Thai Food In Richmond, London

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Beef green curry

Beef green curry

My family loves Thai food but not when it is too spicy. On a recent trip to Richmond, we decided to go for Thai food for a change. It is quite a small shop. As usual, when we go to a new place to eat, we will only order a few dishes to try out first, usually the popular ones.

We ordered an omelet appetizer, a vegetable, tom yam soup and a beef green curry, our usual favourites. All the dishes look nice as shown in the pictures here but not all of them tasted excellent.

Omelet appetizer

Omelet appetizer

Stir fried vegetables

Stir fried vegetables

Spicy prawn tom yam soup

Spicy prawn tom yam soup

The omelet appetizer is nicely presented. The filling is meat and bean sprouts but I think the dish is quite average. I would love the omelet to be thicker and softer. I’ve eaten this dish at a Thai shop in Surrey and it was really good.

The prawn tom yam soup was quite nice. It’s sour and spicy which is typical of tom yam.

The stir fried vegetables was good. The taste was there.

The beef green curry was good except that the beef was tough. So that really spoiled it.

The food that we ordered was only for one person’s portion. Only 2 persons were eating, just want something light. The other 2 had soft drinks only. We didn’t even order desserts. Together with drinks, it cost almost £30, not including tips yet. That is very expensive for such an average small meal. I try to imagine how much it will cost for a family of 4 to have a good, proper meal there. It could easily come up to more than £100 pounds!

Well, the best is to cook at home….clean, fresh and cheap. Cooking is a great hobby, an extremely beneficial one. I think I’m going to start learning Thai cooking.

My advice when you eat out…..try out a few dishes first before you order more. Besides, ask your friends around for a good place to eat.

Do you like Thai food? Do you cook Thai food? What is your favourite Thai dishes? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below.

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Divina  on August 31st, 2009

I love Thai food too. They’re so flavorful and delicious.

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