The Amazing Wonder And Beauty Of Polar Bears

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I have to admit that I love to watch animal shows, the only odd one in the family. Animals have a way of captivating my attention and warming my heart. There are a lot of useful life lessons that we can learn from animals. I’m always amazed at how adult animals take care of their youngs, teaching and training them all the skills that they need to live in the wild. They did this by spending lots of time playing with their young ones. Is there anything that we, as parents, can learn from them?

Back in Malaysia I always joked that I would go to North Pole to be with my polar bear friends when the goings got tough. As a reminder of my ‘fantasy’, Steven even bought a beautiful glass polar bear from UK when he went there for a business trip. He told me that one day my dream may come true! In 2003, we had to relocate to Scotland because of his job. On landing in March, I was shocked by the extreme cold …. zero degrees Celcius at night! More shocking still, we had landed ourselves nearer to North Pole. That’s like living in a freezer! I told myself that things should get better and I would not talk about going to North Pole anymore just in case my ‘fantasy’ comes true.

A beautiful glass polar bear

Glass polar bear from Steven - A reminder of my 'fantasy'

To me, polar bears look so pure, so graceful yet so magnificent. I didn’t realise they are so gentle and loving until I see this video here. It is so touching to watch. Enjoy.

Is there anything that we can learn from the polar bears? Please add and comment.

Thought of the day……

‘It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life ;it is how you handle what happens to you.’

Zig Ziglar

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