5 Top Reasons Why Everyone Must Learn To Cook

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I am really glad that I learned to cook over the years. I am convinced that everyone must learn to cook. Being the second youngest in a family of 6, I was really ‘lucky’ to be very well pampered and taken care of. My mom is a great cook who cooks without any recipe books - still amazes me. She was very popular in our neighbourhood. Our neighbours often asked her to help cook for festivals.

Mary's ccoking : Best turkey porridge

Mary's cooking : Best Turkey Rice Porridge

From Zero Cook

Besides my mom, my eldest sister loves cooking and I love eating, so are the rest of my family. Little did I know that later in life, I would wake up in utter shock. That happened right after my honeymoon! I was married to a man who loves to eat, in fact, lives to eat. My nightmare began! The word ‘STRESS’ has never been so real. Boiled eggs came out too hard, vegetables overcooked and too salty or tasteless, fried fish turned out like fish crackers and loads of other culinary disasters. Worse, Steven must have soup every meal. I still fail to understand why he needs to run down his food with soup. It’s so bad for digestion. However, I have successfully trained him to be happy with just a glass of plain water and soup will only be on special occasion. It works quite well so far.

Meat Dumplings

Mary's Cooking : Pan-fried Meat Dumplings

To Hero Cook

All the shock and stress stirred up a desire in me to learn to cook. On top of that I learned very quickly in life that ‘The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach’. Hmmm….that sure sounded easy and achievable. There in the midst of my misery, my cooking journey began. I bought loads of recipe books to learn and also for inspiration - could be at least 300 copies by now! Today, I am proud to say that all my time and effort paid off very well. I am a happy wife, a happy mom and a happy self-taught chef. That explains my:

5 Top Reasons Why Everyone Must Learn to Cook.

  1. Cooking a healthy meal for your family is your greatest way of showing love.
    There is nothing better than a nice, clean and healthy meal for your family. Ready meals should be out of your dinner table. When you cook yourself, you can always choose high quality ingredients (fresh and organic) and avoid all the additives or preservatives. Nothing is better than a healthy family. The kitchen is the source of your family’s health. If you love your family enough, then start cooking healthy meals. You can cook restaurant food right from your kitchen. Just keep learning and don’t give up. A lot of people these days just don’t cook. Their reason is always, ‘NO TIME’. I would say most of the time is LAZINESS and not because of no time. If health is important enough you will make time. You just need some organization and time management. If you like, you can check out my  recipes section for easy, simple and fast cooking.
  2. Cooking is a great hobby. It is fun and can be relaxing to the mind.
    There are lots of types of food you can cook. The list is endless. You can give a twist to existing recipes or even create your own. The sky is the limit. I am always amazed at how my friends enjoyed all my food which often came out different from what I expected even though I followed the recipes in great detail. I realize that people don’t know even if you make mistakes, one of the few things in life that mistakes is fully acceptable and even works on the contrary. Many of my culinary mistakes actually ended up becoming my own signature dishes. I find tremendous joy and relaxation in cooking and true satisfaction when my food goes down well. On top of that, food and cooking are always great topics for conversation in building friendships.
  3. Cooking saves money.
    We all know that it’s very expensive to eat out. A plate of fried noodles in an Asian restaurant can cause you £8-£9, depending on where you eat. I can feed at least 10 people for that amount if I cook myself and it probably comes out nicer, without MSG some more. I remember being invited to a Chinese restaurant for a dinner one day. There were about 10 of us. The food were rather simple, the normal food that we would cook at home. The amount served was not a lot. The bill was a shocking £300+! That can buy at least 2 week’s food for a family of 4.
  4. Cooking adds sparks in your marriage/friendship
    Like I mentioned, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach’. I think it’s not only the man’s heart, but everyone’s heart. I find that food has its magnetic power of drawing people to you, whether your spouse, children or friends. Nothing is better than home-cooked food.  All the amount of time and effort you put in to create that wonderful meal for someone always touches his/her heart. It’s also a good time to train your children to cook as they observe and help along.
  5. Cooking has great potential to make money from home.
    While many shops close down especially during this economic downturn, food business generally still survive well. The main reason is people need to eat and there are still a lot of rich people around and there are still a lot of people who don’t know how to cook or just too lazy to cook. I met a man many years ago . He had a food business from home and he was earning thousands of dollars every month. Today, he has 2 shops and a big house. He achieved all of this within a matter of about 7 years. I met another man a few years ago. He is an established engineer working in a big oil company. He told me that his brother, who had little education, has a small restaurant. He added that his brother earned a lot of money and drives big cars while he is an engineer, earning quite a lot of money but drive small car. He said food business always makes a lot of profit. The best thing is that the customers pay you immediately while in many other businesses, they often run into difficulties because of too many credits by clients. 3 times I tried it out, one time from home and 2 times from shop and all 3 times I made good profits.

I hope that my 5 important reasons above will motivate and inspire you to get started cooking if you haven’t, to continue to learn more cooking if you have. Just keep learning, keep cooking and keep smiling.

Thought of the day…..

We may live without poetry, music and art;
We may live without conscience, and live without heart;
We may live without friends; we may live without books;
But civilized man cannot live without cooks.

Owen Meredith

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