Really appreciate her friendship :D

@DG - Lovely to know that :D

@Julie M. - Ann is indeed a very special friend! I’m honoured to be her friend :D Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Julie! Lovely to meet you too :D

Drick  on June 9th, 2010

Thanks Mary, everyone needs good health

Magic of Spice  on June 9th, 2010

Delightful soup!

Lazaro  on June 9th, 2010

Your soup look quite wholesome. Homemade yummy goodness!


Baking Barrister  on June 9th, 2010

Singapore had some of the most interesting foods when I visited. I may have to have my friend send me some of this!

Also, I gave you an award. It’s up on the blog!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef  on June 9th, 2010

I love how pretty much every culture views soups as being like medicine. I wish all medicine was like this soup.

Kathy Gori  on June 9th, 2010

this looks like the perfect comforting soup when one is a bit under the weather. This soup looks perfect for whatever ails you!!

rosebelle  on June 9th, 2010

How convenient, herbal soup in a packet. I cook my the old fashion way using real herbs and cooking for 2+ hours. I’ll keep an eye out for the packet. Makes cooking time faster.

Diet Healthy Lose Weight | Cranberry Juice Diet  on June 10th, 2010

[...] Keep Learning Keep Smiling » Herbal Chicken Soup Spices Fr&#959m Anncoo [...]

Mary  on June 10th, 2010

@Drick - Indeed we do….also to stay young and beautiful/handsome :D

@Magic of Spice - Thanks very much! :D

@Lazaro - Thanks very much, Lazaro! :D

@Baking Barrister - Awww….thanks very much for the award! So sweet of you! Appreciate it very much :D

@Conor @ HoldtheBeef - I guess soup itself is very easily digested and absorbed and with herbs, it provides medicinal value to promote health and cure sicknesses. And when appetite fails, nothing is more welcoming than soup :D

@Kathy Gori - Thanks very much, Kathy! :D

@rosebelle - My mom used to cook with her own measurement of herbs too but sadly I never learned from her :( I think it’s cheaper and more potent. But right now, I’m just very glad I an get packet ones :D

lequan@luvtoeat  on June 10th, 2010

I used to hate Chinese herbal soup when I was a kid. I used to think my parents were punishing me by making me drink this soup haha. As time went by I started liking herbal soups. Now it’s my turn to introduce this to my kids. Hope they like it more than I did. Your soup looks great! Love how clear it looks, not murky like some soups I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing this easy but delicious recipe Ann.

Thank you for this great guest post Mary.

Sidney  on June 10th, 2010

Nice from Anncoo…how was the taste?

tigerfish  on June 10th, 2010

Herbal packs are really convenient. I do not have to pick and choose the Chinese herbs which I am ignorant about. You can also use these herbs from the pack to steam the chicken (combine with some oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper) instead of cooking soup with it.

radha  on June 10th, 2010

great chinese proverb! how lucky i am to live in China and drink chicken soup for breakfast an dinner (serious)?????

Stella  on June 10th, 2010

Hey Mary, I love the idea of herbal Chinese soups. I would love to know what your’e Mom knew too. Maybe we should start to study (slowly but surely-smile)…

Mary  on June 10th, 2010

@lequan@luvtoeat - Now I think I am more lucky than you cos I didn’t get the chance to drink that….too poor for such…blessing in disguise huh…haha :D But my mom made the sweeter type to lure us to drinking it! Thank goodness she did that :D

@Sidney - The taste was very delicious. My family likes it. I guess it really depends on individual. I don;t mind to drink this everyday :D

@tigerfish - totally agree with you! i’m just so lost and confused about all the different Chinese herbs. The packet ones are just perfect for me…and you, too :D Next time I’ll try your method…smart way! Thanks very much for sharing.

@radha - Now I really envy you, Radha…haha! There’s all the high quality herbs over there at your side. You can have it every meal if you want. That’s going to keep you healthy and looking young :D

@Stella - I’m so sad I didn’t pick up anything from my mum. I left home early for further studies. On top of that, at that young age I was just not interested. Now I regret cos my mom is old and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She can’t remember and I’m also too far away :( Indeed we should make a study of it. That’s a very good point you shared. I’ll try to find that out if possible, maybe from other older Chinese folks. Never thought of that. Thanks very much for suggestion! :D

Cristina  on June 10th, 2010

How fun to receive such a bountiful package in the mail and so cute that your kids were so happy to see the Herbal Chicken Soup Spices!

I wonder if we can find some of these in our local or specialty markets?

Little Inbox  on June 10th, 2010

I like herba chicken soup too, and I can really picky in selecting the brands that I really fancy of.

veron  on June 10th, 2010

My dad always made some kind of chicken herb soup, this so reminds me of him.

Sidney  on June 10th, 2010

I also prefer to drink herbal chicken soup. My mom usually boil this specially for me when I back to my hometown (Taiping, Perak). The ingredients includes dried scallops, dried mussels, black mushrooms, sliced abalone, “kei chi” (wolfberries), dried longan, herbs and of course chicken. that taste really good and I miss it now…hope this time round able to taste it…btw, i am going back Taiping next weekend.

Love2cook  on June 10th, 2010

I’m very bad with soups! But now, I feel like getting a sip! Soup looks too delicious ya! Slurrpppp! :D~~~~

Sook  on June 10th, 2010

Mary, the broth looks so good! There’s a term for this kind of broth in Korean but don’t know how to say it in English - just cause they don’t have that phrase… So I will say it in Korean. “국물이 끝내주겠어요” :)

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. You are one of my favorite foodies, for sure. I love visiting your blog and see what you’re up to. Thank you for your friendship.

Yummy koh  on June 10th, 2010

进补了…. I need to boil soup too!

Ivy  on June 10th, 2010

God wisely gave us the plants and herbs and their is a property in each which helps our health. Greek medicine was based on herbs and until a couple of generations back they used them a lot to cure nearly everything. Now only a few old people know how to use them. Unfortunately now we have to swollow chemical pills. Anyway, your soup looks delicious and very healthy.

Bridgett  on June 11th, 2010

What a cool friend to send you all those great packets. I can just imagine how full of flavor this soup was.

sweetlife  on June 11th, 2010

beautiful soup, I love soups, my mom would make us caldo de pollo (chicken soup) and I would only wnat the broth, soothing…

Mary  on June 11th, 2010

@Cristina - You described it right….fun…haha :D Hope you can find these packet herbal soups in your local Asian shops.

@Little Inbox - I bet you can get lots of brands over at your side. I don’t have much to choose here. This one that Ann sent is delicious :D

@veron - Wow….your dad is amazing! I don’t know of many dads that can cook, especially herbal soup. My mom is the one that cooks. My dad is a great taster…haha :D

@Sidney - Whah….Sidney, your mom really serves you very expensive soups…all the expensive ingredients!! You are one real lucky guy! I hope you learn the skill from her. Don’t regret like me. It’s lovely to know you’ll be back to Taiping soon….so much good food there! I’m sure I’ll get to see more on your blog soon :D

@Love2cook - Using these packet soup is the easiest. GIve a try. My family likes it :D

@Sook - Hey…..I still remember how to read those Korean words…but…sadly, I don’t understand it! Yes, I remember a lot of awesome Korean soups. My Korean friends used to cook for me when I was there. Oh…I still miss Korean food very much.

You are most welcome, Sook! Thanks very much for your lovely compliments and also your friendship. Keep Blogging Keep Smiling :D

@Yummy koh - Indeed you should as you have all the ready packet ones so easily available…..am so jealous lor…haha. Have fun cooking :D

@Ivy - Thanks very much for sharing, Ivy! :D I totally agree with you. I think there’s just too much promotion about drugs and little about healthy diet and natural cure….so sad :( Maybe we should try to find out again those good cures using herbs.

@Bridgett - Yes, really thankful to Ann :D Indeed this soup is delicious. My family loves it.

@sweetlife - Thanks very much, SweetLife! :D My children also go for the soup only.

Sidney  on June 11th, 2010

my mom do really serve good and delicious food to us although we are not rich (erm jus moderate)…ohya…just wana tel u that my family business is hawker food…erm better known as economy rice (chap fan) where u can select us dishes from 20+ varieties of cooked food everyday. the chef is my grandma (aged about 70+) & still cooking now…den my dad will do the roasting & deep frying..this biz has been for more than 20yrs..below is the link of my dad roast duck:

tasteofbeirut  on June 12th, 2010

Must find this chinese soup mix; especially after reading the magic word: easy!

The Cilantropist  on June 14th, 2010

What a great post, so informative and anything that is a tonic for good health is something I want to try! :)

Mary  on June 23rd, 2010

@Sidney - You have an awesome family with an awesome family food business! :D I’m always inspired. It’s a very good business. Thanks very much for the link, Sidney! Makes my mouth waters….mmmm

@tasteofbeirut - It is indeed very easy. I hope you can find it over t your side. With so many Asian shops around your place, I’m quite sure you can find it. Have fun cooking :D

@The Cilantropist - Hope you try soon. Have fun cooking :D

lifecell  on November 18th, 2010

Infirmative post. Soups are really good for health

Mary  on November 25th, 2010

@lifecell - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment! :D

lifecell  on January 3rd, 2011

It’s nutritious and yummy soup and I would like to thank you for sharing the Ingredients.

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