Christmas Day Family Fun

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Lovely Christmas dinner

Lovely Christmas dinner

Christmas day is over but the fun and joyous festive atmosphere still fills the air. My family had a lovely time staying in. Instead of lazing around, we tried to make some changes to the interior settings. We hope to have a nice music corner, a reading corner, a computer corner, a coffee corner, an exercise corner and an entertaining corner. Looks like quite an ambition but it is achievable.

My children did the music corner. I must say they did well. It’s not completed yet but nearly there. That’s one of my favourite corners. One of my New Year resolutions is to learn the keyboard. My music teacher would be my daughter. She’s delighted! I’ll cook nice food for her…haha.

Music corner

Music corner

My hubby sorted out and reorganised the garage while I rearranged my kitchen stuff. I hope to have 3 cooking areas! That would be fun.

By the way, I was rather happy that I didn’t really cook on Christmas Eve but I didn’t manage to escape cooking yesterday. Maybe I missed my cooking, so we had lamb steak with tenderstem broccoli and tiger prawns. I cooked some plain rice too. This is the first time I cooked lamb steak with creamy mustard sauce. I must say it was very, very delicious. Everyone liked it very much. Then of course we had the fruit sorbet again to finish off a lovely Christmas dinner before watching a movie.

Did you have a good holiday time? How do you want your 2009 to end? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

Quote of the day……

”Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”

Dale Evans Rogers

Keep Learning Keep Smiling

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pegasuslegend  on December 26th, 2009

Oh I love lamb and am making lamb Sunday when the rest of my family comes in from out of town, we marinade it in wine herbs and mint….Lasagna and Lamb on our menu for Sunday…Your Table looks absolutely gorgeous and the lamb sounds delicious!

Angie@Angie's Recipes  on December 26th, 2009

What a splendid meal! I love that music corner.
To be honest, I am not a holiday person. Earlier I had to work, work and work….esp. in the holidays…all the years…each holiday means overloaded work….I guess I have learn to not able to enjoy the holidays. Anyway, I shall be grateful.

pierre  on December 26th, 2009

Hello Mary
congratulation for the idea to have many corners sounds very good !!
thanks fro your blog and wish you happy celebrations ! cheers from Paris Pierre

rebecca  on December 26th, 2009

oh what a cool,idea o arrange your home this way, great food love Rebecca

Divina  on December 26th, 2009

What a lovely meal. Do you play any instrument? One instrument that I would love to play is the violin. :D I want my 2009 to end with new goals for next year, new hope, new courage and strength to do those goals and new dream and freedom.

Impomptu Diva  on December 26th, 2009

Sounds like a good family project Mary! Having those corners is a fab way to keep things organized… and I think it will also keep the person responsible to keep the corner tidy all the time! Thanks for sharing a neat idea, now it’s time to get my family into action too hahaha!

Sook  on December 26th, 2009

I’m glad you had a great holiday! Mine was a little stressful but still turned out okay in the end. :) I want to have a good time with my husband and my kid on the New Year. Happy New Year, Mary!

Ellie  on December 26th, 2009

What a great Christmas you had, Mary!! Good food and great fun :)

Yummy Koh  on December 28th, 2009

Wow … guessed I came by too late for the lovely food.

Thas  on December 28th, 2009

I hear ya, even I haven’t got out of the holiday mood and hating this monday like anything:(( and look at that tiger shrimp, oh my goodness, being a shrimp freak, I can empty that platter in just seconds, no kidding;) Do post the recipe for the shrimp.

I love the music corner, I bet you are gonna have a grt time learning keyboard. I wanted to learn guitar, didn’t happen yet though, may be sometime soon:) I will end this year obviously with food;) dinner at a Brazilian restaurant with family and friends and looking forward to starting the next year with much more vigor:) Happy 2010!

Mary  on December 28th, 2009

@pegasuslegend - Thanks for your lovely comment. I like your way of cooking lamb. I would love to try that next time.

@Angie@Angie’s Recipes - Thanks. You can come and join me to play some music :P Wow, you really work hard, even have to work during holidays! Wonder who is your boss to make you work so hard! But agree with you, we must all be thankful for what we have.

@Pierre - I’m sure going to enjoy myself at each corner everyday :P Thanks very much for your greetings. Happy celebration and Happy New Year to you, too.

@Rebecca - Thanks for your lovely comment.Hope you have fabulous holiday fun.

@Divina - Thank you. Yes, I play some guitar and very little keyboard. I really hope to see your many goals and dreams come true next year.

@Impomptu Diva - Totally agree with you. I think I must write a job description for everyone in my family :P I’ll reward them with good food for good performance :D

@Sook - I’m so glad your holiday turned out well. I do hope you have a great family time on the New Year. Happy New Year to you, too.

@Ellie - Thank you. It was a very good one to remember. My children are already talking about next Christmas!!

@Yummy Koh - There’s still food in my house :D Hope you have a great festive holiday.

@Thas - Oh no, I can understand that. I just wish I can have more sleep! Oh, you are a prawn fan like me too. We will end up fighting over that plate of tiger prawns then :D The recipe is at

I do play the guitar. I think it’s simple and you can sing along. But I think I’ll have problem with the keyboard where you have to coordinate your eyes, fingers and leg! Gosh….it’s going to be a nightmare I think. I hope my daughter will be patient with me :D

Looks like you have are going to have a fun time to end the year. That’s great. Happy New Year!

kristy  on December 30th, 2009

Whoa… sounds like you had fun with your family. And glad that you cooked that day! haha… Must be a blessful one.

Mary  on December 30th, 2009

@Kristy - Yes, we did have a lot of fun this year. Dinner looks simple but delicious. Looks like I’m having too much fun that I don’t quite feel like cooking :P

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