Best Fried Noodles In London

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Authentic Malaysian Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng)

Authentic Malaysian Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng)

I love to talk about food. Food just makes me happy and alive. Of course it has to be very delicious, one that leaves a great after-taste and one that makes you think of it and miss it.

If there’s another food that I miss is the real Malaysian Mee Goreng which is fried noodles cooked by the Malays. The very first thing you need is turbo fire what I call it….real high heat. That’s impossible in any UK home kitchen. Then the type of noodles and the seasonings. It’s realy difficult to describe. I can only say it tastes so good with a big squeeze of lime over it. The best lime is the calamansi limes which I have not come across in UK.

The good news is I have found out a place to eat this mee goreng…….right in LONDON…..cooked by the Malays. The restaurant is right at the base of the Malaysian High Commission or commonly called Malaysian Hall which I talked about in my earlier post.

The portion is not too big and just nice for one person. Together with a plate of nasi lemak and 3 glasses of teh tarik, it cost £10.50. That’s a good price for such a lovely lunch….happy and satisfied!

Have you heard of the Malaysian Hall? Have you been there for food? Do share your experience, add and comment in the comment box below. If you don’t see any comment box, just click on the title of the post (article) and it should appear.

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One Comment

Rachel  on July 23rd, 2009

I’ve been to the Malaysia Hall food place and they serve very good authentic Malaysian food. I heard of a few other Malaysian restaurants in the same area and I wonder if you’ve tried them to be any good? There is Bonda Cafe and Satay House in Paddington and Lagenda Restaurant. Look forward to hearing your reviews and seeing more pictures.

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