Fabulous Bananas With Strawberry Coulis

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Just Fabulous - Bananas with Strawberry Coulis

Just Fabulous - Bananas with Strawberry Coulis

Bananas with Strawberry Coulis….oh…it tastes so fabulous.

When my daughter brought back 4 packs of strawberries, I just thought, ‘Oh dear….what am I going to do with them?’ Honestly I don’t quite like strawberries because they are more often sour than sweet. In UK, strawberries are usually served with sweetened cream or ice-cream and shortbread which are a nice combination. But 4 packs are just too much.

Then I remembered a Russian friend taught me how to make strawberry coulis to go with pancakes. To me strawberry coulis is just like watery jam. It is very easy to make…..1 kg of strawberries with 1/2 kg of sugar. Add 1/4 cup of water and boil it gently. Now, don’t scream at the amount of sugar added. It’s a lot of coulis that you are going to make and I’m not asking you to eat the whole pot! And don’t eat all even if you can if you don’t want to get diabetes.

Use a spoon to scoop off the froth on top. Boil for about half an hour and that’s it. Just don’t add too much water which sadly I did and I almost came out with a pot of strawberry soup. Ooooh….the smell of the strawberry coulis is so fragrant as it fills the whole house!

I had bananas with my homemade strawberry coulis. It really tastes fabulous……yummy. There’s such a nice combination of sourness, sweetness and fragrance. You can serve the strawberry coulis over cheesecake and pancakes. They just taste so good.

Do give a try if you have not. Maybe you have other ways of serving the strawberry coulis. Maybe you have tried making the coulis with other types of fruits. Do add, share and comment in the comment box below. If you like this article, I suggest that you subscribe for free to the RSS (orange button on top right) or or through email so that you don’t miss out on future articles.

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