5 Important Keys To Living Your Best Life Everyday

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Dream, think and relax

Dream, think and relax

How is your life?

Is life too mundane, boring and dull? Have you lost the spark to what life has to offer? Are you overwhelmed by the complexities and confusions around…….the swine flu pandemic, the wars, the economic downturn, job losses, house repossessions, family breakdowns and a whole long list of others? Are you drowning your anxieties and worries in drinks and sleepless nights? Well, you are not the only one to go through I can gurantee you. Many people are going through deep depressions. But you can put a stop to that.

Out of control?

There are a lot of things happening around that is beyond your control. For example, you do not know when you are the next one to be thrown out of your job on the spot no matter how well you do and how much effort you put in. There are times in life when competency, hard work and heart work don’t work. All these fear and anxieties will weigh down very hard on you during trying times. But whatever it is, you need confidence and peace to help you through each day to live your best. You need:

5 Important Keys To Live Your Best Everyday

  1. Think your best
    This has to be the most important key. Everything that you do and feel is governed by your thought life. It is so easy to fall into pessimism while it takes a lot of effort to stay positive. It is important to exercise a healthy thought life. Saturate your mind with good, lovely and noble thoughts which are worthy of respect and praise. This will help you to overcome fears and worries. Be thankful for everything, whether good or bad because many times bad things happen for a purpose. Being worried, revengeful and angry and bitter will not serve any purpose and will hinder you from moving forward. Pray and meditate which have been proven to help gain calmness and peace.
  2. Do your best
    Doing your best is when you do not expect a reward. People who do their best do not say, ‘I don’t care’, ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘Who cares?’. You just take joy in doing what you need to do. You do it with a very good attitude even if no one is looking, no one praises you or no one bothers. Doing your best means you are willing even to walk the second mile. There may be times when people steal your credit. It’s often beyond your control especially if it is your boss. Just be consistent to do your best because the secrets of success are determination and hardwork with an excellent attitude.
  3. Dress your best
    Dressing your best doesn’t mean you have to go for all the top branded, designer clothing. It just means dressing neat, tidy, clean and elegant without spending a fortune. Even if the economy looks bleak doesn’t mean you have to wear like a pauper with a long, gloomy face. How you dress will affcet your self esteem, self confidence and your self worth. It also affects other people’s impression of you. Even if you are going through some tough times, you don’t have to advertise it through wearing depressive looking outfits. All the more you need to wear something that comes with some bright, cheery colours.
  4. Talk your best
    What you talk or speak will reveal who you are beacuse it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. So what you think is very closely related to what you talk. It is very important to talk maturely. Speak with integrity and honesty. There are so many people who speak the right thing but at the wrong time and then regret for days on ends. The worse is to speak the wrong thing at the wrong time which can cause grave hurts to those who listen. Talk about interesting things, things that can add values to others or cheer others up.
  5. Act your best
    People do judge us by the way we talk and the way we act. Act or behave in a mature, responsible way. Be childlike and not childish, response and not react. Your family may put up with your immature actions but not people outside. When you act your best, you build relationships, you feel confident and happy.

It is really important to practice these 5 important keys to live your best everyday because it helps you to start off a better tomorrow. Keep practising them until they become part of your lifestyle. Just keep learning and keep smiling as you progress to achieve a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.

Thought of the day……

‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing an be done without hope and confidence.’

Helen Keller

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