How Mobile Phones Can Cause Instant Death

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Richard Pow, 26, from UK, was seen using the mobile phone a split-second before the horrific fall to his death, from 5 storeys down. His wife is pregnant with his child.

The government has rightly banned everyone from using the mobile phone when driving because it is highly dangerous. It just takes a split of a second to be distracted, lose your concentration and cause death, either to yourself or to others.

However there are still many people who use mobile phones while walking along the streets, crossing roads or pushing thier babies along. They are equally putting themselves or others to danger. Is the government going to do anything about that?

I once saw a man with 3 mobile phones in his hand! And he was so busy juggling around with his mobile phones when 2 of them started ringing. Until today I still wonder how he is able to manage 3 mobile phones at one time & why he needs to use 3 mobile phones.

What about those who use mobile phones to send text messages? I think that is worse. They don’t really look around when they are texting. I wonder if anyone has banged into a lamp post or someone while texting on the mobile phone.

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Thought of the day……

“When life’s problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate.”

Ann Landers

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