Fast And Easy Boiled Chinese Dumplings

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Delicious Boiled Chinese dumplings

Delicious Boiled Chinese dumplings

Making Chinese dumplings at home is still one of my favourites. I just think it’s fun to make. I have learned to make a lot of them when I am free and freeze them for later use. I am forever thankful to my friends from China who taught me how to make them and how to cook them.

I shared in my earlier post how to make the dumpling skin, the fillings and then how to cook them by pan frying them. We call them pot stickers because they stick to the pot when you fry them and the bottoms get browned. Check it out here.

I made quite a lot the other day to freeze. We had a lovely meal of boiled dumplings yesterday. To get a very nice chewy skin, you need to boil it in a special way. Put a pot of water to boil and then add the frozen dumplings. Let it boil again and then add some cold water. Let it boil again. Repeat the process another time. It should be cooked. Serve with your favourite sauce. They go very well with hot chili oil, balsamic vinegar and soya sauce. I just love it with shallot oil and some soya sauce with a little chili sauce.

Dumplings are a very good way to train children to eat vegetables. I always put in a lot of vegetables. Children enjoy dipping them with sauce without realising how much vegetables they eat. All moms need to be smart!

Have you tried dumplings in restaurants? Do you make them yourself? What is your favourite way to cook dumplings? What is your favourite sauce to eat your dumplings with? How many dumplings can you eat in one go? My friends can eat 20-30 dumplings!  I can only eat 5-6 pieces.

I hope you will try making some if you have not. Home made dumplings are definitely way more superior to outside ones, and a big rescue when time is tight to cook a proper meal. I try to keep learning how to cook and how to improve my cooking and enjoying it. I hope you do, too.

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