Condensed Milk Tapioca Cake

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Condensed milk tapioca cake

Condensed milk tapioca cake

Tapioca cake is my favourite, whether baked or steamed. I grew up eating lots of tapioca, also called cassava. It grew wild around our house. When we were hungry, we would just go and dig out some tapioca and boil it. We loved it sprinkled with some sugar. It’s very delicious and filling. The young leaves, especially the tips, make a great dish when fried. This tapioca cake is one of the most popular Malaysian desserts. It is called ‘kuih bingka ubi kayu

I love condensed milk in desserts. I just have to add to this tapioca cake. It gives added flavour to the cake. What a way to enjoy my favourite condensed milk….mmmm! A daily dose in whatever way makes me smile. My greatest joy is when I made my own condensed milk. You can imagine how much money I have saved by now. It costs about £1.50 for that small tin which comes with little flavour these days. Make yourself if you are a condensed milk lover like me. Just click on How To Make Condensed Milk. You can thank me later for helping you save money!

Grated tapioca

Grated tapioca

We were at Chinatown recently. I love going there because there are lots of food ingredients that I miss. I always ended up buying a lot. I was delighted when I saw finely grated frozen tapioca. Nothing came to my mind except baked tapioca cake, my husband’s favourite, and mine too. I bought one packet to try. Once I got home, I quickly set out to make this awesome cake which we miss so much. It came out really delicious. I regretted I didn’t buy more packets to keep in the freezer. I’ll do that next time.

This condensed milk tapioca cake recipe is very simple and easy to make. Just mix everything together and bake. There’s very little washing to do, too.

500g tapioca (finely grated)
300g condensed milk
200g coconut milk
3 eggs (beaten)
60g butter (melted)
1/2C brown sugar
1/8t salt

All mixed and ready to be baked

All mixed and ready to be baked

Put everything together into a mixing bowl and mix well. Pour into a baking tin lined with baking paper and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes. The time depends on the size of the tin used. Let cool before cutting.

Well baked tapioca cake

Well baked tapioca cake

Have you ever tried any Malaysian desserts? Which one is your favourite? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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denise @ quickies on the dinner table  on March 19th, 2010

My mother loves this and she used to make it often when I was a child. It’s creamy and sweet and slighly chewy. I haven’t made this in such a long time as I never got the recipe from her. I’d like to try your version and let my mum taste it! Thanks for sharing Mary :)

the lacquer spoon  on March 19th, 2010

Ooh, tapioca sounds very SE Asian and love the texture!! When I would live in London, China Town was indeed a comfort place full of tempting ingredients and foods to which my heart belong :)

Sushma Mallya  on March 19th, 2010

such a perfect cake,never heard abt this one though but seems really yum and looks very beautiful mary

zurin  on March 19th, 2010

mmm YUM YUM YUM..ur cake looks scrumptious..I must try ur version next time!!!

Sweet Jasmine  on March 19th, 2010

Oh, this is my favorite kuih bingka. Nothing beats homecook ones, somemore with homemade condensed milk which I just discover can be homemade too. Thks for the recipes.

3hungrytummies  on March 19th, 2010

I am only able to get frozen tapioca here, will that work?
I want something sweet now, this is perfect!

Mary  on March 19th, 2010

@denise @ quickies on the dinner table - Thanks very much for visiting and sharing! That’s so sweet of you to let your mom try your tapioca cake. I’m sure she’d be so happy! Have fun baking :D

@the lacquer spoon - I wish there’s Chinatown in every UK town! I really enjoy the London Chinatown…so full of awesome Asian stuff to see, buy and eat :D

@Sushma Mallya - Thanks very much, Sushma! :D Give a try. It’s very delicious.

@zurin - Thanks very much, Zurin! I must try your version, too :D. I’m adding your tapioca cake link here.

@Sweet Jasmine - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Jasmine! Have fun cooking :D

@3hungrytummies - Oh, that’s the best, if it’s already grated for you. That’s what I got. It’s almost like striking a lottery for me…LOL :D I can’t wait to go and buy more and keep in the freezer :P

The Little Teochew  on March 19th, 2010

Hi Mary, I saw Zurin’s version and now I see yours!!! Both are so delectable I don’t know where to look now! LOL.

anncoo  on March 19th, 2010

Yum…yum…can I have a bite?

SathyaSridhar  on March 19th, 2010

woooooooooow,,,loooks yummyyy n delicious,,i hv nt tried tapioco cake yet and sounds great.You are a great cook in baking,,,,sure this week m gonna buy tapioco m trying this cake for me.thanks for sharing dear the lovely cake,,,take care n keep smiling always like this

Faith  on March 19th, 2010

Oooh, this looks so good! I’ve never had it, so I’m really glad you shared it, Mary! I love how the top gets a nice caramel color like that!

kristy  on March 19th, 2010

Frankly, I haven’t taken this for quite some time. Of coz, I’m lucky! Don’t have to bake it myself. I can easily buy this from any local stores. hehe….

SathyaSridhar  on March 19th, 2010

i would like to follow u dear,,how to follow Your blog?..

pegasuslegend  on March 19th, 2010

wow this is so nicely brown, I can taste the creamy sweetness from here~

TasteHongKong  on March 19th, 2010

I always admire your intention to share. And such a generous amount of cake is another vivid example.

3hungrytummies  on March 19th, 2010

Oh that is great news! I will try to get some next time! Thank you!

Mary  on March 19th, 2010

@The Little Teochew - LOL…Ju, you sure need 2 computers! :D

@anncoo - A BIG ‘YES’! But you need to come here :P

@SathyaSridhar - Awww…thanks so much for such lovely compliment! :D I’m still very, very amateur, trying very hard to learn more baking and cooking. Lots of flaw along the way but I’ll just Keep Learning Keep Smiling :D

@Faith - Thanks very much, Faith! :D If you can get tapioca, do give a try and see how this popular Malaysian dessert taste. Hope you like it.

@kristy - Now you make me envy you, Kristy! Thanks goodness I can find the ingredients here to make :)

@SathyaSridhar - It’s easy. Look at the RSS and email subscription on the top right corner of my blog. You can choose either one to subscribe. Thanks very much, Sathya! Have fun cooking :D

@pegasuslegend - Thanks very much, Claudia! :D

@TasteHongKong - Awwww….thanks very much, Maureen! It’s always my joy to cook and share. But I have more joy….eating…LOL :D

@3hungrytummies - Have fun baking and eating :D I’m on my way to Chinatown again this weekend…yeah :D

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Yen  on March 19th, 2010

I was going to make this cake a couple of days ago but one of my girl got sick and I couldn’t bothered grating the cassava and decided just eat the cassava steamed. Your cake looks great and I can’t wait to make them.

gertrude  on March 19th, 2010

i love kuih bingka but have yet to try it with condensed milk. I am sure it has a great milky flavor.

Drick  on March 19th, 2010

would love to try this, bet it is so moist and delicious. you always come up with new things for me to ponder, this is really great

Belle@OohLook  on March 19th, 2010

Your cake looks so good, and the condensed milk would make it even better. I’ve never cooked with tapioca before, let alone bought it. Is it the same as the little dried tapioca balls that you put into sweet soup? My mother makes the soup :)

Jennifer  on March 19th, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Malaysian dessert, but yours looks really yummy. I love coconut and I love condensed milk. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had cassava, is that the same thing as yucca? In the picture, the grated cassava looks like ricotta…

lululu  on March 19th, 2010

i’m a big fan of tapioca too! be it in cold or warm sweet treat!
look at the nicely toasted topping and creaming tapioca filling…..wonderful dessert.

Kristi Rimkus  on March 19th, 2010

I had no idea you could dip up tapioca! Very interesting post, and the cake looks delicious!

Jeannie  on March 19th, 2010

One of my favourite kuihs too. We don’t use condensed milk here though. Must try your version one day. Must get hold of some tapioca first!

Reeni  on March 19th, 2010

I love condensed milk and tapioca! What a yummy combo to put together in a dessert! It looks very moist and delicious!

Namitha  on March 19th, 2010

That’s something new for me to try out..Sounds wonderful :-)Never cooked a sweet dish with raw tapioca

Mary  on March 19th, 2010

I’ve never had this cake and am really looking forward to giving it a try. Now I’m off to find tapioca :-). Have a great day…Mary

Pedhakka  on March 19th, 2010

Wow !! totally different recipes !! would like to try this sometime !!

Kamalika  on March 19th, 2010

such nice cake…..i never thought of making condensed milk at home….but seeing your recipe i am getting inspired….wonderful dear….

andyh  on March 19th, 2010

Another lovely looking recipe, I will definetely be trying this one soon. Andy

rebecca  on March 19th, 2010

oh love your cakes and your passion for condensed milk smiles have a great weekend

cheah  on March 19th, 2010

This tapioca cake/kuih looks so delicious, fine and moist. My other half’s favourite too.

Ching  on March 19th, 2010

I have yet to try the condensed milk version, would love to give it a try.

mycookinghut  on March 19th, 2010

woww.. this dessert looks soo yummy.. I love tapioca and condensed milk!! I have never been any frozen tapioca at Chinese supermarket, will keep an eye!!

5 Star Foodie  on March 19th, 2010

Putting tapioca on my shopping list and would love to make this delicious cake this weekend, yum!

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on March 19th, 2010

The texture of this tapioca cake can compete with souffle cheesecake…so so smooth!

Mary  on March 19th, 2010

@Yen - Oh….so sorry to hear your girl was sick. I hope she has fully recovered. Have fun baking :D

@gertrude - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Yen! :D I love the condensed milk falavour. Give a try. Do hope you like it.

@Drick - Thanks very much, Drick! I don’t know how to describe it except that I like it very much. Drick, try something new…a Malaysian favourite. Give yourself a surprise :P

@Belle@OohLook - No, this tastes very different from the tapioca balls that we put in dessert soup. It has a very unique texture of its own which I like very much….maybe a little chewy….lovely bite and flavour. I’ll be making again soon :D

@Jennifer - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Jennifer! :D I haven’t heard of yucca. I checked it out on the net. No, it’s not yucca. You can google for image of tapioca and also tapioca plant and you can see how it looks like. The grated tapioca is very smooth. You can easily buy tapioca from Asian shops but then you have to peel and grate it yourself. I got mine frozen and ready grated so that makes everything so super easy. Give a try. Have fun baking :D

@lululu - Yeah…we share the same love for tapioca :D I’ll make a big one if you come here to make sure we have enough :P

@Kristi Rimkus - Thanks very much, Kristy! :D Life in the country side is just so fun.

@Jeannie - Haha….condensed milk is just my crazy addition…my addiction :P I know, back home we don’t add that but it’s delicious though. I love it :D

@Reeni - Thanks very much, Reena! :D Give a try. I’m sure you will like it if you like both condensed milk and tapioca like me.

@Namitha - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Namitha! :D Have fun baking :D

@Mary - Thanks very much, Mary! Have a great day and have fun baking :D

@Pedhakka - Thanks very much for visiting and for comment, Pedhakka! Have fun baking :D

@Kamalika - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Kamalika! Have fun baking :D

@andyh - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Andyh! Have fun baking :D

@rebecca - Haha…my crazy love for condensed milk :D Hope my teeth don’t fall off …LOL

@cheah - Thanks very much, Cheah! I bet it’s so easy for you to just go out and buy. You make me jealous…haha. But I sure have to be very thankful that I can find tapioca here…better still, ready grated ones :D

@Ching - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Ching! Have fun baking :D

@mycookinghut - Thanks very much! Maybe you can ask the owner of the Chinese supermarket. If you love tapioca and condensed milk like me, I’m sure you will like this one. Have fun baking :D

@5 Star Foodie - That’s fast :D Have fun baking! I want to make again this weekend, too :D

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - I have not tried souffle cheesecake. I should try to make that. Got to check for recipe first. Sounds delicious…mmm :D

Roti n Rice  on March 19th, 2010

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have seen the frozen grated tapioca but did not dare to try it. They are from the Philippines. I should have visited your blog this morning as I just went to the Asian market earlier today. Will get it next week. The fresh cassava here is a little different, texture and taste wise. I must say your tapioca cake looks so yummy! :)

Divina  on March 19th, 2010

Really nice dessert. Can you make this for me please? :) But you’re too far so I’ll make my own. I just ask someone to grate it. :)

Mary  on March 20th, 2010

@Roti n Rice - Oh…you are very lucky to find frozen, grated tapioca there. It’s like striking lottery to me….haha :D This time I go, I’ll not be buying just one packet (regretted that) but at least 6 packets! You can imagine my big smile, now..LOL :D

@Divina - You are very lucky to have someone grate for you and I’m very lucky to have found the frozen, grated one! :D Both of us are very blessed, right?

grace  on March 20th, 2010

awesome cake. its texture looks so unique–moist yet firm. i’d love this, mary–thanks!

Simply Life  on March 20th, 2010

I never knew how these were made -looks great!

noobcook  on March 20th, 2010

yum yum. I love condensed milk for the sweet and milky taste. It sounds perfect for your tapioca cake :)

penny aka jeroxie  on March 20th, 2010

Wahh… another beautiful and yummy cake. You sure love your condense milk :)

Mary  on March 20th, 2010

@grace - Thanks very much, Grace! Have fun weekend :D

@Simply Life - Thanks very much! :D Give a try.

@noobcook - Yes, it is! I really like it. I’m going to make this again very soon :D

@penny aka jeroxie - Yes, I do! Condensed milk makes my world go round :D

pierre  on March 20th, 2010

hi mary this cake looks rich but so good !! heelo to Scotland !! cheers from Pierre

peachkins  on March 20th, 2010

love love love Tapioca!

Little Inbox  on March 20th, 2010

I like this kuih since I was a kid. It’s fragrant and lemak.

peteformation  on March 20th, 2010

So long didn’t eat tapioca kuih already. Good to eat with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Angie  on March 20th, 2010

Looks so good! I like desserts like this one.

Mary  on March 20th, 2010

@pierre - Thanks very much, Pierre! Hope you have good weather there over in Paris :D

@peachkins - We have similar taste buds! :D

@Little Inbox - Me, too! There are so many types in Malaysia. I miss them. But so happy at least I can make one type here :D

@peteformation - Ooooh….I just love it any time of the day :D

@Angie - Give this a try. Learn a popular Malaysian dessert :D

Treat and Trick  on March 20th, 2010

Lovely tapioca cake, this is my favourite too, next time shall try your version….

gaga  on March 20th, 2010

I love asian desserts but haven’t tried this one yet. I bet I’d love it.

jenn  on March 20th, 2010

another recipe with condensed milk! i still haven’t made the pound cake from a while ago!! but this cake looks super good… i wonder if i’ve ever had it, just never knew what it was. yummy! :)

xiaoyen  on March 20th, 2010

I love this cake! My used to bake them whenever we have parties. Gosh, I haven’t had it for sooo long. It definitely is a very simple cake to make and tastes so good. I wish I’ve tried some Malaysian desserts…have seen some pictures from other blogs, they all look so yummy!

rosebelle  on March 20th, 2010

I would love to make this cake but first of all, we don’t use weights in the U.S. in our recipes. Can you please let me know how many cups is 500 grams of tapioca, 300g condensed milk, and 200g coconut milk? Thanks.

Mary  on March 21st, 2010

@Treat and Trick - Thanks very much! Have fun baking :D

@gaga - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Gaga! Give a try :D

@jenn - I know….I also have so many recipes boomarked that I want to try but haven’t got down to trying yet. Take your time :D

@xiaoyen - Yes, this is a very good cake for parties. I would do that next time. A lot of the Malaysian desserts are very delicious. I miss them and hope to learn more how to make them. Cooking and baking is fun :D

@rosebelle - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Rosebelle! I checked it out on the net for you. 500g tapioca is about 2 cups, 300g condensed milk is about 1 cup, 200g coconut milk is about 3/4 cup. My suggestion is to buy a weighing scale. You don’t have to buy an expensive one. I just bought a cheap one with a flat weighing plate on top. It comes very handy. For example for this recipe, I just put a pot on the weighing scale and measure everything into it. There’s little mess, little cleaning to do and quick. Hope this helps. Have fun cooking and baking :D

shirley@køkken69  on March 21st, 2010

My God, Mary, you make your own condensed milk? I kowtow to you…. the baked tapioca cake is also one of my favourites but I have never made it yet. I have made the steamed version though.. and like you, I really enjoy that too..

Sarah, Maison Cupcake  on March 21st, 2010

That looks delicious, I need to give this condensed milk a whirl soon.

Mary  on March 21st, 2010

@shirley@køkken69 - Haha…I think that’s one of my greatest achievements in cooking :D I would like to try the steamed type next time. It’s very delicious, too. Thanks very much for visiting and comment!

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - Have fun trying, Sarah! :D

Von  on March 21st, 2010

This cake looks so good! It looks soft (or is that just me?) and sweet….I can sorta imagine what it tastes like! I haven’t had cake for too long =[

I’m not quite sure if I know what tapioca is….
I know I’ve used tapioca flour but have no idea what tapioca is :D hahaha

I never knew you could MAKE condensed milk!! I love that stuff! Will definitely try it one day!

Rosa  on March 21st, 2010

That cake looks lovely! i love the idea of using condensed milk with tapioca flour.



shaz  on March 21st, 2010

Ha ha Snap! Hi Mary, i just made tapioca cake too, except I used coconut milk. I like the idea of condensed milk, must give it a try!

Ari (Baking and Books)  on March 21st, 2010

This is a very unique cake! I love tapioca but have never really worked with it. Might be time to start!

Pedhakka  on March 21st, 2010

I like your condensed milk recipe. Its very useful !!! Thanks for sharing !!

Thas  on March 21st, 2010

You’ve posted this at the right time, I’ve bought tapioca the other day and it has been sitting idle, I usually boil it. This is totally interesting and I am gonna make this tomorrow. Also, you must be crowned as the “queen of condensed milk” :)

Mary  on March 21st, 2010

@Von - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Von! It’s soft and sweet but different from the normal cake. Maybe it’s difficult to describe but I like it very much. Give a try. Hope you like it too :D Fresh tapioca is different from the tapioca. Probably you can google for tapioca or cassava images to see how it looks like. You can most likely get it from Asian shops. Making condensed milk is easy. Have fun making it :D

@Rosa - Thanks very much, Rosa! :D

@shaz - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Shaz! I think the condensed milk give added flavour which I like. Have fun trying it :D

@Ari (Baking and Books) - Thanks very much for visitng and comment, Ari! Give a try. Hope you like it :D

@Pedhakka - Thanks very much, Pedhakka! Have fun making your own condensed milk :D

@Thas - Haha….my coronation! What a cool name…thanks! :D Have fun making this tapioca cake!

sippitysup  on March 21st, 2010

This is an example of “keep learning” for me! Yjnks for the lesson. GREG

sippitysup  on March 21st, 2010

That was supposed to be THANKS for the lesson. I hate my typos when they are so weird! GREG

Mimi  on March 21st, 2010

You are so funny! This looks delicious and I plan on making it right after I make my condensed milk,.

Tuty @Scentofspice  on March 21st, 2010

Lovely cassava cake. It looks dense and rich with the combination of condensed milk and coconut milk. So far, I’ve only made the Vietnamese version of cassava cake. Thanks for sharing.

Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes  on March 21st, 2010

Mary, I’ve never had anything like this before but the cake looks so moist and delicious! I want to try it!

Valarmathi  on March 21st, 2010

Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments. Cake looks fantastic and yummy.

Yummy Koh  on March 22nd, 2010

nice tapioca cake…..

Ellie (Almost Bourdain)  on March 22nd, 2010

I love tapioca cake but never made it with condensed milk. I am sure the flavour will be really good.

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on March 22nd, 2010

You’re an expert on making every dessert with condensed milk.
This dessert is so nice with tapioca too.

Mary  on March 22nd, 2010

@sippitysup - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Greg! :D I was trying to make out what it was….haha. Thanks very much for the correction. I happens to me all the time. Sometimes I thought maybe my fingers are too fat and the keys are too small … LOL

@Mimi - Great to know you are going to make condensed milk….yeah! :D Have fun cooking and baking!

@Tuty @Scentofspice - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Tuty! :D Oh, would love to have a look at the Vietnamese version of this tapioca cake. I’m sure it tastes very delicious too.

@Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes - It is really moist and delicious. Give a try. I hope you like it :D

@Valarmathi - Thanks very much for visiitng and comment, Valarmathi! Oooops…you did not leave your blog URL when you fill in the comment box :( Do drop by again!

@Yummy Koh - Thanks very much for visiting and comment, Koh! :D

@Ellie (Almost Bourdain) - Condensed milk gives added flavour. I love it…mmmm :D

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Haha…thanks very much…condensed milk just makes me happy :D

DG  on March 22nd, 2010

Your tapioca cake looks soft and yummy :)

deeba  on March 22nd, 2010

LOVE IT…everything about it. What a gorgeous cake Mary! WOOT!!

Sophie  on March 22nd, 2010

I love the texture of this cake, and I have to agree, condensed milk is a great ingredient to add to baked goods!

Cajun Chef Ryan  on March 22nd, 2010

Tapioca and condensed milk…oh my!

msmeanie  on March 23rd, 2010

OMG. Homemade condensed milk! Thanks for that recipe. I LOVE condensed milk — I can just eat the stuff out of the can. This cake sounds sooo good.

Quinn  on March 29th, 2010

Mary, you cook and bake so well. I am so impressed. This weblog is something. I must have been lost somewhere all this while to miss out such goodness. I’ve bookmarked you. Love the idea of condensed mil in bingka ubi kayu. Thank you!

Mary  on March 29th, 2010

@DG - Thanks very much, DG! :D

@deeba - Thanks very much, Deeba! :D

@Sophie - Thanks very much, Sophie! :D

@Cajun Chef Ryan - Thanks very much, Chef! :D

@msmeanie - Haha…imagine us sitting and licking condensed milk together? What a beautiful sight…LOL :D

@Quinn - Awww….thanks very much for your lovely compliment. That’s so encouraging even though I feel that my cooking and baking need lots more improvement. You have made me smiled more :D

Carolyn Jung  on April 7th, 2010

Ya know, I love my chocolate cakes and gingersnap cookies galore. But Asian desserts like this have a special place in my heart — or stomach — because they just remind me so much of family. Their smooth, custardy texture is just so comforting, too.

Mary  on April 8th, 2010

@Carolyn - Totally agree with you that all these Asian desserts remind me of home. I just can’t wait to go back to see my family and also to enjoy all the food there. Going back is always the happiest thing :D Well, hope to visit Chinatown here again to get this tapioca paste to make dessert again. I’ll buy more packets and keep in the freezer.

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[...] Keep Learning Keep Smiling » Condensed Milk Tapioca Cake [...]

ArootinM  on November 2nd, 2011

Me and my mom tried this cake, but it came out horribly D:
It tasted sooo good but the look of it was just incredibly denying. It was grey and not like yours.
We don’t even know what we did wrong.
But the taste was good though, seriously.

We will try this again, le’ts see if it gets better :DD

Mary  on November 2nd, 2011

@ArootinM - I’m very glad to know you tried this cake and liked it. But I do wonder why it turns out grey. Tapioca is white in colour and really shouldn’t turn grey. I just wonder whether there are other types of tapioca that you used. I know there’s a yellow colour tapioca. That should come out even nicer. I can only think that it will turn grey if you use yam/taro. Maybe if you email me a picture of the tapioca you use, I may be able to explain it. I’m really glad to know you are going to try it again. Let me know if it doesn’t turn out right. Take care and have fun baking! :D

ArootinM  on November 2nd, 2011

It’s exactly this one:

Maybe it was because of the coconut milk?
The one i used had a soft consistensy and was not milk-like (not really white). It was more like coconut cream with coconut water.

Thank you so much for you help Mary! :)

Mary  on November 3rd, 2011

Thanks for the link. I noticed that you used tapioca flour to make. I had ever tried that. Would be too gluey I think. I used the grated tapioca. I wonder whether you can get fresh tapioca at your place, or the frozen grated tapioca. It’s very good for making desserts. However, I feel that the colour shouldn’t have turned grey. It’s strange. What container did you use to bake it? The coconut milk would not cause the grey colour as it’s also white. Hope we can figure out why the colour is grey. If you make again, would love to see a picture of it. Thanks. Have fun baking :D

Ariel  on November 21st, 2011

Hey Mary..
If i used fresh tapioca.. do i have to cook it before i grate it?

Mary  on November 22nd, 2011

@Ariel - Thanks for dropping by, Ariel. No, you don’t cook it before you grate it. You won’t be able to grate it after you cook it because it will be quite gluey. Have fun cooking and baking :D

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