Fast and Easy Egg Noodle Soup

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Egg noodle soup

Egg noodle soup (small bowl)

If you have roasted chicken and chicken soup, you can have a very fast, easy and delicious egg noodle soup. You don’t even need to tire yourself out kneading the dough and you don’t even need a pasta machine to make the noodles. You make the noodles like pancakes and then cut them up into strips. It tastes chewy and nice. I made this egg noodle soup and my family loved it. The recipe:

6T plain flour
6T tapioca flour
6 eggs
6T water
1/2t salt

Beat the eggs and add the water and salt. Then add the flour and mix well. Rest the batter for 30 minutes. While waiting, make your soup and slice the roasted chicken. After 30 minutes, scoop a few tablespoons of batter into a greased pan and fry like pancakes. Continue to make the pancakes until all the batter is used up. When all is done, roll them up and cut them into strips. That’s it.

Put some noodles into a bowl. Add the chicken soup. Top with some blanched green vegetables, roast chicken, some shallot oil and some fried shallot bits. Sprinkle some white pepper powder. If you like some added punch to it, add some chili oil on top. Enjoy a fantastic, fast homemade egg noodle soup. This egg noodle can make 4 bowls of egg noodle soup. To make a restaurant style roasted chicken (char siu chicken), check out my earlier post on Super Fast Chinese Roasted Chicken.

A bigger bowl of egg noodle soup (with chili oil)

A bigger bowl of egg noodle soup (with chili oil)

Do you like to eat noodles? How do you like it, fried or in soup? Please share, add and comment in the comment box below. If you like fried noodles, you can check it out at Delicious Malaysian Fried Noodles (Part 2)

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Janice  on August 10th, 2009

I’ve never made noodles before from scratch. I’m going to try this out and let you know how they come out. The soup looks great.

Mary  on December 2nd, 2009

@Janice - I hope you have tried it out. They are very easy to make and taste delicious.

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