Fast And Easy Malaysian Chicken Curry

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Exotic Malaysian Chicken Curry

Exotic Malaysian Chicken Curry

Just look at my plate of Malaysian chicken curry…..not only looks fantastic but tastes real good! I ate it with just plain rice and a dish of stir fried vegetables.

Cooking an exotic, authentic Malaysian chicken curry is very easy these days. Gone were the days when you need to pound all the spices in a stone mortar with the pestle. Of course if you think it’s good exercise for you and you need some arm muscles, by all means go ahead.

These days you can easily buy the ready curry paste from Oriental shops. There are several varieties. I just use anyone that’s available. They are all nice. Just follow the instructions at the back of the packet and you will come out with excellent curry. Sometimes you may need to adjust the seasoning a little.

Malaysian Chicken Curry Paste

Malaysian Chicken Curry Paste

A big wok of chicken curry

A big wok of chicken curry

I cooked Malaysian chicken curry today.  Sometimes I cook a lot to freeze while on other occasions I cook a lot when I have friends coming over for a meal. In fact, curry tastes better the next day. When cooking curry, I love to add in potatoes because the potatoes turn out very tasty. You can even add in green beans if you like but generally I don’t.

Curry goes very well with many other dishes. We have curry rice, curry noodles, ‘roti canai’ (a Malaysian griddled bread) with curry, curry with naan and many others. You can actually eat it with anything you like, even if you like it just on its own.

Well, it’s your turn to try it out. You will save a lot of time and money if you learn to cook it yourself. The quality is definitely way more superior than what you get from most restaurants. Keep learning, keep smiling, keep cooking and keep enjoying your food.

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Lisa  on October 21st, 2009

look mighty delish! What potato u used? I’m afraid it might get starchy with certain potatos..

Mary  on October 22nd, 2009

@Lisa - Thanks very much for your compliment. My family loves curry. I think curry makes the world go round….haha. I’m not too good in potatoes. It’s more of a trial and error for a couple of times and you’ll surely get it right. There are so many types of potatoes here….just blows my mind what each type is good for. So, my best choice is to go for loose potatoes…only one type! The rest are sold in big bags which will take me ages to finish as we eat rice everyday and not potatoes.

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