Women, Keep Gossiping! It’s The Secret To Longer Life!

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Gossip Is Good For Your Health

It was reported in a New York study that gossip is good for your health. It states that gossiping may be just what the doctor ordered because it increases progesterone, a hormone that reduces anxiety and stress and makes women happier, according to an article in the London Daily Mail. It’s the secret of longer life!

Now I wonder what men are going to say. All their defence mechanisms on full alert? I can just see many men hitting hard at their foreheads. I’m very sure that’s the last thing that they want to know, just another reason for women to gossip.

Definition Of Gossip

Right, before we create another war of the sexes, I think there’s a need for the definition of ‘gossip’. Definitions of ‘gossip’ on the web are:

  • chitchat: light informal conversation for social occasions
  • dish the dirt: wag one’s tongue; speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies; “She won’t dish the dirt”
  • a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; “the divorce caused much gossip”
  • chew the fat: talk socially without exchanging too much information; “the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze”
  • a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others

So, there are 2 forms of gossip; one is bad and one is good. “What this University of Michigan study shows is that you should engage in activities that are bonding emotionally,” Dr. Steven Y. Park, clinical assistant professor of otolaryngology at New York Medical College says.
Read more: http://tinyurl.com/mco7qu

Go For Good Gossips

Women, before you run out and start gossipping wildly thinking it’s beneficial to you, let’s be clear that this study refers gossip to one that shares info about oneself and one that creates bonding and not one that talks bad about others and the secrets of others. I would call those good gossips. Good gossips don’t put others down. It’s just chatting about daily life stuff such as travels, holidays, food, hobbies, clothings and so forth.

Avoid Bad Gossips

When you are clear about the actual definition of gossip in relation to this study, then you will enjoy gossip. It should be fun and relaxing. Just don’t kill another person to extend your own life. Do not engage in bad gossip. Bad gossips often reflect your low self-esteem and low self-confidence and has the potential to cause misunderstandings and ultimately destroys trust and friendship.

Coffee Morning For Good Gossips

Coffee morning is a great place for good gossips. If your children are grown up, this is a place to socialise and be set free of loneliness. If your children are still in school, this is the place you can meet with other mothers or friends for some coffee and snacks to exchange information and have some fun and laughter. It’s a great way to de-stress and gain support and encouragement. However, flee from coffee mornings that engage in bad gossips. Remember as I said in earlier posts; always engage in activities that add values to yourself and to others in order to achieve a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.

Thought of the day……

“As you begin changing your thinking, start immediately to change your behaviour. Begin to act the part of the person you would like to become. Take action on your behaviour. Too many people want to feel, then take action. This never works.”

John Maxwell

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Tony  on July 22nd, 2009

Eye-catching title caused me to start reading.
Excellent writing caused me to finished reading. After reading, I think not only women should keep gossiping (good one) but all men should do the same ! May be good gossiping can bridge the divides between man and woman !

Mary  on July 22nd, 2009

That’s a brilliant idea, Tony. Just wonder whether we will end up with a gossipping war or competition…lol. But if it bridges the divides between the sexes and lengthens our lives, why not?

Cherrie  on July 23rd, 2009

I definitely agree about good gossiping. Guys should learn to do the same. It keeps life interesting and fun.

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