5 Ways To Plug The Emotional Leaks In Your Life

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The word LEAK can refer to many things. We often hear of bottle leaks, news leaks, cash leaks, energy leaks, profit leaks, data leaks, tire leaks and even gut leaks. I would say that all these leaks can be dealt with quite easily. But there’s one leak that is the toughest to deal with and that is Emotional Leaks.

Life is like a boat or a vessel. There will be times when it leaks. Emotional leaks happen in everyday life. It’s either you emotionally leak on someone or you are emotionally leaked on by others. Emotional leaks just mean expressing your unpleasant, negative feelings in a bad way that is much felt by people around you. A classic example is when something bad happened to you and you just go round throwing your frustrations, diappointment or anger around. Or, you are angry with somebody and taking it out on another person. You know it is unfair and you shouldn’t but you still do it.

A boat under repair, Richmond, London

Like the boat, take time off to find and repair the leak.

Remember life is like a boat or vessel. If you allow yourself to continue to leak, no one can get into the boat with you. Who wants to get into a leaking boat? You can’t sail in deeper and more challenging waters if your life vessel leaks. You can’t stand the waves, the tides and the storms of life. One day you are just going to sink altogether. Marriage sinks, business sinks, relationships sinks, integrity sinks and even your kids sink. Your emotional leaks have the potential to cause extensive damage.

My dad in trying to teach me about friendship and relationship when I was young, threw a plate onto the floor and broke it into many pieces. He explained that friendship is very important and that I must always treasure a good friendship. But if at anytime you do wrong, you cause cracks or breaks in the relationship. You can ask for forgiveness and do everything that you can to repair the cracks or breaks but it will never be the same again because people will always remember the incident. That’s such a wonderful lesson he taught me.

You must always look out for emotional leaks in your life and plug it before it gets out of hand.

5 easy ways you can do it.

  1. Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.
    Recall the times when others leak on you emotionally. How did you feel? That will help you not to do it to others. Remember that emotional leakage causes cracks in relationships, though repaired will never be the same again. People may forgive you but they will always remember the incident.
  2. Exercise self-control.
    Exercise self-control takes time and discipline to learn. You can’t exercise self-control on the spot if you have never learned to exercise self-control.
  3. Take a deep breath.
    Taking a deep breath helps you to relax and sober up your mind. It has to be a deep breath from the depth of your tummy.
  4. Talk out your problems with someone.
    Seek support and help to talk out your problems. Usually just talking with someone will lighten your burden. Don’t think that you can carry every burden yourself unless you are bionic.
  5. Respond, don’t react.
    When you respond to a situation, you don’t blow your head off. There’s usually an underlying problem that causes a problem. Respond to that problem first before it adds onto another problem. If you react to it, you just increase its dynamite effect instead of diffusing it.

Do add and share your experiences whether you emotionally leak to others or emotionally leaked on by others.

Thought of the day……

“What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not do.”


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