Light, Fast And Easy Chinese Breakfast

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Delicious Rice Cake Soup

Delicious Rice Cake Soup

There’s nothing better than eating something hot in the morning when the weather is cold. It’s good for the body. The soup warms up your body before you walk out of the door to face the cold.

I love this particular dish…..Rice Cake Soup, which is a light, fast Chinese breakfast. Again it’s very easy to prepare. I baked the poussin chicken (spring chicken) the night before. You need to soak the rice cake prior to cooking. So I soak half the packet of the rice cake so that it will be ready for cooking the next morning. That is enough for 2 persons. Rice Cake is easily available in any Oriental or Asian shops.

Dry rice cake

Dry rice cake

In the morning, I debone half the chicken and use the bones to make the stock. Use enough water to make 2 bowls of the rice cake soup. It’s always best to use less. If not enough, you can add more later. While you put the bones to boil, cut up the meat into slices. You can heat it up in the oven for a little while which I did.

Rice cake, poussin and vegetables

Rice cake, poussin and vegetables

Boil the bones for about half an hour. Remove the bones and add in the rice cake which takes about 5 minutes or so to soften. Taste the chewiness that you like. Once done, add in the vegetables and seasoning and that’s it.

Dish it up into a bowl. Arrange the poussin slices on top. Add some fried shallot oil and shallot bits and enjoy your home cooked rice cake soup. A sprinkling of pepper powder can be added if you like. Serve with chili oil for a punch to it..

Sometimes we take this in the evening if we just want to go light. It’s good for those who would like to lose weight.

Try this rice cake soup and let me know how you like it. Do add and comment in the comment box below. Click on the title of the article if you don’t see the comment box.

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