Fried Garlic Green Beans

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Delicious fried garlic green beans

Delicious fried garlic green beans

This Fried Garlic Green Beans (we call it French beans back home) is my best country vegetable fry. This is what my mom used to cook for us. It’s really delicious. During those days, we cooked our food in cast iron wok over firewood. They just tasted awesome. The heat does make a lot of difference to cooking. I can’t achieve that type of cooking now but I have to be thankful with what I can do and use. This dish still comes out very good all the time. It’s a very simple dish. Here’s how I do it:

300g greens beans
1/2 whole garlic (peel and chop)
3T soya sauce
4T oil

Chopped garlic

Chopped garlic

The ingredients are very simple. There’s no fixed amount. The above is just a rough estimation. Go according to your preference. My family loves garlic so I use a lot here.

Put green beans and garlic in a pot

Put green beans and garlic in a pot

Wash the beans and cut them into halves. Heat up the oil in the frying pan or pot. Add in the beans and the chopped garlic. Cover the pot. Let it cook for a little while and then stir.

Frying the beans

Frying the beans

Keep stirring until the beans are very cooked. Finally add in the soya sauce and contnue to stir. The smell of the fried beans will be so good at this time, from the garlic and the soya sauce. Dish up and serve hot with rice…..mmmm….really delicious.

Do you like green beans? How do you like it cooked? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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The Klutzy Cook  on October 23rd, 2009

Yum. I’m always looking for ways to vegies more interesting and this looks great. Thanks.

3hungrytummies  on October 23rd, 2009

Love the amount of garlic you put in Mary!!

lululu  on October 23rd, 2009

i simply love to hv fried garlic onto anything!

megan  on October 23rd, 2009

I love all that garlic in there. Green beans are one of my favorite veggies. I’ll give them a try your way next time!
Note to self: Buy green beans!

Drick  on October 23rd, 2009

hey…I cook these just about the same way…only I blanch the beans first, then add them to the skillet with butter (many times bacon grease) and the garlic…

Mary  on October 23rd, 2009

@The Klutzy Cook - Thanks for your comment. Hope you try this one soon. It’s very flavourful and delicious.

@3hungrytummies - Looks like you love garlic too. The garlic here is just fabulous….fried and seasoned with soya sauce…mmmm

@lululu - You are another garlic fan like me. I hated garlic when I was small but now I like it very much. Tend to put into every dish if I can.

@megan - I see that you are another garlic fan. It’s ok to indulge…garlic is good for health:) I love green beans too. This is a very frequent dish in my family.

@Drick - Thanks for sharing. I don’t balnch it here first cos the taste will be very different. This dish is almost quite like shallow fry the green beans. It’s actually quite oily. But that’s what makes it very flavourful. I’m sure the way you cook it with butter and garlic also tastes very delicious.

fadly  on October 23rd, 2009

nice, really looks like how my mom use to cook green beans =)

Barbara Bake  on October 23rd, 2009

I’m not usually a vegetable fan, but these look fabulous!

Mary  on October 24th, 2009

@Fadly - Thanks for sharing. I guess she uses a cast iron wok and big fire to cook back home…..mmmmm….the taste would be so awesome.

@Barbara - Thanks for sharing. I hope you will like this vegetable. My daughter doesn’t like vegetables too but she loves this dish.

Lazy_Ducky  on October 24th, 2009

Mmmm! I love this dish! Thanks for recipe! Will try it out.

Mary  on October 24th, 2009

@Lazy_Ducky - Thanks for visiting and leaving comment. I hope you try it out soon. I will be cooking it again very soon. It’s my family favourite.

kristy  on October 24th, 2009

I used to stir fried plain garlic green beans but my hubby prefer to add in some fried enchovies. I wonder if you can get dried enchovies or dried shrimps over there? I know it’s not easy to get those dried ingredients out of this region.

Sanjana  on October 24th, 2009

I LOVE this dish with deep fried tofu! My favourite!

Mary  on October 24th, 2009

@Kristy - Oh, adding anchovies is sooooo delicious. Have to get that in China town, London :-( I can get dry shrimps here tho, so quite happy about that. Sometimes can be quite frustrating when comes to getting the right ingredients. Well, just have to be thankful that I can find most of them.

@Sanjana - Oh yes, it would taste sooooo gooood with deep fried tofu….mmmm. I have to add that next time I cook this again. I don’t mind becoming a vegetarian if I have this dish….LOL

Divina  on October 25th, 2009

That looks great. I remember my grandmother made some stir-fried beans with soy sauce and tomatoes. Nobody can replicate that at home. I was very young and we’re not allowed to stay in her kitchen while she cooks. Mom knows how to say it but she doesn’t know how to cook it. It’s the best beans I’ve ever tasted.

kellypea  on October 25th, 2009

I love green beans and could eat them at any time of the day. This recipe sounds quite yummy! I make them a bit different just about every time I make them, but usually, they’re parboiled, then shocked in ice water and drained. Garlic & shallots in extra virgin olive oil are briefly sauteed, then the beans are added back to the skillet and sauteed until just beginning to caramelize. Salt & pepper finish.

Mary  on October 26th, 2009

@Divina - Thanks for sharing. I have never tried with tomatoes. I’m sure they taste very good. I probably would add belachan to the dish to give it extra flavour. How nice if you knew hoe yiur grandma cooked it so that you can share with us.

@kellypea - Thanks for sharing how you cooked it. Sounds very delicious yet simple. I love it with a lot of garlic and shallots.

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