Delicious Malaysian Fried Chicken (Part 1)

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Malaysians love curries whether dried or wet curries. There are countless types of curries in Malaysia. Every race has their own unique curries. My family loves both the dry and wet types.

My daughter misses fried noodles so much that she bought 2 packets of noodles home yesterday. I thought it goes great with fried curried chicken. We are going to enjoy our food while watching Wimbledon tennis again. This is a common Malaysian recipe.

Recipe for Fried Chicken
4 whole chicken drumsticks (cut at the joints to make 8 pieces)
2 tsp salt
2 tsp corn flour
2 tsp Malaysian curry powder
Sprinkle and rub salt into the chicken. Then sprinkle corn flour and curry powder and mix well. Leave to rest 1 hour or more.

Beaten egg for coating
2 eggs
2 T light soya sauce
Beat it.

Flour for coating
1/2 C plain flour
1/2 C rice flour
1/2 C cornstarch
2 T Malaysian curry powder (available in Oriental shop)

Mix them together well.

Put some oil in frying pan to heat up. Dip chicken pieces into the flour, then into the egg, then into the flour again before putting them into the hot oil to fry. It’s important to dip in flour 2 times if you want it to be very crispy on the outside.

Chicken being marinated

Chicken being marinated

Beaten egg with soya sauce for dipping chicken

Beaten egg with soya sauce for dipping chicken

Chicken coasted with flour

Chicken coasted with flour

Deep fry chicken in hot oil

Deep fry chicken in hot oil

Juicy, crispy, fried chicken

Juicy, crispy, fried chicken. It's finger-licking good.

This is a rather easy fried curried chicken which tastes fantastic. It helps to have a big frying pan to cut down cooking time. Coat all the chicken pieces and fry them all together. Chicken thigh is still my favourite chicken cut because it is very tender and juicy when deep-fried.

Do try out this special Malaysian recipe. My children said it’s very delicious. Let me know if you try it out. It’s really simple and easy. You can eat it with fried rice, pasta, fried noodles and mashed potatoes or even just with salad. I cooked fried noodles to go with it….it’s really good! I’ll show you how I fried the noodles in my next post.

In the mean time, keep learning, keep cooking and keep smiling. Enjoy everything that you invest in yourself and your loved ones. Be back for the next post, Delicious Malaysian Fried Noodles (Part 2).

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Lindsay  on July 15th, 2009

love this chicken! it’s SO simple to make and so good! and kids love it too!

Mary  on July 18th, 2009

I’m glad that you tried it. You can eat it with fried rice or just with salad. You can use up any leftover, if there is, to make chicken-vegetable salad. It’s even nice to go with rice porridge. Enjoy your cooking, Lindsay.

Marissa  on July 23rd, 2009

Was just wondering, with all your posts about Malaysia and Malaysian food, would you be blogging about Malaysia at any time? Would be interested to know about the country and what life is like there.

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