Pineapple Char Siu Chicken

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Pineapple char siu chicken

Pineapple char siu chicken

Pineapples make a very beautiful dish, both in colour and in taste. I find it very appetising. I love to use fresh pineapples in my cooking especially in sweet and sour chicken. But this dish, Pineapple Char Siu Chicken is my first attempt. I think it’s delicious and I liked it. If you like something sour and sweet, you’ll most likely like this dish. You can check out my recent post on ‘How To Cut A Pineapple‘ if you have difficulty cutting pineapples. It’s simple and fun.

Sliced char siu chicken

Sliced char siu chicken

I had some char siu chicken left over from the previous day so I just thought I could cook it with pineapples. It would give the dish extra flavour as the char siu chicken itself is very flavourful and tasty. Click Super Fast Chinese Roasted Chicken to learn how to make the quickest char siu chicken.

Chopped onion and chili

Chopped onion and chili

The big onions would give some sweetness and flavour to it while the chilies add some spiciness.This dish is very simple and easy. Just don’t over cook it. Here’s my recipe to share. Again the amount is up to individual and you can adjust the seasonings according to your taste. Simple seasoning is good enough for this dish.

Ingredients A
char siu chicken (sliced)
pineapple pieces
red chili (diced)
big onion (sliced)
coriander (washed and chopped)

Ingredients B (seasonings)

Fry everything together

Fry everything together

Heat up some oil in the frying pan. Add the onion slices and fry for a while. You may still want some crunch to it so don’t fry too long. Next add the char siu chicken pieces and fry until fragrant. Then add the pineapple pieces and chopped chili. Fry for a little while. Lastly add the sugar, salt and chopped coriander. Adjust according to your taste. Mix well and dish up on to a plate and serve hot. It goes great with rice.

Do you use pineapple in your cooking? What is your favourite pineapple dish? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Divina  on January 27th, 2010

Gorgeous dish. We usually eat pineapple just like the way it is but I always love it with fried rice. Maybe this one is a next favorite. I love the quote you have there. :D

cheah  on January 27th, 2010

I very rarely cook with fresh pineapple, always eat it as it is. Yes, it’s tasty if you add it in sweet and sour dishes.

Janice  on January 27th, 2010

Looks good, I love pineapples with any dish.

The Kitchen Masochist  on January 27th, 2010

I have never tried char siu but I remember seeing these being offered at hawker centers in both SG and MY. They were sold in Hainanese Chicken rice stalls. Is this the same one used in char siu rice?

Sarah, Maison Cupcake  on January 27th, 2010

Looks delicious. I would order that in your restaurant. Can I book a table for Friday please?

penny aka jeroxie  on January 27th, 2010

I have never had both together before. It does remind me a little of sweet and sour chicken maybe?

3hungrytummies  on January 27th, 2010

Very happy to have plenty of rice with that!

Sushma Mallya  on January 27th, 2010

A unique combo and an amazing chicken dish…looks good mary

Faith  on January 27th, 2010

This is such a pretty dish! I love the sweetness that the pineapple brings…this looks incredible!

Drick  on January 27th, 2010

another easy and delicious sounding dish - Mary, you are the queen of fabulous one-pot meals…

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on January 27th, 2010

Must be very appetizing with pineapples!

Mary  on January 27th, 2010

@Divina - I cut 2 pineapples the other day and couldn’t finish all as one of them was not sweet. So thought it’s good to make a dish out of it. I have to try it in fried rice. I had eaten it before and it was very delicious.

@cheah - I also love to eat pineapples as it is but sometimes just for a change. I love it in sweet and sour sauce….mmmm

@Janice - Thank you very much. I love it with seafood too.

@The Kitchen Masochist - It’s quite similar. In char siu rice, it is always pork but I prefer chicken. You can easily make it at home.

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - I wish I have a restaurant! I’ll have so much fun :D

@penny aka jeroxie - This is a twist from sweet and sour chicken except without the tomato sauce.

@3hungrytummies - Me, too. I just love the sauce….mmm

@Sushma Mallya - Thank you very much.

@Faith - Thank you very much. I love the sweet and sour combination….very appetising.

@Drick - Maybe I should be called the queen of impatience :D I only love simple, easy and quick meals.

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Yes, it is. I love it the most so I eat most of it :P

Shirley  on January 27th, 2010

This should taste really good!

Jeannie  on January 27th, 2010

Wow, this reminds me it’s been a long time since I have sweet and sour dish. Very colourful dish and you always made it so simple!

Mary  on January 27th, 2010

@Shirley - I really like it. I think it’s very appetising.

@Jeannie - Thank you very much. Can we call this a slimming dish? :P

anncoo  on January 27th, 2010

Really makes me mouth watering….
I remember one of my Teochew friend cooked pineapple with chicken gizzard.

Cajun Chef Ryan  on January 27th, 2010

Oh yeah babe, this has my stomach growling now! I also like your cleaver in the second photo!

Culinarily yours,

Roti n Rice  on January 27th, 2010

Looks wonderful! Pineapples and chicken go well together….yum!

Mary  on January 27th, 2010

@anncoo - Wow…with chicken gizzard! I may try with chicken livers, especially organic livers. Think that may be delicious too.

@Cajun Chef Ryan - That’s the only knife I use everyday :D It’s very, very sharp. I cut, slice, debone and chop with it. I don’t think I can cook without it.

@Roti n Rice - They really do. I find it very appetising.

tia  on January 27th, 2010

i’ve been loving pineapple lately so this is perfect for me! also, i’m gonna check out your char siew chicken recipe. mmm

Christine@Christine's Recipes  on January 27th, 2010

Yummy dish! I love everything in sour and sweet source, esp. the chicken.
I can have a big bowl of rice with it!

Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes  on January 28th, 2010

I love adding pineapple to sweet and sour. It adds a great flavor to the dish.

I awarded you a honest scrap award. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. Love your blog.


noobcook  on January 28th, 2010

I totally love it when pineapple is added to Asian dishes. They add sweetness and colour to the dish just like yours =)

Mary  on January 28th, 2010

@tia - Thank you very much for visiting and for your lovely comment. Have fun cooking!

@Christine@Christine’s Recipes - Thank you very much.

@Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes - Thank you very much for the lovely award and for your lovely compliment. Appreciate very much.

@noobcook - Totally agree with you. We used it a lot back home. Now I have to learn more.

Wendy  on January 28th, 2010

What a bright and vibrant dish that looks Mary - bet to tastes gorgeous!

Mary  on January 28th, 2010

@Wendy - Thank you very much. I love it…very appetising.

joylicious  on January 28th, 2010

anything with the word “char siu” in it I am totally there. Yum mary so so yum pineapples are one of my favorite fruits because not only is it delicious by itself but it completely gives dishes a whole different complex. AAAH YUM

Mary  on January 28th, 2010

@Joylicious - Aha…we colllide here again…at Char Siu :D We eat it so often here. Just had it for dinner today.

kristy  on January 30th, 2010

I love cooking pineapples! The flavour can really brings up my appetite especially with sweet & sour sauce.

Mary  on January 30th, 2010

@Kristy - Wonder what pineapple dishes you cook. I think my pineapple ends up in my tummy before it gets into the pot :D The other day I cut 2, that’s why I have leftover for this dish.

Caveman Cooking  on January 31st, 2010

Every Char Siu recipe I’ve ever had was made with Pork Loin, and often was too dried out. This looks so good with the chicken … very moist, too. YUM!

Mary  on January 31st, 2010

@Caveman Cooking - I know. It’s not easy to get tender char siu pork. Using chicken is a good alternative. It’s never too hard and tough if you use chicken thigh.

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