Dry Noodles With Char Siu Chicken And Vegetables

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Delicious noodles with char siu and vegetables

Delicious noodles with char siu chicken and vegetables

Dry Noodles With Char Siu Chicken And Vegetables is one dish that I know my children will like very much. They don’t mind eating more vegetables if I cook this for them. This is a very simple, easy and quick dish as long as you have char siu chicken in your fridge. Char siu chicken is so versatile. It can be used in so many dishes.

I cooked this for lunch. When my hubby came back from work in the evening, my daughter told him, ‘Dad, our lunch today was sooooo gooood….seriously. My gosh…it’s just soooo gooood!’ My hubby looked at us and said, ‘How come I don’t have it?’ We looked at his envious face and we all laughed. Well, I cooked boiled wantan (or wonton) that evening with the same seasoning and that made him a very happy man! The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach….it’s just so true…..LOL

Well, here’s how I did it……simple, easy and quick.

Ingredients A
char siu chicken

Crisp lettuce

Crisp lettuce

Slice the char siu chicken (warm it up first in the oven if you took it out from the fridge). Click here for the easiest way to make this awesome Chinese chicken roast, commonly called char siu. Stir fry the vegetables. I used romaine lettuce because it is crunchy and has a sweetness of its own.

Vietnamese noodles

Vietnamese noodles

Put enough water into a pot to boil. Add in the noodles. Let it boil until cooked. Test for doneness. Any Oriental noodles will do. I used the Vietnamese Hor Fun. It’s the first time I tried with this type of noodles. It was very good. We liked the texture.

Ingredients B (seasoning)
oyster sauce
chili sauce
soya sauce
fried shallots (for topping)
fried shallot/garlic oil

Noodles with the seasoning sauce

Noodles with the seasoning sauce

When the noodles are cooked, remove them with a pair of chopsticks and put them into a bowl. Add the seasonings and mix well. Adjust according to your taste. Put some noodles onto a plate. Top it with some vegetables, char siu chicken and fried shallots and enjoy. The taste and combination of flavour is fabulous. This is really simple, easy and quick to make. You can’t go wrong with it.

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Sidney  on October 17th, 2009

If the char siew chicken is char siew pork it would taste even better….

Olive  on October 17th, 2009

Mary that looks delicious no wonder there’s no more left for your husband, poor him LOL ;)

Mary  on October 17th, 2009

@Sidney - Yes, char siu pork is also very nice but I’m not very good in cooking pork so I always use chicken. I must go and learn it from your parents….they are so fantastic in roasting!

@Olive - LOL….now you made us all feel so guilty! Well, I’ll have to make the char siu chicken again then I can cook for him….a special big serving…hehe

penny aka jeroxie  on October 17th, 2009

I never had char siu chicken before. it is usually pork! But I will love to try it :)

Divina  on October 17th, 2009

This dish is so great. I do noticed you really like char siu. My brother does it with pork. But your chicken looks better. I should try this one next time. If I’m not mistaken, ho fan is rice noodles? Forgot my Chinese already. :)

Cajun Chef Ryan  on October 17th, 2009

This looks divine!

Mary  on October 17th, 2009

@Penny - I used to have a lot of char siu pork but I find that chicken tastes nicer cos it’s more tender. I always use chicken thighs to make it. Also my family don’t eat a lot of pork.

@Divina - Yes, I like to use char siu chicken to cook because it’s so easy to prepare, so versatile and so delicious. I thought ho fan is rice noodles but it doesn’t look like rice noodles to me. Maybe there’s some wheat flour added to it.

@Ryan - Thanks. Your turn to cook it!

claire  on October 17th, 2009

wow..Mary, u r really something! my kids would love them as well.. too bad yours truly here doesnt have the interest to cook … sigh…

gourmet traveller  on October 17th, 2009

Mary, this looks great! I’ve made wonton noodles at home before (in a similar manner - tossed with a sauce rather than soup) but I’ve never thought to do Char Siu Chicken - will definitely give it a go.

Mary  on October 17th, 2009

@Claire - Aha…I must go and tell my children how lucky they are….LOL….always good food and never have to fight over food.

@gourmet traveller - Thanks for your compliment. Try with char siu chicken. It adds real good flavour when you eat the noodles.

kristy  on October 18th, 2009

My hubby and the kids don’t take red meat. So, I used to make with chicken thigh or use the vegetarian char siew instead.

Mary  on October 18th, 2009

@kristy - Thanks for sharing. Like you I always use chicken thighs to make this dish. It’s tender and tasty.

The Nomadic Gourmet  on October 19th, 2009

Looks really good. I love noodles, and especially those flat long types like in the pic. And it is true; the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach lol. I’m a newlywed and I’ve noticed that my husband’s always in an extra good mood when I cook good stuff and meals are ready on time :)

Mary  on October 19th, 2009

@Nomadic Gourmet - Congrats for being a newlywed! Lots of excitement & adventure in all things together, esp food….hehe. I struggled so much with cooking when I got married cos I didn’t know how to cook. Very glad I have learned. You are definitely way ahead of me…well done…..keep learning, keep cooking….:o)

Ginny  on May 21st, 2011

Hi Mary

Do you have the recipe for your “Char Siu Chicken”. Miss wanton mee!! Thank you.

Mary  on May 22nd, 2011

@Ginny - Oh yes, you can follow the super easy one at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com/2009/08/04/super-fast-chinese-roasted-chicken/. Have fun cooking! :D

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