Fast And Delicious Fried Lamb With Bean Paste

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Fast and delicious lamb

Fast and delicious lamb

Fast and Delicious Fried Lamb with Bean Paste - a quick rescue on a super busy day.

I think sometimes we can cook very well when we are hungry and need some good food. That was what happened to me the day before. I had a few appointments to handle that day. I took a heavy breakfast before I went out, hopefully to last me through until noon. But the weather was cold and soon I was very hungry.

On the way home, I received a call from my daughter. She asked me what was for lunch. I knew she wanted proper lunch so I told her to cook rice first. By the time I reached home, I dashed to the fridge to check what I had. Saw 3 pieces of cooked lamb. Yes, that should be good enough. Here’s my simple and yet very delicious recipe to share.

3 pieces of cooked lamb
1T Korean chili bean paste
2t brown sugar
coriander leaves

Korean bean paste

Korean bean paste

Pan fry the lamb

Pan fry the lamb

The cooked lamb is very easy. It was shown in my recent post on Lamb And Vegetable Rice Noodles. Slice the lamb quite thin and add to a hot frying pan. Add the chili bean paste and the sugar and stir until heated through.



Add the chopped coriander. Mix well and dish up. Serve hot with rice.

While I was cooking the lamb, my daughter washed some cabbage leaves and threw into a cooking pot to cook, totally plain, only with a little oil and pinch of salt. We had a most wonderful lunch together…hot and delicious. My daughter said the lamb was REALLY good. All in all, both of us managed to get our lunch ready in less than 15 minutes….a good, proper lunch. We were satisfied and happy, both with the lunch and our cooking.

This lamb is very versatile. It can be used in many ways. I used it to cook with vegetables recently and it was fabulous. You can also eat it cold or use it for sandwich.

Have you ever been in a rush to cook something? What is the fastest dish that you have cooked? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Shirley  on December 5th, 2009

Never used chilli bean paste. Yes you can get really hungry when its winter in Scotland. Has it begun snowing? A quick fix meal for me would be a pulao.

Mary  on December 5th, 2009

@Shirley - Try this chili bean paste a try. It’s very delicious. Koreans seem to use this bean paste for everything. It’s getting very cold these days in Scotland. It’s not snowing yet. Hope it snows soon. Love the white scenery all over. Now I have to check out what is a pulao. It’s new to me.

Sook  on December 5th, 2009

I LOVE samjang! I love to dip Korean meat dish in it. I love the recipe. Will have to try it soon!

Trissa  on December 5th, 2009

That does look really good Mary! I love learning about making recipes in a dash! Thank you for sharing. I have never tried korean bean paste before…

foodlovee  on December 5th, 2009

I never had Korean chili bean paste,hope try soon.

Mary  on December 5th, 2009

@Sook - Yes, I love doing that too. I’m sure you have lots to share about this lovely Korean chili bean paste. I really like to use it for cooking.

@Trissa - But cooking in such a rush can be quite stressful to the brain….haha. But well, happy at the result :)

@foodlovee - Hope you try out soon. It’s very fine and delicious.

Timeless Gourmet  on December 5th, 2009

I love lamb and just adore spicy, spicy food - what a great combination! And quick, which is good on ‘those days’.

Jeannie Tay  on December 5th, 2009

I have never cook lamb before because I was afraid it might turned out very tough.

lululu  on December 5th, 2009

Sounds a fun cook-together for mom and daughter!
The Korean chili bean paste would very delicious. I think it goes great with any meat, right?

Mary  on December 5th, 2009

@Timeless Gourmet - Wow….looks like you eat much more spicy than me. I think you need to use the Korean hot chili bean paste which comes in a red box.

@Jeannie - I think it is easy to cook lamb. It’s actually tender and delicious. Give a try.

@lululu - Yes, it was fun. We were both rushing as if in a competition because we were so hungry…LOL. We love the Korean chili bean paste…goes very well with meat.

pierre  on December 5th, 2009

hi Mary we do not have such bean paste in France but this looks very good !! have a nice week end ! cheers from Paris

Mary  on December 5th, 2009

@Pierre - I think you can get it in Oriental shops. Hope you can find it. Thanks for visiting.

Sabrina Ghayour  on December 5th, 2009

Oh my god Mary! I just LOVE Korean chilli paste! And you are right, they put it on everything! I went to Seoul fish market one day, we bought some amazing fish and seafood and i made the most superb dish with giant prawns, garlic and that chilli paste… Delicious! Thanks for the tip about lamb!

Mary  on December 5th, 2009

@Sabrina - I’m sure everyine who had tasted Korean chili bean paste will agree that it’s one of the best ingredient for good food. I have to try it with seafood. Have been thinking about it for sometime…a seafood soup with Korean chili bean paste….spicy and flavourful….YUM

lisaiscooking  on December 5th, 2009

The bean paste must have added great flavor! When I need to make a meal fast, I usually reach for the eggs.

Divina  on December 6th, 2009

I love bean paste. They add a lot of flavor to the dish and it doesn’t require too much preparation. The lamb is already full of flavor too. Leftovers are great, right? :D

cheah  on December 6th, 2009

Wow, lunch in 15 mins. You are a fast cook and with quick thinking too.

Mary  on December 6th, 2009

@lisaiscooking - Ooooh…I am a great lover of eggs, esp soft eggs. If I had to eat lunch alone, I think I’ll reach for the eggs, too, at least 2-3. But I had to cook for my girl. It turned out fun, too, cooking together.

@Divina - Well….too good and too hungry to have any leftovers :P

@Cheah - I think sometimes hunger and desperation can do wonders….hehe

penny aka jeroxie  on December 7th, 2009

I have all these in my pantry. Cant wait to get everything and settled.

joy  on December 7th, 2009

I love fast and delicious meals and this one is a great example — i wish my mother lived near enough so we could cook together again, it was always fun working together in the kitchen. I think my favorite fast meal would be fried rice :)

Mary  on December 8th, 2009

@Penny - I’m sure you are going to enjoy lots of cooking in your new kitchen. Will see more awesome food from you.

@Joy - It’s always so heart-warming to hear of close mother-daughter relationship. I’m sure you have learned a lot of cooking from her. Love all the mouth-watering food on your blog.

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