Best Chicken Burger For Lunch

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Best chicken burger

Best chicken burger

Talk about fast food, burger comes to my mind. So far I only eat burgers at MacDonald or Burger King with chips. They are actually nice. However I am always impressed when I watch burgers being served in some restaurants. They may look very impressive but can be very expensive.

Yesterday I thought I would try to make burger for once; a different burger from what we get outside - Curried Chicken Burger. This is very Malaysian as Malaysia is famous for curry. Maybe I should call it Malaysian Curry Burger. It was so fabulous that my children were going, ‘Oh, this is so good!’ as they took every bite.

Actually making burger is very easy and fast. That’s why it is called a fast food. The most important thing you need is the curried chicken. It’s easier if you make it the day before. Check out my best baked curried chicken here. Then of course you need a good quality burger bun. Cut into half and butter it on both sides and pan fry it until slightly brown on the buttered sides. Chop up some lettuce and put it on one half of the bun. Place a whole piece of the curried chicken thigh on it. Place the other half of the bun on top and that’s it. Done. Cook some fries and add more salad to it if you like. I baked some curly fries and add some baby tomatoes. What a great satisfying lunch we had!

What types of burger do you like? What is your favourite place to eat burger? Have you ever tried making burger yourself? I’m sure my new adventure in making burgers will not stop here. It is actually very fun to make and I hope you will try making it yourself. Keep learning, keep cooking and keep smiling as you enjoy your food.

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One Comment

Kristen  on August 5th, 2009

That sounds great! What a fab idea to make a curry chicken burger, I bet it is delicious.

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