11 Ways To Be Good To Yourself To Live Well

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How to be good to yourself? I believe that to be good to yourself, you have to do things that add values to yourself. This in turn will prosper your life and make your life happy, meaningful and fulfilled. Too many people are just wandering aimlessly and wasting their precious time, just to regret later. Sadly, many don’t even regret. Instead they accuse and then excuse.

It’s high time that you be REALLY GOOD to yourself. Do something that has a lasting positive impact on your life. It’s nice to buy new cloting or go for a holiday to be good to yourself but then they don’t give you a lasting impact. You’ll soon be tired of the clothing and the holiday will soon be forgotten. Do something that builds into your life. I have here :

11 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

  1. Read Read Read
    Reading helps you to acquire knowledge and knowledge is powerful. That’s what my dad instilled into us when we were young. Reading enriches you, empowers you, makes you confident and makes for success. Read books that help you to improve and develop. Read widely and in depth whenever and wherever you can. Reading helps you to think big because you get challenged, motivated and inspired through reading.
  2. Spend some time alone each day
    Life can be so busy and stressful that withdrawing to spend some time alone each day is a real need. Even 30 minutes or so can make a difference. This is to refresh and re-charge yourself. You will return more refreshed, more focused, strengthened emotionally and calmer.
  3. Listen to music
    I love music. Music tickles my mind. Depending on the types of music. Some music stimulates my mind to become more imaginative and creative while some provides a very soothing, calming and relaxing effect. Some music are very cheerful, especially children’s music, and would make you want to get up and jump and dance. Whatever it is music can bring life to you.
  4. Overlook trivial matters
    Don’t be bogged down by trivial matters. Is your life heavily burdened by unimportant concerns? Are you worrying over things that are beyond your control? How many things that you worry actually come to past? Do not worry ahead. Don’t be an expert in worries. Worries cause stress and can harm your health. Worrying is just like sitting on the rocking chair; it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. Overlook and let go of trivial matters and stay focused on important things.
  5. Appreciate your uniquesness
    You really have to be nice to yourself because you are special. There’s no other exactly like you. Your only limitation is yourself. There is tremendous potential in you that only you can reach. There’s  greatness in you that only belongs to you. There are talents in you that awaits you to discover and develop becaue only you have it. You are no ordinary person. You are born for greatness. You are unique. How you want your life is your choice to carve it out. Nick has no arms, no legs and yet he appreciates his uniqueness and lives his life well without limits and without worries.
  6. Be childlike
    Be childlike and not childish as I mentioned in my earlier post. Being childlike is loving fun, inquisitive, simple, honest and teachable. Being childlike also means not keeping hurts and looking for revenge. See how children make up very easily and continue with their play. Being childlike also means not worrying and anxious and being able to sleep well.
  7. Appreciate bright, cheerful colours
    Just as I mentioned in my earlier post, there’s awesome beauty in colours. They have a positive influence to you mental and emotional well being. So, go out and surround yourself with bright, cheerful. colours. Add some colours to your clothing and rooms. I love colours. I remembered one day, when my husband returned home from work & saw our half-painted room of scarlet red, peach and biege colour, he was speechless and almost flew out of the window in disappointment. But after it was all done and the various lights and curtains in place to match it, he was so pleased and thanked me profusely for having painted the room! Just be daring to add colours to your life.
  8. Look your best
    I’m not asking you to dress very fashionable everyday. But I do think that everyone should look his/her best. It’s important to look clean, tidy, alive and dignified, even for housewives. It will really help you feel very good. It’s important for others and also for yourselves, even for your own children. Your look gives people the first impression of you.
  9. Take special care of your health
    The greatest success you achieve is your health. It should be your first priority. Without health everything that you want to achieve will not be achieveable. And even if you manage to achieve it, what’s the use of it when you cannot enjoy it. As I shared in my earlier post, you can only abuse your body for so long and pretty soon, sicknesses and diseases will catch up with you. Sickness has no respect of person. Once you lose your health it’s very difficult to gain it back.
  10. Pursue your dream
    Following your dream and working it out to make it come true makes you alive and excited about life. As I share in my earlier post, you need to have dreams. If you don’t have one, you can start dreaming of one today. If you have one, get out there and work hard on it to make it come true. And if you are already working hard on it, keep it up and enjoy it and celebrate every little progress. Dream big dreams and work out your dreams in parts.
  11. Reach out to touch other’s lives
    There’s really no better feeling than one when you see lives touched or changed because of you. Remember ‘you reap what you sow’ is very true. You will always be most encouraged when you see other people encouraged because of your encouragement. You will always have lots of people loving you if you know how to go out and love others. People will be very generous towards you if you know how to be generous towards others. Don’t live just for yourself. Someone out there needs you and waiting for your touch. You are born not to live selfishly for yourself but for others too.

Do you find the list overwhelming? If you have been doing it, you will find that it is not difficult because it has already become a part of your life. But if you do find it overwhelming and yet want to be good to yourself and live well, I have an easy way for you. Just choose one or two items at a time and do them until they become a part of your lifestyle. You will find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more you will enjoy it. You will also feel happier and more confident. It’s all worth it. Just keep learning, keep smiling as you put to practice the 11 ways to be good to yourself to live well.

Maybe you have other ways to do yourself good to live well. Do share, add and comment in the comment box below. If you like this article, make sure you subscribe to the RSS (orange button on top right) or through email for free so that you don’t miss out on future articles.

Thought of the day……

“You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.”

Jimmy Carter

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