Top 10 Reasons People Read Your Food Blog

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Last week I shared about theTop 10 Benefits Of Food Blogging. This week I want to share about the ‘Top 10 Reasons People Read Your Food Blog’. If you know the reasons why people read your food blog and what they expect to see from it, then you will be able to write a better food blog and attract more readers. Some of the frequent questions that I always ask myself about my blog are:

Why do people want to read my blog?
Who are those who read my blog?
How long do they stay on my blog?
What type of comments do they leave behind?

Does it Attract?

I have always been very curious about these questions even before I started my own blog. During those days, I visited different food blogs for different reasons. There were some that I visited often but there were some that I couldn’t wait to leave the moment they opened up. In other words some fascinated and captured my attention while some didn’t.

Is Your Blog For You Or For Others?

Is my blog for me or for others? Now that I have started my own blog, I felt that this question really helps me to stay focused and be determined to give my best to those who took their time to visit my blog to read and learn. It actually motivates me to desire to become a better blogger each day. Otherwise all my hardwork and time are wasted.

Are You Thinking Of Your Readers?

My blog is all about my readers and less about myself. My desire is to see more people cook healthy meals at home for themselves and their loved ones by providing simple, easy and quick cooking that are tested out in my kitchen everyday. When I think of my readers, it motivates me to keep learning to produce good contents.

Well, I can think of 10 reasons based on my past experiences before I started my blogging journey why people read food blogs. I’m sure there are more reasons but here are mine.

Top 10 Reasons People Read Your Food Blog

  1. They want to learn to cook
    I remember frantically looking for ways to learn how to cook. I was the second youngest in a family of 6 and was well pampered. When I got married, I was terrified at every next meal everyday because I didn’t know how to cook for my man who loves to eat. Nothing that I cooked tasted good to him! Later, I discovered that there are some food websites on the internet that offered awesome simple, easy and quick recipes.
  2. They know how to cook but find no progress
    After learning how to cook a few dishes, my cooking skills plateaued. Expectation from my husband also became higher. He wanted to invite his friends home for meals! It looked as if my stress from cooking never ended. I started to spent more time looking for recipes on the internet and also some cookbooks to help me improve my cooking and to learn more dishes, especially to cater to dinner parties.
  3. They know how to cook well but lack creativity in presentation
    Despite seeing myself improved, my dishes all looked very plain. They may taste very good but they don’t impress people at first sight, not even myself! Dissatisfied, I visited food blogs again for some inspiration and ideas for better food presentation.
  4. They are looking for opportunity to advertise their food services or products
    When I visited food blogs, I used to see a lot of advertisements on blogs. It still does. It makes me realise that food related advertisers also visit food blogs because they are keen to advertise their products or services like cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, catering and hospitality services there.
  5. They love to eat but do not know where to eat
    There are many food bloggers who blog about food when they travel. They review various eating places and their food. So their blogs is a good reference if you are new to a place. I love food blogs that review restaurants and the food served. For me, I love to see the interior settings and decoration and the types of food served there. It does help me sometimes in my travels when I need to look for a nice place and nice food to eat.
  6. They are very health conscious but do not know how to prepare healthy food
    I do consider health as very important and cooking healthy meals is the best that I can give to my family.  However, sometimes I just run out of ideas. Again, food blogs that provide health articles and share health-building recipes are some of my favourites.
  7. They have food restrictions like intolerance to gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten etc
    I remember there’s one time when I wanted to make some cookies for a friend. Later I found that she is intolerant to gluten. I was horrified. At that time I didn’t even know that such type of people existed! Frantically I hunted through the net and found an awesome gluten-free chocolate cookie recipes and made that for her. She thanked me profusely for the cookies. There was such joy on her face as she took every bite and said ‘mmmm’. She said she had not touched cookies for many years. That was one of my greatest moments in life.
  8. They want to identify and feel connected
    I remember feeling terrible that I didn’t know how to cook well. However, reading some of the food blogs actually gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration as I was able to identify and relate with the writers and feel connected to them.
  9. They consider starting a food blog themselves
    I looked through a lot of food blogs before I started my own. It gave me a feel to what I want my blog to look like…the design, the content and the style. I want to excel in all three areas. A poor performance in any area is going to affect people visiting my blog. Looking back, there were many that I liked and many that I didn’t like. I just hope that my readers like my blog as I aim to produce good value contents as regularly as I can.
  10. They lead busy lives and are looking for home cooked, easy and quick recipes.
    I am one that is all thumbs up for simple, easy and quick recipes. But they have to be delicious too. Being very busy with my work and family, I just didn’t have the time for any elaborate stuff. I do love restaurant food but they are inconvenient and expensive. The time to get ready, drive to the restaurant, find a parking place, get stressed up by ever-inquisitive, active little children (now they are grown up) and having to wait for the food to come, often left me all worked out and lost my appetite for any good food that came. All these finally drove me to learn to cook some simple restaurant food at home. Food blogs were a source of inspiration and help to me. Now I’m putting up some of my best recipes on my blog to help those who face the same problem like me.

It is really because of what I went through all these years as a very busy working mom with 3 demanding food lovers at home that I decided to start my blog to inspire and motivate people to learn things that they love, particularly to learn some simple, easy, quick home cooking. Home cooked food is always cleaner, cheaper and healthier.

I really hope that all my blogging about food on my blog will inspire and help someone to start cooking or cook more at home. Learn just one recipe a month and you will come out with 12 awesome recipes a year. That’s achievable, right? You can even hold big parties with just that. In fact you only need 5 good recipes for that. If you learn one good recipe a week, you will have 52 a year! Awesome. That’s how I learned and achieved. If I continue to try out a recipe a day and post it on my blog, I’m going to have 365 recipes in a year, or 313 as I don’t do that on Sunday, and that’s phenomenal. It’s challenging but achievable. Afterall, we have to eat everyday anyway. That’s the awesome beauty of running a food blog.

A few questions here for you:

Do you read food blogs?
Why do you read food blogs?
What type of food blogs do you read?
Do you have a food blog?
What type of food blog are you running?
What type of people do you think will read your food blog?

Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Quote of the day……

‘Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be.’

W. Clement Stone

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Divina  on September 20th, 2009

Those are interesting questions that other food bloggers need to consider even myself. I started my own food blog because of an encouragement from a friend and it got me thinking. After I thought about it, yes I wanted to start a food blog because I want to do something for myself. It’s not for the whole world to see and I did it for me. But after a few months, I receive a few comments that my blog inspired them to eat this or that. For instance,one blogger told me that he doesn’t’ eat cucumber but after he saw my avocado and cucumber soup, he bought the ingredients and tried it. He like it and started eating cucumbers. I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs that sometimes I need to catch up on my reading list. My blog is about cooking with whole, real, natural foods with nutritional information with occasional indulgence as requested by other readers. Maybe that’s why I prefer to become a holistic nutritionist than a traditional one. The approach to food and nutrition is different. I like your blog not only because we have connection but you make hard recipes simple to make. Reading other food blogs teaches me to learn about other people’s culture. Like I’ve said before food can bring world peace. Every food post has its own story as well and you can learn from real-life people about their struggles not only in cooking about also about their life.

zerrin  on September 20th, 2009

A perfect post on food blogging! These are all great questions to ask ourselves as food bloggers. Actually, I started my blog to share my experiences in Turkish cuisine and to tell about Turkish culture, which I find very unique. That’s why my blog has become my life, it’s always in my mind, while teaching( I’m a teacher), while shopping, while meeting friends, while travelling, etc. I’m always in search for what I can tell about in my next posts to make my readers enjoy and learn at the same time.

And yes, I often read food blogs to see what other bloggers around the world cooking and how they are telling it. I’ve learnt lots of new ingredients and combinations of foods thanks to them. And yours has become one of these blogs, I’m always learning new dishes from you.

Olive  on September 20th, 2009

Mary, this is a very interesting and informative post. I used to be just a food blog reader, I like cooking and baking and I spend most of my time when I’m not in the kitchen, reading recipes online. I prefer to get them from bloggers than from recipe database sometimes because a blogger provides insight/s on the recipe, what works, ingredient substitutions and what nots but sometimes I read it because of the story, the conversation and sometimes just to drool on photos ;)

Mary  on September 20th, 2009

Divina, Zerrin and Olive, thanks very much for all your compliments on this blog post and all your sharing. Really appreciate that very much. All of you have made my blogging journey an awesome one. I love your blog, enjoy reading it and over the 3 months of my blogging adventure, I have learned so much from all of you. But most wonderful of all is your friendship that I truly treasure.

Yvonne  on September 21st, 2009

Really interesting post Mary! I’m usually busy at work or studying and sometimes I ask myself why am I blogging, why anyone would even want to read my blog, and whether i should be spending my time on it (especially given the thousands upon thousands of food blogs out there). You ask some great thought provoking questions! I’ll have to think about it!
Thanks for the comment on my sao bing post :)

Mary  on September 21st, 2009

Yvonne, thanks very much for your compliments and your sharing. Would like to say that you have a nice blog and I like it, something in common to share too. I feel good when I think I am unique and my blog is unique. That keeps me going. It takes time for people to know so I’ll just keep blogging. And even if no one is interested, it’s a very good way to compile all my recipes for my children. So, blogging is still an awesome hobby….u own it and u can always be flexible with it. On top of that, we make friends around us.

penny aka jeroxie  on September 21st, 2009

I never really asked myself who read my blogs. I guess my blog is like my diary of the food I eat & cook. I am happy for readers to be part of it and I try to put myself into the blog.
The blog has also slowly become a self discovery and to stay focus on my passion for food. I may not be as knowledgeable as many bloggers but it is a learning process.

Keep it up Mary. You have a lovely blog and personality :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction  on September 21st, 2009

Great post… Excellent thoughts on why you blog and why others read. I think those are both important things to consider whether you’re a new blogger or a seasoned veteran!

Mary  on September 21st, 2009

Jerokie, thanks very much for your lovely compliments and for sharing. I guess it’s quite an endless journey of constant new discoveries. But best of all is when you discover you actually become a blessing to many around the world. That’s joy unspeakable.

Jen, thx very much for your compliments and for sharing. I guess when we know our purpose well enough, we will be able to stay on our blogging journey for a long, long time.

whey.protein.side.effects  on December 8th, 2009

Very outstanding site.
The info here is truly helpful.

I will share it with my friends.


Mary  on December 8th, 2009

@whey.protein.side.effects - Thanks for visiting and lovely compliment.

Shirley  on December 16th, 2009

Mary, I love this post. I dont know what led me to it today, but I need to come back and read it again. What I like best about you,is your sincerity and openness. Am glad I met you. He truly lives in you!

Mary  on December 16th, 2009

@Shirley - Thanks very much for your lovely compliment. It’s a joy to meet you. I’m really happy if you find any benefits from this post. Running a good blog does take some planning and time. There are still many things that I need to learn and improve. I’ll do that one step at a time.

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