Fast Chinese Breakfast Of Fried Rice Vermicelli

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Fantastic Fried Rice Vermicilli

Fantastic Fried Rice Vermicelli

Know what a lot of Chinese or Malaysians eat for breakfast? It would be rice noodles, rice vermicelli, wheat noodles, rice porridge, dim sum or some other cakes and delicacies with their favourite tea or coffee. It would be very easy if you are in oriental countries. Foods are easily available from early morning till late into the night. But if you are in western countries, you need to cook yourself to enjoy that type of morning life.

It’s actually not that difficult to cook one type of the above for breakfast. I did that yesterday morning. Breakfast is always carrot-apple juice for us. Anything after that is a luxury because it doesn’t come all the time.

It’s actually a simple fried rice vermicelli or ‘mi hoon goreng’ as we call it in Malaysia.

Rice vermicelli comes in a pack of 4 pieces in it. Each piece is enough to serve 2 persons.

Rice vermicilli

Rice vermicelli

Take a piece (for 2 persons) and blanch in hot water for a while until it’s softened. Check it out with your fingers. It must still be a bit tough so that after frying it does not become too soft.

Fry the mince meat

Fry the mince meat

Using minced meat is very easy. Always season it well with some soya sauce or salt.  Fry it with sliced onions and shallot oil with all the fried shallot bits until fragrant and cooked. You can add in chopped spring onions if you like. You can always cook a whole packet of mince for this dish because it is so versatile. You can use it to cook with other noodles or just eat it with rice or rice porridge.

Stir fry the rice vermiclli first. Add in the seasonings and fry well. Then add in some of the fried minced meat and vegetables and fry it well. It is very similar to the way you cook the fried noodles which I shared in my earlier post.

Add everything together and fry

Add everything together and fry

That’s such a great breakfast item. What a way to start the day! Well, a squeeze of lemon makes it taste even better. You can add hot chili sauce for a punch to it or even some curry powder to it while frying to make it a favourite Malaysian dish.

Give a try and let me know. I wish you all the best in your cooking. Do add and comment in the comment box below. Click on the title of the article and the comment box will appear.

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