Garden Flowers and Flower Cross-stitch

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Flowers, flowers, beautiful flowers everywhere! It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. Everything seems to become more alive. Not only does the longer daylight make people happier but also all the bright colours around from flowers. To me, the best is to be able to run in and out in cotton T-shirts without having to pull layers and layers over myself because of the cold. This is like the hot Malaysian weather!

Well, when I go to my garden everyday, my eyes always get drawn to the beautiful bush of bright, yellow coloured flowers. They look especially bright and beautiful under the hot sun and just brighten up my whole garden.

Bright, yellow Senecio flowers

Bright, yellow Senecio flowers

I didn’t know the name so I asked a very nice friend of mine yesterday when she came to my place. She immediately said she’ll find out for me when she gets home and she did. What a really nice friend! She possesses all the characteristics of good friends in my post yesterday. I’m always very thankful for her friendship.

The name of the flowers is Senecio. This is a mid-summer yellow flowering shrub with soft grey foliage. It grows without complaint, and seems to recover from the hardest pruning sessions (inflicted whenever the gardener remembers).

This flower reminds me of a piece of cross-stitch which I made purely out of inspiration from a colleague. She was always there to show me her beautiful cross-stitch pieces and tirelessly encouraging me. With all her support and help, I chose the beautiful Senecio flowers.

Beautiful Senecio flower cross-stitch

Beautiful Senecio flower cross-stitch

This is the beautiful flower-cross-stitch that I made framed in gold frame. I am so proud to have accomplished that. The only problem is that I did not realize that the white portion will turn yellowish after many years. So, my next job is to restore it by cross-stitching the back-ground with white threads.

Isn’t it amazing how much we can accomplish when we have good friends who believe in us, support us, encourage us, help us and cheer us on? I am very thankful to have many good friends who actually inspire me to be a better friend.

Is there any particular flowers in your garden that attract you? Have you tried any cross-stitch? Have you been inspired by friends to do something? Do share and comment here below.

Thought of the day……

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.’

Henry David Thoreau

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