Shrimps And Bok Choy Stir Fry

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Delicious shrimps and vegetables

Delicious shrimps and vegetables

It’s time for prawns or shrimps again for my family. I bought a packet of king prawns and a packet of ready cooked shrimps. It was a little difficult to decide which one to cook first. Finally I went for the shrimps first. I could do a shrimp and vegetable stir fry. I had bok choy in the fridge so that would probably be a very good combination. The green colour of the vegetable and the shrimps would be beautiful.

Green bok choy

Green bok choy

Stir fries are always easy and quick. I love to stir fry vegetables because there’s minimal vitamins loss and everyone will eat lots of vegetables. It is not possible to eat so much vegetable as salad. Eating more vegetables is important for better health. This dish came out very delicious. We liked it very much. Here’s my recipe to share. It’s enough for 3-4 persons.

Ingredients A
600g bok choy
fried shallot oil

Stir-fried bok choy

Stir-fried bok choy

Wash the bok choy well. Cut into halves at the middle. Cut the lower stem into halves again, lengthwise. Heat up some shallot oil in the frying pan. Add in the bok choy and stir fry for a while until cooked. Dish it up and arrange it on a plate.

Ingredients B
300g cooked shrimps
1/2t salt
2T corn flour
4 pips of garlic (peeled and chopped)
a small piece of ginger (washed and cut into strips)
some green onion (chopped)

Frying the shrimps

Frying the shrimps

Marinade the prawns with the salt and corn flour for about 30 minutes. Heat up some oil in a frying pan. Add the ginger and garlic and fry until fragrant. Then add the shrimps and green onions and continue to fry.

Saucy shrimps

Saucy shrimps

Add the seasoning sauce in Ingredients C below. Stir until it boils. Pour it over the vegetables and serve hot. It goes very well with rice, noodles or pasta.

Ingredients C (seasoning sauce)
3T sugar
3/4C water
2t corn flour
4T soya sauce
1t sesame oil

Put everything in Ingredients C together in a small bowl. Mix it well before adding to the shrimps.

Do you like prawns or shrimps? How do you like it cooked? How would you cook bok choy? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Divina  on November 30th, 2009

That looks very festive. It looks like it came out from the restaurant. I’m a big fan of shrimps and prawns and I like all cooking methods for that if they are cooked properly. :D

radha  on November 30th, 2009

this “big flower” shape presentation is so inviting! bok choi is so yummi. with the ingredients in C i make the grey shrimp filling for dumplings ~ so i can imagine teh taste of what you cooked! :-)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake  on November 30th, 2009

This looks delicious. If you ever open a restaurant, I’m booking a table.

Shirley  on November 30th, 2009

Great presentation!

3hungrytummies  on November 30th, 2009

good looking dish!

Mary  on November 30th, 2009

@Divina - Thanks for lovely compliment. I think I should open a restaurant now :D

@radha - Thanks for lovely compliment. I haven’t tried making shrimp dumplings yet. I have eaten them in shops and they were really delicious. Have to try that one day.

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - Thanks for your lovely compliment. You have to be the first I must inform if I open a restaurant :) I think I better open one soon :P

@Shirley - Thanks for lovely compliment. Blogging does help me with better presentation :)

@3hungrytummies - Thanks for lovely compliment. I’m learning more each day.

anncoo  on November 30th, 2009

WOW! Look at the presentation~like we eat at the restaurant :)

foodlovee  on November 30th, 2009

looks very good

Mary  on November 30th, 2009

@anncoo - Thanks! Looks like I have improved :D

@foodlovee - Thanks.

joylicious  on November 30th, 2009

Sigh I go home for the holidays and I return to these DELICIOUS pictures — almost makes me want to turn around and return home to my mother. I love shrimp when it’s cooked like this, it is so tender and succulent. GAH must eat lunch now or I will start licking the computer screen -_-

Mary  on November 30th, 2009

@Joylicious - Whah…you went back for holidays! How I envy you! But…LOL….too late to return home now. Well….too painful to imagine all the food that you enjoyed :(

penny aka jeroxie  on November 30th, 2009

oh yum! Another home cook delight. I love little shrimps. Makes my mouth water!

Lisa (bakebikeblog)  on November 30th, 2009

What a wonderful looking dish! I love bok choy!

Mary  on November 30th, 2009

@Penny - We seem to have very similar tummies….liking the same type of food all the time…LOL

@Lisa - Thnaks for lovely compliment. Hope you try out soon.

Mr. P  on November 30th, 2009

I love the picture of the pak choi! It looks so juicy and delicious.

Light Delight with TouTou  on November 30th, 2009

Bok Choy is my favorite greens ! but I need to drive so far to the asian super market to get them.
Top with shrimp is a great idea - because, I love small shrimps! My mom would top it with Shiitake :-D to make it vegetarian

Mary  on December 1st, 2009

@Mr P - Thanks for lovely compliment. Bok choy is just such a lovely vegetable…both in look and taste. It’s one of my family favourites.

@Light Delight with Tou Tou - Me, too. I wish the Chinese shop here is just next to me house. The worst is to go there and find there’s no stock :( Great idea…I’ll top with shitake mushrooms next time.

kristy  on December 1st, 2009

Already started pratising for the coming festive celebrations huh! hehe…. Love the shrimp flavour. I’ll add more gravy…mm….mm…

Mary  on December 1st, 2009

@Kristy - Very correct…have to start practising. Well, Christmas is just round the corner :D

pigpigscorner  on December 1st, 2009

Looks so pretty! I like stir fries too, so simple and delicious!

Impromptu Diva  on December 1st, 2009

Looks very appetizing. This I must try! I love shrimps/prawns! They are so easy to prepare! I want to share with you my recipe That’s my latest entry in my blog!

I love your blog by the way! I feel so at home right away!

Mary  on December 1st, 2009

@pigpigscorner - Thanks for your lovely comment. I have to agree with you about stir fries….so simple, easy and quick.

@Impromptu Diva - Thanks for comment and for the link. You have a lovely blog. Impressed by you and your daughter cooking together.

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