Is There A Healthy Fries?

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I have to admit that I love fries. Every now and then I would go to MacDonald for a fries with coffee. The fries can be very addictive. A friend of mind loves fries from Burger King. Another one loves the fries from KFC.

Fries are eaten in many ways. Some love to sprinkle a lot of salt over it, some love to dip in ketchup and some love just as it is. We all know that fries are not a healthy food. It is high in trans-fat oil and high in carbohydrate. It is very expensive when you think how cheap a big bag of potatoes cost.

Well, then, is there a healthy fries? I don’t think there are any healthy fries out there. But you can definitely have a healthier fries. Just buy the right potatoes and fry it yourself. Why is it healthier? I have here:

3 reasons homemade fries are healthier.

  1. You can choose to use new, clean oil each time you make your fries.
  2. You can cut off the black or bruised part of the potatoes which are poisonous.
  3. You can avoid potatoes that have sprouted which are poisonous.

So, if you are one that loves to eat fries, why not try making them yourself at home. It is definitely a healthier fries. Nothing is more important than investing into your health.

Share your views and recipes if you have.

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