Spicy Cashew Nuts Chicken (Gong Bao Chicken)

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Cashew chicken in hot and spicy sauce

Cashew chicken in hot and spicy sauce

Chicken is easy to cook whether you bake, boil, stir fry, deep fry, grill or whatever way you cook it. Not only is it easy to cook but it is very tender and delicious. I like to cook chicken. If you follow my posts, you will find that I like hot and spicy food. It gives that punch as it tantalizes your taste buds. Sometimes I cook too spicy even for myself. No worry. The most effective way is to have a glass of milk at the side. It really works.

Nuts are very nutritious and good for health. Adding to meat dishes is very common in Chinese cooking. I like to use cashew nuts, peanuts or pine nuts. Cashew nuts work very well in this dish.

This Spicy Cashew Nuts Chicken is my family favourite. It is a popular Chinese dish, also called Gong Bao Chicken. It is very delicious. This is one dish that you will be happy if there’s left over because it actually tastes even better the next day. If you don’t like it spicy, you can omit the crushed chilies or you can also try my other non-spicy dish, Cashew Nuts Chicken.  

This recipe is again simple and easy.

Ingredients A
4 pieces of chicken thigh (deboned and cut into bite-size pieces)
a big knob of ginger (washed and sliced)
1 big onion (peeled and cut into big pieces)
3 cloves garlic (peeled and chopped)
3T crushed dried chilies

Ingredients B (marinade)
2T light soya sauce
2T corn flour

Ingredients C (seasoning)
3T hot chili sauce
1T vinegar
1T oyster sauce
1T light soya sauce
1T sugar
1t chicken stock granules
1/4C water

Chicken in marinade

Chicken in marinade

Marinade the chicken pieces with the Ingredients B for about 30 minutes.

Shallow fry the chicken pieces

Shallow fry the chicken pieces

Heat up some oil in a frying pan or wok and add the chicken pieces. Fry until both sides are golden. Dish up on to a plate. Don’t throw away the oil. Now, you can actually enjoy it just as it is. It’s very delicious. I was eating away while making the sauce for it!

Add the ginger, garlic and crushed chilies to the frying pan, and fry until fragrant. Add the seasoning in Ingredients C. When it comes to a boil, add the chicken pieces and mix well. Dish up and serve hot. We had it with rice. Everyone enjoyed it. Adjust the seasoning according to your taste.

What is your favourite way to cook chicken? Do you have a favourite recipe to share? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Casey Angelova  on April 16th, 2010

This looks delicious Mary! I am a big fan of chinese food and cashews, so a double win. Thanks for sharing!

Priya  on April 16th, 2010

Mouthwatering dish, thanks for sharing..

Ivy  on April 16th, 2010

I love cashews and use them in my dishes. The marinated chicken sounds like a keeper.

Nasi Lemak Lover  on April 16th, 2010

this is one of my favourite chicken dish, simply yummy!

Elin  on April 16th, 2010

Hi Mary,
Sometimes we order this dish for dinner when we eat out. Thanks for sharing :))

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

@Casey Angelova - Thanks for visiting and lovely comment, Casey! :D Have fun cooking!

@Priya - Thanks very much, Priya! :D

@Ivy - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Ivy! :D

@Nasi Lemak Lover - Thanks very much, Sonia! :D

@Elin - Thanks very much, Elin! :D

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on April 16th, 2010

Cashew is my favourite, goes really well with chicken.
When it comes to cooking Gong Bao Chicken, peanuts are often used. Great substitution. Love it.

somewhere in singapore  on April 16th, 2010

One of my favourite dish, yummy yummy…

kristy  on April 16th, 2010

I love this flavourful chicken dish as well! Very appertizing indeed. Hope you have a great weekend!
Blessings, Kristy

Shirley  on April 16th, 2010

We add cashew nut paste in chicken tikka. So blogging in London also? Addicted ha??

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Thanks very much for sharing, Christine! I love to use peanuts too….delicious…..mmm :D

@somewhere in singapore - Sharing same favourite! :D

@kristy - Sharing same favourite again…haha! :D Hope you have a great weekend too.

@Shirley - Cashew paste is new to me. I bet it makes the tikka very flavourful and delicious. Oh…blogging is fun. I can blog anywhere when I have time…haha…as long as my laptop is with me :D

anncoo  on April 16th, 2010

WOW! Look at that lovely dish, really makes me drooling. Extra rice please ;))

Angie's Recipes  on April 16th, 2010

This is a dish I love a lot! Flavourful and yummy!

Sushma Mallya  on April 16th, 2010

Wow what a lovely dish, love the ingredients and the pic is really tempting…

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

@anncoo - Extra rice? No problem! I have 3 rice cookers to handle that :D

@Angie’s Recipes - I bet every Asian likes this dish :D

@Sushma Mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D

SathyaSridhar  on April 16th, 2010

Mary,,chicku looks great dear with great ingredients…superb pics

3hungrytummies  on April 16th, 2010

Oh I love this with extra dried chillies and a little chinese black vinegar too :)

Belinda @zomppa  on April 16th, 2010

One of my favorites too but I can never get the spice right, so thank you!!!

Vinolia  on April 16th, 2010

your chicken looks excellent Mary!!! the preparation sounds simple but rich and delicious with the cashews. No wonder you started eating after frying, I’d have finished half of it already, lol
I love this recipe!!!

Drick  on April 16th, 2010

I bet this is so flavorful with all the chiles and the ginger - must be a mouth-watering experience….

Roti n Rice  on April 16th, 2010

I love this dish and you are right about it tantalizing your taste buds. Spicy foods are delicious but have to be careful not to overeat…haha! Have to step up on the workouts visiting all these delicious foods :)

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Jeannie  on April 16th, 2010

Yummmmmyy! I love this dish too. I’ll go for the cashew nuts first:D

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

@SathyaSridhar - Thanks very much, Sathya! :D

@3hungrytummies - Wow…you must be the chili queen now :D Would love to try with black vinegar. Sounds delicious.

@Belinda @zomppa - Try this one. I find it works well. My family likes it very much :D

@Vinolia - Thanks very much, Vinolia! :D I had to slap my hand not to pick more otherwise there’ll be none left…haha. We know what to do next time….fry a lot, enjoy eating and use the left over for this dish :P

@Drick - Indeed this one is. Give a try. I like it very much. I’m going to cook it again very soon :D

@Roti n Rice - I think I overeat spicy food too often :P I must go for a spicy food fasting ….haha

@Jeannie - I think I prefer cashew nuts to peanuts, too :D

Cheah  on April 16th, 2010

Wow, looks so delicious. This dish is popular in many restaurants.

TasteHongKong  on April 16th, 2010

Mary, when do you usually add the cashews? Did I miss it somewhere?

Lyndsey  on April 16th, 2010

This chicken looks awesome! I like spicy dishes too, but my husband can’t take the heat! For a quick easy way to do chicken I like to make chicken piccata, with the already thin sliced chicken breast. Dust the cutlets in flour, the saute in butter, 3 min, turn, add lemon, capers and white wine, cook another 5 minutes until done!

It’s hard to pick just one chicken dish as a favorite, I also love roasted chicken, BBQ, teriyaki, seasame, etc…

shaz  on April 16th, 2010

Mmm, yum. I love this dish. Used to order it a lot, now I have to make my own, but you are right, it’s easy to do. Your dish looks great. My favourite way to use chicken is to mince it and make a Thai style laarb.

The Kitchen Masochist  on April 16th, 2010

I just made the Thai version of this last week! I haven’t blogged about it yet because I noticed that I’ve been blogging too much about Thai food and I’m afraid my readers might tire of it.

I’m assuming the Thai version is of Chinese origin as a lot of Thai dishes are. It’s very similar to this except it’s cooked in chilli jam, which also uses dried chillies. However, palm sugar and tamarind are included, no soy sauce or oyster sauce though. So like a typical Thai dish, it’s a balance of hot, sour, sweet and salty. And of course, Thai basil is included. It’s quite nice, I’m sure you’d like it.

peteformation  on April 16th, 2010

I love the casher nuts…..everytime I sapu habis all of it, LOL!

rosebelle  on April 16th, 2010

Gosh your gong bao chicken looks so yummy! I love this dish but most restaurants here make their sauce so water down and flavorless. Better to make them fresh myself this time around!

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

This looks delicious Mary. I love the way you broke the ingredients into categories. It makes the recipes much easier to do. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

Kathy Gori  on April 16th, 2010

this looks wonderful Mary! Love the cashew nuts! any recipe that uses cashews, I’m all for!

Treat and Trick  on April 16th, 2010

It seems quite simple to prepare but delicious, thanks for sharing Mary and have a great weekend….

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Kitchen Butterfly  on April 16th, 2010

Our absolute favourite - the husband and I. Every time we go get Chinese takeout, this is ALWAYS on the list. Yummy

Mary  on April 16th, 2010

@Cheah - You are right…but it’s so expensive to eat and yet the quality is not there, especially over here. The best is still home cooked.

@TasteHongKong - Ooops…must heave forgotten…so sorry. Will correct it. I add it last before dishing up. Thanks very much for pointing that out :D

@Lyndsey - Looks like your husband needs some training to eat hot :P Start with very mild and serve him a glass of milk.
Your chicken sounds delicious. I would love to try it….butter, lemon….mmmm :D

@shaz - Give this a try and you will save a lot of money :D It’s very simple. Your dish sounds very delicious too cos I love Thai food. I wish I can buy chicken mince here!

@The Kitchen Masochist - Thai food is very delicious and I don’t think readers will be tired of it. I enjoy it :D Your blog posts are very impressive and inspirational. I have stayed here for quite a while but haven’t learned many Western dishes :(
Some Thai dishes are quite like Chinese dishes but I think most of them are more similar to Malay dishes. We mingle with so many races that I think I like cuisines from every Asian countries! :D

@peteformation - Haha….I’m imagining you with your chopsticks picking all the cashew nuts from the plate one by one…LOL :D

@rosebelle - I never like to go to Chinese restaurants, especially here. The food are more disappointing most of the time and yet expensive. Totally agree with you to make fresh. Have fun cooking :D

@Mary - Thanks very much, Mary! It’s my pleasure :D That’s how I cook. Have a great weekend!

@Kathy Gori - Aha…you must be a cashew nut queen! :D

@Treat and Trick - It’s very simple and easy, yet cheap and delicious! :D Do enjoy your weekend!

@Kitchen Butterfly - Now you can cook yourself and save a lot of money :D

Viviane, Taste-Buds  on April 16th, 2010

Yum this looks great! I am hungry and this is not helping me :D
I think chicken can be very versatile, I do not think I have a fave recipe, depends on the mood.

lequan@luvtoeat  on April 16th, 2010

Oh dear Mary, how do you come up with such delightful recipes? I tried your Salmon in Hot Sambal sauce and loved it. I left out the spicy part as I have two little ones but it was still awesome!

By the way, just wanted to let you know I gave you a blogger award on my most recent post. Happy Friday!

teresa  on April 16th, 2010

ooooh, this would be a total hit at my house!

Arnold  on April 16th, 2010

Anything with cashews in it attracts my attention. This combination looks exciting. This one is definitely on my to-do list.

Carolyn Jung  on April 16th, 2010

Cashew chicken is one of my all-time faves. As a kid, I used to pick out the cashew nuts as if they were little prized jewels. They sure tasted like they were.

Mimi  on April 16th, 2010

Simple and flavorful recipe, you are the queen!

Mary  on April 17th, 2010

@Viviane, Taste-Buds - Thanks very much, Viviane! Time to cook :D

@lequan@luvtoeat - Oh…that’s exciting to know you have tried the Salmon in Hot Sambal Sauce and liked it even without the spiciness. Thanks very much for the lovely award :D That’s so sweet of you! Really appreciate very much.

@teresa - That sounds great, Teresa! :D Have fun cooking!

@Arnold - You must be a great cashew nuts lover, Arnold! :D
Have fun cooking!

@Carolyn Jung - You must be one of those lucky ones. I never tasted cashew nuts when I was young. Probably they were not available or they were just too expensive and my parents couldn’t afford it. I only discover these wonderful nuts when I grew up….not too late to enjoy them :D

@Mimi - Thanks very much, Mimi! Wish I am a real cooking queen…haha. Still on the journey :P

The Kitchen Masochist  on April 17th, 2010

Thanks so much for your wonderful words. You’re making me blush as I sweat in here in the humid tropics!

I agree, a lot of Thai dishes resemble Malay dishes, and Indian too. But as in the rest of Southeast Asia, there’s a large Chinese influence on the cuisine, thanks to the diaspora. :)

I don’t want to say I’ll post the recipe soon of the Thai version of this dish since I still haven’t fulfilled my promise on re: sweet potato and prawn fritter. I should take the pics tomorrow as Sunday is market day for me. :)

citronetvanille  on April 17th, 2010

Another one of your great dishes, I love most of all the golden color of the chicken!

Katherine  on April 17th, 2010

I always like it when you post stirfry recipes. Its so simple yet so darn tasty. This looks great Mary.

Caveman Cooking  on April 17th, 2010

As usual, M2, you are making me very hungry! I will be trying this out soon!!

Mary  on April 17th, 2010

@The Kitchen Masochist - With China so huge in population, I can only see that it’s influence on cuisines everywhere is quite inevitable. Food is just so amazing. It binds and blends people together …. in a good way :D I hope to learn cuisines from other regions but I’m just so slow on picking up :( Happy enough to learn quite a few…enough to keep me smiling :D

@citronetvanille - Thanks very much, Silvia! :D

@Katherine - Thanks very much, Katherine! Have fun stir frying :D

@Caveman Cooking - Haha….have fun cooking! :D

pegasuslegend  on April 17th, 2010

I dont understand why your not here with a chain of restuarants!

Simply Life  on April 17th, 2010

Oooh I’ve never dared to make something like this (just eat off my husband’s plate after he’s ordered it)! I should try this!

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pierre  on April 17th, 2010

hi Mary I love the cashews it goes with everything so your recipe is top !! Cheers Pierre de Paris

penny aka jeroxie  on April 17th, 2010

The more chillies the better. I have not had this dish for a while.

peachkins  on April 17th, 2010

Chicken and cashew go so well together!

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

fimère  on April 17th, 2010

une assiette très appétissante et remplie de saveurs
c’est magnifique
bonne journée

sippitysup  on April 17th, 2010

You are so good at taking dishes I order in restaurants and making me want to make the at home! GREG

claire  on April 17th, 2010

Hi Molly, how have u been? sorry, I didnt come by for quite awhile cos i have stopped foodbuzz.. i m now concentrating on my blog http://reanaclaire.com.

By the way, I love this recipe, thanks for sharing, my son is coming back end of this month, he simply loves anything about chicken! this is gonna be a surprise for him!

Dimah  on April 17th, 2010

Yum, that looks great!

Mary  on April 17th, 2010

@pegasuslegend - Haha…I wish I have! I need big, strong dreams :D

@Simply Life - Give a try and see if it’s better than the restaurant’s :P

@pierre - Thanks very much, Pierre! :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Time to take out your wok, Penny! Have fun cooking :D

@peachkins - They do :D

@fimère - Thanks very much! :D

@sippitysup - Haha….now it’s your turn to try at home, Greg. Have fun cooking :D

@claire - Thanks very much for dropping by, Claire! Wow…your son is coming back….that’s exciting! I can imagine you are going to have a big spread of food for him. I would be so happy in your place :D

@Dimah - Thanks very much, Dimah! :D

rebecca  on April 17th, 2010

oh this looks great you have great food at your house lucky kids lol

tasteofbeirut  on April 17th, 2010

Cashew and chicken sounds fabulous; I am a big lover of anything crunchy and flavorful to boot!

Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams  on April 17th, 2010

Spicy and nutty together sound fantastic!

Michelle  on April 17th, 2010

Love Cashew Chicken and I just bought a bag of cashews too. My nut drawer is overflowing in my freezer!

Little Inbox  on April 17th, 2010

Chicken is my choice too when comes to meat.

mycookinghut  on April 18th, 2010

I love spicy food.. this one is for me ;)

Mary  on April 18th, 2010

@rebecca - Haha…I am praying hard that my girls pick up more cooking :D

@tasteofbeirut - Thanks very much! I must put more nuts in my cooking then :D

Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment! :D

@Michelle - Looks like you are going to have lots of wonderful dishes with nuts! It’s healthy so have fun cooking :D

@Little Inbox - Looks like we will soon be expert in cooing chicken…haha :D

@mycookinghut - We share similar taste…spicy food! :D

fimère  on April 18th, 2010

I have a price for you on my blog, you can take it
good day

Clare @ Mrs Multitasker  on April 18th, 2010

One of my brother’s favorites! I’ll definitely keep this one in mind for when I next have him over for dinner!

gaga  on April 18th, 2010

Yum, this is one of my favorites! You did a fabulous job.

5 Star Foodie  on April 18th, 2010

Love this - spicy and perfect with cashews!

Devaki  on April 18th, 2010

Dear Mary -I’ve said it before and I am saying it again. Good thing we’re not neighbors you’d have to shoo me way with a broom.

Deliciously mouthwatering :)

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Faith  on April 18th, 2010

Cashews are one of my favorite nuts…they sound delicious in this dish! I love the look of that spicy sauce…yum!

Mary  on April 18th, 2010

@fimère - Awww….thanks very much for the award! That’s so sweet of you :D Really appreciate it very much!

@Clare @ Mrs Multitasker - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Clare! :D You are so sweet to cook for your brother! I hope he likes this one :D

@gaga - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comemnt, Gaga! :D

@5 Star Foodie - Thanks very much, Natasha! :D

@Devaki - LOL…you are so funny! :D No I won’t shoo you away with a broom. I’ll cook you low fat dishes…haha :D

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! This is my favourite. Hope its your favourite, too :D

Brie  on April 18th, 2010

yum, i love cashew chicken! great recipe!

Tasty Trix  on April 18th, 2010

Oh, when I ate chicken I LOVED it spicy with cashew nuts!! Very tempting….

Tangled Noodle  on April 18th, 2010

Excellent! I love dishes that incorporate nuts and cashews are one my favorites to use (can’t do peanuts). Usually, whenever I see it in a dish like this, the flavor is generally mild so I’m eager to try a spicy version!

Cucinista  on April 18th, 2010

Looks delicious. Spices, cashew nuts: what’s not to like? And thanks for stopping by my blog.

tigerfish  on April 18th, 2010

Usually this dish is made of diced chicken but you have made it much more substantial with bigger chunks of chicken. Very homey dish. I can pierce each piece of chicken with a fork and start biting from there…

Divina  on April 19th, 2010

Wow, lots of comments here. They absolutely love your food. I love it too. This is an easy dish to make for or lunch or dinner.

Mary  on April 19th, 2010

@Brie - Thanks very much, Brie! :D

@Tasty Trix - Now I know I have to cook a big plate if you come…haha :D

@Tangled Noodle - This dish is supposed to be very spicy and explosive in flavour. Give a try. Have fun cooking :D

@Cucinista - Thanks very much for visiting and lovely comment, Cucinista! :D

@tigerfish - Haha…now I think it’s all because of my impatience. Cutting in big chunks is faster! :D

@Divina - I bet everyone would love to cook more restaurant food at home…save time and money too :D

joylicious  on April 22nd, 2010

YUM YUM YUM!!! Gong bao ji ding is Collin’s FAVORITE. Everytime we go to visit my mom she makes this dish for him (what a spoiled brat huh??) yours looks delicious :)

Mary  on April 28th, 2010

@Joylicious - Looks like it’s now your turn to spoil him :D Looks like most men are spoiled brat…including mine! We need to send them to cooking school…LOL

Zibi  on June 6th, 2010

Hi Mary,
I made this in my slow cooker last Wednesday and we loved it! Do you mind if I write about a post about it for my blog? Of course I will link to your post. Thanks for sharing another great recipe :)

Mary  on June 6th, 2010

@Zibi - Wow…you have a new way of cooking it! That’s amazing! I should try that. I’m really so happy to know that you like it :D Of course you can write about it and thanks very much for the link. Have fun cooking :D

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