7 Ways To Live A Balanced, Meaningful Life

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How to live a balanced, meaningful life? Ever wonder why some people’s lives are very exciting and fun while others are not. Ever sit back and evaluate your life to check the areas that you had done well and the areas that you can improve? To help myself there are several things that I do to make my life balanced, exciting and meaningful. Life is not all doom and gloom. It depends very much on us. Plan it well and you will enjoy each day of your life.

I plan my life and invest into it for excitement, relaxation, fulfillment and meaning. My goal is to live contented, healthy and happy. Here I have:

7 ways to live a balanced, meaningful life

  1. Health

    The most important area of my life is undeniably health. You are never going to enjoy life if you have poor health. Sickness has no respect of person. If you abuse your body, it’s just a matter of time before sicknesses and diseases catch up with you. I take great care of my body through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Live nutrients like freshly made juices and raw salad are power packed with nutrients that your body needs. I keep myself active and play a lot of badminton, at least 3 times a week, and some gym workouts for exercise. Practicing and training hard for a badminton competition next year keeps me very excited, focused and disciplined to exercise.

  2. Knowledge

    It is highly important to keep learning. If you stop learning you stop growing. Lack of knowledge is powerful enough to destroy, whether it is marriage, parenting, your career, your business, your health, friendship and so forth. Read widely and in depth. I love to read. There are always books or articles in my bag or car wherever I go. I read while waiting for my appointments, read while waiting to pick up my children, read while waiting for food to get cooked, read when relaxing in the garden, read while having a cup of tea at McDonald and many other places. Some places are more condusive to reading books while some places are more condusive to reading short articles. You will be amazed at how much you read in a week, a month or a year. Besides reading, I listen to a lot of good messages from my iPod - messages that motivate, inspire and so on. Ipod is great. You can listen to it even while shopping. Knowledge is treasure to your life. We need to be knowledgeable. I share a lot of what I read and listen to my children to entertain them and teach them the many important things about life.

  3. Friends

    Friends are like desserts to your life. They sweeten up your life when the going gets tough. You need to take time to build up friendship. You need to know what type of friends you want in your life. Do your friends support you, cheer you on, encourage you and be real to you? Or do your friends disappear when you go through problems, make use of you or betray you? I am always thankful to have lots of friends. I have many awesome friends who are always there for me to cheer me on, to celebrate my life and to bring comfort when I plough through tough times. Such friends are more than diamonds in my life. But I have experienced difficult friends. What did I do with such type of friends? I forgive them and move on. To keep friendship fresh, I love to invite friends over for coffee time or for a simple meal or I’ll bake some of my favourite food to give to friends if they are staying nearby.

  4. Laughter

    Laughter is the best medicine. Never go through a day without laughter. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t take things too seriously too. I always have things to cheer myself up. Sometimes I laugh at my own silliness. I read jokes, watch comedy shows, joke with friends, tease my family and laugh and even have some funny pictures to laugh. A 6 year old boy yesterday really made me laughed. He told of a boy named John who has no hair because he went through an electric wire fence, then he met a tiger and was so frightened his hair all fell off! He told it sounding so serious that every one laughed so much. We wonder whether John’s hair fell off because of the electric wire fence or from sheer fright of the tiger……haha. Children just have a way to warm my heart.

  5. Relaxation

    Take time to relax. I love to relax with the music on. It sort of tickles and eases my mind. When I am at home, I just enjoy listening to my daughter’s piano pieces on the grand piano. It’s so soothing and relaxing. It is often during those times that I get a lot of crazy ideas which really excites me. I also play guitar and sing, not good enough to join ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ but lovely enough to entertain myself and relax. Music is very powerful and therapeutic. When your mind is relaxed, it is capable of churning out many new, fresh ideas. A relaxed mind is a productive mind.

  6. Inspiration

    Inspiration generates desires and confidence to achieve. It generates creative thoughts. I get a lot of inspiration from real life incidences, from things, people and animals. If you want to be a champion, read up and get inspired by people who have gone through the journey to become a champion. I read a lot of cooking books and watch a lot of cooking shows to get inspiration to cook like a professional chef which later helped me to run a successful food shop. I drew a lot of inspiration from some of my greatest school teachers. That helped me to become a successful Maths teacher, helping many pupils to love and gained fast improvement in Maths and later pioneered a successful Maths Tution Centre. I also gained tremendous inspiration from children’s shows on TV which gave me a lot of great ideas to organise and run 3 successful children’s camps. All these achievements further inspire me to embark on bigger and greater things. Inspiration builds upon inspiration.

  7. Creativity

    I believe that everyone is creative. The more you do something the more creative you become. If you have never tried out something new, you will never know how creative you are. Many of the workers who worked alongside me to run the chilldren’s camps were shocked to realise how creative they were. Many of them came out with extraordinary ideas, worked hard on it and achieve what would have just been their wildest dreams. When I burned my brain thinking hard how to make puppets, my first puppet came out to be utterly ugly. But from there, my creativity continued to flow and I improved on each puppet that I made, ending up with about 20 puppets, much to my amazement & utter delight.

The above 7 areas are what I engage regularly to build my life into one that is fun and productive even in the most busy and challenging of days. It gives my brain little room to get into the negative mode, more of a fighting mode when the going gets tough. Read Who is Mary Moh to know more about me.

What do you build into your life to make it meaningful and fulfilling? If you don’t have, you can start doing something. Things will only get better if you keep learning. It may not be easy at the start, but stay focused. Choose to enjoy it and keep smiling at whatever little progress you make until it becomes part of your life.

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Thought of the day……

‘People create their own success by learning what they need to learn and then by practicing it until they become proficient at it.

Brian Tracy

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